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A Living Vision for the Wholeness of our Planet

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To download a printable copy, please visit here. A Gift Created by Anisa Aven

In this moment, I acknowledge that there is one presence and one power and that presence is God. I acknowledge and embrace the omnipotent, all-powerful, all-present power as the one Universal Force that creates worlds. This loving, harmonious, wise force is at the core and soul of everything on our planet. We are inseparably intertwined with this Omnipotent Presence and cannot be removed. The Presence is Love, Peace, Prosperity, Wholeness, Wisdom, Harmony and Beauty. The Presence is all-healing, supremely omnipotent, powerful, and overflowing with colossal love.

If this is the Truth of all that is, then it is the Truth of me. Therefore, I acknowledge and embrace the fact that I am connected to the Presence, deeply, spiritually, and indivisibly! I accept the essence of this Truth and therefore I am one with the all-that-is and am simply the Divine in physical form.

As I acknowledge this Truth for myself, I acknowledge it for everyone reading this treatment and all beings on the planet. We ARE LOVE, PEACE, WHOLENESS, WEALTH, HEALTH, BEAUTY, JOY, AND WISDOM. We are pure potentiality in manifest form and therefore I claim the instant and immediate resolution and manifestation of all that we desire now. I claim miracles as our everyday existence. As I share these words, they go forth into the Divine where they are made whole and manifest.

In this moment, all is well. I acknowledge and give thanks for the instant and immediate resolution of all things out of balance. I send forth the desire and faith that the planetary 'problems' such as global-warming, Earth changes, and the destruction of our natural resources are inexplicably settled in a harmonious, righteous, grace-filled, and all-comforting manner. I give thanks for the inspiration personally and for those inspired light-workers who rise to the call of planetary healing! We collectively motivate, rally, and physically, spiritually, and emotionally contribute to the miraculous and glorious return of our world to a state of natural balance, peace, harmony, and native majesty.

All things out of balance return to glory. All things misaligned with harmony now come into agreement and return to grace. All planetary changes misaligned with ease, flow, grace, glory and long-life on this planet cease and desist and in their place LOVE, PEACE, and a NATURAL STATE OF VIGOR, WELLBEING, BEAUTY, AND WHOLENESS is now courageously and peacefully established.

The potency of the Divine now directs our faith as we claim the Truth of our world to be affirmatively joyous and prosperous. All beings previously living in poverty are now delivered into wellness. All resources required for absolute health, healing, inspiration, motivation, and faith are now instantly delivered unto those who desire and those who seek. The resources, energy, food, water, and necessities to ascend to higher levels of prosperous living now descend upon them like the rain from a glorious cloud quenches the plains. They are relieved and experience unbound joy and exuberance; satisfaction, security, peace, a satiated appetite and hope. This hope moves them forward graciously as they find themselves inspired and committed to rising beyond their past and spreading the experience.

LOVE reigns supreme on our planet, now. I give thanks for this Truth and I revel in delight! The ramifications of LOVE know no boundaries and our natural state of exalted existence is purely returned, globally. All war miraculously and inexplicably comes to an immediate and comfortable close in a manner that is aligned with the greatest potential for swift recovery and a return to love, wellness, beauty and joy.

I choose to resolve in my heart all doubts, fears, feelings of separation and ask for, and give thanks for the instant and immediate, miraculous health and wellbeing of all those I love and all those who my life touches. I choose to know to the core of my being that the work I do matters, is making a difference and is therefore not only necessary, but critically important and worthy of my time and attention. If this is true for me, then it is true for all beings who read these words and for all beings who are marching together on this spiritual quest for planetary interdependence!

I give thanks for the strength, energy, faith and resolve to do my part, to see for our planet what others may not see - absolute health, wellness, peace, prosperity and joy are now established! And, I am gloriously, exuberantly and unrelentingly thankful for this Truth! Thank you Spirit, Thank you! How wonderful, how wonderful, all things are perfect exactly as they are!

I am so grateful to now know that miracles are the order of the day, that our planet has returned to its natural state of self-regulating ease and comfort, that the light-workers are collectively inspired to take aligned physical, spiritual, and mental action in the everyday creation of miracles. I give thanks for this planetary healing and it is done. So be it. I let it go! Amen.


To download a printable copy, please visit here. A Gift Created by Anisa Aven


For more information on how you can support the Creative Vision of World Peace and a Return to Natural Grace, please join us on July 17th, visit here for more information.

Also visit,

And, last week's Living Vision for Health and Fitness is available via here. I hope you enjoy and create your own!


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