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Using the Law of Attraction for Planetary Healing

What if it's our spiritual calling to co-create a return to planetary wholeness. And, what if we have to focus on the positive of the negative to get there?

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Dear Anisa, I usually enjoy your mailed newsletters, articles and suggestions very much. So BIG BIG THANKS for all that you've done and written so far! Some of the stuff written is truly beautiful! & you are a big blessing for us all! This letter surprised me, as in an e-mail from Rebecca Marina we were sent a link to an artist she works with - and on her website there are considerations against putting energy into Earth, especially into crisis areas.... as that might escalate problems. (& I agree with that view - a friend was once sending me energy, and I was ill - I hate to admit partly on purpose, and got much more ill as a result!) I do hope you will take this consideration into account and with your experience hopefully turn this into a beautiful and constructive experience! Love, Andreya

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Thank you, Andreya, for your kind words and for courageously sharing your email and thoughts!

Yes, what we resist persists and what we focus upon expands. Therefore, we do NOT want to focus upon global warming, political corruption, corporate greed and starving children - or we'll be supporting the creation of more of that!

With that said, I've noticed that many spiritual students are so afraid of creating negatively they literally stick their heads in the sand even when reality is slapping them in the face.

Once reality has been seen and acknowledged, whether by us personally or the global consciousness, ignoring it or pretending that it isn't there does not make it go away.

I dare anyone that has a toothache to ignore it and make it go away! For most of us, our creative consciousness just doesn't work that way. Inherent in the act of 'ignoring reality' is 'acknowledging reality'. Therefore, change requires more than turning away.

When we hear the news stories, catch a conversation, or watch a movie such as an Inconvenient Truth, most of us will be deeply affected by the potential and possibility that we are irreversibly destroying our planet and ensuring environmental suicide.

Each of us will respond according to our current level of emotional intelligence and spiritual awareness. Many will be indifferent and oblivious. They will choose to remain ignorant and do nothing. Others will be frightened and outraged. They will begin to adamantly and desperately fight the establishments. While others, especially some law of attraction students will be afraid but choose to do nothing hoping that by doing nothing they are actually doing something.

I believe, however, there's another more aligned and harmonious response; a response that is absolutely aligned with our purpose as light workers and absolutely in harmony with the conscious creation of a return to health, prosperity, love, and wholeness for every living being and for our planet.

If you are walking down the street and an emaciated child reaches out his hand to you, are you going to turn away and say, "I didn't see that! If I just don't look then he won't really be starving!"

No! You are going to grab that child, take him into your arms and make sure he is fed, clothed, loved, and put into a situation that will ensure his long term care.

Why is our planet any different? Why would we feed a starving child and ignore the fact that our planet is crying out (or is that screaming we hear?) for a nurturing response from its inhabitants?

The ice caps will not stop melting if I choose to get enraged about it, nor will the flooding stop if I ignore it.

Now, being a person that never stops asking WHY? What's the purpose? What's the meaning of all this?

I have asked myself, "Why am I here, on this planet, at this time of dramatic Earth change and technological advancement?"

I ponder.

If it's true that no civilization has ever survived its own success, not Atlantis, not the Mayans, not Rome, etc., then how will we survive? Why would our society of more, more, more for the sake of instant gratification versus long-term sustainability be any different?

My mind can't help but acknowledge what happened on Easter Island; I too would choose unthinkable measures if it meant the difference between my children living or dying.

I wonder.

What if I chose to be here to be the very first civilization that has survived its own success?

Now, that feels better. What if I DID choose this life at this time to play an active role in co-creating what has never been created before: A technologically advanced, global society united in love and sustainability.

I wonder.

Will there be more 'destruction' if we all focus on healing?

I think to myself, "Well, yes. it's highly likely." As I understand that there is always destruction before manifestation. That's the way the creation of life and death, change and growth - evolution works.

"Every act of creation is first of all an act of destruction." - Pablo Picasso quotes (Spanish Artist and Painter. 1881-1973) It is indeed possible that there will be more destruction and planetary illness before the healing crisis is over. That's why it's called a healing crisis. I don't like it and I would much prefer to support the creation of a 'comfortable, easy, effortless, and yet memorable return to balance and Earthly rhythmic harmony'.

But, I wonder.

Is that possible? Is it possible to inspire and co-create planetary awareness that supports sustainable living without memorable healing crises?

Hmm. YES! I like that thought. I believe I'll start reaching for that one!

I also wonder.

When we are spiritually paralyzed for fear of exacerbating a situation, are we actually fueling the mass consciousness of indifference? Are we then supporting the resistance to change that causes our society to creep along so slowly that by the time we do act, it's too late?

As an avid Abraham follower, I too have heard the 'lighten up and don't worry so much about it' advice that Abe offers someone in distress. And, I agree. (Let me repeat that - I AGREE!)

However, I also understand that it's necessary for me to put the teachings of Abraham, Seth, Ramtha, etc. into context. These teachings are from non-physical beings. Yes - tremendously wise and loving beings, but DEAD to this
physical reality never the less.

What does this mean to me? It means that their perspective of death is different than mine. They attempt to share with us that there is no such thing as death; that energy is never destroyed but simply changes form. This means there's nothing to fear ever and certainly not in regards to death.

I'm comfortable with not fearing death. However, I'm not comfortable with twisting those words into an excuse to be complacent, dispassionate, and indifferent.

I wonder.

What would our society be like today if the civil rights activists had 'ignored' their reality?

Where would we be if Martin Luther King Jr. had followed his initial desire to just stay out of the political mess altogether?

What would life be like today if the women who did not have the right to vote, had sat down and said, "It's okay. I hope they'll eventually come around! I'll just think nice thoughts about it."

If the options are worry about it or be carefree, then by all means choose to be carefree. Choose to look the other way and choose to seek joy, love, and fulfillment! This is certainly more in alignment with planetary healing than worry.

For me, however, there are more than two options. There's a third. The option of prayer, peaceful envisioning, co- creating and taking divine right action in the direction of sustainable, love-filled change!

I believe it's not only my responsibility but my spiritual destiny to choose this route. I choose to SEE our society as the first to survive its own success and that gets me excited!

Yes! I know all is well and in Divine Order. And, I choose to be passionate about the direction of my thoughts in support of planetary and humanitarian wholeness!

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