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The Secret Within The SECRET

Action is an essential key to conscious creation. Often, I'll have a client or friends want to know why the law of attraction isn't working for them and I'll ask, 'Well, tell me what you're doing?'

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>They will say all of the right things: "I'm using creative visualization, meditation, prayer, vision boards (treasure maps), rain dances, and I'm thinking all the right thoughts and having all the right emotions!"

What they miss is the piece about taking action.

It's not enough to want to manifest something into our lives. We must also take bold, decisive action.

We must be willing to 'do the work'. And, WORK is NOT a bad word!

There's not a single successful person on the planet that simply 'manifested' their wealth out of thin air. Each one of them opened the door of opportunity when it knocked and more importantly, when they didn't hear a knock - they went out and knocked on their own doors!

Yes, even those who have won the lottery had to buy the ticket!

When Rev. Michael Beckwith was being interviewed by Oprah, he spoke brilliantly about how action is critical to the creation of our dreams.

"You are talking about walking in the direction of what you want. Now, there are parts of your body and your mind that don't know the difference between real action and symbolic action. So, if you do something every single day that tells you, you are walking in that direction, your mind will pick it up that you are really serious.

And, there will be an energetic match to that. Then, you will find yourself compelled into right action. You'll be guided to do things, that before you were wondering 'why am I doing this?' Then, you'll discover you are being pulled down the path to meet the right people, there are opportunities being created, there is energy flow that is happening... but action is a key." - Rev. Michael Beckwith

We are inspired to 'Divine Right Action' when we simply begin taking action. The action you take may feel in the moment completely irrelevant but never the less, the Universe responds to your desire and the energy behind your action and answers your call.

We have to prime the pump!

With old water wells, before you can fill your bucket, you have to actually pour water into the mouth of the pump. Then, by lifting the handle up and down and up and down, you hear the water begin to gurgle and the pump begins to gasp and rebel. Never the less, you can't stop now and so you have to continue working the handle up and down even after it gets harder, tighter and requires even greater effort! Then, finally SWOOSH the water flows like a beautiful stream.

With deliberate creation and how to successfully apply the law of attraction, a willingness to prime the pump is just as important as the desire to experience the end result.

If you want a mega-empire of wealth, like Bill Gates or Oprah Winfrey, but you don't want to work, then how are you going to get the water out of the well?

It's NOT just going to fly out because you 'manifested' it!

Don't get me wrong - we are unlimited beings and therefore there is always a possibility that you can manifest 'walking on water'.

However, if there's a system in front of you that will first teach you to swim, then go ahead and take the lessons to learn how to swim!

Here's an example of priming the pump from my life. When I first started my coaching business, I was a single mom with a newborn and knew that I wanted to start a 'coaching' business. I didn't know how to get clients because nobody even knew what coaching was!

So, I started knocking on doors. I literally walked from one business door to the next, passing out business cards and trying to get people to 'listen' to how I could help. I was met with mostly 'not interested', a few 'no ways' and
one very memorable, "Didn't you read the sign?!? It says no solicitors!"

I didn't get a single client directly from this exhausting endeavor. In fact, the only physical result I achieved was really achy feet. However, at the exact same time, the Universe responded to my energy and my intention and even though I didn't get a single client directly, within two weeks I had 3 new clients. Each of these clients found me indirectly and within a few months, I was making my full time living doing what I love.

You see, I am very clear that because I primed the pump, the Universe KNEW I was serious. That's when I began to be inspired to be at the right place at the right time to succeed.

I would do it ALL over again - even the knocking on doors and being rejected because I know that by taking action, even 'wrong' action, I inspired my eventual success.

Maybe you aren't taking action right now because you don't know what action to take.

Follow the guidance that James Ray shared, also on The Secret Oprah show:

"Come from a heart space of providing value and service to the world. It's not 'if you build it they will come' but it's 'if you build it AND it provides value' they will come." - James Ray

By aligning your actions with your heart (with the intention to serve) and choosing your 'actions' based on this primary intention, you will then invite the magic of the Law of Attraction to respond to your beck and call.

One of Goethe's couplets says it all,

"Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!' - Goethe

The Secret... a collection of Inspirational pieces from The Secret Movie and The Oprah show with The Secret Teachers.

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