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How do I work through the "boredom" of visualizing and trying to intentionally manifest?

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Every time I try to manifest, about two or three weeks after I start visualizing, stating affirmations, etc. I start to get really "bored," and just stop everything all together. And then when I do end up attracting a relationship into my life it is never what I wanted. Well, after having recently discovered your website and being re-inspired by it, I decided to try yet again to manifest another relationship (after having just ended a relationship that was not what I was looking for). Anyway, again after about three weeks, I started to get "bored" with the whole process. This time, however, I realized that this "boredom" could be a form of resistance coming up, and so I have decided to keep going and try to work through this resistance. And I'm pretty sure it is resistance because sometimes I literally just have to force myself to finish the whole visualization process and get to the end of it. I know that deep down what I truly want is a loving relationship. The problem is I don't really know how to work through all this resistance and was wondering if you could help me.

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When I lived in Newport Beach, California one of my mastermind partners and dear friend, Jim, gave me a gift that has been an incredible reminder, on many a "bored" occasion. We had been working together as mastermind partners for some time, and he knew my challenges, as I knew his, very well. One of the issues that I was working on at the time was not being able to push through the "boredom" of a project (or relationship) once the initial excitement and idea phase was over. I was happy in the visionary stages, and the initial "what do I want" stage. However, as the newness faded, boredom would cast a shadow on my attempts to fulfill my goals and I would once again, be looking for my next "adrenaline-rush" of a new project. 

 This meant that I was constantly jumping from one thing to the next, whether it was a meditation exercise, a self-help book, a job, a fitness routine, a relationship, a home, or even a passion.     

 It was easy to call me a "jack of all trades, master of none."   I couldn't stick with anything once I began to get bored with it. I jumped around life getting a great deal of surface level experience about a great number of things. However, what I had was breadth of experience, not depth of experience. 

Even in my relationships, it was easier for me to get moving once I got bored than it was for me to stick with the relationship long enough to learn, heal, and grow.  My challend was and continues to be, to do what that precious gift inspires me to do.  The gift was a key chain that is engraved with the words:

I focus through Boredom, to my Freedom!

 I realized this was my goal, after reading Dan Millman's book, "The Life You Were Born to Live." My work is to recognize that the greatest freedom, and fulfillment that I will ever realize will come through DEPTH instead of BREADTH, and getting to the other side of boredom through focus and discipline, will give me the FREEDOM that I desire.

 Boredom is indeed a form of resistance. Our work is to do whatever it takes to push through boredom in order to get to the other side. However, pushing through boredom does not mean going against our inner voice, or forcing ourselves to do something in angst, frustration, or apathy. 

 Remember, if you are feeling negative then you will create in the negative. 

If you feel any emotion when visualizing, or affirming such as irritation, annoyance, or an urgency to get it over with, then any work that you do will be from a negative point of attraction and you might as well stop before you begin. 

 Pushing through boredom effectively requires that we find another way to motivate ourselves. It's important to be creative and choose pathways that support your goal while at the same time maintain a pure level of motivation, enthusiasm, inspiration, and joy when you "do your work."  

 If you feel that "manifesting" requires methodical discipline, then it's natural that you'd get bored with the process. Lighten up and make it fun. You want to WANT to do your manifesting work because it's fun and you feel inspired to do it. You want to look at "boredom" as a challenge. You want to come up with creative ways to inspire yourself to move through this. Attack it; analyze it; assess it; challenge it!   Change your perspective from, "I'm bored with this" to "I'm challenged by this, and I love a good challenge!"

 If you are finding that you are "bored" with the process, then find another way to do the process.

 Affirmations said by rote, and visualizations by the numbers are ineffective. Your creative manifesting potential lies in you ability to coordinate your thinking nature, with your feeling nature in a positive light. Which means, you have to LOVE what you're doing in order for the LOVE to be returned. You have to feel good about the process, in order to yield a "feel good" result. 

 Here are five ways to lighten it up, get in vibrational harmony with the essence of your goal and make it fun at the same time:

1)       Begin to bless life by appreciating nature, a dragonfly, a distant star, a leaf, or a blade of grass. Breathe in the fall breeze, while gloriously celebrating the wonder of life. Once you feel the awe, speak a single affirmation in a commanding way (1 to 7 times), and release it into the wonder around you.

2)       Play the visualization game with your VCR: Rent movies that are uplifting, or represent what you want. Pop some popcorn, uncork a bottle of your favorite wine or mineral water, and go to town with the remote. Pause, and rewind the movie when a particularly inspiring spot appears and imagine YOU in the movie…lapping up luxury, loving the touch of a partner, enjoying the fruits of an accomplishment, or reveling in the success of being recognized or appreciated.  

3)       Sing your affirmations to your favorite song! Be brave! Have fun recording yourself, laughing, and rocking your world with your "Tina Turner on a manifesting trip" impersonation. 

4)       Create flash cards, filled with magazine clippings, clip-art, digital pictures or even your own original artwork depicting the fulfillment of your goal. This is for YOU, so they can be as fancy or as simple as YOU want. Once the newness of this wears off, start over or play a game with them by putting them in a "creative manifesting" box (also decorated with goal-inspiring images), pick one a day and work up a dreaming-manifesting frenzy!

5)       Create a symbol that is supercharged with your desires. Energize that symbol by imagining light beaming into it, your breath filling it with energy, and your visions, affirmations, ideas, desires, and feelings of joy being molecularly placed into the symbol. When you aren't feeling inspired to "visualize" in the traditional sense, visualize this symbol and celebrate in the knowledge that IT IS DONE! 

 The Goal is to HAVE FUN, and with this intention in mind, your life will become fun!

One last note: When the intention is to create the feeling of "more of the Presence of God within" and NOT to create the "thing-object-goal" then you will NEVER get bored because the Presence within is such a high-energy attractor that the will to want more of it becomes self-evident, self-motivating and self-sustaining. 

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