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Manifesting the perfect job.

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You have asked for people to send in their 'manifest wish list' - mine is for my husband and I would be grateful for some help with it. My husband has finished a very good job (contract) abroad last year and ever since then has not had any great success in finding a good enough job (or something even better than the last employment) was. I wonder how would you tackle this manifesting?

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Thank you for your email and for the opportunity to support you in your process. It's always difficult to tackle a problem-creation from afar, but if I ask for Divine guidance to support me in typing the perfect words and inspirations that will inspire, guide, uplift and direct you and your husband to the greatest connection to your desires, then I know whatever comes through will be perfect for now.

  Therefore, having made that request from Spirit myself, let me suggest to you to begin there as well. Ask Spirit to handle this issue. Hand it over by praying, "Spirit, I ask that my husband find his ideal employment in perfect timing, with perfect pay and wonderful benefits; in the ideal setting for his highest growth and safety; in the ideal package for our relationship and family to flourish in love, harmony and prosperity; in a manner that is easy, natural and almost magical put his ideal position in his path and make it easily recognizable, comfortable to commit to and enough of a challenge to inspire him to be excited and enthusiast about the prospects and the future. Spirit, make this endeavor be fulfilling and successful and support my husband in following his calling, his path and purpose and know that whatever form his next position takes that it is perfectly in alignment with his ultimate desires. 

  "I surrender to the Divine Order of life now. I know that whatever happens from here is exactly what is meant to happen and in perfect order for our highest good and growth right now. I surrender to the law of attraction at work in our lives. I surrender to the knowledge that like attracts like and therefore, if our worst fears come true, I know that is just the law of attraction at work. All is in perfect order now and at any moment we can change what we're attracting by changing our thoughts. However, in the mean time, I let go of all of my resistance to my fears now. 

"I surrender to my worst fears happening now. Since I know that there are no mistakes and that the Divine Order is at hand, I surrender to whatever is meant to be as what is happening now, even if this looks like my worst fears. If the worst-case scenario happens and (name the scenario- we lose our home, we have to move, we lose our medical benefits, we're homeless, we lose our children - whatever those fears are), then I know we'll still survive. We are survivors and if that what is in store for us, so be it, we'll get through it. I accept the Divine Order of life and I am at peace, no matter what. I will no longer fight these fears because I know that just attracts them to us.

  "I ask Spirit to handle all of our fears, worries, concerns, anxieties, guilty feelings, regrets, frustrations, and any other negative emotion that has come up for either of us during this process. I agree to no longer worry about our finances, our future, our retirement, our family's well being because I know this is YOUR responsibility, not mine. I hand ALL of my fears and worries over to the Christ mind within, the Universal mind that is the essence of who we are. I hand all of my frustrations and any and every negative feeling or pre-judged obstacle over to this inner presence where I know it is instantly and immediately taken care of.

  "I surrender all of my pre-judged ideas about how a job will or must manifest over to the Universe. I surrender any and all assumptions about my husband, his job prospects, the employers, the state of the country, the state of our world or any other belief that is taking my faith away from SOURCE and putting faith in external circumstances instead. Right now, I put my faith in the source within to manifest perfectly into our lives - fulfillment, opportunity, prosperity, harmony and success. I know that no person, place or thing is the source of our supply and I am at peace knowing the Divine Mind within me, is the one and only source of all our good.

  "I intend to see for our family the ideal scenario playing out now. I intend to support this process by having faith, by putting God/The Universe in control of all of my fears and in control of this situation now. I intend to be at Peace no matter what and to envision success. Success and fulfillment is the primary focus of my thoughts. I support my husband by knowing all is well and the ideal career is happening now in perfect timing. I intend to envision, affirm and be grateful for the complete, ideal manifestation now.

  "I am grateful for Spirit's work in our lives now. I am grateful that the ideal position is now at hand. I am grateful that we are Divinely protected and taken care of. I am grateful to know that all is well and that all of my husband's desires for an ideal job is made manifest now. I am grateful that all I have to do is relax in this knowledge and be grateful for every sign of land, every moment we share and every breath we take. I am at Peace. I know all is well and I give thanks for the perfect manifestation now. 

So be it! Amen"

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