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Creative Manifesting

The art of creating all that you desire.

- with conscious creation coach Anisa Aven

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Manifesting Success StorieS


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Read how Daniel and his brother manifested a house burning (and it was a good thing!):

This is a little strange at first, but it does have a point.

My brother's band has a playful song that is about burning down your house for stress relief, and we decided to make a film clip.

My brother decided we should make a house of paddle pops to burn down in the film clip, but he didn't have any, and it would take a long time to get enough.

My brother's friend thought we should burn down a real house, but that seemed a bit strange.

Anyway, days later, as law of attraction would have it, my brother
came into work and someone had sent him a whole lot of paddle pops as a promotion.
Just out of the blue.

BUT, the more amazing thing was, my brother's friend was camping and was talking to friends of friends, and guess what??? They have a house on a farm that has so many termites in it that they have to burn it down. And they said the band could film it for their clip.

I have seen a lot of things created out of the blue, but  that was a real out of the blue thing.

Read how Catherine manifested her perfect dream home (and on the exact street she had envisioned):

Sometimes attracting something you want happens almost instantaneously and almost effortlessly. This was one of those times.....

My marriage was ending and I felt I needed a fresh start, which included finding a nice apartment and moving out of the house my soon-to-be-ex and I lived in.  I decided to look for a place in a particular neighborhood that I had always loved, in the city where I worked. At the time, we were living about 40 miles from my workplace and I wanted to be closer.  One evening right after Christmas, I drove to the neighborhood I was interested in and just slowly cruised the streets, looking for "for rent" signs and learning the street names so that when I started looking in the papers for a place I would recognize those in the area I wanted to be. Soon it got dark and because it was so soon after Christmas, many people still had lights and other decorations up. The lights came on and the area looked like a fairy land. I was mesmerized! I found a particular street that was exactly where I felt I wanted to be. I pulled over, parked and just sat there looking at the street, envisioning myself living in one of the lovely old brownstones, feeling how wonderful it would be and how happy I would feel living there. I took note of the name of the street and decided that was where I wanted to be and I would look until I found an apartment on that street, no matter how long it took. I went home and made a list of everything I wanted in an apartment - hard wood floors, a fireplace, bay or dormer windows, natural woodwork and to be on the second or third floor. I wasn't sure I'd ever find a second or third floor apartment with a fireplace but I listed it none the less since it was what I wanted. The next day I bought the paper and started looking.  There was an ad that caught my eye - it didn't state what street the apartment was on, but it described exactly what I wanted and it WAS in the neighborhood where I wanted to be. I called and spoke with the landlord and set up an appointment to see it. I was excited when I learned it WAS on the street where I'd decided I wanted to be! The REALLY amazing thing is that it turned out to be right across the street from where I had parked the night before, and I had sat there looking at that bldg. Thinking and feeling what it would be like to live there!  The apartment was on the 3rd floor, had hardwood floors, beamed ceilings, dormer windows,  natural woodwork and best of all, a fireplace! AND the rent was less than I had decided I could afford! I moved in two weeks later and had several happy years in that apartment before life took me elsewhere. Even more amazing about this story, I didn't know much at the time about the Law of Attraction - I had heard about positive thinking and tried to practice that, but I really didn't understand much about it and I wasn't aware at the time that I was manifesting that apartment into my life, but unawares, nonetheless that is exactly what I did! 

Catherine Bywaters

Read how David manifested the scotch tape he needed without going to the store - in just one hour!

I work as a home health nurse and picked up a doctor's prescription at a client's house.  I usually carry tape or paper clips with me to secure notes and prescriptions to the official paperwork, but today I
had neither with me (or in my car). I asked this client if they had any
tape, and they replied "no."  On my next visit, I asked my next patient if they had any tape and they said "no."  I left that visit and got onto the elevator to go to the ground floor and leave.  I was astonished when I got onto the elevator and saw a woman holding a rather large box full of brand new rolls various kinds of tape... masking tape, packing tape, and scotch tape.   I asked her why she was carrying a box full of tape and she replied "someone moved out of their apartment and left this box of tape, so I am taking it downstairs for us to use in the office"   I asked her if she had an extra roll of scotch tape that I could have and she said "sure, here you go" and she handed me a new roll of scotch tape.  Elapsed time from wanting some tape to having a brand new roll in my hands... about 1 hour.

Dee manifested a trip to the beach, read her story:

Fairly recently, I've had a few dreams that placed me on a beach.   As my husband and I hadn't been on a vacation in quite awhile I decided to say each morning and evening that a trip to the beach within the next few months would be very welcomed.  Last night my husband called to say that a professional group that he has joined is meeting in South Carolina this year, and that in late April we were going to be there ourselves!!
Thank you Spirit.

Francesca shares how Dell, her son, never waivers in his belief and that's what makes him such an skilled conscious creator. 

My son Dell was a natural manifester as a child. One of the fun ways he would bring things into his life was through entering raffles. There wasnt a raffle he would enter that he  wouldnt  win something. Massages, a haircut, a christmas tree, a painting, handmade quilt are just some of the things he won over the years. He never wavierd in his belief that he would win. It became the family game to see what he would win next.

Read how Janice manifested her beautiful homestead and the business of her dreams!

I have had loads of experiences - positive and negative - with manifesting and now that I know what we think is what we create I DO consciously work at being positive!

I have been given the privilege of taking care of the original homestead where my great-grandparents started out in Saskatchewan. The house where I was born was without running water due to some mechanical problems with the
RECEIVED enough money to get that water running with a new well despite not having much of an income! A provincial grant for fixing homes came to my attention just when needed.

I am continuing to work at manifesting BIG THINGS like total financial freedom, living healthy, wealthy and wise and creating a soothing natural healing place at the farm described earlier where those who need it most can come for retreats and seminars.

I envisioned myself delivering workshops and living the dream as owner of my own business and PRESTO sooner than I thought I was way up North in the Territories running a company of my own called Wings to Freedom Consulting and making well over six thousand a month...it was AWESOME!!!!

I am now working on a new car...writing my legacy so my daughters and grand children will KNOW THEY CAN MAKE WHATEVER DREAM THEY HAVE COME TRUE...and I am Living Proof!!!!

Thank-you for this great opportunity to share~!

Read how Polly manifested the exactly tools and events she needed to create improved health and business success!

Looking up into the Heavens, I simply asked, "Am I going to live?" At that point, I honestly didn't know. Yet, I heard no answer, felt no answer, or saw no answer, much to my relief. There was just too much more to do in my lifetime, before making such a departure. After all, I am in the process of writing a book, "Spiritual Journey's from the Heart and Soul," which is now eleven years in the making!

As fate would have it, I had been in a car accident, which tore my Rotator Cuff in my right shoulder. In addition, three months later, I went down with a horse that rolled on my left leg. My ACL had been stretched like a piece of taffy, or so my Doctor had said.

After a Rotator Cuff Repair and an ACL Reconstruction, I seemed to be doing fine. However, my knee soon developed a Staph Infection. Twenty years before I had lost vision in my right eye, due to a Staph Infection. After a scan on my knee, several Doctors feared that the infection had spread throughout my entire body, which can be fatal. As a result, I was immediately dosed with Antibiotics, both orally and intravenously. I continued taking heavy duty Antibiotics for at least a month. Consequently, I was soon over-dosed, which only caused more problems.

Feverish and sometimes delirious for at least twenty days, I had developed Epstein-Barr Disease, as well as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Antibiotics took away the Staph Infection, but they also depleted my Immune System as well.

My job was on hold, whereas my Doctor had put me on Medical Leave. As time went on, I became extremely weak and out of shape. Furthermore, I was in physical therapy for my shoulder, which was shooting pain up and down my right arm. Keeping a positive attitude was so important for my recovery.

I spent my days doing anything I could to keep my mind off of my illness.
"One-armed, gimpy gardening," soon became my laughter and joy! Sitting on a little cart with wheels, I pushed myself along with my right leg and used my left hand to dig and plant with a small hoe-like tool. Early morning seemed to be when I was more lucid and energetic. I spent that time writing.
When I wasn't gardening and starting to feel more feverish, I made jewelry.
It was fun and didn't require much thinking on my part. By mid afternoon, I was in bed soundly sleeping off my exhaustion.

A dear friend of mine introduced me to guided meditation, brain-wave technology and Hypnosis. Soon, I began using all three to envision my former self, full of life and energy. Seven months after leaving work, I was finally given a Doctor's release to go back on a very part time basis;
three four hour shifts a week to be exact.

Weak and a tad apprehensive, I went back to work, not knowing if I'd
be able to stand up for four hours. However, I gritted my teeth, smiled and forced myself to think positive, in order to complete each shift. Darned if I didn't do it too!

My Doctor had recommended certain vitamins and immunity supplements to help me recover my lost strength. After two months of returning to work, I began to meditate with brainwave entrainment and the mantra, "I am the top salesperson at work."  I did this every day for at least an hour with nonstop mantra repetition.

Guess what? I had so entrenched my subconscious mind with this belief, that it did manifest itself. Wholeheartedly, I believed this to be true!
Soon, I> became one of the top runners for the amount of sales I made at work. In addition, I had achieved this while working fewer hours than my competing peers.

Guided Hypnosis put the icing on the cake! After much research and trying many different Hypnotist's online, I found Adam Eason. Adam's Hypnosis was like nothing I had ever heard before. His Hypnosis CD, entitled "Ultimate Confidence," was full of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) methods. Never had I fallen into such a deep state of Hypnosis and relaxation. While listening to this, I envisioned myself at work selling to one person after another. Emerging out of Hypnosis, I found myself more confident, determined and filled with a blissful feeling of success. Truly sensational (double meaning intended), is the best way I can describe Adam's work!

During the month of March I had a goal of twelve sales with a stretch goal of fourteen. These goals are set by my company based on my total hours worked, in addition to overall company team performance. My vision of success worked. I am very pleased and proud to say that I made 61 sales in March!

I am totally indebted to everyone who encouraged me to manifest my dreams.
Even though I am still not quite back up to my normal speed (about sixty percent there), I have gained a huge boost in my emotional, physical and spiritual strength. It's just a matter of time before it all comes back.

Had it not been for my loving support of my family, my friends, my co-workers, my doc, Ernie, and the authors of these various forms of
manifestation; I don't believe that I would be where I am today! Very special thanks go to my boss, Eric. Eric stood by me, as I e-mailed him almost every week on my progress. At one point, he wrote back and said, "I know you can't be making this all up!" I had the biggest laugh out of that, for the poor guy was getting bombarded with all of my medical woes (just briefly summarized here). Eric kept my job available and always wrote back, telling me to, "Hang in there." That one little sentence provided huge support and also a strong incentive for me to get well enough to return to work.

Of course, I have much gratitude for my little rescue dog, Stedman, a true-blue Cocker Spaniel, who is actually not blue, but rather a very handsome blonde. He stayed by my side with unyielding loyalty! For that matter, he now has a fort under my old desk, where he sleeps while I write.
Wherever I am, he is sure to be close by, attentive and full of
spontaneous, slurpy kisses!

Adam, I will now use "Ultimate Confidence," to envision myself as a
perfectly healthy, fit woman. I have total confidence in "Ultimate
Confidence," and owe many thanks to you! For anyone reading this, if
you are interested in finding out more about Adam Eason's Hypnotic CD's, simply use the following link: www.adam-eason.com/cmd.asp?af=579352

It's my belief that if we want something bad enough, we can achieve
it. Yet, it won't just drop from the sky and fall into our laps. Rather, it has to be given time, effort, desire and action on our own part. If you continuously see to believe, you will begin to believe to see! I may not be in Heaven above quite yet, but I am now back in my own little piece of "Heaven on Earth!"

Author's note: This story is dedicated to Eric Barry, my boss, for his
unwavering belief in my recovery. To this day, he still prods me on and helps me to achieve more and more. Thank you Eric!

Read how Suzanne's daughter Mandy manifested a Hollywood acting opportunity!

My 13 year old daughter, Mandy, has been telling me for years that she wants to act on television or in movies, and has begged me to send her to auditions to get her there. I told her that since we live in a small town in eastern Washington, and we don't have an agent or any idea when or where auditions would be (most likely LA or somewhere equally far away) I had no idea how to fulfil her request. Mandy began using visualization to ask the universe for what she wants, and lo and behold, a few weeks ago some talent agents came here and held auditions for the World Championships of Performing Arts, and she got in! Mandy is now an official member of Team USA and will compete as a junior actress in Hollywood this summer! She now has her opportunity to be seen by scores of people from the
entertainment industry, and she drew this opportunity to herself with the LOA. I am so proud of her! (Now I need to use LOA to raise the funds for the trip. LOL)

Read about how Terry's daughter, Samanatha, manifested her miracle tree:

My daughter, Samantha, is an amazing manifester, full of power and
She is always manifesting what she desires, here is her latest example. There is a tree she was wanting that she had seen at school, called a Miracle Tree, we are renting so I said we were unable to have one, she would have to manifest it herself. I had to go to a nursery for some vegetable seedlings. She decided she would go and ask the owner what he knew about Miracle Trees. Next thing I knew the owner came up to me with a huge tree (we had never been to this nursery before). My mouth was full of excuses as to why I couldn't buy the tree, however before I could speak, he said because Samantha is so interested in gardening he would like to give
her this tree and would not accept no for an answer! So now we have a miracle tree, in a pot - I think it is very appropriately named as amazing things have been happening since having it!!

I also wish to thank you Anisa for your wonderful contribution to the world - I find your work full of love and integrity and very inspiring - keep up the good work. I also think your aim to reach children is extremely worthy. I wish you infinite abundance in everything you desire.

Read Anju's story of being in harmony with attracting a mate.

I was 37 when I met my soulmate.  I went for a walk in downtown Calgary at 9:00 pm. I understand the law of attraction travels at the speed of light. U can have what u want when u most believe it.  I was
walking and as I was walking I was using my mind. Thinking I'm fortunate.
Thinking I'm in harmony with the universe. I recalled that positive affirmations travel at the speed of light and was wondering when will I meet this guy...and within moments Jeff walked up to me while I was walking...and since then we are walking together on a journey we are both truly grateful for.

Cynthia uses grattitude and Divine right action to create, read what she says about, "If you are prompted to do something or say something go ahead and do it."

I have been truly working on manifestation techniques since about 6 months ago.  Within the last 2 months, I have noticed that wonderful things have started happening to me.

This is about the time I started to write what I was grateful for.

I wrote  that I was grateful for what I have and some that I don't have.  I wrote that only positive people are around me.  All of the negative people on my shift have either moved to another shift or quit.

I wrote that money comes to me easily and effortlessly.  Our entire shift received a 300. bonus for 2 paychecks.  We didn't get one last week, but I am getting a   1000. retention bonus this week.

I wrote that I appreciate my alone time.  My husband suddenly decided to go visit his family for 2 weeks.  I am really appreciating my quiet time, because my husband doesn't work and I rarely get any real alone time. 

I visited my son in February, who is 17 and living with his father.  We
really connected and I was grateful that we could communicate so
wonderfully.  The other day, he called and said that his father is kicking him out on Wednesday.  He wanted to know if he can come and live with me (1200 miles away).

Well it just so happened that my husband went to visit his family and he is up there now. So he can pick him up and bring him down to where we live.

I had a friend that I lost track of in Ohio.  This year, I found her on the
internet and I am going to Illinois to visit her for 2 days.  Yea, you
guessed it.  I stated to the universe that I was thankful for having someone inspirational come into my life who could help me become more inspired.
This friend is inspirational, psychic and does channeling.

I am amazed and thankful that the universe is providing what I desire.  And giving me some wonderful surprises and synchronicities.  There was nothing that I really needed to do to receive those things.  But I did need to act when I was guided to.

For instance, I wasn't sure if I was going to go to Ohio with my husband in February, but after consideration, I decided to do that.  If I hadn't, my son may have not decided to come here, because he didn't know if we could connect.  Now he knows we do.  And when I went up there, I offered for him to come live or visit.

The advice that I have for others is to say and do what the universe guides you to do.  It won't ask you to veer out of your comfort zone.  It won't ask you to work hard for what you desire.  Just follow along with the cues. 

If you are prompted to do something or say something go ahead and do it.

Also, keep the faith.  When you first start learning how to manifest, you tend to go through a learning process about getting rid of your current, negative thought patterns.  After a few months, you notice that you go through alot of getting rid of the thoughts that have been keeping you down and learning to replace them with positive thoughts.   Our negative patterns have prevented us from manifesting good things, because we expect bad things to happen.  I used to say "don't expect and you won't be disappointed". Now, I say expect and be thankful and you will receive it.

I have a few large things that I am asking from the universe, and now since I am grateful for the smaller things that are happening, I know that I am going to receive the bigger things.  I have faith.  And even if there are times when I feel down and wonder if I will receive the bounty of the universe, those times are very short lived.

So, write down what you desire.  Replace those negative thoughts with positive ones.  Visualize with your eyes closed, living the life that you want.  Disregard the negatives that are present in your environment and know that you created these things before you knew that you could have anything in life.

Read Dean's wise words on manifesting, "... I believe you have to be a good person inside to get what you wish for. We all have our faults and I am no different, but if you think pure thoughts anything is possible."  Read more...

Hi Anisa,

I am a 42 year old guy who has fallen on a bit of hard luck. I've always had money and material stuff all my life, but you know how it goes sometimes!

Anyhow I've always believed in positive thought and manifestation and I believe I've always used the laws but not in a conscious manner.

I've never had credit or credit cards and I don't own anything in my name. In other words I have no visible assets, therefore I am not the type of person a bank would loan money to.

I started to consciuosly project my thoughts last week in order to get a loan to start a new business (another no no if you want to borrow money). I went on line to look at getting a bank loan over the internet but when I read the questions I knew that I had no chance.

I never give up though and kept on believing that money would somehow, somewhere appear and get me out of my predicament.

The only bank account I have is a debit so no credit for me and I found that I was overdrawn today, only by 15 pounds, could it get any worse I thought!!

I decided to phone my bank to get it sorted and as we were talking the young lady said that I was eligible for a loan, something not unusual for a bank but I knew with my past (lack) of record I had no chance yet something inside of me said go on apply and see what happens.

Well to cut a long story short I was transferred to another young lady and we hit it off immediately, finding that we had a lot in common and she authorised a loan right away for me for a substantial amount.

I know that the only reason that I was accepted was because I wished for it, there really is no other explanation.

This event has renewed my belief in so many things Anisa and I will now consciously apply myself to positive thought and I will keep you informed of my next successes which I honestly know will be many.

One final thing I would like to say is that I believe you have to be a good person inside to get what you wish for. We all have our faults and I am no different, but if you think pure thoughts anything is possible.

Thank you for your newsletter, you are an inspiration to me and many other people.

Love and best wishes,

Devika has words of wisdom that every conscious creator needs to hear!  Read about how she manifested two trips overseas (while unemployed) and the prosperous career that she loves all while simply living and appreciating in the moment:

First of all, when I started paying attention to all this, I was unemployed and in a deep depression. But I started doing the 'work' of manifesting, following one piece of advice at a time. And things started to shift - internally and externally. I wanted to go to India (I was unemployed) and I went to India; I came back from India and calls started rolling in from people seeking my services - now I am making plenty of money doing what I love (writing) where I love to do it (my home.) Then I wanted to go to Rome, have a gallery there take my art work and offer me a show. Can you say, "Ciao, Bella"?! (The India and Rome trip were 7 months apart).
These days I focus less on asking the universe for this or that and more on just being grateful for whatever comes. It's so sweet - a feeling of gratitude that is like spring fever! I have learned that true joy has little to do with circumstances, and so much with living fully present in each moment!

Thanks, Anisa. I always enjoy reading your newsletter and feeling your lovely spirit. All love, Devika

Kathy manifested..."exactly what I pictured in my mind and created it's availability by stating my vision and desire." Read her story:

I was moving back to my hometown and went looking for apartments a few months prior.  It is very hard to find available rentals in this community, so I stated to the Universe what I desired in an apartment, things like, a view, a corner unit, a fireplace, decent parking, and I was very specific about the location in town.  I drove around the community and saw a nice building with a "For Rent" sign in front.  Apt #1 was available and so I took a look.  "Nice apartment" I said to the landlord, "but I'd really like one just like this on the third floor so I don't have anyone above me."  "Well," she said, "The people on the third floor are moving out next month and I can rent it to you the month following if you can wait that long."  Done deal!  I manifested exactly what I pictured in my mind and created it's availability by stating my vision and desire.


Wendy's daughter, who is 3, shows Wendy just how easy it is to manifest:

I wanted to share how fun it is to watch my children attract to them that which they desire. It's bliss watching them be so purely aligned and it teaches me so much!

I was writing on a little index card, all the reasons that I would love an RV for our family. I had my " ask and it is given box" out , ready to drop the card in.

My 3 year old came up and asked what I was doing.

After I explained it to her, she said " can I make a card? "
She wanted a toy doggie. So she drew a little picture and then I wrote " kaya's toy doggie" beside it and we put it in the box.

" thanks mom" and she runs away.

This is the lesson for me here. She just ran away, forgot all about it,
never doubted that her toy doggie would come.

It would have been really easy for me to go out and buy her a stuffed dog, but I didn't.

2 weeks later we went to a big RV show to surround ourselves in the feeling of how fun it will be when we receive ours.

There were salesmen walking all around giving balloons and popcorn to kids. Suddenly one of them comes up to my daughter and starts making this little stuffed dog talk to her and gets her laughing and then says "here you go, you keep this doggie"

The thing I found really interesting is that she attracted her toy dog
related to the RV, which was what I was writing about at the time she came up and asked me if she could do one. It's almost like her little sweet soul was saying , " here mommy let me help show you how it's done!"

I'll send you a picture of us when we get our new RV !


Ros manifests a NEW Kitchen!  Big manifesting example of the magical power of the Universe... put it out there and get out of the way!

"We have lived in our house for many years and it is in need of renovating. We are slowing getting it done but of course haven't really had the money. The worst part of the house was the kitchen.  The house was built around 1950 and still had the original kitchen.  We just didn't have the money for a new kitchen.  I kept putting it out there that I wanted a new kitchen.  I just never gave up.  My husband, Rick has his own business building race cars.  One of his clients has a large cabinet making business.  Rick does a lot of work for Roger and Roger happily pays him.   Rick does go the extra mile with Roger and does a lot of things above and beyond.  He is always
available on the phone to help with tune ups while Roger is at a race
meeting and Roger will ofter need work done on his race car on his way to the races on the weekend or it is a last minute thing and Rick puts other work aside to help out.  Well to cut to the chase, Roger knew that I hated my kitchen and wanted a new one so he said to Rick that for all the extra work and help he gives him he would like to give us a kitchen.  We just had to tell him what we wanted.  We did have to remove the old kitchen and we do have to paint the walls and put up the tiles ourselves.  I now have this wonderful new kitchen all thanks to the universe."

- Ros,
  Queensland, Australia

" I have worked on my personal development for 6 years now. When The Secret movie was released, I had just finished studying spirituality, and was moving onto The Law of Attraction. The movie helped me to manifest so many things in my life. It is so amazing how I may think of something small for example, and viola, a few days later, out of nowhere it shows up. To prove to myself it worked, I asked to find a feather in my travels in the near future, and every time without fail one always shows up somewhere, I have manifested cheques in the mail and countless other things. Knowing the power we have in our minds within the Universe, life is so enjoyable. It's awesome! 

- Brenda

Shannon sees how taking inspired action is essential to her success:

"I made the decision that I wanted to start my own internet business but had no idea how to get started.  Within 3 days I started becoming flooded with ideas and as I was browsing the web for an unrelated topic, the website Site-Build-It came up. (If you are interested in starting a web business - check this out it's really good!)  I went to this website and literally had all the tools for creating my website.  I got excited about it, but after a few days I began to get overwhelmed with the amount of work it was going to take.  So I let it go for a couple weeks and then started wondering why I wasn't acheiving my internet business.  So I asked the universe to send me
an answer.  Guess what?  Today I received Anisa Aven's email about taking inspired action!  I now know that I must take action on building this website!  Thank-you Anisa and thank you universe for bringing me my answers!!!!"

- Shannon Chambers

Sharlene manifested the perfect move and job... and read how she took intentional action first to inspire the Universe to yield to her desire:

"Back in 1991 I had two desires: to move from Phoenix to somewhere with pine trees (and 4 seasons)  AND to become an underwriter for the company I worked for at the time. (Our home office was in Des Moines and moving there was not an option for me.)  I got it in my head and heart to move to Colorado Springs and I flew up to Denver and drove back through the Springs. After seeing the city, I became convinced I wanted to move there and announced to my office mates that I WAS going to move there, even though I didn't know how and didn't want to do it without already having a job. About 3 months after I made that announcement, my company announced they were relocating underwriting from Des Moines to Colorado Springs! I've been in Colorado Springs for almost 16 years now, consider it home and wouldn't change a thing!"

- Sharlene Yabe, Colorado Springs, CO.

Howard continues to manifest more and more of what he wants:

"Coach Anisa,

It is amazing.  I am getting big promotions on my job, better health, more peace in my family life, and the happpiest thing this week, when watching Oprah's blurb re THE SECRET, I realized my journey in manifesting was as much fun as the destination, that I am finally seeing the SURE SIGNS OF LAND.  Thank you again for facilitating my journey into LOA and EFT.

To be continued...

- Howie

PS.  I already have a LOA blueprint, but I thought I'd post this anyway so you know your work with me is PAYING OFF!!"

Lynn manifested 'the the most wonderful marriage to the most perfect man on the planet, Julia Childs and Aretha Franklin!'  Top this co-creators of the world...

"I've created many, many things in my life, most importantly the most
wonderful marriage to the most perfect man on the planet.  However, if you're looking for specifics, here are a few:

One day we were visiting Boston and walking around Harvard Square.  All day I kept seeing myself running into Julia Child.  I just adored her and always wanted to meet her.  I peeked into every grocery store and shop in Cambridge, convinced that I would see her.  But, no luck.  That evening we went to dinner in downtown Boston.  I happened to recognize the chef and struck up a conversation with him.  When I told him about walking around Cambridge all day looking for Julia, he had an odd look on his face.  He said "turn around" --- and in walked Julia Child!  He told me to go back to my table and he'd arrange for us to meet.  A few minutes later our waiter came up to me and said "ladies' room, NOW!"  I bolted, washed my hands for a while waiting for Julia to emerge from her stall, and then proceeded to chat with her for about 10 minutes.  I was so happy!  She passed away shortly after that.

Another time it was Clinton's inauguration day, and we decided to walk around DC.  All day I was singing "Respect", having seen Aretha sing in the concert at the Lincoln Memorial the night before.  I kept thinking that we would run into her, and I just kept singing the song all day.  Sure enough, we sat down in the lobby of a hotel, and she emerged from the elevator a few minutes later!  I was in total awe, and just kept beaming.  She came right up to me and said hello!  I told her that I loved her and babbled a bit, and she was so sweet and patient.  She new I wasn't going to come up to her, so she came to me!  I think that was a GREAT manifestation!

Many blessings for all you do!
All the best," Lynn Juliano

Sandy created the home and the job - exactly as "I said I wanted it"...

"I had wanted to move back to Austin, TX and my girlfriend and I were talking about it. I said I needed a job and also wanted to buy a house. I told her what I was looking for in the house (master upstairs, office/bedroom downstairs and open family room and kitchen. I was down to visit for a little while (less than a week). Had a job offer (called and talked to an old boss - and he had an open position) and then spent a day with a realtor to look at houses (found the house in one day). Made an offer on the house and then took my girlfriend over that night to look at it! She was amazed and said
"This is exactly what you told me you wanted!".

It was an AWESOME experience!!"

- Sandy C., Austin, TX

Kimberly intentionally manifested X0X0X0 from her loving husband! "If that isn't manifesting, I don't know what is?!?"

"I'm new to LOA but, like Oprah said on her 8 Feb 07 interviews with the hosts of "The Secret", I have been living my life by LOA for a while without even knowing it.

After viewing "The Secret" and receiving such a clear, concise summary of LOA, I decided to begin to put it into action in my life.

My first test was to manifest something small, as suggested in the movie. I had many things on my list to manifest, but I focused on the one small thing I wanted most: "xoxoxo" from my husband.

My husband is a sweet man, but not one who would normally write "xoxoxo" on an email or a card. Well, I received a gorgeous Valentine's Day card from him, and it was so perfectly chosen for me that it brought me to tears. I was so emotionally overwhelmed by the card that I didn't notice until later that my husband had signed the card with "I love you forever and ever, xoxox." If that isn't manifesting, I don't know what is!!!!!!!!!"

- Kimberly B.

Teresa shares her manifestation of ‘of Biblical proportions!’ When we sew seeds of love, we WILL reap the harvest of those seeds. We simply must be willing to have it come about in perfect order and let it go. Read about how Teresa manifested ‘a big one’:

But here's a big one, Girl!

I want to share a miracle "of biblical proportions". This is long and I hope it makes sense.

You know that the appearance of things for me has been that of being stuck, of continuing to be resistant to abundance and basically sick and tired of what looked like manifesting things only to have them blow up. Well, Sunday, I threw a spiritual temper-tantrum and went back to the drawing board. I re-read SOGR and then wrote a powerful intention/CMI the way I did when I created my job last year (that on the surface looked exactly like my conscious intention. I just had some unconscious things to address.) My current intention has to do with attracting a specific amt of $$$ in a specific time for specific reasons. One of those reasons is that I am behind on Adam's tuition payments. I have, with LOA principles, been able to make arrangements, but with no visible means to make it happen. Just raw faith...and I mean raw!

Yesterday, for whatever reason, I just melted down. Just bawled my eyes out and said, "God, it's all yours, because I don't even know what you want me to do. I feel like I have sewn seeds of love wherever I go, for no other reason than love. But, is there a harvest? Does this work for everyone but me?"

3 hours later, I received a call from one of my oldest and dearest friends who has been going through a horrific year in her marriage, her business and her health. I've always been amazed by this woman's strength and spirit, but her reactions to life over the last year were not those of my friend. I stood by her, I held her in the vision of wholeness, sent love what ever I could, but she seemed locked in the chain of pain. 2 weeks ago, she called to ask if I could take out a short term (2-3 week) loan for her, which I would gladly have done but for being "unemployed". Within the conversation, I mentioned Adam's tuition, though it had nothing to do w/ willingness to help her.

So, last night she calls, sounding just like herself again - empowered, focused, centered - and announced her business has completely turned around, she is letting go of the philandering husband, she is refinancing her house (a very fiscally sound thing ) and SHE IS SENDING ME MONEY TO PAY ADAM'S TUITION! She said she had made the decision to take back her life, she was sick of being stressed and she wanted to be sure that the people she loved and had loved her/been there for her weren't stressed about money either. That I had been there for her when no one else had and she wants to be here for me.

I am in total awe of the power of faith and love. How can I ever doubt again? I am walking in complete gratitude and connection - what a journey!

Love and Light, dear Anisa!

Jhoan recognizes that manifesting is simple ... the moral is to 'let it go'!

I read the story of Jim Carrey and the manifestation of his dreams when he got the 10million dollars. Jim Carrey issued a check in
the amount of 10 million dollars for service rendered and dated 1995. One time, I asked my friend where can I get a copy of a check coz I want to try it also. I kept thinking about the check for several days and told the stories with my other friends. When I didn't tell it anymore, it happened that a site offered to download something like that without me thinking about it anymore.

- Jhoan

Manifesting out of dire-straits: By persistently reminding himself of his unlimited potential (by reading articles and listening to positive affirmations and programs) Howard has began to see the physical manifestations that he wanted - including more money, a place to call home, and more friends. Read Howard's manifesting success...

I will make this short as the link here keeps breaking, when I elaborate. Also the 214.291.9844 number does not seem to work??

I have always dreamed of being one to share my story here, since I visited this website a year ago.

I was broke and homeless, despite having 2 Masters Degrees, because I work for a non-profit organization.

I have gone from low income to rising income, owning a small but reliable vehicle, and having positive friends in my life.

The Manifesting Prosperity Program and the EFT/LOA programs of Coach Aven kept my spirits up, during the sparce times. Many days I wanted to give up and not continue with life, but I would come to the public library and get on the free internet and read Coach Aven's articles and regain hope.

Thank you Coach Aven. I better hit the send button now, as I keep losing this story (library computer has timed link). Hopefully , one day I may have my own computer and type as long as I want without interruption??!!

- Howard

Mae creates easy, comfortable travel by simply intending it!

I was thinking the computer needed a new hard drive my roommate came home and began telling me about one. I had to take public transportation in the cold so I asked God to let me make quick connections without waiting in the cold. All busses and trains I caught that day during peak travel time were practically empty and I waited 5 minutes or less.

- Mae

The Bus is always right there when you need it--> especially when we recognize this as the Truth! Read Laurel's manifestation...

Every day the little things add up to great things. The other day I was late for work. As I was walking from the train to the bus about a quarter mile), I could see the bus in the distance at a stop light. My first thought was, "Oh no, I'm gonna miss the bus" then I stopped and said to myself, "Well, I'm ;not at the bus stop yet. The bus will be there right when I need it". The strangest thing happened. Not only did the light last long enough for me to get closer, but when I rounded the corner to the bus stop, the bus was just stopped there waiting. I walked up and got on. Just like that. It was like it was just waiting there for me. The bus was truly right there when I needed it.

- Laurel

Lynn's story:
When faced with a terribly painful health issue or a disease, many spiritual seekers find themselves forced to harness the power of their inner being in order to return to health. Read Lynn's journey of courageous triumph over the painful disease of RSD. She shares with us that it wasn't an easy journey or one of instantaneous remission, but one of determined and tenacious focus on the tools that surround us as spiritual seekers and law of attraction students. Dis-ease is nothing more than a state of mind. Read how Lynn changed her state of mind and returned to wholeness.

In 2001, I was diagnosed with a degenerative nerve disease called RSD. This came after four years of surgeries on both hands, wrists and arms for what was thought to be carpal tunnel! When I found out that I had never had carpal tunnel, but instead had RSD, I was determined to find out just what I was up against. I even joined a support group. During the first meeting of the support group, I saw very young, formerly athletic women in wheelchairs taking upwards of twenty-five meds per day! Right then and there, I DECIDED that I would NOT be sick with RSD!!! Within my soul, my mind and my spirit, I made a decision to find a way to heal myself not through western medicine because I was being over-medicated and had already had six surgeries in four years! I committed to finding out everything I could about healing, energy work, mind control and consciousness. Within one year, the terrible, searing pain that I had been experiencing on a daily basis was nearly gone! Today, I have other symptoms of the disease and I know that it is God's way of getting my attention and teaching me something new about healing and my well-being. By and large, the horrible nerve pain is gone. I am so very grateful and have concentrated on gratitude throughout this journey because it took getting sick for me to get well! I am convinced that the Law of Attraction was and continues to be in my life today once I made that decision to get well! I remember that this decision was not just made in my mind, but in my body, soul and spirit which is why it was so powerful. Once you connect to that power, it becomes a place that you can find again when you need it. I am constantly experimenting with it to put it to use in other aspects of my life with great success.

Thank you for the work you are doing.
I look forward to reading other stories!


Julie fully understands that when we're in the flow - manifesting fabulous miracles (like free dream vacations) are easy. She also shares her knowledge of the fine balance between the flow and the anti-flow and what to do about the in-between time. Read her story...


One of my favorite manifesting stories is this

- I was feeling very burnt out on my job, very much needing a vacation. I did not have enough funds in my savings for a trip. So I asked myself in a loving way-How will I manifest this for myself? This is a legitamate need, not a fear based want. I felt detached and curious. Within 3 days I received a phone call from a male friend I had not heard from or spoken to in 2 years. His message on my answering machine was this: Hi Julie, I have a couple of tickets, are you interested in a free vacation? He flew me to Mexico for an awesome one week vacation-snorkeling, horseback riding, swimming. It gets even better. I was siting in our rental car,using my towel to provide shade by hanging over the roll bars-it was hot! The 4 wheel drive was not working , so we could not drive on the sand. My friend was surfing and I wanted to go close to the ocean to watch. I thought in my mind-I really want to see my friend surf and sit closer to the water-I wish there was some shade. Just after thinking this a man walked up to me-he had introduced himself earlier, he and his son were on a surfing trip from the town that I lived in. His words were-Hi-I am going to set up an umbrella by the water, would you like to come sit in the shade? My jaw dropped-it was so awesome I didn't know quite how to absorb and integrate all these amazing experiences!
I am so grateful fopr these rich experiences! Just to let everyone know- My life has not been like this ever since-lots of struggle, doubts and challenges of many kinds. But I will never forget the truth of these experiences, I just have to transend my limitations and align myself with these inherent forces. I continue to receive many gifts, I stumble through amnesia, negative habits and subconcious fears till I find my way back to the wonderful flows of exhuberent life that are available to all! There you have it-wishing all deep connections and experiences of the great flows and dreams unolding in your lives!

Love, Julie

Read how Jax manifested the perfect office space:

I am a new hypnotist and was looking for office space. I couldn't quite figure out how you got clients without office space and how
you got office space without clients. I took a deep breath and affirmed that the universe would show me.

A few days later I asked a chiropractor who I knew in passing if he knew about office space in his building. I was simply trying to get an idea about cost. He asked me what I was doing and I told him. He grinned and asked if I wanted to join their team and use space in their offices. Within days, it was a done deal. No up front money. No pressure. Just an opportunity to use their building, their receptionist, their connections, etc. It's an amazingly sweet deal. I'm thrilled and encouraged that the law of attraction works.

- Jax

If you aren't sure whether or not you have the power to intentionally attract what you want into your life, then try it on something insignificant and meaningless. Test the Law of Attraction for yourself just like Ashutosh and his wife did when they attracted a yellow rose and parrots. It's not about whether these items are 'unimportant' and therefore less meaningful. The exercise is about proving to ourselves once and for all that we are indeed powerful, powerful beings! Read Ashutosh's story:

Dear Anisa,

Thank you so much for the wonderful work and for the inspiration that we (me, my wife, my friends) have got thru your website.

SUB: LOA for Manifesting Yellow Rose & Parrots.

Okay, I have been listening to your Teleseminars and also enjoying the Manifesting Prosperity Program.

So, after hearing you talk about butterflies, I decided to manifest a yellow rose into my experience. Now I am a man and among the friend circle & acquintanances that we have it is now very common to give roses to men. Only time that I receive flowers is for the birthday or special occassions. So I decided to manifest a rose, then just to make certain that it is not a coincidence, I decided to specify a Yellow rose.

I did not have to work on Allowing since I absolutely did not care weather it came to me or not or even when it would happen.

Within 48 hours from the time I kept that intension while visiting a friend, while leaving & saying the goodbyes, he gave 2 Roses, one was pink and the other Yellow. WOW!

I was thrilled that this can and does work for me. I told my wife that if I could manifest a Yellow Rose then I could manifest anything.

Then as we discussed she realised that the parrots we watched from our bedroom window in the morning were her manifestation since she did a similar LOA process although not as deliberately.

We are so thankful to you Anisa, since we were introduced to the teaching of Abraham thru your work. Also after listening to you we bought and read books "Power vs Force" & "1 Min Millionaire".

Anisa, thank you, thank you, thank you,..... I love you!

Kind Regards,

Rachel attracts the first steps towards living a pain free life (the book literally fell into her hands 3 times before she read it!). She's well on her way to creating the active life she really wants and she's only just begun.

I'm a newbie at the LOA and am enjoying it immensly. After many years of extreme pain, I was ready to give up on life. Through a series of events I came across the LOA and the first success was finding a homeopathic doctor within two days of watching "The Secret".

Then on the 29th of December I wrote some affirmations and the first one is, my body is healthy, well balanced, slim and strong. The next day I went to the U.S. (I live in Mexico) and we went straight to a bookstore. I was looking for books on LOA and twice picked up a book called Pain Free. The third time I picked it up I read a few pages and knew it was exactly what I needed to get my body in balance.

I read the book and looked up the author on line and found his clinic in San Diego. I've already had one appointment and am making incredible progress. My use of pain medication has dropped significantly in the last week. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind this will work for me and I will be riding bike, hiking and walking the beach like my soul has been crying to do for so long.

- Rachel

Staci creates a brand new home! From, "I have NO idea how!?!" to 'It happened in 8 months!" Read her true manifesting success story and how she stood in the model home months before her dream came true.

I really wanted to build a brand new home. I didn't have the money at the time, but it was a desire of mine. So, I went to a parade of homes and spent a few hours in the house, just walking around, imagining how it felt to be mine, taking it all in.

Before I left, I stood in the bathroom of the home, which was my favorite room, and said "I don't know how this is going to happen, but I want a new home".

Within 2 months, a mortgate broker came up to me and asked me if I was interested in buying a home. I said yes started the financing process. Then, someone called me about a new development that was opening up. I saw a home, but it was sold, so I contacted the builder. I was able to build the home I wanted and pick all of the amenities I wanted.

Within 8 months of standing in the "model" home, I was standing in my own brand new home!!!

- Staci

Angeline creates three broken vehicles but doesn't despair. Instead, she realizes that she has unfinished emotional business that MUST be continuing to attract into her life. So, she handles the emotional baggage with EFT, release and forgiveness and creates the craziest turn of miracles. You'll love this story!

This is so cool! I am fortunate enough to own three vehicles - a sports motorcycle, a sports car, and a "working car" (I sometimes do construction work ). In January (Scotland!) high winds blew my bike over, and did enormous damage. I lent my sports car to a friend, and the timing belt broke, then the clutch stopped working on my "working car."

Obviously, I realised immediately that I had manifested three broken vehicles. Eft'd "unable to move forward" - ended up with "on the wrong road!" It's not the vehicles themselves that are the problem, but the people and circumstances with which they are linked in my life. I find it very difficult to say "No," and end up giving out what I really don't have to give, in order to make other people feel better, and often at quite a cost to myself.

I have to confess, I started with the easiest - my working car. I had been doing work that was not right for me, simply to earn some money. I had to cancel my next job because I had no transport. In the space this freed, I worked on a book I have written that just needs edited, and had a very clear vision of myself in a perfectly healthy, working car. It had cost nothing to get it in that condition (even though the repair estimates had run into literally thousands of pounds), and, quite obscurely, it was red! I have never had any particular preference of car colour, but this vision was unequivocally red.

Two days later, a friend offered to look at my "working car," to see if he could fix it cheaply. Turned the key and - you guessed it!!!! Perfectly healthy, working car- not a mechanic or bill in sight. By the way, did I mention it's a red car?

I chose to release all the issues I had with the person related to my motorbike, so that I could just enjoy the bike itself, and got a phone call from the garage saying that one of the older mechanics is an absolute fanatic about my particular type of bike, and has taken it away to repair it as a "labour of love" - no cost to me!

I still have the sports car and related person to resolve, but here's the really cool bit. A national tv company found out about my book, and contacted me with a view to making some documentaries. Filming started last week. I have to emphsasise this, I am a real "Joe Ordinary" - I had no publisher, I'm not famous, or well known or anything - the logical chances of this tv company hearing about my book and contactng me are literally zero!

I'm so happy to have manifested broken vehicles - now I know for sure I can trust the underlying processes to alert me when I'm on the wrong path, or heading in the wrong direction, and after that, it's up to me!

- Angeline

Look at what Su in Vancouver created!  She handed it over to the Universe and the big U delivered an unexpected $1000.00 check!

Hi Anisa;
Merry Christmas Eve!

You know the couple I was doing my first job for? Well, the original agreement was that I would help them out with their kitchen, as long as I could use the before and after pics for my website in order to generate more business, right?

Well, I was trying to reach them all day, but they weren't around (I was going to help them design a chrome vanity). Then my hubby was leaving and saw an envelope in the door that just had my fist name on it, no address, stamp etc. So he brought it up to me and I figured it was one of my neighbors who dropped it off or something... I opened it and it was a beautiful Xmas card and a thank-you note and a cheque for $1000 from those clients!!
I was so floored. I called them and left a mushy-gushy message on their machine ;-)

It's amazing what happens when you say, "Universe, I leave it up to you! I know I'll get paid, somehow, some way exactly what I need when I need it."
Absolutely incredible!

- Su in Vancouver

Linda Mitchell, President of Bermuda Travel (http://www.bermudatravel.bm/cp.html ) has successfully used EFT with LOA to increase business during her ‘slow’ times and to improve the quality of her relationship.    In the past, she has experienced, ‘no one books weddings in Bermuda from January through April’ and ‘an extremely stressful and challenging relationship with my mother-in-law.’ 

Acknowledging the Universal Laws means she realized that the belief that ‘no one plans a wedding in Bermuda from January through April’ was actually playing out in her life not because it was a ‘fact’ but because this was her ‘belief’.  She worked with EFT to eliminate the belief that ‘business is always slow this time of year’ and ‘that she’ll never have a peaceful relationship with Ken and/or her mother-in-law’ within a week she sent the following email:

“I am receiving 3-4 new inquiries a day for the past few days for Jan - April travel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Did an amazing rain dance on it today!

The picture Linda tookKnow what is funny? I have been doing creative thought around getting new inquiries everyday and that is what I have been getting…. THIS MORNING...which I have set as CREATIVE DAY (website, marketing etc.) I realized I need to kick that up a notch and make it NEW BOOKED PAID reservations.  Otherwise, I will spend my day answering new inquiries but not necessarily getting the business!!!  DUH! :))

Also my relationship has been quite peaceful and wonderful lately.  We are laughing again and enjoying each other!  We even went to Maine on Sunday for the day and took his mother and even that was a peaceful enjoyable day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will send you a beautiful picture I took!
Yikes, this stuff really works!!

- Linda Mitchell, http://www.bermudatravel.bm/cp.html

The Law of Attraction is always operating, even when we are focused on what we don't want.  The positive thing about realizing that even our negative thoughts are creative is that we can then own our power, take personal responsibility for our lives, and intentionally redirect this power to manifest what we really want next time. 

Read D. Melton's experience about accidentally manifesting what she did not want:

"My Negative Manifestation:  At one time I had moved to a new home before selling the one I was living in previously.  I constantly worried about what would happen if I couldn't get my previous home sold.  The money I was supposed to make from selling it was supposed to be the down payment for the new home.  It was being owner financed so I had time.  Yet, I constantly worried about not being able to sell it, and told myself over and over that no matter what, I did NOT want and would never move back to my old home. Well, that is exactly what happened.  I couldn't get it sold in time and had
to move right back into it."

- D. Melton, in Arkansas, USA

It can be a challenge to consciously create in an environment that is toxic and although it can be done with willingness and persistence, sometimes the Universe sends a solution that is simply ‘easier’ even if at first it appears ‘scarier’.  Diane boldly and courageously took action to change her environment and almost instantly began seeing the stream of prosperity and success flowing.  Additionally, because she’s in the flow, her intentions to consciously attract her ideal mate are quickly producing exciting and positive signs of land.  Read about what Diane created and is creating…

“I've been at the new gym for three solid days now and have picked up four clients. This gym is amazing because of my new co-workers. It's very clean and the customer service is great too! I'm expressing these points to my old clients at the other gym and they want to come with me! About half of my old clients have come with me. They love it too! I'm having a blast. The other trainers are mature and open and happy and my boss really cares about me.
The past six months my number of sessions have drastically gone down because of my unhappiness at 41st now starting with my next paycheck it will be twice as much!! It's all because I was clear in my mind what I wanted and took action. I am no longer worried about making a living and am understanding the process of getting myself in this place of attracting what I want. I've been practicing with little things and it works! I sometimes feel like a sorceress. Tee Hee. I purchased "The Secret" on Monday just for the simple idea that I knew it would help me get to the feeling place of attracting abundance and inspiration. I did five orientations (prospecting five potential clients) and four of them bought. The fifth was unemployed and very young but I didn't judge I still confidently walked her through the process of the orientation and almost sold her a very large package. She is dying to purchase training with me and she will the very moment she's employed!!

I’ve been watching The Secret and every single day when I come home work. It is unbelievable. I am absolutely a powerful creator! Yep! I've been focusing on building my business at this new health club location. I absolutely love this place. I'm happy. I'm finding that I'm smiling at strangers -- looking at them in the eyes; talking to strangers. I wrote my wish list and really focused on attracting my life partner and attracting unexpected income. I wakeup in the morning, turn on my beautiful meditative instrumental music and declare out loud the many things that I'm grateful for in my life. It puts me in an amazing hyper aware state. This morning at 5:15 AM I walk to the train station and on the platform among a sea of men (that are not my type) this tall, handsome, athletic, dark-haired man with blue eyes looks at me and I'm gazing at him thinking, “okay, this deliberate creating is really working like gangbusters!!” We go into the train and I am absolutely sure he's attracted to me. He offers his seat to me. He asks if I'm a trainer (I'm wearing my uniform). I tell him yes and tell him where I work. If he wants to pursue me he'll be able to find me. But wow!!!  If I attracted this man on my path (which I did) I can attract anything and anyone!! What a great confirmation for me.”

- Diane W. in New York

Hi Anisa,

Firstly I want to say thank you for all the wonderful information I have
received by downloading your discussions onto my ipod and listening to them in the car.

I am a mother of 2 young children and over the years have been desperately trying to set up my own business so that I can work from home around my children and earn a good living to help support our family and take some of the burden from my husband.  I tried personal training, consulting but all I seemed to do was waste loads of money and lose confidence.

This year I saw a business for sale selling baby gifts online but couldn't afford the price the woman wanted for the business.  People suggested I start a similar business myself.  So slowly I began creating my own designs, sourcing products and developing a website.  Again I started to feel as though I was just throwing money away for nothing, losing money and feeling depressed.

About a month ago I spoke to a friend who is very much into LOA and he suggested I firstly start a gratitude journal to focus on all the great things I do have and then to focus on what I really want.  I was always focusing on our mounting debt and feeling of entrapment.   He said to me, if my income could go from zero to one million dollars would the debt I currently have matter to me.  I said of course not.  This was a very powerful statement and led me on my journey of LOA.  I found your site and information, Michael Losier's site and am always hungry for more information on this fascinating subject. 

Immediately I started to receive orders. 
I participated in a Bartercard Fair a week ago and made $4500 worth of trade sales in just 5 hours!
I set a goal to take 5 orders per day and am proud to say that I achieved that goal this week. 

My phone rings off the hook now with orders and I am always receiving orders from my website from all across the country.

I am on track to give up my 4 day per week job by very early 2007 so that I can work my business 100% around my family.  No need for after school care etc. and asking my parents for help to babysit while I have to go to my day job!!

This stuff is just INCREDIBLE.  I manifest 5 orders a day so am now ready to take it up a notch to  10 orders a day.
I am just about to start treasure mapping a holiday for my husband and I next October to renew our vows for our 10th wedding anniversary!

Thank you Anisa and all who have shared their stories - you have helped me achieve my dream!

- Vicki, Sydney Australia

While living in a cold climate several years ago, I decided I would like to own a woman's black motorcycle jacket. I spent an evening surfing the net and decided on a "Wilson's double-diamond style, ladies, size S, black leather jacket. I decided that rather than pay full price I would just manifest it. I switched off the computer made a mental note that the jacket would come to me cheaply somehow and then fell asleep for the night. The next day at work, I took my first break and walked down the hall to visit a male co-worker friend. Immediately I noticed a black motorcycle jacket hanging on the back of his chair and assumed- what a coincidence that he went out and bought himself a new jacket! When questioned he announced, "No,
a friend here thought my wife might be able to wear this and gave it to us, but actually I notice now it's a size 'Small'. It's the wrong size for my wife. DO YOU WANT IT?"  Needless to say it was a Wilson's double diamond exactly as ordered and free as well. Manifested in under 15 hours!

- Dianne in Hawaii

I have been using LOA for a little over a month.  In that time period I have had a great deal of success manifesting prosperity and other events.  For instance, I used to never be able to find a parking place
up front, now I ALWAYS park near the store even when the lot is crowded.

I have manifested money weekly.  I told my wife, "I believe that your father is going to give us a gift of money soon."  I had no logical reason to believe it.  I literally did it to test the LOA.  The following Wednesday, she came home and showed me a check from her father for $1,000.00.  She asked me how I knew he was going to give us a gift.  I told her that I did not know he was going to do so.  I literally made it up.

I was having a bad day and was trying to start the lawn mower but the battery was dead.  So I tried four separate times to start it and failed miserably.  The battery would not hold a charge.  I got madder and madder. Then, I caught myself and calmly affirmed that the lawn mower was going to start and visualized myself starting it and riding it out of the garage.  I turned the key a fifth time and it roared to life.  The same scenario happened this week with my electrict razor.

The only downside is that when my day is going badly, I have no one to blame but myself.  Each time it is going badly, I take stock of my attitude and invariable it is sour.  I eventually give in and make myself come out of the bad mood and within hours everything begins to fall into place again.

I can truly say that I make my own magic.  It is truly empowering.

- Sleeper

I have been visualizing a new set of tires for my off road Jeep.  These are more expensive than I am willing to spend right now.  Just before a big event, I cut one of my tires.  I made a repair but everyone who saw it said it would never hold.  So I kept visualizing me running the trail on new tires.  I thought of possible ways that a tire might come to me - like finding one in the woods.

Well, my patched tire made it thorough he event just like I visualized and in fact held air better than the other three tires.

This week while walking in the woods with my dog, I found a perfectly good wheel and tire.  Way away from any road.  It does not fit my Jeep or anything else I own, but it is a real wheel and tire.  Today I found another one.  This one is not usable at all but again it is a real wheel and tire deep in the woods.

I will keep my picture of the tires I want on the bulletin board and trust that they will be manifest as well.

I put the first one I found by my barn door as a reminder.  I laugh every time I see it.

- Mike

I lost my job on November 3rd, 2006.  On November 7th I filed for unemployment. Something I have never done before. In my state it takes 10 days for EDD to process and pay the claim. There is three ways for you to file with them. Either by phone, mail (or fax), and on their website.  I filed on the website.  Well ten days passed and I called the 800 number to check on the status of my claim through the automated response sysytem.

I am told that my social security is not in the system.  So I go to the website and go to the FAQ area and it says if you have filed a claim and you are not in the system, you much call and speak to a representative.

Well here is the kicker... for two day straight I called the 800 number a total of 236 times by redial...and the recording  would tell me that the system had to many calls coming in and it can not handle it,  so please call back.  Out of the 236 times that I did get through to a menu selection.... I was told I was being transferred to a representative... I never got anyone... it just went to the same recording... to many calls... please call back.

I was beginning to get worried because it has been two weeks, I have not found a job and I can not speak to anyone about my claim. I was ANGRY, WORRIED, you name it. I was STRESSING!

So, here is what I did.  I looked for a local office in the state listings of the phone book.  I saw there was an office in my City.  I called. Someone answered. HURRAY!  NOT! This office only deals with helping you find a job, but they do have phones that you can use that are direct and you can get through quicker.  This was the only way they can ssist you.  So, the following morning I went to this office. This was the day before thanksgiving.  But, before I left my house, I sat on my bed and I set the intention that when I walked through  the door of that office, there would be someone that could help me right NOW! 

here is what happened...

 When I walked in a nice gentlman behind the counter said hello...and I started right away to tell him my story. I cut to the chase!  He said  to me, "I feel your frustration but all I can really do is direct you to our
phones".  I looked at him and I said the phones do not work for me.   When I said this a man that was using  one of the three phones blurted out that he had already been redialing for thirty minutes and he had not gotten through.
I turned and looked at the phones and they were all being used and there was a line about three deep for each phone.  I closed my eyes and I thought I was going to start to cry. I took a deep breath and when I opened them a woman had come out from behind the cubicles, was standing in front of me with a pen and a yellow post-it pad and she whispered, "Honey please write down your social security number", and then she smiled at me.

I wrote it quickly, did not ask any questions and then she disappeared behind the cubicles.  I just stood there in GRATITUDE!
About 5 minutes later she came back out with the gentleman I had spoke with when I first arrived and they motioned for me to follow them.  They took me to a little cubicle and handed me some forms.  The gentlemen said, "We do not do this and please do not say a word, just fill out these forms and when you are done, silently bring them to me". He turned around and walked away. I looked around and I saw all these people waiting to get a phone and here I was getting special treatment.  I thanked God, then I filled out the forms
and I waited to make eye contact with the gentleman who had helped me.

He saw me look at him, he walked over asked me if I had completed the forms and I didn't say a word, but just handed them to him.  He disappeared behind the cubicles and was gone for about 10 minutes.  He then came back out handed we the forms and said, "Everything is done, the transmittal was succesfull and here is your confirmation number".  My eyes filled up with tears and I thanked him silently but with so much gratitude that when I shook his hand I know he  knew how thankful I was.

This week (the following week after I went to this office) I received a call from  EDD and the representative wanted to confirm a few things on the forms I had filled out and she told me my claim had been filed and I  would be getting my check paid back to the date that I had originally filed online, so do not worry. 

Once I detached from all the drama and anger and I set the intention that the Universe would align we with the right person... it all happend like magic.  When I do recieve my check it will be for 4 weeks instead of two, and I know it will arrive just in time to pay my mortgage!  

Thank you God!

- Desiree

I needed some $$ to pay off some old bills and imagined seeing many, many 20$$ bills in my hands. I had a garage sale the next day and made over nine hundred dollars!


After the very first coaching session with Anisa, I noticed that many of the "blocks" I had regarding a fulfilling relationship and career started to fall away, and I was left with a feeling of possibility. In less than a month, I became involved in a relationship that has been a wonderful journey and am pursuing a career that I truly enjoy. Opportunities are flowing into my life as I clear away blocks and negative beliefs and envision my dream life. Each session with Anisa is a blessing - I am living a more authentic life and am truly blessed and empowered now.

- P.S.

Hi, Anisa,

I am truly grateful for all the wisdom you shared with me. For the past months, I have manifested small miracles and I'd say that I couldn't be happier. I have manifested a well paying job with great people. Moreover, financial help always comes my way whenever i need it from diff sources. The list can go on.  Whenever I focus hard, ask the universe with sincerity then release it, most of my heart desires manifest quickly.  I'm trully thrilled!!! Thank you so much. You're my earth angel. May you continue to inspire and touch other people's lives.

Blessed be! - Louis Parian

I made a great "treasure map" - all covered with pictures I cut out of magazines; mostly related to travel and nature (beaches, mountains, Monument Valley in the U.S. Southwest; a fold-out camper), and phrases and pics related to good health / exercise, etc. - and here's the thing:

*Three* of the things on there have already manifested!

The biggest: we needed a new vehicle - we wanted one that Craig could use in his vending business, but that we could also go camping with, was comfortable, etc.... I put a picture of the Toyota Sienna (which was named "safest minivan" that year) on the board; and we went to the Toyota dealer.

The one we fell in love with, was almost $30,000... (not in our budget) but we took a test-drive anyway - loving the feel and smell of the leather interior and the comfortable ride... I had Craig get out, open the side door and lean in, pretending he was loading/ unloading his vending stuff; while I snapped pictures.

I didn't even have time to put those pictures on the board! Craig found a beautiful used minivan (Mercury Villager) within 2 days - (like new, cold a/c, leather interior) - and get this, it was only FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!

and it has been an absolute joy to own and drive. :-)
- Angel H.

Hi Anisa!

I really love the newsletter you send out. It inspires me a lot. I have used EFT for about three years now and it still amazes me.

Here comes my LOA story. I have had trubble with my stomach for ages and I have tried "everything". At this time I was a student at Comprehensive Coaching You and the founder of the company, Terri, asked in May for 20 people that would lika to have their dreams full filled. I applied for that and that I wanted to work on my stomach problem. I got a Goal planner to fill out were I answere guestions like the reason I wanted to achive this, in what way my life would change and why I would be happier if I achived it. I wrote and wrote and fanasized about how great my life would be, how smothly everything else should go in my life, how abundant I would feel and that my whole body would work smothly, that it would feel lighter, that I would have a lot more energy, that I would feel free, that I am more confident talking about my business and that my life would transform beyond my wildest dreams and that I would feel spiritual and grounded at the same time.

I then wrote a list with what to do and it was a short list, because I didn´t know what to do. My brain told me that I should see a therapist that could help me with the emotional issue that caused the problem (I am that kind of theraphist myself, but I belived I needed someone else to work on me). The response I got from Terri was that I should go and see this theraphist right away. So I did and the first thing the therapist told me was that she had started eating Raw Living Food and the she feelt so fine when eating it and during the consultation it came up that it would be best for me as well.

When I walked away from there I had very many angry feelings and thoughts, that it wasn´t fare and that I wouldn´t survive on that kind of food... I then started tapping on everyting that came up. I started eating Raw Living Food the next day and I tapped everyday for about two weeks until everything that was against it were gone. After that it all went so smootly, effortlessly, it was a plesure.

June 15 my stomach problems were all gone and I looked back over the process. I could see that everything I wrote that I wanted to happen, had started to happen. And I laught, because if I wouldn't have fantizised so much about how great everything would be, the universe would probably have come up with something else that I should do to get rid of my stomachproblems, like surgery. I give thanks to my fantasies and I know that I can create anything that I can imagine. And if I want something greater than that I add "beyond my wildest dreams".

In love and light
Marija Stråt, Sweden


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