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How Long Does it Take to Manifest Something?

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Dear Anisa
Hi, I want to ask you a question that I don't see addressed when people talk about manifesting. How long do you work on a project? Until it's manifested? Until it's a definite belief? (21 days?)
Just put it out there once and forget it? 3 days? A week? Also can you work on several things at the same time? If you have a plan to work on a thing for say a week do you reinforce it from time to time? How do you time a 'manifesting project' and what have you heard from others? Any help will be greatly appreciated!
- Thanks, Carl

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I have three answers to your question: 1) Ask One Time 2) It Depends 3) As Long as It Takes

It's not as cut-and-dry as you were hoping for, is it?!?

The Universe doesn't work on a time-line. It works on an energetic-line.

Therefore, there is not a simple answer to your question because all of the answers above are correct depending on your consciousness, your awareness, your vibrational offering and your physical preparedness.

This is why the question is so often answered with the quiet assertion of 'you will know when you know.'

Let's address the three answers individually.

Ask once.

"Ask and it is given." - Abraham, with Jerry and Esther Hicks.

Heed this wisdom.

In essence, if you continue asking, then you don't really believe; and as long as you don't believe, you cannot receive.

Therefore, you want to only ask one time in order to exercise your faith and believe more fully.

Then, pay attention. Notice whether or not you've actually let it go in complete clarity and satiated faith.

I find there are times when pondering the fact that I only need to ask one time allows me to discern my level of faith, belief, and commitment to trusting in the Divine.

For example, when my goal is a more general one, I find it easy to ask once and let it go.

For example: "Thank you God for a nutritious meal."

"Thank you Universe, I have had an incredibly harmonious and positive day."

"I am so grateful to now feel inspired to follow my passions; to live life fully and exuberantly; to pick myself up easily when necessary and to trust that all
desire is now mine."

"I am so grateful that my income far exceeds all of my wants, needs, and desires."

Now, what happens when you say:

"Thank you, Universe! I am so grateful to now have a net worth in excess of 60 million dollars."

Do you feel the difference in attachment when we go from 'general' to 'specific'?

You will want to keep a discerning eye on your level of faith and use this method to remind you that you only HAVE to ask ONCE.

Still there are other times when the answer is: It Depends.

There are times I ask more than once for the sake of remembering and inspiring Divine Right action.

For example, one of my goals is simply to be a conscious parent. This is one of the top 6 goals for life that I write down every day. Today, this is what I wrote in my creation journal:

"I intend to be a conscious parent. I am grateful to now be raising children from a place of loving connection to the Divine that fills me with patience, compassion, respect, flexibility and the perfect amount of courage and inspired direction. I trust that I am spiritually inspired to act according to a higher order of life inspiring my children to be conscious, self-regulating, happy co-creators, fully connected to their life purpose and living in alignment with their own Divine unlimitedness."

Would I really be able to act according to my highest level of congruency if I just said it once?

I don't think so. I write this goal (and my other top 5 goals for life) down every day.

When I write it down, the Universe automatically supports my desire. And, when I hear it, I am reminded of my intentions. By remembering that I have 6 goals that all of my other goals should fall in line with, I am inspired to act according to these intentions. This supports me in having a value-driven life and acting on a daily basis according to my highest intentions.

Now, let's examine: As Long As It Takes!

There's another reason to ask for what you want more than once: for the sake of clarity, refinement, and course correction.

The truth is there will be times when we aren't capable of believing with pure belief nor are we capable of obtaining the physical preparedness with just one request.

The fact is that just because I only asked once, doesn't mean I'm fully engaged in my goal from a mental and physical perspective.

After all, will the Universe provide an Olympic Gold medal just because I asked once?

And, what if I ask for 'a successful business'; do I simply ask for a successful business then sit around waiting for my request to be delivered?

When your vision is supported by a pure-vibration and your mental, physical, and emotional bodies are prepared for the materialization, your desire will manifest.

Therefore, you want to continue visualizing, asking and acting, monitoring your results and then course correcting as long as it takes. This could be just a few seconds for some goals and a lifetime for others.

If you are truly honest with yourself and listen to your intuition, you know when you are attached or detached; you know when you are absolutely certain of your belief; you know when you can let it go because you trust in the Divine Order to bring about your desire in perfect timing; and you know when you have prepared your life physically to receive.

Cast a wide net of dreams. Launch desires of your ultimate life that include both large and small visions of an extraordinary existence. Then, follow your guidance to a place of certainty and physical preparedness.


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