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How to Raise Your Vibration: My Vibration Elevation Formula

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Hi Anisa,
Reading your very interesting piece on vibrational levels of consciousness, I became aware that my vibrations rarely go above a level of 150 (Anger), if I am honest about it. I rarely seem to get to a point where I even put my foot down with negative thoughts, let alone decide that I am proud of myself and I am capable of doing things. Reading these numbers gave me a new understanding of why I find it hard to overcome difficulties and raise the bar and manifest great things.
The question is how can I start moving up the scale?
Do you have any advice? Is it best to take things little by little and simply aim to feel comfortable at a 150 before moving on? Why do you think I have such a huge resistance to positive thoughts? Is it because I am used to being stubborn? Why do some people seem to jeopardize their own happiness so much?

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Dear Kate (and all my friends in creation),

Accept your unlimitedness and you automatically become a vibrational match to your desire.

Now, ideally, you could just jump to accepting your Divinity and that would be that! You could just say, "I accept the truth that I am a Divine Child of God. So Be it!" And, it would be so for you and all your dreams would materialize.

However, if you've been living your life in negative self-talk, that 'Stink'n Think'n', then that jump may be like trying to leap the Grand Canyon in a single bound!

If you know that you 'should' believe in your inherent Divinity but can't quite get there, then stop trying to jump across the Grand Canyon and instead walk up the vibrational scale (from con-attractive emotions to pro-attractive emotions) using your words, your voice and the power of your mind!

I call this my Vibration Elevation Formula and it works!

Here's an example, which I respectfully share anonymously, using a situation that a fellow law of attraction student just emailed. She's feeling desperate and scared.

"While I prefer not to emanate the energy of desperation, I am in tears as I type. I just received some very disturbing news. The insurance company (work comp) pushed for my doctors to close my case! My case manager, even found it shocking and appalling. It has brought up great fear about my future well-being, physical condition and ability to provide for my family as a single mom with no family, etc. (Intellectually, I get that all is well, emotionally I am melting down!)"

Our work as students of the law of attraction is to re-focus our energy and emotions so that the vibrations of positive trust, confidence, love, and peace are attracting what we want. Using the above example, here's an illustration of how to intentionally climb the scale.

(If you have Dr. Hawkin's Map of Consciousness, use this as a guide and assume you have ALL of the lower level emotions and walk yourself up to the higher emotions.)

The map, from the foremost pro-attractive (enlightenment) down to the most con-attractive (shame):



Before we can get to our destination, we need to know where we are on the map.

First, figure out where you are by asking:

What am I feeling?
= with the map above, pin point where you are.

What's the thought that is creating this feeling?
= identify the actual thought that is creating the sad, fearful, shameful, etc. emotion.

Using our example, our friend wrote, "energy of desperation". Therefore, the answer to what am I feeling would be, "I am desperate!"

Now, where on the map is this emotion?

If you don't know - guess! In this example, a good guess would be that she's somewhere between apathy, grief and fear.

Always choosing the lowest or most con-attractive emotion first, in this case, starting with apathy, simply acknowledge the thoughts and feelings by speaking them aloud. Then, take the route to the next more positive 'emotional city' on the map until you reach an emotional destination that at bare minimum feels more peacefully detached and optimally accepts your unlimitedness.

For example, starting with Apathy:

"I am feeling so desperate and apathetic that I could just lie down and die! I don't know how to fix this or even if it can be fixed. I feel absolutely hopeless and powerless over my situation. Why is this happening to me? I'm so over this. I don't even want to care anymore."

What's above Apathy? Grief.

"I am so incredibly sad about my situation. I am sad that I can't provide for my family and we could end up homeless! I am sad that I can't work with this disability. I am sad that nothing ever comes easy for me and that they are not being even remotely fair or just."

What's above Grief? Fear.

"I am really afraid that I will never be able to work again and the insurance company is going to make me and my family destitute and impoverished. I am really scared to death that they are going to kill me by not honoring the truth of the situation and by being so unfair."

What's above Fear? Desire.

"What I really want is for the insurance company to be reasonable and to support me in becoming healthy and whole again. What I really want is to have the income and the means to support my family and be a contributing member of society. What I want is justice and fairness. "

What's above Desire? Anger.

"I am really angry that they think they can just walk all over me and expect me to just lie down and take it. I'm angry that crooked insurance companies want to sacrifice my life for their gain. I'm angry that this has happened to me and I'm going to do something about it. "

What's above Anger? Pride.

"I am proud enough to know that I will not take this lying down. I will fight. I will go to war if I have to, but I will not settle for injustice. I have the pride and the energy within me to keep going. "

What's above Pride? Courage.

"I am courageous and bold. I courageously do what must be done to create a reasonable, fair and just outcome for me and for everyone involved. I am also courageous enough to know that no matter what happens we'll survive. My family and I have the courage it takes to pick up the pieces no matter what. "

What's above Courage? Neutrality.

"No matter what the outcome, I can hand it over to the Divine. I can take the good with the bad. I can feel courageous and neutral enough to know all is well no matter what I see before me. "

What's above Neutrality? Willingness.

"I am willing to accept whatever is for my highest good. I am willing to create a better outcome for myself. I am willing to believe in the unlimited potential within me. I am willing to forgive anyone that may be working from a place of non-integrity and willing to send the company involved light and love and forgiveness. I am willing to accept that I cannot fail and willing to accept the temporary perception of failure at the same time. I am willing to accept success and I am willing to accept compromised success. I am willing to accept my part in this. I am willing to hold myself accountable and willing to forgive myself."

What's above Willingness? Acceptance.

"I accept that all is well and in Divine order. I accept a complete and total healing into my life now, physically and financially. I accept that what I want is already in the works and happening now. I accept that everyone involved is already inspired to do the right thing and the perfect resolution that supports me and my family in achieving total peace, divine prosperity and happiness is at hand now. "

What's above Acceptance? Reason.

"It only stands to reason that the company wants to be fair. Of course, I will receive divine compensation, timing, prosperity, resolution and solutions! Of course, all people are inherently good at heart and therefore, those involved here will by the very nature of their being, will rise to fair justice. They already support the admirable and honorable solution now."

What's above Reason? Love.

"I am grateful for the swift, peaceful, and loving resolution of all that I desire now. I love and expect how the Divine Intelligence shifted my situation perfectly for the Divine Solution to come forth. I love and appreciate how wonderfully magical life is and how fabulous it is to create miracles on demand. I love having created a divine miracle filled with justice, integrity, prosperity, harmony and peace for all involved! "

What's above Love? Joy, Peace and Enlightenment.

"I am overwhelmed with joy and gratitude for the beauty of my life and situation. I joyfully embrace and hold close the experience of joy and peace in my heart and in my body now. I acknowledge that the Presence of God is within and therefore the presence of total health and wholeness is now my life. I am so grateful and joyous. Peace reigns supreme in my heart and I am totally comfortable and confident in letting go and letting God handle my life's troubles now. I am divinely guided and inspired and I joyously follow this guidance now. I joyously take inspired action and I joyously trust in the Divine."

Pause for a moment. Can you feel that?

It's impossible to read and I mean really read the above and NOT feel connected to the All-That-Is. This is what accepting our Divine Potential feels like!

Now, after having traversed the footbridge from con-attractive emotions to pro-attractive enough times, eventually you'll be able to fly across that emotional Grand Canyon. It takes practice, practice, and more practice to get fluid and confident but eventually you'll get there!

It's not necessary to 'get comfortable' with the con-attractive emotions but you'll find that unless they are acknowledged they'll tend to come up again and again. Like a pile of dirt swept under the rug, eventually the lump in the living room will have to be addressed.

I believe that we (including myself) receive some self-righteous or protective emotional pay-off for jeopardizing our happiness with habitual negative thoughts. Whether it's a need to be right, a need to not have to face change, a need for attention or any other counter need that keeps us from being positive and confident, we must be willing to release the emotional pay-off in order to get to the joyous destination that we truly desire.

(Emotional Freedom Technique works wonders on these self-sabotaging needs. And, if you are an EFT'r tap while you're walking up the map!)

By using this technique regularly, you'll find that overall your life is simply happier, easier, more prosperous and peaceful. From this place of positive vibes, you are certain to attract more of the things you really want.

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