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"My Family Will Be
in America by September 1st!"
The Simple Power of the Written Word

First of all I would like to say that even though this story is not my own it did affect my life. I hope that it will inspire all of you like it inspired me.

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My father, who I admire and appreciate beyond words, is the person that this success story is about. I'm writing on his behalf because I feel that he needs to remember what he did (he's at the bad place in his life right now) and to support him in bringing that faith back. Also I would like for everyone to benefit from it.

Approximately 8 years ago (towards the end of 1999) my dad was expressing strong desire to move to America. We lived in Serbia (Eastern Europe) and political and economic situation was getting worse. There was no sign that it will get any better in the near future. My dad was extremely worried about our future. He decided that something needed to be done so he tried everything he could in order for us to move (seeking help from friends and family that already lived in America, applying for visa, entering the embassy lottery...). I don't remember him talking to us about it in great detail. He did all that but was quiet and at one point it seemed like he forgot about the idea all together. We were going about our lives like usual.

What we didn't know (not even my mom) is that he wrote on a piece of paper "My family and I will be in America by September 1st of 2000 legally and with no complications"(sometime in January of 2000). He would carry it with him in his wallet and he would re-read it every once in a while. Most importantly he was so sure in his mind that it is possible; he accepted it as a fact. He says that he didn't share it with any of us because he knew we would try to convince him otherwise or try to point out that he needs to be real and not set his hopes so high.

Anyone who came to America knows how hard it can be, especially to stay, live and work legally. His idea was born from a need but he didn't feel like someone who begs for anything. He knew what he wanted and he took action. Most importantly he was open to receive and he proved that by never doubting (not once since he wrote those words on the piece of paper) that he will succeed.

Sometime in May of that same year he received a letter saying that we are selected as winners (whole family) in embassy lottery and that we will receive the exact date when we can move to America, if we pass all other requirements.
It took more action on our part but that was very good news so it was exciting. Very next month we received the other letter saying that we're getting green cards and will be legal from August 31st of 2000. We landed in America on that same day at 7:30pm or so which was by the way 2:30am September 1st of 2000 in Serbia.

Strong desire and belief that my father had changed our lives from the root. The way it all happened left me speechless. Chances of his desire becoming reality were almost next to impossible but he did it. I'm very grateful for having such an extraordinary person in my life. I hope he realizes that this was not some crazy coincidence (he forgot along the way that it was anything but coincidence) and that he will use it create more of his desires. I hope all of you, including myself, will realize that there is no dream big enough to stop you from attaining it.

All the best and believe in that divine part of yourselves
that we all have, - Visnja


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