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Creative Manifesting

The art of creating all that you desire.

- with conscious creation coach Anisa Aven

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Manifesting Success StorieS

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Read how Donna and her husband manifested the perfect location for their new business!

"My husband and I wanted to open a day spa and salon.  We found the perfect location.  It was a cute little cottage with lots of "gingerbread" trim and a big front porch.  We could easily visualize it painted peach and aqua and rustic furniture on the porch.  We talked with the realtor handling the rental and asked to rent it.

Later that day she told us the people didn't want to rent to us because they were concerned about all the heavy equipment we might have and all the water we'd use. But we KNEW that this was our location.  We created 5 affirmations, such as "God and I are partners in business and we are very successful."  We repeated each of them 5 times a day with emphasis and knowing we were speaking the truth.

At the end of the 5 days we were convinced that we would find the perfect location for our business and that our business would thrive.  On the morning of the 6th day, the realtor called us and said that the owners of our gingerbread cottage had changed their mind... and they would rent to us.  We were in that location for 3 years and we were always in the black, always successful."

See how Johnny used the law of attraction to manifest the perfect candidate for the new position he created in his company!

I practice the law of attraction each day.  I recognize that whatever is
happening each and every day is according to my most inner thoughts and desires.  It is up to me to be in tune and to input the correct information so the energy can flow out to attract what I need and desire.

I recently created a new position within my company.  I defined what this person would do and the skills I was looking for.  I defined the long term goal of this person.  Once this was done my management staff asked my how we were going to find this person, and I replied that this person would walk into our lives. 

Within two days a young man was talking to one of our managers and that manager felt this person might be who I was looking for.  I interviewed him the next day and knew instantly that he was the person.  Within two days he was hired and a month later he is everything I defined and desired for the position.  This young man was also desiring and defining what he was looking for, and our paths crossed at the exact time they were supposed to.

Read how Susan manifested her dream home as everything fell into place perfectly around her!

We got it! Hubby John and I are moving.  We have sold the sub (mobile home)and found a lovely home here in town that is just perfect for us.

Since the first house fell through and wasn't 'everything' we wanted anyhow I figured something better must be in store....or at least I have begun to view it that way. Maybe I needed to get more specific.  So, I lay down to meditate before sleep and visualized the kind of place I would really like.
Spacious, a yard for Melody ( my grandaughter) to play in, maybe have a swingset, an area for washer and dryer, enough cupboard and counter space in the kitchen, big enough to have a family dinner and holiday meals with my kids and grandkids.  A front porch would be nice and oh yeah, how about a fireplace....doesn't have to be a working fireplace, I don't want drafts,
just ambiance...place a few candles in front of it or something.  This or
something better....unattached to an outcome.

Well, we got it. we move in two weeks.  Big white house on a hill, back yard, stone patio (I'll plant creeping thyme between the stones, OMG, the smell when you walk on it!), large private front porch (I see Boston ferns and wicker)...a spacious eat-in kitchen, a dining room that will serve as my office for my wedding officiant services, and not only a basement with hookups but the washer and dryer are already there...oh yeah...and a fireplace.  Thank you!!!!  The living room fireplace and the back patio will both be areas conducive to performing wedding ceremonies.  The dining area will serve as my office since I now have an eat- in kitchen.  I could not be happier!

There was only one problem, shelling out the immediate cash to secure this home and still continue to pay for living expenses where we are, until closing...crunch time.  I said to myself and the Universe, "I wish I had a wedding booked this weekend .....that would be perfect."  I have bookings for the remainder of the month but one this weekend would prove invaluable for instant cash flow.  Oh well, I let it go.  It was already Wednesday...what are
the odds?

I got up Thursday morning and as usual headed for the computer to check email.  Oh how nice, a form response from my website...someone interested in a  wedding.... August 12th... next year?  Nooooo, this year, this weekend.
Hmmmmm?  Well, I will respond but even then, a web form submission and response mean little.. sometimes you never hear another thing....but I am feeling positive and you never know.  The only problem if they want to retain my services is that I am so broke momentarily that I can't truly afford the travel expenses.  I responded with information and a quote for my fee, AND I asked for the total up front...something I have never done before.  I was thinking that if I get this booking, it has got to be on my terms....I
really can't afford to travel otherwise.  The next thing I know the Groom is calling, details are confirmed, the contract is signed and the money is in my Paypal account...all of this by Friday morning.  Wow, wow, wow.

BTW, the wedding was lovely, the weather was perfect and the park was beautiful, and we are in good shape.  I am in a state of grace and amazement as how things can sometimes fall right into your lap when you stop trying to control the outcome and simply allow.

P.S I found some really awesome end tables for the new place at the thrift store but being low on cash prior to the wedding booking I figured I would come back the next day when I had some available cash.  If I was meant to have them they would still be available...."this or something better" is my new motto.  Upon my return to the store the next day not only were they still available, they had been marked down by 20%. :)

Read how Juliana manifested the money to attend a great summer festival!  

I manifested money to go to an expensive summer festival I wanted to go to, by simply saying to myself :

"I'd love to go to this festival, even if I don't have the money now. It is a wonderful festival."

I had only good thoughts about the festival, while accepting that I can't go. Probably this way I was able to detach from it, and still want it. It felt wonderful when I got an unexpected bonus at my job, the very week of the festival!

Read about how Linda manifested her childhood dream - a PONY!

I have always been fascinated by horses.  From early childhood, riding and everything about them seemed to come naturally to me.
But the chance to be near them or to ride came only once or twice a year. More than anything, I wanted a horse of pony of my own.

My 'birthday wish' when blowing out the candles on my cake each year was the same: a horse or pony of my own!   This desire was sooo intense, and never wavered.  After what seemed like an eternity <smile!>, when I was about nine, a local soft drink bottling company held a contest: once a week for thirteen weeks they were doing a drawing and giving away a pony.  I just knew this was the answer to years of prayer.

My family had moved to a couple acres in a rural area, so I asked my
parents, "If I win, can I keep the pony?"  The optional prize was a year's worth of soda, which I have never really cared for.  They told me not to get my hopes up, that I'd never win.  I said, "OK, but IF I do win the pony, can I keep it?"  Certain that would never happen, they agreed.

Every night I went to bed praying 'hard' to win one of the ponies.  After awhile, I switched from asking to being thankful and so happy that I was getting a pony. 

Weeks later, a letter arrived - a pony was mine!  I'd never doubted.  That experience has helped me get through many challenges in life, and boosted my faith when I needed it.


See how Rajkaur manifested the perfect home using law of attraction!

I wrote a thank you note to the Universe and the Angels for the beautiful house with 8 room, 2 kitchen (one full and 1 kitchnette),
a garden and backyard, which has blessings of the Angels and brings
Love Joy to whoever visits or stays in that house.  Easily paid for and in a best neighbourhood.

And within a few weeks of that we receive a offer to move in to
exactly the same house.

This was a blessing that I wanted to share with all.

With Joy

Read how Ray manifested $250,000 in real estate sales commissions!

The short story.... I got a hold of The Secret about a year ago after pushing out a ton of work and not getting far enough.
I'm in commercial real estate, so 'a lot of work' involves a bunch of cold calls and talking to tons of people. I was making money, but I was a bit burnt out and frustrated.

After watching The Secret, I decided I would go full out and give it a
shot. So I daily started visualizing that I was driving to the bank and
depositing a commission check for $250,000. Note: At this time, I had never made more than $50,000 in a year selling commercial real estate.

I visualized it daily. In the morning.. Religiously. Got excited about it.
Felt the happy feelings. Visualized saying hi to the bank teller while
I had this beaming smile on my face.. The whole nine..

Eventually, I started feeling like this was really really going to happen. Ie. my faith grew. I started to have complete faith that I would have a $250,000 commission check. This jump in faith happened after about 1 month of daily visualizing and feeling good about my vision.

During this time, I would also keep The Secret playing as background noise and I feel that helped me to "stay in the zone". I also would run through all the things I was grateful for in my life daily while in the shower and really connect to the feelings of gratitude.

(The basic stuff they talk about on The Secret)

Long story short, one day a friend (who is a residential real estate
agent) of mine called me up and she said she met a guy in an airplane with two buildings to sell. It turned out that the buildings were worth $14Million dollars!!

We put in quite a bit of work to make the deals happen. We competed against other agents, marketed, found the buyers for the deals, and closed them.

By now months had past and I kind of forgot about all the visualization I was doing in the past. However, one day it came back like a ton of bricks when I was driving to the bank, depositing a check after the second of the two deals closed and I looked at my year to date earnings on my check stub.
I made $250,000 and a few cents!! It was so surreal!

Anyway, that's my true story.

Manifesting works.. I believe, for most of us it takes practicing some
fundamentals... which most people just aren't committed enough to
really do.
But it really really does work. I'm now manifesting $20,000,000. I'll let
everyone know when it shows up!!

Fyi, I also created a quick and dirty website that simulates an online
bank account.

The purpose is to help people get into the *feeling* of having x amount of dollars in the bank.

This site is just my contribution to anyone out there who is really
serious about attracting more money. I suggest registering, logging in, adding money to your account, and most importantly....**Gawking** at the balance daily and feeling really good about all the money you have in your bank account!!
BE CONSISTENT.. Print out the page and make it your desktop wallpaper. The amount should be something that 'feels good' to you. It does take some work that is all centered around **consistency**. Besides, it's nothing compared to the work you would have to do otherwise!! Most people wont be consistent past a few days... The few who do and stick to this will get to see amazing
things happen in their life.

Check it out at www.ezattract.com


Read how Mary Ellen manifested the perfect house... and then foreclosure!

I have twice manifested but this time will have to face the consequences of manifesting a FORECLOSURE! At first, I was six years from the previous one and had manifested a builder who was willing to start on a 725 square foot addition to my 1950's ranch home. He built out three new bedrooms, a new bathroom and we got the siding and roofs on with about $500 down. But when it started to take longer than the five months he had said it would, I started to get worried. I worried myself out of the final stage of the addition by getting a mortgage that I couldn't afford. I am losing my home childcare business at this location due to the appearance of the kitchen which he partially gutted before walking off the job with the
final draw. I have a husband who is having panic attacks and barely
can earn his car payment of $200 per month. I have a daughter whose orthodontist wants to remove her braces before her teeth are straightened because I am late paying him. I have a family who is mad at me. I am terrified of packing the eighteen years of stuff we have accumulated and afraid of where we will have to live and yet I am also relieved to be leaving this house to get a fresh start. At the same time this week, both my husband and I remembered how we manifested this house by writing what we wanted on a napkin. There is a napkin in the kitchen which has our new home written down on it.
Affordable rent (about half of our current mortgage payment) with option to buy down the road, newer home, brick, four bedrooms, basement walkout, okay to move childcare business there if I decide to, open to our cat, great schools within walking distance, big yard- fenced or naturally screened from neighbors with toads- this my six year old added ;), larger bedrooms, high or vaulted ceiling in one room where our ten foot Christmas tree can go, garage, new appliances, modern kitchen and more than one bathroom! Whew-
does it sound like too much? I only have to recall how this house came to be eighteen yers ago to recognize that this or better is being created for us right now in the midst of our totally successful poverty- welfare didn't even offer us any money! So we must manifest and move back into abundance-it is the only way. Oh, I have also started a manuscript on the dangers of cosmetic neurology- the high use of psychotropic drugs on ourselves and our children backed by our government and why as light workers, we must explore alternatives to controlling our moods and our children's behavior. Perhaps the universe wants me to focus more on this project than I have with this
house weighing me down!

Mary Ellen

See how Ruth manifested a new coffee table for her son!

I manifested something for someone else.  It was a coffee table that my son needed.  I said I wanted a coffee table for $20.00 about a fortnight later I was driving along the road not far from where I live and there was a sign saying furniture for free.  I notice a large coffee table painted purple.  Off couse I put it in the back of my wagon and said thank you to the previous owner and the universe.  It cost us $20.00 to repaint it a more suitable colour.  I learnt to trust in a
source larger than us.


Read how Amy easily manifested a free iPod!

I felt like I wanted an i-Pod, but didn't want to spend the money and then not use it, so, I put out a request at my office, and found, immediately, one that I could borrow for a week.  Well, I fell in love with it.  I downloaded inspirational material (including an interview with you) and really enjoyed having positive words in my head.  A friend of mine then contacted me and let me know that she had one that I could have that she's not using; it was just sitting in a drawer.  Manifesting the i-Pod was a real treat.


Read how Marie in NJ manifested a great new golf partner!

Hi Anisa,

   Thanks for publishing your ezine. I am enjoying it. Here's my
manifestation story:

I have been an avid golfer for the past several years.  I have made many friends through playing golf. Last summer I had the opportunity to be a sub for the couples league at my golf course.  I really enjoyed that experience and desired to have my own golf partner to play regularly with me.  In April I was playing golf with my friends Diane & Ron.  Ron said how much he enjoyed playing with me and that I should play in the couples league.  I said I'd love to--why don't you find me a partner?  Two days later he called to say that he found a partner for me.  As he was interviewing a colleague at work for a publication, he noticed that he had a golf memento on his desk.  They got to talk about golf and Ron mentioned that there was a lady golfer at his club looking for a partner for the Friday night league--would
he be interested?  George agreed and I got my partner.  We are playing very good golf together and are one of the top teams in the league.  We play on Friday nights with the league and on Sunday afternoons with Ron & Diane.  He is a very good golfer and a very nice person.  I am thankful for this wonderful opportunity to have a partner to share my passion for golf with.  

:) Marie in NJ

Read how Kelly Rae manifested an unexpected bonus!

Hello & thanks for your good job !

Last Thursday when i was doing my gratitude bicycle ride, i shouted things like: Thank you for my perfect health, for my perfect relations, for giving me clients & non expected money !

I did that at 10 AM & guess what !

At 11:30 AM i went to see if i had at least 20$ in my bank account & a big surprise was there... My boss had deposed 256$ as a bonus! Oh Thanks for that, because i didn't know how to get money to buy what i needed (food & Gaz)

Excuse my english !
As you see, the LOA realy works !


Armando manifested a book win and went on to create money, a new car, vacations and a wife using the law of attraction!

Thanks for your generosity! Here's my story.

I heard about LOA through several different sources: Abraham/Hicks, The Secret, John Assaraf, etc. When I tried applying it, I found myself
actually focusing more on the non- belief of being able to manifest and created more of that, of course.

Then I thought, hmm, Why dont I focus on the things I can believe
about the things I want to manifest?

So I tried an experiment when I wanted to win (manifest) a book
drawing at a seminar. I visualized the things around my desire that I could believe without a doubt:  Getting up out of my chair, Walking towards the podium, holding the book, walking back to my chair, smiling that I had done it.

All of that stuff was stuff that I believed absolutely could happen. I
felt that directly visualizing them calling my number or name was a little less believable, so I used the things that my brain said Sure that can happen. I sort of "sneaked around" my negative beliefs.  

And I won!  

Here's the amazing part! I told my friend exactly what I was going to do before I did it and she watched in amazement when I got my book. She asked me to repeat exactly what I did when I came back from getting my book and she did exactly the same thing and won the very next book! What are the odds of that happening?!?!

It was cool to watch her win!  

I've since used it to manifest more money into my life, having fun on
vacations (using temporal tap as well), a new car, and a wife!  

Hope this helps!

Read how Andy found his lost cat using law of attraction!

Hi Anisa;
With losing my precious cat Hai-de.
A friend of mine was taking care of my three cats while I was waiting to move into a new place.

On a Monday afternoon, she had called me and stated that she could not find my one cat Hai-de. The cat was missing since saturday.

It turns out she had left the balcony door open, and the cat jump off the balcony.

I came over and look all over the apartment and down the streets and the apartment yard for over an hour calling her name.

I could not find her anywhere. I went through the whole apartment building knocking on doors asking if anyone had seen the cat.

Finally after no luck, I went back to my friend apartment and did a
Pray of Mercy and Forgiveness. Afterwards, there was a knowingness that came over me telling me to go  back to the yard of the apartment and she will be there.
I went back to the yard of the apartment and I began calling out Hai-de's name and just as sure as the knowingness there was Hai-de. Now mind you, I had look all over that place earlier and calling out to Hai-de with no success.

Hai-de is back home with me and she is very happy to be back.

I am very happy that the Divine brought her back to me allowing me to care for his/her creature.

My friend is amazed because she looked every where and could not find her and after seeing the actions that I went through she is beside her self.

Miracles do happen when you open to the Divine and let the Divine work through you.


Read how Susheela helped her friend manifest a successful exam result!


I had to tell you this. I use EFT on my best friend, Joanne, who lives in
Toronto. It has saved her from dropping out of her very hectic, demanding and stressful midwifery program. This past week took the cake though.
Usually, the EFT we do deals mostly with her feelings and attitude so she can cope and carry on. This Wednesday we did it for her exam (2 days later on Friday). She hadn't started studying yet and needed a 70% to pass. She has been busy doing clinical work and so on (catching babies in the middle of the night etc).

I used words like "Even though I have no idea how I'm gonna do this, or remember all this data...." and things like, "the universe will flow
through me and direct me to read exactly which topics will be on the exam","what if it were easy and effortless - what if when I did the exam, somehow all the questions were on the things I read and remembered?" etc... you get the idea.

Well! She called me on her way home from the exam, and told me that's exactly what transpired! She was ecstatic. Although she doesn't know how well she did, she really felt that she knew and understood the questions that were asked. There were 87 questions and it took 2 hours, but 98% of it were the topics she read, even on the subway on the way to the exam.
She was one of the last people to finish but she wasn't panicked, because she really knew her stuff and it just flowed right through her! She was sooooo surprised!

Isn't that great?! I'm so happy :-)


Read how Fawn manifested a win on a lottery ticket!

Ten years ago when I was 21 my girlfriend and I went to an
ampm in Hollywood and I was in such a positive mood that I can do
I told my friend "I feel so lucky today that I am going to buy a lotto ticket and I will win $10! The cashier heard what I had said. I was so
confident! I took the lotto ticket, scratched it off in front of her and said watch, Im going to win $10! After scratching it off 3 $10 appeared. She looked at me as if I was a witch or something! At that moment I thought I either manifested it or did I just predict it?

Now I know very well that I had manifested it! I wasnt able to do that again. But I was able to use those same techniques of belief and feeling great to bring me my desires, such as A new Husband after coming out of a horrible traumatic divorce losing my son and daughter over to him because he was a control freak. So with my new husband we brought our new son into the world and I am currently pregnant with our daughter! Thanks to the law of attraction!

Read how Christina helped her e-boyfriend's son learn about manifesting through treasure mapping.

I conducted a prosperity group at my house for 6 weeks on Wed nights, the same night my ex-boyfriend's 14 yr-old son, Tony, slept over.  On the 3rd week the group made "treasure maps" where we cut out pictures of what we wanted to manifest.  Later that night, Tony asked if he could make one.  On it were four pictures: some Ralph Lauren polo shirts, a cell phone, a pair of Nike Air Force One shoes and a Hummer.  Within two weeks, his dad upgraded his own cell phone, so Tony got his old one which was quite nice; his grandmother bought him the tennis shoes unexpectedly and his mom while working in a dry cleaners, got a donation of polo shirts Tony's size and she gave them to Tony.  None of these people knew about the treasure map.  He has not gotten the Hummer, but he recently turned 16 so if he does get it - at least he can drive it!  


Read how Julie manifested the sale of her house and a beautiful new property!

When my husband and I were young newlyweds we bought a two-family house thinking that it would be a good investment and the rental unit would pay half of the mortgage.  Not long after we bought it my husband told his sister she could move in to the rental apartment and he gave her a great rate too. Around the same time we did a lot of improvements to the property and we took out a home improvement loan to do it. The bottom fell out of the housing market in our area and soon we owed more on our property than it was worth, or at least that is what the bank told us when we wanted to refinance!  We became discouraged because we had a tenant that did not pay the going rate for a great apartment and we had a house
that wasn't worth what we owed on it.  Soon all we wanted was a single family home that was nice and secluded where we didn't have to deal with family issues and an unpromising future.  I had all but given up on getting what we wanted until last spring I picked up the paper and looked at the real estate section.
I noticed that two-family homes were selling again and for more than what we owed on our property. My dream came to life again and I INTENDED to achieve it this time.
    I called the real estate agent to see what she thought our propery was worth and before she left our house we had signed a contract to sell.
Things happened at an unbelievable pace, the FOR SALE sign went up on Thursday, Friday and Saturday we saw people driving by slowly and Sunday we were signing a sales agreement with the buyer at twice what we paid for the property.
     In a panic we realized that we still had to find a place to buy! We
had looked at places, but only one had really caught our eye.  It was
a small ranch style house with a fenced in back yard for our dog. We
told the real estate agent that we really liked that house, but she
told us it was already sold.  We were disappointed, but hopefull that
something similar would turn up. Two days later the agent calls us up
and tells us that the house we wanted was back on the market. The
other buyer couldn't come up with the money.  That same day we signed the papers to buy it.  We also did the closings on both houses on the same day.  There was only one day that we could both get off work and as it turned out that day was good for everyone involved. That convinced me that when the Universe is ready to give it lines
everything up for you.  Ask, Believe and Receive.....

Julie B.

Susan manifested a home AND her significant other!

In 2004, I wanted to manifest moving into the empty home that used to be my grandmothers. I already knew what it felt like being there and the memories from my youth were so strong, so good and so loving, I had no problems with creating visualizations and feelings for being in that house. For many months, I kept up the manifesting work and then someone I worked with lived across the street from this house and told me that the people that owned it lived right next door to it. I didn't have a name for them, so I went right to their front door and asked them what their plans for the empty house next door were. They said they wanted to sell it and I asked them to consider renting it...with the option to buy. They agreed, we talked and came up with a plan. I gave them a deposit and they gave me the keys with the promise that they would do some fixing up and cleaning
before I moved in. Most of what they promised never happened and though my sons and I did move in, the  landlords turned out to be dishonest. They told me two weeks after I moved in that they were filing for bankruptcy and losing the house. After speaking to a lawyer, it turned out I got to live there rent free until the home was sold at auction...6 months later! Then my ex-husband passed away and my son inherited a rental home he owned and we got to move into that the day we had to move out of the other house.
What i learned from this is that you have to be very exact in the wording you are using when manifesting. You have to be more focused then I was. I was wanting to manifest a home that was easy to afford. I didn't expect the landlords to be the way they were, but never made their characters a part of my manifesting.
I also never expected my ex to die of a heart attack, just kept manifesting a home I could easily afford.

    Also, i manifested my current "significant other" and he is wonderful.


Using the law of attraction to attract the opposite sex

I used the law to attract beutiful women in my life


Read how Katherine manifested her new SUV!

I imagined myself in an SUV with all the details...that I smelled the vehicle inside and the driving....2 mos later, I am driving it.... an Armada SE.



Read about how Chris successfully manifested a better job!

I have been believing for a better paying job. It is #1 on my top ten list. Today my boss said he is giving me a better paying position. Ok....on to #2!


Discover how Lisa realized she had used EFT and the law of attraction to manifest an amazing relationship with her ideal mate!

I ordered your how to attract your ideal mate EFT course online.  I've done EFT on and off for years and have had some good results, however, I've never experienced any real breakthroughs.  I just felt drawn to your course and started working through the six week program.

Due to a series of bad relationships and a lot of disappointments, I had become quite soured to love.  I was the person that said not only did I not believe in love at first sight, but I wasn't really sure I believed in falling in love at all.

As I worked through your program I didn't notice any real specific
changes immediately.  Even after I completed it I felt better about
myself, but I hadn't found anyone special. 

Last weekend I was sitting at a spa talking a dear friend and describing to her the wonderful man I had found and what an amazing relationship we were developing.  All of the sudden I started crying when I realized that I had said almost all of those things over and over again in my Living Visions.  I had in fact manifest the man and the relationship I had dreamed about and when I heard myself replaying my Living Visions, but it was for real, I was overwhelmed with joy.

Thank you so very much for this course.  I love you and your work.  You have no idea how thankful I am.


See how Tracy manifested the home of her dreams using law of attraction!

Attracting a home (not a house)

My family moved alot. I went to seven different high schools in three
different countries.  Every Christmas the first item on my list was a home (not a house) with a garden and a white picket fence.

In an American college I met a Norwegian man. We married and later
moved to Norway.

Long story short - I have lived in a BEAUTIFUL spacious 6 bedroom home overlooking Oslo fjord for 12 years now. I have a huge garden and yes, my white picked fence. 

When I saw "The Secret I realized I had manifested the home of my


Discover how Larry uses the law of attraction to manifest green lights in traffic wherever he goes!


this old man has found; that, the start of a want or need you must be in a mood before or like before going to sleep but lazily awake. May not make sense to you but eg. when I'm driving in heavy traffic I can
"visualize" the actual green lights of traffic signals that are red and the flow of traffic is crusing and not stopping for several blocks. It works for me though I'm not concentrating on this these thoughts but recognizing what I need. Soon as I have ...ANY...negative thought, everything is chaotic; when I stop the negative or "NO" then, reinfuse with the same thoughts in a positive way everything almost goes back as it was. I say ...ALMOST...because I have become more awake and slightly out of my dazed state.


Read about Kaiulani manifesting all-expenses paid trips for herself and her family!

Hi Anisa and other LOA inventors!

I have been a faith based believer since childhood and especially in my 20's, then in my 30's I searched the "ask & it will be given" prayers in the bible.......then in my late 30's I stumbled upon the LOA theory.....which only highlighted my first passion!

Anyway, before LOA, I would receive all that I desired and then
some.... but it came with great sufferings & feelings of "not worthy"..... but eventually I received blessings upon blessings....

now with LOA, I go to the throne room with confidence! and the blessings have flowed quicker!

ok, just recently I took a trip with my children.  It is a yearly event to a Christian Conference, a mother/daughter experience.  Last year using prayer& LOA we didn't know we were going until the day before the conference!
Everything was provided for! Air fare, car, food and the best a ticket to attend the conference.  So this year my daughter asked again "are we going?"...well, sweetheart, remember last year? we didn't know until the day before....so lets pray & wait......this time I wanted my son to join us...

so, online to airlines reseveration and it was $19.00! one way! room & car under $500.00!  called my daughter and said guess the universe is giving us the GO FORWARD please!  still the question for tickets because they are expensive.....when we got there I had enough to pay for my daughter.....she was sad but i said don't worry, i'm going to the prayer room and wait for you....prayer is FREE!  so when i got there i was greeted by 2 lovely ladies, we sat, i shared my stories of faith & trials, they asked why i was here and i told them, they asked why i wasn't attending the conference w/daughter and i told them.  later one of the ladies left and came back, she said that she purchased a ticket for a friend that could not make it and it
has been sitting there not knowing what to do with it, until i walked
in and they both knew it was for me! i cried! they gave me prayer, words of encouragement, affirmation, hugs, water, snacks all filled in a bag that had a bible phrase regarding "joy"...i took the bag back to the room, shared the story with my daughter who said " i knew something would happen to you!" "it always does!" she loved the bag. we left the bag with contents in the room, finished the conference, my son was able to join us for the concert Desperation band and we were blessed!  A week later as I unpacked the bag,
out flowed 5 $20.00 bills!  I was shocked! I needed it while at the
conference but failed to look but kept trusting....actually when I found the 5 $20.00 bills we were getting ready for another trip that I didn't
know how we were going to manage!  Money just kept coming! God is so good!  The Universe delivers perfection every single time!


See how Rainy's roommate manifested her baby necessities in perfect timing!

My roommate is pregnant and has limited financial means so she has to choose her purchases carefully. We were talking about how to set up her room when the baby comes and she was deliberating over what kind of changing table to get. I told her "don't buy one, someone is going to give you one." The very next day I came home for lunch and an aquaintence from the coffee shop where she works had dropped by unexpectedly with a carseat, stroller and a lovely wooden changing table that fits perfectly in her room!


Read about how Frank manifested attending the sold-out Wayne Dyer seminar in Dublin!

Last year I wanted to see Wayne Dyer in Dublin. I had no tickets but thought this would not be a problem as the venue was big. The journey is about two and a half hours by car from where I live. About 30 minutes into the journey my friend Ber phoned the venue to be told it was sold out. I phoned my sister who lives in Dublin to see if she could source tickets for me but to no avail. Ber asked me if I wanted to turn back and I said No straight away we will get tickets outside the venue in the RDS. When we arrived there were no tickets to be had, so we sat down in the hall outside the main conference hall. The door was open and we could see and hear Dr. Dyer plainly. After about 45 minutes this woman approached us and said Dr. Dyer said it was ok to come in. We could not believe our luck but I had this feeling all the way up that I was going to see Wayne Dyer. Needless
to say we spent the money we saved on books and cd's.


Cara Leah manifested the puppy she and her husband had been wanting - FREE and in perfect timing!


My name is Cara Leah and I have had quite a week.  Having quite a week has alot to do with my manifestation.  So, let me start at the beginning.  My beautiful Springer Spaniel needed to be put to sleep on January 31, 2007.
My daughter, her two daughters, my husband and I all grieved her.  We lived together at that time.  Now we also had a 21 year old cat who was quickly nearing the end of her life and it was a good run.  My granddaughters missed our dear Samantha alot and really wanted to get another dog, not to replace her but to honour her was their thought.  My husband really wanted a little cocker puppy but funds were an issue.  Anyway, there were other issues as well.  My daughter and I had not been getting along very well and I remember
Samantha cowering in a corner, shaking from the screaming that my daughter was doing at her daughters on the last day of her life.  I also looked at my darling cat and remembered all the adapting that she had done in her life to new puppies that she had outlived.  But, my family wanted a new cocker puppy.  I sat down and tried to imagine how I would manage to find a cocker puppy without the funding to go along with the seeking.  I got an idea.  I put an ad on the internet asking for a free cocker spaniel because I decided that if I didn't ask, I certainly wouldn't receive.  And then I just gave it
to God.  The ad would run for 90 days before expiring.  No response.
I must admit that I had decided that a couple of things needed to happen before I would bring a puppy home anyway.  I wanted a calmer home.  I no longer wanted to deal with angry outbursts and emotional turmoil and I wanted my cat to live out her life in peace.  I gota response to my ad about two weeks before it expired. It was from a breeder who had one cocker left from a litter and wanted it to go to a good home.I responded a week after it was initially sent.  No response.  I called him, he wasn't home.  I responded via email again, no response.  I called again, he wasn't home and when I finally reached him... the puppy had been given to another family.  I was
actually grateful because the cat was getting weaker and the turmoil
was not escalating with my daughter.  I sent an email saying thank you for the opportunity and wished the breeder blessings for his generosity. I was disappointed but I let it go, knowing that when the time was right, it would happen.

On May 1st my beautiful cat, Lady Sherlock Holmes, passed away in her sleep.
I took my daughter and granddaughters out for dinner while my husband buried our cat.  I am not sure what happened that night but my daughter exploded all overr the place, got her girls out of bed and moved out.  That was a Tuesday.  I stayed home from work on Wednesday and listened to the Oprah-Esther interviews all day, meditated, and listened for guidance.  I decided not to push against this and to just let her go.  It was an interesting day.  I went back to work.  Friday came and I answered the phone at work. It was the breeder.  One of his pups owners could not keep her and needed to find a home for her.  I couldn't get a word in edgewise and he said he would have the woman call me.  She did, we talked.  I told her I had
to get back to work but I would call her back.  She had told me that she wanted nothing for the puppy but would like to be reimbursed for her expences.  I called her back and told her that I couldn't deal with the reimbursment right now but thanked her for her generosity.  Then she said that she didn't care about the money.  She had decided that the puppy belonged with me.  When could I pick her up.  I picked her up the next day.

My home is peaceful.  My cat is chasing all the dogs that left before her and I am filled with joy with my beautiful Gabby.  I was asking the
Universe to show me that all I believe is real.  When I look at Gabby, I know that what I need to do is KNOW everyday that everything comes when you lay it out clearly for the manifestation to occur.  Gabby is here to remind me everyday to get clear.

I am not sure if that is what you are looking for Anisa, but I want to
share it.

Cara Leah

Read how Andrea and her husband manifested house of their dreams by the water - with the perfect layout and price!

Oh my there are so many examples to draw upon. A few years ago we had decided to move interstate and we desperately wanted a
house that over looked the water, though that seemed impossible, as water front properties were so costly. My partner and I thought about it more and more, he even went to the extreme of saying he could imagine coming home from work, opening the front door, and being able to look straight through the house and see the water. I thought - Now you are pushing it!   But as it happened that is exactly what we got. We drove around checking out the available properties that the agent gave us, our mouths just dropped open when we arrived at one of the first properties on the list. The owners happened to have the front door open and right there, from our car, we could see straight through the house to the water. We didn't need to look any further, the layout of the house was perfect and so was the price.


Read how Armando manifested the money for four new truck tires, and more!

I needed changed the whole tires of my truck, that´s mean $800 us dlls, then I visualized, and I ask to get that money after that I bouhgt the tires.

And Until now I´ve recupered like $1600 us dlls, using the law attraction, now I´m greatfull for that, and I shared with my friends this story again and again!

See how Sharyn and her husband used the Law of Attraction to manifest a fully paid trip to London for a month, AND the perfect house-sitting arrangements back home!

In November of 2005 my husband, who is a college psychology professor, approached me with an idea. He wanted to develop a course about international business psychology and teach it in London. Now this is not all that unusual. There is a study abroad company that helps professors do just that - develop courses for study abroad and recruit students. Except, the last few years anyone has tried to do this in my husbands department they were either completely unsuccessful at recruiting enough student to make a class or had enough students to go but not enough to pay the professor any salary. It is a very expensive proposition for the students. Not only must they come up with money for flights, room and board and expenses, they also have to pay tuition for the class and take a month off from their job. (Most of mu husband's students work full time jobs and go to graduate school at night).

The way it works is it requires 8 students to make a class. It requires 12 students from your school for the professor to get paid. Ok, that seemed fine. If the class came together he would go to London for a month and all his expenses would be paid regardless of the number of students. If he got 12 students, well, that would be even better - a summer teaching salary! But then he dropped the bombshell. He said he would not do it unless I agreed to go. Well, I was flooded with a very diverse set of emotions. I'd love to go to Europe for a month but how would we pay for my expenses? What would we do with the cats (we have two "children" I simply did not want to board for an
entire month). My instant, conditioned response was "no", we just couldn't afford it and what would we do with the cats for a month? Then, after thinking about it, I thought "be gone old response!" "let's put this Law of Attraction to use!" "why not?" "What the heck?"

Well, by now you probably know the ending. We spent the month of July in 2006 in London with (can you believe) 19 students! My husband's salary completely paid for all my expenses. Everyone in his department was amazed!
But what about the cats? Well, I can barely believe it but I found a house sitter with no effort at all. I posted a small ad on a house sitting web site and got a reply the next day! This person was a retired U.S. Marshall, former Marine, and house sits all over the country in his retirement taking care of homes and pets for free! Yes, free! He lived in our house, mowed the lawn, took care of the house and pets and even keep an eye on our 80 year old neighbor in exchange for no rent! He came with glowing references from those he house sat for in the past and it just happens he was available in July and since he grew up in the city we live next to he was more than willing to come for the month!

As I look back over that year there are two things that stick out in
my mind that I believe made this whole trip possible. First, once I "chose" to go to London, I simply let go of all the worries and anxiety of "how" things would work out. If it was meant to be, it would happen, even if I didn't have a clue how. I focused simply on what it might be like to spend a month in London. I put a picture of Stonehenge (a place I've always wanted to visit) on my screen saver as well as the background picture on my computer to keep my dream right in front of me everyday. The other thing I realized (only in
hindsight) is that whenever my husband and I talked about the trip to London, we'd speak about it as if it definitely was going to happen.
We used the words "when" we go to London, never "if" we go to London. 

Even after all my studies and experiences regarding how the "Law of
Attraction" works, it is still exciting, amazing, and awe-inspiring when a dream just comes together.


Read how Lisa used the Law of Attraction to learn to drive a stick-shift!

After studying law of attraction for a while now i realized i have been experiencing it all my life without really knowing.

One example that always sticks in my mind was when i was 17 and got my drivers license I was lucky enough to get my own car right away, the onw i picked out was and manual stick shift, which i had no idea how to drive, but i wanted to learn and really enjoy this car.  I had to have my friend drive it off the lot and told myself i needed to learn right away.  i practiced all day with my brother and dad, not doing so well though.  Before i went to bed i told myself I must know how to drive stick by the next day.  That night i had a very vivid dream about driving my new car, i could visualize actually moving the gear stick and pushing  the clutch and driving like a pro.  The next day i had all the confidence in the world and from then on have been able to drive any car.  I wanted it, i believed it, i visualized it, i got it.  now i know what it is all  about, then i just thought i was lucky.......I am now putting all my energy into finacial abundance not as easy as the driving but trying ...


Discover how Mary healed from post polio syndrome, manifested a great new career and embraced creative flow in her life!

Where to begin?  At the beginning is always a good place to start. At
the age of 5, I experienced paralytic polio. Last December my body
'broke down' and I could barely function. One evening the Spirit said,
'post polio syndrome' and I found the post polio clinic in Framingham,
Mass. The first steps on yet another healing journey began. I was
considering stopping work as a social worker at the VA by 'going out
on disability' but our loving Creator took me by the hand to show me a new path.  I no longer use a brace and my limp is gone! I believe that both legs are now the same length. I am pain free and after five
months of physical therapy have manifested strength and a connection to my body. I am at home in my own body for the first time in 48 years and continue my physical healing with pilates classes and yoga class and shall return for physical therapy at the post polio clinic to improve strength in my legs. Physical therapy had focused on literally getting my head on straight (I had a head tilt and could not move my neck from side to side).
My dear friend Linda Mitchell told me I just had to watch The Secret
after an injection in my cervical spine. While I had known about the
works of Bernie Siegel and mind/body connection, I had forgotten all
that I had been taught many years ago (and probably many lifetimes ago .:)  I wept afterwards and began to keep a Gratitude journal and began to manifest a path toward healing and wholeness. What followed was more than I could ever have imagined....Linda and my manicurist told me each in the same week that the energy at the job was just too negative and was taking a toll on me and I needed to leave. For over 25 years, all I had known was social work. I immersed myself in reading Lisa Nichols and The Secret and the word create, creative kept resonating to my soul. One evening while I was home alone (I have 19 year old twins and my husband who live with me) I wrote a poem and my soul opened wide and I wept. I thought and felt I could 'do something with my gift of poetry'.
At first, I created a web site with the goal of attracting advertisers
but then Linda suggest I do a 30 day journal to manifest a new direction.
My husband suggested that I create a Greeting card company ... what followed was a whirlwind. I created my business cards in 20 minutes on Vistaprint and began to have a vision for my company. I cleaned out my office at the VA (living as if the company was already up and running and a total success). An incredible experience occurred simultaneously and poetry began pouring out of my soul.
Within six weeks, I have a poetry book written with over 80 poems of
inspiration poetry. Once I decided to set a date to leave the VA,
events are being set in motion for success in this next chapter in my
I received an email from Cheryl Richardson contained in her newsletter"are you an author? are you looking to get your book published?' and went to the Newburyport Literary Festival to learn about getting a book published and the focus of the festival was....POETRY!  From being immersed in a world of social work I was thrust into the world of poetry and NY times bestselling authors!
And then... I wrote a poem to celebrate the life of a retired rear
admiral and former Dean of Students at Boston University and I emailed the Dean of Students office saying that I wanted to read the poem at the service and for it to also be in the program. I had not heard anything, detached from the outcome and the Friday before the Service (about a month after I had sent the intitial email) received a call asking if I would read the poem at the Service and if they could put the poem in the program! I received such an incredible outpouring from the memorial service attendees and there was an article in BU Today which mentioned my poem.

The idea of having customized poetry for greeting cards has caught
fire and many of my former patients have hired me to write cards for
their families. And Linda was talking with one of her brides who was
feeling overwhelmed about how to write her save the date, and
invitations. She referred her to me and I did her save the date poem,
the invitation and a keepsake poem. The Spirit flows through and the
manifesting continues.

Financially I was (emphasize was!!!) anxious but one evening I thought and felt, "I have a chunk of money; money comes easily and frequently to me...and watched The Secret website section about money. I discovered that I can cash out my retirement account and also had monies in another account I did not even know about until I talked with the exit benefits person!  But I now money from the business is going to flow in so effortlessly and easily.

One other concern I had was health insurance. I carried the health
insurance for the entire family. While I knew I could get coverage
under my husband, he was told last year that unless they were full
time students, they could not get coverage. I thought, oh well, the
kids are healthy and if they need any care I know that they will be
provided for. So when he put in the paperwork to have me added to his health insurance I asked him to just see if something changed and the kids would now be eligible (my daughter volunteers at a hospital and will be going for training and/or working in the 'family business) and my son does not go to school until September) He almost did not ask but knew he should and as it turned out, a law was just passed this year that since we claimed them on our taxes last year, they are eligible for dental and medical benefits for the next
3 years or until they are 26 if they are in school!

Miracles of manifesting continue to happen on a daily basis and I know that a publisher is waiting in the wings....to be continued....
Thank you for the joy of sharing manifesting and creating!


Two Stories! One for what I wanted, One for what I did NOT want but got!
Story One:
I wanted to be a mother. I wanted this more than anything in the world but my doctors (two general practitioners and a specialist) all said the same thing: It is IMPOSSIBLE for you to have a baby. In fact, they said I had less than 1 percent chance of having a baby. I went down by the lake by my in-law's house and I prayed. I visioned a white light pouring in and out and through my body, especially touching the areas where I was supposed to be having troubles. As I did this, I felt a slow warmth creeping all over me. I looked out over the lake and I saw three ducks. It looked like a family. I felt that it was a sign. Less than a month later, after years of trying, I had my very first positive pregnancy test! I had my precious baby girl, Zoe,
nine months later. I did the same thing two more times and ended up having two more beautiful daughters, Chloe and Caroline. Which meant I had three babies in five years! I learned that concentrating on what I wanted was so much more important than focusing on what I didn't want. I learned that we do have the power to create our own lives.  I learned that affirming will lead to manifesting, for good or for bad!
Now, for the second story:
When I got remarried, I wore a sweet size 2. My teenaged daughter and I could wear the same clothes. I decided, soon after the wedding, that my tummy was too fat. I started saying I needed to lose weight, even though I only weighed about 108. My new husband was always telling me I looked gorgeous and that he loved my body. I would argue with him, saying "No, no, you're just being nice. I'm getting fatter every day."
GUESS WHAT HAPPENED? That was less than two years ago. I managed to create exactly the body I was "seeing" and confessing. I now wear size 12 clothes (which are snug) and I weigh almost 150 pounds. It's incredible. I am now having to call myself "thin", "sexy" and "hot" so that I will get back to how I already was! My husband has never yet agreed with me about my weight but he did quit telling me I looked good. He said it didn't matter if he said it or not, because when he did I argued with him about it.
I'm struggling now with how to FEEL thin, or to FEEL like I am at a good weight when the evidence is so different in my eyes.

Read how Toni manifested the life of her dreams as a jazz club
owner, singer and mentor to many!

Oh my, I have so many stories. I guess you could say I've been, "what I call," operating on blind faith for years, especially when I
was younger. I was fortunate to be exposed to a teaching that helped me learn to treasure map, attract the things I wanted, forgive anyone or situation and do more than I was ever encouraged to do. Well, I can say, my grandmother, "Mama Joyce", raised me with the belief that I could think of this little red engine and say,"I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!" This was one of best inspirational quotes she could have ever instilled in me. Because of her positive instillment, I now live in Africa. Ghana, West Africa to be exact. Would you believe I am here in another country by myself and own a Jazz Club and Resturant where I have entertaiment 7 nights a week. By the way I sing with my fabulous group of African Jazz musicians at least three nights a week. If you were ever in this room at night, you could swear you were in any other country in the world. There are so many people from all over the world that come to "JAZZ TONE," Ghana's Number one Jazz Club. I employ at least 15 employees at this time. I always tell people trying to do their own thing (business, book, project etc), that I believe Jazz Tone is still around because I buy 100 Daily Words every month and give them out, pay tithes on Jazz Tone, help an Orphange, paid at least one person's tutition for school several times a year and I'm attracting mostly all the things I need. I'm now ready to attract the things I want. This was one of the things I needed to attract just to remind me that I to need to be showing and telling people here in Ghana how they can change their lives. ( I actually got a B.A. in Speech, Theatre, TV, Broadcasting, Marketing & Journalism over 15 years ago to do some of these things). I can start right here, right now with my own employees.

Some one told me or emailed me about the Secret, the movie. I've been talking about it for several weeks and last Sunday I was at a friend who was turning her home into a creative work space. I offered my creative interior decorating ideas and changed her whole room around and she loved it. Later, before I returned to Jazz Tone to sing, as we were sitting around, I asked her if she had the movie, "The Secret." Guess what? she did. I couldn't believe it. Well, I should have, cause that's how it works!

I have treasure mapped for years, off and on.  Even if its only in my mind I have been able to make things work. Years ago my second husband and I made a treasure map with me singing before large groups of people. Since that time I've performed in Japan, owned a music store, directed a Jazz Choir, Youth choir of a Presby church, and performed all over Ghana at the homes of Ambassadors, private parties, some of the largest Hotels in Ghana, Togo and
flown to Nigeria first class to perform for a private party. I've been
interviewed on many local & national TV shows including BBC, performed on many shows and had the opportunity to even be a Judge on a show like American Idols. I have so many ideas and plans and I know that they are going to happen. They are happening everyday, in my life.  Daily "Little Miracles" and I'm so glad for this Miracle of finding you and being able to tell a little of my story. I hope this will encourage others to step out and try and make things happen the way they want. Life is Fabulous if you want
it to be. It's really the way you, we, even me,  make it!


See how learning the law of attraction transformed Minerva's life as she manifested a new, higher-paying job and a beautiful new home!


This may be a bit long, but am so excited to share my story.

I purchased "The Secret" for myself during the Christmas Holiday 2006.  I watched the DVD and my life has changed completely.  The joy that I feel knowing that I create my own life is amazing. In just 5 months, I am amazed at the changes in my life, but more than anything I am amazed at the changes and awareness within myself.  I am experiencing a joy like I have never felt before.
Since watching "The Secret" and reading several books on this topic, I am in the process of  purchasing a brand new home, I have a new job (with an 11K yearly increase) and am seeing on a daily basis how my thoughts, speech and actions are creating a life that is so pleasing to me.  I am just in "awe" of my creator and how wonderfully this all works.
I meditated daily about the "kind" of home I wanted.  I went on line and looked at some pictures of homes to help me visualize. There were "certain things" that I wanted my home to have.  I listed my Condo for sale and focused on the buyer.  My condo sold 2 weeks after being listed.  I will be closing on my new home on May 25th and am just blown away that I received
ALL that I desired in my new home and more!  I am just in awe of how differently this world looks to me now and how much joy I am
experiencing by seeing this beautiful world in a positive way.

This is just the beginning!!!!!  I am creating the life of my dreams by placing my focus and attention to the things that I desire and I know
in "my knower"  that all that I desire will manifest because this is "the law".

I am learning to watch my words and my actions and learning the law of allowing.  WHAT AN INCREDIBLE LIFE THIS IS!!!  Thank you for the
opportunity to express my joy with the world!!!  Nothing thrills me more!!!



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