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Creative Manifesting

The art of creating all that you desire.

- with conscious creation coach Anisa Aven

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The Law of Attraction is at your service. Right now, you have the mind power within to attract your highest desires. The power of intention is simply the process of applying the law of attraction and the law of detachment while simultaneously visualizing and focusing on what you desire.

My intention is to support you in learning how to apply the Laws of the Universe in order to deliberately attract and consciously create a life of fulfillment. Be forewarned: living the life you've always dreamed of can be truly addictive!

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Law of Attraction: How to Make it Work Articles! Including... Attract a Mate, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) & LOA (Law of Attraction) working together, Universal Laws, The Power of the Mind and Manifesting Your Dreams articles

Creative Manifesting Newsletter Archives, Law of Attraction and Emotional Freedom Technique Articles

Tithing: How and Where to do it to Activate the Law of Ten-Fold Return

article excerpt:

When our giving is out of balance, we can be stripped of a healthy sense of reciprocity and honoring boundaries. If you are giving too much then it can absolutely create a negative attractor pattern. When our giving leaves us feeling used, taken advantage of, and even abused, we must take a step back to re-assess our 'giving intentions.' If our giving is coming from a place of healthy generosity with no strings attached, then we are in alignment with healthy tithing.

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Do I Have to Tithe in Order to Receive Financial Success? Or, if I Don't Believe I Have to, Can That Be True for Me?

article excerpt:

Yes, it is necessary to give in order to receive AND yes, if someone has pure belief about something then it is true for them and there reality shall be different than someone who does not have that pure belief. However, this answer doesn't apply to whether or not it's necessary to give. I will explain why. On our spiritual path, there are levels of consciousness that are obtained as we grow. Within each level of consciousness are certain Truths ...

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Seven Spiritual Exercises to Naturally Overcome Depression in Order to Manifest

article excerpt:

There's no doubt that if you experience painful levels of anxiety and depression, you will be vibrationally disallowing the very things you want to create. This of course, leads to more reasons to feel depressed. Your first decision is to decide that what you want is simply Peace of Mind! There are simple spiritual exercises that you can do to push through the inertia of depression to begin slowly but systematically overcoming your lower level emotions and feelings of negativity...

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