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Living Vision (Creative Visualization) Examples

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Dear Anisa,
I am trying to manifest my hearts desire. But, I am very frustrated because my mind won't cooperate. I try to visualize what I want. But, it's like when a television gets fuzzy or there is interference in a radio frequency. I can't visualize anything. What can I do?
Sincerely, Frances

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Thank you, Frances for your question. You are not the only one that has trouble 'visualizing' and yet that's what we're told to do to manifest our dreams! If you find the screen of your dreams to be 'fuzzy' when you try to see it, then listen here as I address other methods for 'visualizing' that I hope you will find helpful. (the audios are at the top of the page)

Living Vision Examples

Manifest Weight-loss:

"I am so incredibly grateful and excited about my body. I am toned, fit, trim and beautiful. I love the way I look and feel in my sexy lingerie (or my underwear) and my perfect swimsuit. My skin is toned and tight. I feel so fortunate to have a body that always responds so easily to healthy food and exercise.

I thoroughly enjoy my exercise routine and every day can't wait to get to it! I can't even imagine someone who doesn't enjoy exercising because it's been such an uplifting and inspiring experience for me. When I look in the mirror, I'm so very proud of my body and of my reflection. Even from the backside, I enjoy the view.

My stress level is virtually zero, even when things around me might be stressful for someone else; I am completely comfortable and confident that all is well. I take deep, rich breaths and fill my lungs with oxygen. My metabolism is at an all-time high and I so thoroughly enjoy how much energy I have!

I get a wonderfully refreshing night's sleep every night and wake up feeling energized, ready to roll and excited about my day. I know my body is taking care of me as I crave healthy foods and enjoy deeply the way fresh fruit, vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains taste and feel. I can actually say that my desire for fresh, healthy foods continues to inspire me to make the healthiest choices possible.

I'm pleasantly surprised that even when confronted with my past 'favorite, forbidden' foods, I'm satisfied with a simple taste or two. And, when I choose to partake, it never leaves me feeling guilty or like I've failed because I know that my body knows exactly how to process and metabolize anything and everything that I eat, easily and quickly for efficient health and fitness. My body is a fat metabolizing machine and enjoys burning stored energy every day. I'm very aware of when I'm eating and derive joy and pleasure from eating yummy, healthy meals daily. I crave healthy foods and I absolutely love to exercise. I am so thankful that eliminating excess weight is so easy for me. I am so grateful that my body knows exactly what to do to achieve my optimal health, weight and fitness and I trust that all is well, from this point forward."

We'll be doing more of these Living Visions regularly along with the EFT to get rid of those nagging doubts in the Use the Power of EFT and LOA to Get Fit and Fabulous Group Coaching Class:


Living Vision for Manifesting $20,000.00 a month.

"Wow! As I look in my check register, I'm so pleased and excited to see the deposits for the last 12 months - totaling in excess of $20,000.00 per month every month.

I'm so grateful to know that I've had the Divine pleasure to achieve the level of prosperity that will support my continued donations of $24,000.00 per year to the organizations that I feel are making a difference in the lives of others and to where I'm spiritually fed. This means that in the next 10 years, I'll be able to contribute in excess of $240,000.00. I feel excited, passionate, and thrilled to know that I have so much to spare and to share.

I think back on how easy it has been to manifest prosperity and I just have to give thanks because although I had to continue to take divinely inspired action, I always felt completely guided and confident. Even when the road I was on took a detour, I was able to maintain my focus and trust that this too was in alignment with my greater good.

I look at others who struggle with money and I feel empathy, but I realize that somewhere within me I've always known that prosperity, wealth, attracting abundance was simply a part of my Divinely Ordained life purpose. It's so easy for me. I so thoroughly enjoy the work that I do that the prosperity just flows and follows. I have been so focused on doing work that is meaningful and fulfilling that I didn't even have to worry about the money, it just came through.

Of course, I make wise decisions with my money and I invest it, save it, look for bargains, and enjoy respecting money as a means of energy exchange. It's not something that I waste or spend frivolously, but instead I have always found it natural to be a wise money manager. My money continues to work for me and my passive streams of income continue to grow.

I find it easy to save for my large purchases and I get a thrill knowing that I can pay for whatever I want, when I want it, in cash easily. And, I still enjoy deliberating over how to save and stretch my dollar, such as not wasting money on credit card charges or other useless finance charges. I love knowing that the more I save, the more I have to share!

I really loved it last month when I anonymously slipped $1000.00 into my friend's purse at the party. It made me feel like I was making a contribution and I enjoyed knowing that she thought she had a little angel watching over her. Besides, it feels so fun and I just giggle thinking about how she must have jumped up and down when she found it!

I made the decision to purchase the jet-skis last month and of course invested in the extended warranty. I am always delighted when I see the salesman's face when, after negotiating the price, I say, "You know what, I think I'll just pay cash!" I know it's mischievous, but I can't help it - I just love watching their eyes dance in awe and confusion.

I am filled with the lavish prosperity that is my birthright and I gratefully acknowledge that all abundance comes from a higher, never-ending source. The waterfall of abundance is forever flowing in my life and I give absolute thanks and trust in this unlimited supply."

More visualization examples and information can be found within the Manifesting Prosperity, 10 week eCourse:


Living Vision for Health and Wellness:

"I am so grateful to have a body that responds so perfectly to my desire for health and wellness. My bones and my heart are strong and steady. My lungs, liver and every internal organ performs perfectly and I just revel in delight knowing that I am destined for a life of joy and health.

I look at others who have struggled with varying degrees of age-related deterioration and I just thank my lucky stars that my truth is that I am full of vitality, health, and wellness and will be for all the days of my life. I'm different that way. My body is just destined to stay youthful and healthy.

I am flexible and energetic! In fact, just yesterday when I was weeding my garden, I realized how easy and effortless it was for me to kneel, bend, get up, get down, get dirty and do whatever I needed to do comfortably and easily. I just delight in knowing that my body is always working perfectly and comfortably.

My back is comfortable and strong, sturdy and flexible. I can move in any direction with grace and ease. It's always been this way for me. I'm just naturally health and flexible. I choose any activity that I desire with confidence and ease and feel so blessed to move comfortably through my day with ease and extreme comfort in all that I do.

I joyously and graciously give thanks for my perfect health and wellness."


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