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I want to succeed as a professional Body-builder!

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I have 2 dreams that I am currently working towards. I always dreamed of being a body builder and competing. I am 45 yrs old and have been training hard for 2 years. I am 4 months away from a competition and have reached an impasse with my diet in order to achieve the results I need, I would like some help not to sabotage myself or give up hope. My second dream is to have a healthy, loving romantic relationship. Still hoping...

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Your two dreams are real, and you CAN manifest them into your reality.   Your work is to reach for them with passion; to believe in your unlimited-ness; to relax in the now, and to be willing to never have your dreams come true. 

 Try these creative statements on for size: 

 "I have the courage to achieve my heart's desires.  I have the courage to reach for my goal, and to become a successful body builder.  I am courageous and I do what has to be done with zest and enthusiasm.  I am courageous and I tenaciously reach for my ideal physical strength, and definition.  I am courageous and bold, and I do what others only dream of doing.  I am courageous and bold, and I ignore any and all dream-busters in my mind, and in my experience.  I courageously believe in my body and myself to achieve my ideal body building physique. 

 I am willing to fail.  I am willing to do whatever is necessary to achieve my desire, and I'm willing to make mistakes in the process.  I am willing to forgive myself for all past judgements regarding my physicality.  I am willing to succeed.  I am willing to allow myself to make mistakes, to get it wrong, and to screw-up.  I am willing to do whatever is necessary to achieve my goal.  I am willing to work hard.  I am willing to get help and support. I am willing to attack this goal with all my focus, and determination.  I am willing to take risks, and I am willing to get it wrong.  I am willing to fall, and I am willing to rise again. 

 I accept myself exactly as I am, right now.  I accept that I have done the very best that I could do, given who I am, and what I know up until now.   I accept that this goal may never come to pass, and if that's the Divine Order so be it.  I accept that as okay, now.  I accept that I'll survive.  I accept and love my body, and appreciate all of my mistakes, lessons, and failures.  I accept that the timing is perfect for me to achieve my heart's desires.  I accept that the Divine Order is now at hand, and this is the time for me to begin anew on this goal.  I completely and totally accept everything in my past as part of the Divine plan for my life, and I am at peace with my past, and my future now.   I accept that whatever is meant to be, will be and I accept the Divine Order now.

  I accept that I am an unlimited being, meant for greatness.  I accept that it is my Divine birthright to be a successful body builder, and I accept that calling now.  I accept that all is in order, and this is the time for me to fulfill my path and purpose.   I accept the fact that the Divine Presence within me is in charge, and all I have to do is relax in this knowledge now.  I accept and relax into the stream of unlimited possibilities and am grateful for the fabulous opportunities before me.   I accept that any time that I have available to pursue this goal is the exact amount of time needed, and it's perfect.  I accept that any resources than are needed are exactly what I have now.     I accept this and I am grateful.  

 I am grateful for my experiences.  I am grateful for my life.  I am grateful that I have the body that was made for bodybuilding.  I am grateful that I have a sport that I love and that brings me such fulfillment.   I am grateful to now be in alignment with my ideal goals for a successful bodybuilding career.  I am in awe of my body, and this wonderful journey.  I appreciate with pure love the support that I receive from all angles and unexpected sources daily as I pursue my goal.  I appreciate and give thanks for the time, energy, and resources that flow easily through my life supporting me on this path.  I am grateful to have all the time, freedom, and focus needed to pursue this dream with passion and determination.  I am grateful to have ample energy and resources to consistently improve upon my goals, and I recognize and honor my progress. 

 I intend to fulfill this dream.   I intend to have my ideal physical fitness, muscle definition, and strength of a successful bodybuilder.  I intend to wake up every day enthusiastic about my future and the obtainment of my goals.  I intend to do my routine easily and with a great sense of purpose.  I intend to balance my health with the ideal diet.  I intend to give thanks daily for every little and big accomplishment that I achieve.  I intend to give thanks for any and all setbacks as they feed my desire, and make me stronger.  I intend to give thanks for every bodybuilder around me that has succeeded before me.  I intend to appreciate, and send forth love and appreciation to all those who have paved this path before me.  I intend to be inspired by others success. I intend to be successful, fulfilled, happy, prosperous, and in total health.   I intend to enjoy this path fully, and pursue this dream with the goal of personal satisfaction as my primary intent.  I intend to remain focused on my desire for the feeling of physical mastery, health, and prosperity.   I intend to passionately reach for the stars, the ultimate in bodybuilding success and at the same time know that whatever occurs is perfect.  I enjoy this journey completely and if more occurs, so be it that's great too.  I intend to see my body, as I desire it to be.  I intend to see my fitness and strength as the optimal image of success and wellness.  I intend to see my success and revel in this experience now.

 I find fulfillment in the journey.  I am joyous!   I am fulfilled!  I am prosperous!  I am confident!  I am strong!   I am content!  I am whole!  The Divine Order is at hand, and I am grateful!

 I release this goal into the Law, where it is made manifest.  I acknowledge that the Universe never makes mistakes, and whatever happens now is exactly what's meant to be.  I surrender all my fears over to the presence of the Divine within, and I am at Peace.  I am fearless!  I am bold! I am courageous!  I am at Peace, and I let it go!  This or something better is happening now.  I am grateful! "

 Apply these same principles, and statements to a healthy, loving relationship.  Relax into the perfect timing of both dreams, and you will manifest them.  It can be no other way!

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