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Alternative Health:
You Can Create Optimal Health and Healing with Creative Visualization

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Special Guest Article from The Listen Letter

From where ever you are in this fascinating world, welcome. Get ready to travel into your imagination, where it's been said that, all things are possible. Today we'll place your imagination in the context of Mental Imagery. What's that? It's a healing methodology using your imagination's infinite potential.

Who are we?

We are journalists reporting on integrative approaches to your health and wholeness. We sift through the mounds of contradictory information available and conduct research that you don't have time, desire or patience to do. We offer you what we believe to be truth. In any situation, this one included, it's wise to go within and ask for guidance. As a matter of fact, we encourage it.

Moving forward.

With a humble request - that your mind is open to receive what follows on Applied Mental Imagery and a case history. To maintain "first person" integrity, we print the story exactly as it appears in The Natural Law of Self-Healing, by Gerald Epstein, M.D.

An imagery healing.

"A man was diagnosed with advanced metastic prostate cancer and given three months to live. He had a PSA of 24 (0-5 normal range), needed to urinate 8-10 times a night and was told there was nothing else that could be done for him. He came to Dr. Epstein in 1994 as a last resort. He was asked to close his eyes and imagine himself in the region of cancer, seeing the disfigured cells in the prostate and in the surrounding lymph nodes. Then he was asked to bring in whatever tool might be required to restore the area to health. He imagined the arrival of a small army, ferreting out the unhealthy cells and destroying them one by one. When all of the cells remaining were healthy he was told to open his eyes. He was instructed to repeat the exercise for 21 days, three times a day. Before the end of the 21-day cycle, the man no longer needed to urinate in the night. He was feeling very well. Dr. Epstein explained from what the man described that it was likely he was healed and no longer needed to come back. The man had a sonogram several weeks later that showed no cancer, and his PSA returned to normal (0.2). He remains alive and healthy nine years later."

The story has an ending as Dr. Epstein told us that this man lived cancer free for the remainder of his life and passed in his sleep of natural causes in 2005.

Is this the end of the movie first? Perhaps - but considering that your imagination plays a significant role in creation - you have more power than you realize in deciding your journey. Before delving into the topic of imagination, you'll see an overview. A refresher for some, new concepts for others.

Let's leap!

Look around the room for a moment and notice your surroundings. What's there, a chair, table, your computer screen? These items started as a single image or thought in someone's imagination, never the other way around. In other words, the table didn't morph into this physical plane and then you looked at it saying, "oh, a table." It began as an inspiration and the creator took the necessary steps to make the table a reality.
Pretty basic agreed.

Let's take imagination a step further. In fact, the automobile, space shuttle and the computer were once an image in their creator's mind. Reduced to the simplest explanation, your imagination, at its core, is responsible for everything that exists in the man-made world.

How does this relate?

Some folks see what others cannot yet envision. That's okay. It's been that way since the dawn of civilization. Back to the cave dwellers sitting around the fire. Ugh-ugh, one points to the moon and proclaims, "We're going to travel there one day." The consensus from the other cavemen is that, he is certifiably nuts. On the contrary.

"If everyone is thinking alike, then someone isn't thinking." George S. Patton

It's simply that his vision, or imagination, is far beyond group comprehension. Not necessary to debate or change the group. Only to honor what feels right from your inner world.

Inside creates outside.

Because words and images are powerfully connected meaning, your reality is a direct result of how you think and what you image.

Imagery in the context of self-healing.

When we began researching mental imagery, it was a leap in our logic. For the record, a smidge of healthy skepticism is useful under certain circumstances - but, counter-intuitive, when it reigns supreme. That aside - let's explore.

Imagery, per se, isn't new. As far as we know, imagination and human beings are a package deal. The right hemisphere of your brain mediates images, sounds and feelings. Although it's quiet, it is powerfully intelligent. The left hemisphere mediates activities such as writing, speaking, and language comprehension; it's logical and analytical. A good way to keep it straight is, Left = Logic.


If you've ever had a panic anxiety attack then you've felt a massive dose of white-hot fear surging through your body that paralyzes. The more you feed this anxiety the worse it gets.

According to Eastern tradition, inside each of us is a Lamb and a Wolf. The one we feed consistently grows - in minutes - from Mini Wolf to Monster Wolf. You could be sitting safely in your living room and a fear pops into your mind. You invent a disproportionate response to this fear, which is in your assumed future. Before you realize it - you have difficulty breathing, weak legs, heart palpitations, dizziness and of course - you must be dying. Caused by a fantasized fear. These thoughts and images set off an internal chemical reaction.

The astonishing fact is that your mind cannot distinguish between what is in your imagination or in physical reality. This is so valuable. You'll see it again.

Your mind cannot distinguish between physical reality and imagination!

When you consider that an anxiety attack sets off a chemical reaction, which manifests disturbing physical symptoms, then, the reverse is true. Meaning, positive images, with instruction, shift your internal chemistry towards life affirming benefits.

This brings us to Dr. Gerald Epstein and his Mental Imagery technique. Years ago we believed in coincidence. Now we know that there are only synchronicities.

Dr. Epstein appeared through a perfect synchronicity - a brief history. As journalists, researching health approaches, it's heartwarming to hear how others created these miracles, yet we wanted tools. Out went the universal broadcast for this master to materialize. Lo and behold - a promotion for his methodology arrives in the mail. Thus a relationship began with his important message.

Be your own authority.

From this influential position you are an integral part of your health and wellness. Because whenever you assign complete control to someone or something outside, you've just granted them permission to decide your destiny.

Dr. Epstein is a physician trained in Western medicine. He has a degree in psychiatry and was a psychoanalyst trained in the Freudian methodology. He studied for nine years with Mme. Colette Aboulker-Muscat, an educator, metaphysician, mystic and healer. During WWII she used mental
imagery on wounded soldiers given up "for dead," as having no chance for recovery. After WWII she was decorated by The Allied Governments as one of the "5 Mothers Who Saved the World."
Mme. Aboulker-Muscat was an incredible healing visionary light years ahead of her time.

It's interesting to note that modern day visionaries, like Dr. Epstein, pick up where the previous healers leave off. He has many letters behind his name but there's gentleness about Dr. Jerry - and his process -well - you're in for a pleasant surprise.

Back to Dr. Epstein

For a physician with his credentials Dr. Jerry's approach is non-threatening. You know he's brilliant yet there's no intimidation or dogma. He respects your choice to move towards wellness or not.
His work is Applied Mental Imagery. In other words, you give your will a direct instruction through mental images. Remember the anxiety attacks we talked about earlier? And how habitual images manifest physical symptoms? Same process. Change your images, change the path of disease.

You can use mental imagery to induce internal healing.

You don't need a degree and it's user friendly. Dr. Epstein talks about your voices; past, present and future. And explains that the voice, which speaks in the present, is your first voice. Also called the voice of intuition, the voice of truth or heart and he asks that you remain open to its messages.

It's not a religion based practice although Dr. Epstein encourages your connection to Spirit.
Spirit, Power, some call it God, the Universal Energy, All Knowing or the One Mind. Call it what you choose. The point is that there is a power that keeps your heart beating. In fact, the fetus's heart starts beating first in response to "something" before the development of the brain.

Imagery - a relationship between you and your power.

So the requirements are minimal. You don't have to travel, buy or wear anything special. It does involve listening and trusting your inner guidance. The exercises are simple and quick. From emotional to physical challenges, imagery works on any area of imbalance.

In summary as you've seen that imagery shifts physiology, which releases your body's healing pharmaceuticals to change the course of disease.

Speaking of pharmaceuticals.

It's common knowledge among the medical community that your body produces drugs like; valium, adrenaline, endorphins, and cancer inhibitors such as interleukin and interferon. How remarkable. Your body's intelligence sends the necessary drug to the affected area, at the appropriate time with the exact dosage and no side affects.

Parting inspiration.

Your body is so amazing, it has taken scientists over three centuries and they've yet to fully decipher its magnificence.

Healings facilitated by imagery number in the thousands. Natural science can now measure imagery's quantative effects. It's what mystics and metaphysicians have known for centuries, the power of God in you. We encourage your journey and honor the freedom it brings.

Submitted by Listen Letter, an objective forum for information on integrative health methods. For subscription information visit:

Copyright 2006 by Listen Letter. Reproducing any part of this document is prohibited without the written consent of Listen Letter. Nothing in this e-letter should be considered personalized medical advice. All rights reserved.

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