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How do I use the Law of Attraction to get my husband to stop smoking and get healthy?!?

A Living Vision (Rain Dance) to Inspire Your Mate to Quit Smoking and Get Healthy

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How can I find harmony and peace with my husband? I am a"Polly Anna", eternally optimistic and believe in the law of attraction. He is the eternal pessimist and a true "Sarah Burnhart"... What can I do?- C.

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First... Sherri shares what can happen when you intentionally apply the law of attraction to improve your relationship and then she asks a question about how to use the law of attraction to get her honey to quit smoking and start eating healthier.

More proof that you can truly use the secret law of attraction to manifest the relationship you desire.

"Thank you so much for all of your insight. This law of attraction stuff really works. The first thing was my marriage - it is better than ever! Synchronicities happen all the time, I know that it is the Law of Attraction.

Now, my question: What words can I affirm or use in my gratitude journal for my husband to quit smoking and lose weight? I feel that I do my part, cook the proper foods, and set an example. I don't harp or nag him and I have never smoked. Recently, he has started talking about changing, but that is as far as it has gone. I could really use some more of your insight. Thank you." - Sherri

A: First, be sure to follow the suggestions for detaching and loving what is in the article "How to Use the Law of Attraction to Re-create Your Relationship".

Since 'non-smoker' still has the vibration of 'smoking', the tricky part about manifesting a non-smoker is that we have to focus on the essence of what a nonsmoker actually means to us.

The following example uses the Living Vision technique (aka Rain Dancing) with alternative affirmations to indicate what I believe 'nonsmoker' means to me as well as what I perceive as the essence of health conscious. You'll want to use words that trigger your true feelings of what the pure essence really means to you.

"I am so incredibly grateful to be in this loving relationship that is so filled with pure health and wholeness. We are on the same path of mutual health and wellbeing and we enjoy taking care of ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually.

I enjoy my honey's fresh breath in the morning and when we embrace his sweetness and purely clean smell envelopes me. I melt in his arms and feel safe, happy, and at peace.

We both admire and greatly appreciate each other's commitment to our health. He is strong, centered and capable of I take a deep breath when we hug, I lap up the sweetness that I smell and just melt in his arms.

We are both free from any and all addictions and the experience of physical freedom is delightful for both of us.

Together, we use positive self-talk to encourage our commitment to health both internally and externally. I hear my honey saying all the time, how grateful he is to feel so free and young and healthy and respectful of his body. He is proud of his accomplishments and proud to be treating his body with such incredible grace and love and honoring support.

He feeds his body healthy, nutritious meals and I am so inspired by his commitment. It has truly always been this way for him. He has simply always had a desire for health and for the foods that regenerate and restore life.

And, even when we choose to engage in less than natural foods, our bodies are power houses of energy and restorative faculties. Our bodies know what to do to engage in ultimate health and wholeness for all the days of our lives, no matter what.

We both breathe deeply and naturally and have incredibly strong cardiovascular health and vitality. We are healthy, strong, and vibrantly youthful all the days of our lives."

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