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"If the Shoes Don't Fit, Kick them Off at the Door! ...How to Leave Old Vibrations in the Past and Launch Positive Intentions for Your Positive Future From This Point Forward."

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I love January - there's just something magical about realigning with my intentions and goals at the start of a new year. However, there's always that particular 'resolution' that shows up year after year and what do you know - here it is again; the same resolution that I've had for 10 years running is still there, not entirely ignored but not entirely fulfilled either!

Last year I said I was going to spend more time with my children… well, I guess I wasn't specific enough because although I spent time with them, was it really more time? Was that time really better than or more attentive than the year before?

Last year I said I was going to pay better attention to my honey's needs, be sweeter and more flexible during disagreements and make magical moments a part of our every day existence. Hmm… did I really achieve this? Well… not entirely. And, I better not send him a feedback survey as I won't be able to maintain my 'sweetness' intention when I disagree!

There are others as well… I didn't accomplish my mental, spiritual or physical goals consistently and oh, here's that one about organization: "I am organized, productive, efficient, and reliable! I return calls promptly and willingly and my email inbox is organized and easy!" Yikes! I clearly do not understand what I wrote here… my office is more like a 'bull in a china-shop' and 'my calls and inbox are back-logged' now more than ever!

Okay, looking at my unmet resolutions as well as my victories, I can see that although I did not accomplish them ALL, I did have a great number of victories and have more to be grateful and excited about than the opposite. Allow me to remind myself, by reminding YOU:

We are conscious creators! If we don't like the weather, then we get to re-create it! However, if we don't like ourselves, then we cannot expect to change anything consistently. We must first address the primary source of our foul climate before we can move on to creating paradise.

The source of our 'foul climates' will always be our internal negative thoughts and limiting beliefs. Now, having said this have you ever wondered why sometimes you're feeling really positive about life and you still get 'bummer' creations?

I call this my petulant Blue Shoes Vibration. I have a feeling that you have your own Petulant Vibration about something, so see if this doesn't fit somewhere in your life.

I have a regrettable and at this point, entirely embarrassing confession to make about my navy-blue shoes problem. You see, I am unable to attract navy-blue shoes that are comfortable! I know… I'm supposed to be teaching folks how to manifest and here I am unable to manifest something as simple as navy shoes that are also comfortable!!!

Here's the scope of my problem. In the last 2 years, I have gone through more navy blue heals than I care to admit. I feel as though I've walked a groove into the DSW aisles; I've searched through Nordstrom's and then Payless and every shoe store in between. I have even manifested two pair of free navy shoes (random gifts from friends, who knew nothing about my personal navy-shoe-drought) but they have all turned out to be nothing more than a one-night-stand!

In fact, last month, I wore my newest pair of beautiful navy-blue shoes at an all day seminar. When I bought them I was so very hopeful. That evening, when I reached out to push the up button on the elevator, I simultaneously slam dunked those navy pumps into the trash can!

How did I get to this terrible state of possibly never being able to wear any of my navy suits again? I repeatedly and consistently demonized those navy-blue shoes. Every chance I got I'd rant about how I can 'never find any navy blue shoes that fit!' Now, being the powerful creator that I am... it's true. And, until I change my focus from 'what is' to 'what I want instead', it's vey unlikely that this dilemma of mine will ever go away!

Now, how does this relate to making this year the best year of your life? Let me explain…

We all have our petulant vibrations! Any source of disconnection that we experience emotionally will manifest physically unless we are more aligned more of the time. This of course is where meditation, yoga, prayer, EFT, essential oils or any of the other 'tools' you use for realigning yourself are useful.

However, I also find it extremely supportive to look back on the year and ask myself where might I have a 'petulant navy-blue shoe' dilemma in the other areas of my life? And, I suggest you pay particular notice of any area of your life where you are particularly self-critical.

I've heard Abraham (with Jerry and Esther Hicks) say, "your vibration is always where you last left it". This is as true for me and my navy-blue shoe problem as it is for any other unfulfilled dream or goal that I might have. Thus, your vibration (for the good, the bad, and the ugly) from last year will project itself into this year unless you intentionally re-set your intentions and vibrations to higher levels of ease, effortlessness, love, peace, and harmony.

If you want this year to be your best year ever, then take some time to uncover any petulant vibrations (thoughts, limitations, patterns of negative experiences or behaviors) and get rid of them!

Use your affirmations or a vision board or your favorite creative visualization or emotional freedom technique, but do yourself a favor and use this month as the time to kick off any old shoes that no longer fit! And, take on an entirely new intention of creating the best year of your life.

Happy Manifesting!

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