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Your point of attraction is right now and the Universe does not know the difference between real and imagined, it simply responds to your vibration in the moment. Therefore, fantasize, visualize and day-dream your reality!

1) Spend Freely Mentally -- Everywhere you go, say to yourself, "I have the financial ability to purchase anything I desire in cash right now, therefore what do I want, right now? I shall have one of these and two of those and I'll have my assistant pick them up for me this afternoon." Put a 100-dollar bill in your wallet and spend it 50 times throughout the day. See it and multiply it by 10 every time you open your wallet.

2) Create a Gratitude Journal: Log and give thanks for all the abundance you have now and have always had every morning and every evening.

3) Release the Old -- Create a vacuum! Clean out your closet, get rid of the clutter, use your good stationery, and wear your most expensive perfume!

4) Show God you know his promise will be kept and exhaust the resources at hand, pay the bills you can now, know the Divine is your source and your supply is inexhaustible!

5) Play the million dollars a month game. If you had to spend a million dollars every month for 6 months, what would you buy, how would you tithe, how would you feel, what would you do? Really go through the motions of what you would have to do to spend that money!

6) Forgive yourself for your debts and forgive your debtors! Release anyone that owes you anything and caste your burden of debts on the Christ within. Give it to God!

7) Create Abundance Affirmations and reminders and place them everywhere.

I love being debt free and I enjoy purchasing anything I desire in cash, when I desire it! I love driving my new __________, I feel so free and fabulous in my new ride! My income far exceeds all of my wants, needs and desires! I rejoice in my abundant prosperity and financial freedom! I love giving and receiving freely! I am rich, rich, rich and I love it!

Abundance is my birthright and I now command $40,000.00 into my account now! Times 10!

8) Script a vision of how you will have to adjust your life to your new abundant lifestyle. How will you make the changes, what preparations need to be made, how will it look, feel, taste, smell? Walk in this new vision and elaborate and expand it everyday!

9) Become superstitiously silly about the riches that are coming your way and associate every day activities to the energy of more money. For example, every time you shift into drive say, "I'm driving into abundance now!" Every time you find a penny, pick it up, giving thanks for the hundreds of thousands more that are coming your way. Every time you receive and/or pay a bill say, "I give thanks for your complete payment and for every dollar I release, ten more comes my way." Every time you pass a beggar, give to them and bless them for helping you know your supply is endless and immediate!

10) Create a Prosperity Collage! Cut out magazine clippings, newspaper ads of items you want, words that inspire you and imagine, visualize and fantasize with your collage every day.

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