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How do I keep visualizing the phones ringing, my business successful and have a life too?

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I was able to manifest a successful business by using affirmations and visualizations but then once I had the business running it seemed like I had to keep focusing on its success in order to keep the phones ringing. It seems like whenever I tried to have a personal life, or tried to do something that took my attention away from my business that something would go wrong, contracts would be canceled, employees would suddenly become unreliable and the phones seemed to literally stop ringing. I feel like I'm on this constant treadmill to keep the business flowing - constantly visualizing the phone ringing, checks coming in, employees working. It's overwhelming! How do I keep the phones ringing, my business successful and have a life too?

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Achieving a vibration with something (phones ringing, for example) is fairly easy when you focus on that thing coming into your life and how you will use it, play with it and be with it. This along with following your physical inspiration and call to action will most certainly manifest most anything a person wants. However, in order to maintain that "thing" (vibration) you would have to maintain the focus on the object. Let's face it. If I have to hold my attention on all of the things that I want ALL the time then I'd be a stressed-out mess and surely something would slip!

When we focus on the effect of what we want, it's easy to lose sight of the true Cause. When we lose sight of the Cause of our good then whatever we manifest will be transitory and only temporarily appeasing.

I once put a picture of an elegant, handcrafted Montblanc pen on my creation board. This particular board was about my desire to be an excellent writer and author with an insatiable appetite for writing. I visualized myself having this pen and imagined that if I could create the pen then I'd be inspired to write. A couple of weeks of visualizing and I find a fabulous Montblanc just waiting for me on the sidewalk. There was no "lost and found" to report to and it was like manna from heaven in the form of Mr. Blanc! I was so excited that I told everyone about this manifestation. Unfortunately, the creation was short-lived as my old habits of writing continued. I'd say to myself, "Oh, I'll write tomorrow." When I stopped focusing on the pen and did not use it for what I had intended to use it for… it disappeared.

When I take this example apart, I can see that what I really wanted wasn't a "pen" but the feeling of success as a writer. The FEELING is actually one aspect of God - of the Universe - of the Energy that creates worlds. When I access this feeling by acknowledging the presence of God within me (which already is success), I assert the vibration that matches my true desire. When I achieve vibrational harmony with that which I desire - it has to manifest and as long as I'm a match -it has to stay!!

There is an Anonymous Christian Heretic Quote from the Third Century that says, "If you don't make yourself equal to God, you can't perceive God." I do not want to suggest that I have felt this equality on a regular basis myself but I am willing to explore and expand my awareness of what it means. To me this is about becoming aware of the Divine Power within me and what some may call becoming whole. By reaching for the feelings that would be the qualities of God, we raise our vibration. When we are constantly and unceasingly aware of the Presence of God within as the one and only source and supply of all our good - then we can (and will) stop visualizing "pens". Then we can (and will) proceed with a faith that will absolutely manifest ALL of our known and unknown desires, including a successful business (with lots of phones ringing) and a life too!

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