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Does our fear and worry create tragedy for others?

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I worry a lot. So that worry got applied to manifesting. Specifically worrying that I would think things that would kill people, and then had a few experiences where I thought I may have been responsible. This has been the source of much guilt and wondering in the form 'did my thoughts cause their death?' I believe this could happen although it is unlikely I would affect someone's predestined relationship with death with worry. However, I'm not sure it's predestined and I also feel we possibly could affect such things. This drives me nuts because my worst fear is having prolonged guilt and not being able to live happily. This is a rather grave question. However I thought you might be qualified to answer it, as you seem to have a very good grasp of concepts. I wouldn't even try and ask anyone else. Most people are too black and white and don't understand the details of manifesting. I don't know really why I'm asking because I may not want to hear that 'yes' it is possible. I guess at the very least my focus on the area has led to me creating situations where I believed I may be responsible. I kind of got off of that creation cycle though sometimes guilt and fear prevail. It's also the biggest obstacle to manifesting because of fear. - R. B.

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Dearest R.B.,

There are everyday experiences (that we co-create with others) and then there are destiny experiences (that we co-create with our higher self in order to fulfill a higher purpose).

Profound, life-altering, evolutional experiences such as death, traumatic assaults or accidents, natural disasters and group catastrophic experiences are part of a Higher Order. I believe that we cannot observe these events from our normal vantage point of finite conception and expect to understand.

If it's really, 'all good, all the time' and 'all is always in Divine Order', then I choose to know that even those life-altering experiences that my small-self can't understand are part of a bigger picture.

The Higher Order, which is always aligned with our Higher Purpose, operates in agreement with our soul's intentions. Our soul set forth certain intentions prior to birth that most of us are not consciously aware of. We create with our thoughts every day while maintaining our soul's agreements.

I'm not suggesting that destiny or some pre-ordained plan for our life asserts itself over our will and therefore we are not co-creators in these experiences - we are. The Universal Laws are still operating in perfect order whether it's an 'everyday experience' or a 'destiny experience.'

However, these Higher Order experiences are a part of our soul's intentions. We may never become fully aware of these intentions but we operate in alignment with being at that 'right place at the right time' to co-create them never the less. And, we still maintain free will and may choose to fulfill our 'soul's intentions' in a million different ways.

About 12 years ago, I attended an Abraham ( conference and asked this very same question. At the time, my best friend and I had just had one of those 'higher order' experiences and we wanted to know how we collaborated in the creation.

You see, one friend of ours murdered another friend of ours. It was by far one of the most horrifying experiences of my life and created an emotional storm within.

Abraham's response was that this was their mutual, collaborative creation and although yes, we co-created on the fringe of this experience which is why what happened was within our circle of observation. We (my best friend and I) did not participate in the creation of our friend, Tony's death. His death, at the hands of our other friend, was a co-creation by both souls, a pact they made long before their earthly experience.

Additionally, from their vantage point, there really is no such thing as death - only a change in the energetic frequency of the experience.

Now, with my everyday experiences, here's where I've landed that 'feels' the most congruent with the Universal Laws and Principles:

We cannot create in someone's life without their permission and agreement. This agreement does not have to be verbal or even conscious. Our united consciousness collaborates to co-create the collective experience.

To lighten it up a bit, I have to share with you one of my honey's dark secrets. Shh. don't tell my honey. he won't be happy with me!...Shh.

Here's an example of negative co-creation:

My honey is pretty careless when it comes to 'paying things he doesn't agree with'. So, when he gets speeding tickets (which he does way too often because he drives like a bat out of hell everywhere he goes - it's got to be the redneck genes) or when he gets a 'no seatbelt' citation, (every time I call him and I hear his truck going 'ding, ding, ding' and imagine that seatbelt light flashing - I just cringe!!), I worry that he will 'forget' to pay his tickets and I'll get that call: "you have a collect call from an inmate in Harris County jail!"

You see, he's done it before, so I expect him to be careless. And, as you can tell from all of my side-notes above I have lots and lots of thoughts and emotions invested in my expectation! And, since I never see the tickets, I can't even help him pay them! Ohhhh - it's sooooo frustrating!

Can you guess what happened recently?! I got the call! "Arrested for not wearing your seat belt?!?! That's crazy!?!" The officer at the counter even said, "Are you kidding me?! He's bringing you in for no seat belt?! You, (talking to the arresting officer) are a jerk (only I don't think his choice of words was quite as milk-toast as 'jerk')!"

Now, I'm not responsible for attracting his jail-bird-status every time he gets a ticket. However, I absolutely support 'his' creation from afar because I have SO many overstuffed emotions about it! My thoughts actually collaborate with his consciousness about the situation and co-support his 'forgetfulness', this in turn ends up inspiring the only officer in all of Texas that would haul a man to jail over a seat belt citation to be at the right place at the right time to haul my honey in!

Wow, we really are powerful creators!

I share this example with you because yes, families, couples, co-workers and anyone, anywhere in any kind of relationship are constantly co-creating their mutual experiences with their collective consciousness.

My honey's jail-time is simply an example of how collective thoughts support negative, everyday experiences.

Once again, however, death is NOT an 'everyday creation'. We may co-create on the fringe because we are observers, however, we cannot ever cause someone's death by our fear or worry.

This is not to say that we should shirk our responsibility towards cleaning up those negative emotions, we should. The collective fear of 'terrorist attacks' supports the co-creation of such events. Therefore, as aware conscious creators, I believe it is absolutely our responsibility to align with thoughts that support the healing of our planet, a return to love for all souls and the enlightenment of the mass experience.

Since you already know that fear and worry are hindering your ability to manifest, you must choose to re-focus your attention. Begin to self-soothe and self-heal the negative thoughts of fear, worry, doubt, and disconnection.

(There are many articles on my site about how to eliminate limiting beliefs and let go of negative emotions using both LOA, EFT, and the power of your mind, for example.)

As you proceed, you'll discover that there's an entire world of joyous and comforting experiences. On the other side is an understanding of the Divine Order that supports a more peace-filled and serene existence for all parties everywhere.

You are on your Divine Right path - stay the course and allow yourself to choose joy, love, and self-forgiveness.

Thank you for allowing me the honor of supporting you. I know you're not the only one that has ever had this question so I'm also including your question and my response in my next e-zine, so thank you for allowing us to all grow together by simply reaching out and asking for answers.

With much love and gratitude,

Create a great day!
Anisa Aven


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