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Happy Holidays!

This week I really let the holiday stress and seasonal blues sneak up on me! Just last night, my honey said, "You don't do stress well and I can see it all over your face." And, I didn't even realize I was grimacing! Although, I do recall snapping at him - oops! If you too have felt sudden bursts of irritation and stress, then today's Conscious Creation eZine is at your service.

There are three sources of stress during the holidays: Relationships (sometimes known as unwanted guests), Money (or lack thereof), and Physical Demands (shopping, cleaning, cooking, organizing, OH MY)! Where's the Peace, Joy and Goodwill towards all!?!

In today's Quick Manifesting Morsel, I share a few suggestions for dealing with the Holiday Stress using the power of the law of attraction and emotional freedom technique (EFT). Also, make a note to join us in January for a very special teleseminar with Debbie Johnson, author of Think Yourself Thin! (I'm so excited to share her with you - she's just brilliant!)

I see you creating a wonderful holiday and the most prosperous, fabulous, adventurous and wonderful New Year ever!

Thank you for allowing me the honor of supporting you on this journey. I am grateful and honored.

With love, light, and laughter,

Anisa Aven
Toll-free: 1.888.244.6630 (within US and Canada)

For immediate order related assistance, please feel free to contact my assistant, Carolyn at or 832.478.1469

P. S. Just a reminder, the 2007 price for the February Principles of Conscious Success Group Co-creation program will go up on January 1st, 2008. If you're considering coaching and creating the best year of your life, then reserve your seat today.

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Special Teleseminar: Think Yourself Thin!
With special Guest Expert and bestselling author, Debbie Johnson

Mark your calendar: Thursday, January 17th at 6:30 PM CST
(4:30 PST, 5:30 MST, 6:30 CST, 7:30 EST = CST is GMT -6)
Watch your email for call-in details!

Eat whatever you want and still get thin, and what's more, stay thin? Unheard of, right?
Well hear this, Debbie Johnson gained forty pounds dieting, lost it all thinking thin, and has kept it off over twenty-five years eating whatever she wants! She's the best-selling author of Think Yourself Thin and has helped lots of others get slim and stay slim, too, while eating whatever they want, too.

Debbie, a media personality, consultant and international speaker will be joining me to give you a double treat of sure-fire systems to send you on your way to slimming success in 2008 and beyond!

To get a power-boosting head start, it's recommended that you read or watch Debbie's e-book or DVD, which you can get at

Bio: Debbie Johnson is the best-selling author of Think Yourself Thin and other spiritual self-help books such as Think Yourself Loved. She is also a business and personal consultant as well as an international speaker and workshop leader. Having learned to do the impossible with very slim means, Debbie's biggest passion is helping others make their dreams come true.

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Quick Manifesting Morsel with Anisa Aven

Using LOA & EFT to Beat the Blues Out of the Holidays and Eliminate Holiday Stress!

There are three primary sources of stress during the holidays: relationships, finances, and the physical burden of the additional holiday load.

As conscious creators, it's important to set an intention and expect peace to reign supreme even before we arrive at the moment of disruption (in this case the holiday). However, in the rush towards the festivities, it's easy to slide into the 'holiday stress flow' and get overwhelmed and stressed or melancholy and lonely.

First, let's address how to set your intention for a peace-filled and joyous holiday from this point forward. Then, let's address what to do when you find yourself distressed in order to realign with the harmony that you truly desire.

Since the best line of offense is a great defense, set your intentions from this point forward. The best way to focus upon creating a shift is to ask and answer simple questions about what you want.

  • What do I want to experience?
  • What am I willing to experience?
  • What can I let go of and what can I surrender to in order to experience more ease and flow?
  • Where can I be more flexible and allowing?
  • Where's my attention and is this truly the priority?
  • If I were to let go of 'what I'm obsessing about' how would I feel?
  • What's the essence of the experience that I want to feel?
  • What if I allowed love, peace, effortlessness and joy to take over? How would I feel moving forward and what would my experience be?

Now, if you're having difficulty getting through the questions or maybe you've worked yourself into a bit of a negative, emotional frenzy or spiral, then activate neutrality and a return to wellness with The Universal Healing Aid - Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Here are a few quick suggestions for releasing any seasonal negativity:

  • Even though I'm stressed and unhappy. I deeply and completely love and accept myself. And, what if I felt happy, joyous and calm?
  • Even though there's too much to do and not enough support, time, energy, money to do it. what if it didn't matter and I could choose to be grateful just the same?
  • Even though I always feel lonely, sad, and depressed during the holidays. I choose to love and accept myself. I choose to forgive myself for having these feelings and for living in the past. And, I choose to now release my limiting emotions and accept that this too shall pass; joy is my birthright and I claim it now.

Here's one more critical tip for successful law of attraction usage (for all occasions):

Never stare at the wall in front of you - unless you want to hit it!

When we focus on the holiday stress, we get more stress to focus upon. When we look around the corner, to what could be on the other side of that wall (especially, what we want it to be), we enact the law of creation and the creative mechanism responds by taking us there.

Think about a professional racecar driver. They are never focused upon the wall, or the car in front of them, but instead they focus on looking at where they want to go, one phase at a time. It's essential to his/her success to look where they want to be, not where they are. Before they arrive at the curve, they begin looking for the pre-curve breaking point, then before they arrive at the apex, they look for the apex, then before they exit the curve, they look for the exit.

If you're not a race car driver (Although many of you, like my honey, may believe you've missed your calling - Speedy Gonzalez!) think of any sport. When we play basketball, we are not focused on 'dribbling the ball', but on where we want to take the ball.

When a racecar driver sees the wall, they hit the wall. When a basketball player focuses upon dribbling the ball, they drop the ball!

Therefore, if you don't want to hit the holiday wall, focus upon the other side and exclaim:

"I now surrender to the holidays! I choose joy, laughter, flow, effortlessness, ease, fun, and love! I allow myself to do the best I can and accept that's good enough. I claim the Truth; I am in a state of overwhelming gratitude and Divine protection. I allow the love of the season to warm my heart and protect my family, my feelings, and my sense of well-being. I am vibrantly alive and I express myself with sincerity, authenticity and graciousness. I laugh at life's little road-bumps and the folks in my life that I need to laugh at and release. I hug my family and bless their presence in my experience. I hug myself and allow myself to do what I must do to enjoy my time and create the best holiday ever. What has been does not predict what will be. I claim my Divine Right to joy, peace, love and prosperity. So be it. Amen"

I see you creating a wonderful holiday and prosperous New Year!

A couple of online resources for understanding Holiday Stress:

Type in "holiday stress" at Gary Craig's and you'll find a few very useful articles for applying EFT to the seasonal stress. (The DVD's also make an awesome gift!)

Happy Manifesting!

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Happy Holidays!

Anisa Aven
Toll-free: 1.888.244.6630 (within US and Canada)

For immediate order related assistance, please feel free to contact my assistant, Carolyn at or 832.478.1469

You are a Divine Child of God with Unlimited Potential. You
are meant to live all that you desire. You were born
worthy, lovable, deserving, and complete. This is the only
vision that I hold for you.


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