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Re-creating your past in order to attract a profoundly positive future

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Dear Anisa
How does my imagination work when I have imagined receiving a passing mark on exams that I've already taken but haven't received the grade yet? I'll get the grades back in a few weeks but can my imagination change the marks that have already been awarded?

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Yes, it is absolutely possible to influence and create the outcome of a seemingly, previously forged future event using the power of your mind.

The reason is because the materialization does not occur until we lay eyes on it! It is in the observation that it becomes a reality.

Quantum Science has proven that it is the observation of matter that triggers the actual materialization. Further study within the quantum fields also supports what mystics have said all along, "We are unlimited."

When we realize that there are infinitely many non-observable alternate universes, as one interpretation of Quantum Mechanics suggests, we align ourselves with creating a positive future no matter what our past experience may be 'forecasting'.

We are unlimited - pure potentiality. Therefore, we have the power and the potential to impact, attract, and influence all things in our lives. Now, my personal truth is that I find it particularly easier to influence something that I haven't already observed. And, better yet, I find it far easier to manifest something that I haven't previously created a negative expectation around.

You see, the more I ponder the negative 'what ifs' the greater the probability of creating the negative outcomes. And, the more I expect an outcome to materialize, the more likely it will. (Expectation does not always come in the form of confidence. It can also come in the form of fear, worry, anxiety, etc.)

For example, it's a well-known medical phenomenon that often when a diagnosis is revealed, the previously healthy, strong and active patient that didn't know they were 'sick' becomes rapidly ill. It's the act of observation that creates the sudden shift in the materialization of disease, not the disease itself.

I'm not going to suggest that we avoid doctors in order to avoid diagnoses; however, I will suggest that one can choose to be acutely aware of the 'observation' trigger and choose to keep their observations in proportion to the positive and optimistic outcome they intend instead.

Creating your future when the creative moment has passed (like the exam has passed) can be a little awkward. Never the less, it is absolutely possible to change any and all future experiences that we have not already observed. Additionally, we can always change our reaction to the observation and change our end result experience as well.

When the 'creative moment' has passed, it often requires us to literally go into our past to re-create our future. Let me qualify the fact that our vibration is always where we last left it and this moment is the one that holds the attractive power to create our lives. The caveat is - if the past creative moment held the energy of nervousness, fear, anxiety, or worry, for example, then imagine what outcome is likely to be a match to those negative emotions?! Not ideal!

And, it's most likely that the present moment is still energetically aligned with the perceptions, assumptions, and judgments of that past event. Therefore, we want to align with a more positive future by altering the energetic (emotional) structure of that past creative moment!

In simple English - you can walk your time line backwards and re-create your past to be positively influential of the future you desire. The Creative Mechanism (God/The Universe) does NOT perceive the difference between reality and our fantasy. IT only perceives and radiates back to us like energy.

Therefore, if you were raised in a grass hut with little to no food but you were willing to go back into your past and imagine a life of opulence, your prosperity consciousness would change and thus your experience of wealth would change. It doesn't matter that it's a lie! It only matters that your energy, thoughts, beliefs, and emotions are now more aligned with the flow of wealth.

How to re-create your past to be aligned with the infinite positive possibilities: Break it down!

I find it helpful to break down the past contributory moment or experience in order to change my observation of what was and my expectation of what might be.

The goal is to re-create the past experience emotionally and in our memory banks into a positive, optimistic, confident energetic structure. Confident observations of the past will yield a more affirmative future and in the case of an exam, better grades.

When I become aware of a past creative moment that is still currently creating my expectation of the future, I find it helpful to dissect it with clarifying questions. By clarifying the negative structure of the past, you can more fully and wholly re-create it.

For example:

  • What happened?
  • What was I thinking before the event?
  • When did I first feel negative before the event and why?
  • What judgments do I have about how I behaved?
  • What judgments do I have about how others behaved?
  • Who and what do I blame for this situation?
  • What should I have done that I didn't do?
  • What should others have done that they didn't do?
  • What's the payoff to holding onto my resentments about this situation?
  • What do I gain by being angry and not letting this go or evolve?
  • What does this even remind me of?
  • When did a similar situation happen before and why?

Come up with your own questions that will prompt you in digging deep into the past experience just enough to clarify where your fear, nervousness, and worry actually originate.

Once you have a clear picture of what happened, go through each and every negative thought and emotion about the experience and write down the opposite.

Using the exam example, re-creating the past, might look something like:

"I am so thankful that I felt completely prepared for that exam. I was strong, confident and self-assured. I had truly prepared for the test and was proud of my efforts, my commitment and my steadfast intention to succeed. And, you know, it's always been this way for me! I've always done well on tests! It's like I'm a natural when it comes to taking exams and putting my knowledge to the test. I thrive on the pressure of an exam and absolutely love the thrill of letting the answers flow effortlessly from my amazing brain! I am centered, confident, and connected to unlimited knowledge and I trust myself. I know that I am intelligent and capable. I am grateful to have experienced a sense of peace and inner strength before, during and after the exam. When I was taking the exam, I felt myself knowing the answers instantly. And, the knowledge and confidence flowed effortlessly. I feel so blessed that school, tests, and studying has always been so easy for me. I feel so richly fortunate to be an incredible student with Divinely Guided intelligence. I am grateful to have made excellent marks on the exam."

I realize that I may be asking you to lie. You may feel like a fool saying things about your past that are completely and totally untrue.

But, remember, the only one that cares whether your 'story' is true or not, is you! The Universe doesn't care whether it's true! The Big U simply responds objectively to your most dominant thoughts and emotions and delivers to you the experience that is absolutely a match.

Rest assured that if what you want does not manifest, it's not that God or the Universe has forsaken you. It's not that the Law of Attraction doesn't work for you. It's always, 100% of the time Divinely Ordered according to ALL of your wants, needs, desires, thoughts, beliefs, and emotions and ALL of those who you are co-creating with!

Additionally, it's always a match to where you are vibrationally right now. Find peace with the fact that the Universe is impartial. When you master your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions, you will master your life and your past will not predict your future, unless you allow it to.

Be willing to play with changing your past to be as fabulous and full of blessings as you would have liked. Take on this new way of retelling your story and see if your life doesn't dramatically improve to reflect your new 'story'! I dare you!?!?


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