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How to Manifest Money Fast using the Law of Attraction and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

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How do I Manifest Money Immediately? I need to manifest a lot of money fast - What can I do attract money now?

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When you HAVE to Manifest it NOW, immediately, yesterday even - what do you do?

Use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to apply the Law of Detachment, first!

For most of us, whenever we have to manifest something immediately, we almost automatically become anxious, fearful and doubtful.

If you have to manifest something immediately then you are dancing with one foot nailed to the floor! The nail that makes you spin is attachment; the attachment is the 'fear that immediately isn't fast enough.'

Since what we put our attention upon expands, the fear actually attracts the opposite of a solution. If we are afraid of 'not getting the money' then we don't get the money. If we are afraid of 'not having a safe home' then we get not having a safe home.

It's important that we recognize our fearful and doubtful thoughts and engage the law of detachment. The law of detachment is the act of employing absolute certainty and pure faith in the belief that our desire is certain and already within our reach.

With the law of attraction and emotional freedom technique (EFT), we can both harness the quantum power of the energy that creates worlds (our positive thoughts) and eliminate the emotional impediments (our negative thoughts/emotions) that block what we really want from manifesting.

In other words, EFT allows us to apply the law of detachment with sincere consistency. With EFT we neutralize our negative emotions and limiting beliefs. When we are neutral with our fears then the dreams and visions that we've been sending out to the Universe for years can finally have a safe landing; we can finally prepare the runway to be clear of debris so that our flight can land safely and prosperously!

Think of EFT as the can-opener for your dreams. Before the fabulous invention of the hand-held can-opener, breaching a can of green beans required lots of effort, concentration, a steady hand and a sharp knife.

You would eventually get to the food, but it would require a great deal of forced effort. Cutting and prying off the metal top ensured that you'd be plenty hungry by the time you enjoyed your first bite of sodium-packed vegetables.

Without intentional creation, most of us live our lives with a great deal of forced effort. And, by the time we 'get the money, the home, the job, the relationship' we are absolutely ravenous; not to mention exhausted and fearful of having to 'do it all over again tomorrow.'

By using EFT along with your creative visualization and manifesting exercises you have the ability to set free the positive vibes that have been vacuum sealed inside of you; you set free the potent imaginings that allow you to accept your divinity and harness your Divine powers of creation.

If you are not manifesting what you want fast enough, use EFT to get rid of the doubts and you're guaranteed to be happier. When you release the negative beliefs, if what you believe you want is in alignment with what you really want most right now, then you can't help but have it materialize.

How do you use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) with the Law of Attraction?

Using the situation, "I need to manifest money fast", we can only assume that there's a reason that 'fast' is important. Therefore, let's assume that something bad might happen if you don't get the money fast.

When you want to use EFT to employ the law of detachment, figure out what you're attached to; continue to probe your thoughts until you identify what you're afraid of and what negative beliefs cause you distress.

With the desire "How do I manifest money fast?" you can uncover your specific fears by asking yourself 'fear- prompting' questions.

For example,

If I don't manifest enough money, what's the worst thin that I'm afraid of will happen?

If I never get the money I need, what will happen?

If I can't work hard enough what will happen?

If I can't borrow the money what will happen?

If I don't find a way to get the money, what is the worst thing that this says about me?

If I don't find a way to get the money, what does this remind me of?

If I don't manifest the money quickly, what will others say about me?

As law of attraction students, we've been taught NOT to look at the negative. However, with EFT, we want to acknowledge and shine the spotlight on anything that may be subconsciously sabotaging our positive vibes.

Don't worry - we won't be 'attracting' by acknowledging our limiting beliefs but instead we'll be releasing them from our vibration once and for all.

You want to EFT on those negative thoughts in order to sweep clean your attractor beacon. This is the ONE time you WANT to acknowledge your fears and doubts in order to release them from your creative vibration.

Therefore, identify the negative and hurtful thoughts that cause you pain and use these thoughts to form the set-up phrases with EFT.

Again using the 'manifest money fast' example, the set-up phrases that would allow you to use the power of EFT to get in there and rip the limiting beliefs out of your system and replace them with a sense of emotional neutrality might be:

Even though I'm afraid that I don't have the ability tomanifest enough money fast enough, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Reminder phrase: I can't make enough money fast enough.

Even though I'm afraid that I'll lose my home if I don'tmanifest the money fast enough, what if I could make peace with what is?

Reminder phrase: I'll lose my home.

Even though I'm terrified of being enslaved to my financial impotence for the rest of my life, I deeply and completely love and accept myself!

Reminder phrase: I'm a financial failure.

Even though I don't know how to get enough money fast enough and feel like it's a futile desire, what if I was capable of accomplishing anything?

Reminder phrase: I don't know how to make enough money fast enough.

Even though I doubt I will ever have the money I need to live the way I want to, I deeply and completely love, accept, and appreciate myself.

Reminder phrase: This shame and doubt.

When you follow the simple guidelines in Gary Craig's freeEFT manual (and learn the short-cut & LOA method that I use (see Anisa's demo), you'll soon begin to experience moments of peace.

The really great news is that you can be releasing your limiting beliefs in less than one hour from now, even if this is the first time you've ever heard of EFT!

By expanding your moments of peace, you're automatically enacting the law of detachment. You cannot feel attached and at peace at the same time. You can, however, feel attached and apathetic or sad at the same time.

Your benchmark is neutrality. If you do not reach a level of ZERO emotion or a state of neutrality, then you've not cleared the limiting beliefs completely.

You want to be persistent with conquering your fears, limiting emotions, and doubts using this EFT process until you've wiped out all negative emotions. It may take 30 minutes or it may take 30 days but if you want to finally experience a break-through with your manifesting skills then begin using EFT to enact the Law of Detachment, even if it's just 3 minutes a day.

(((*for specific points, instructions, links on using EFT with LOA, visit Anisa's Emotional Freedom & Law of Attraction Demo.)

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