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Creative Manifesting

The art of creating all that you desire.

- with conscious creation coach Anisa Aven

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Attention - Conscious Creators: You are invited you to join a very special Preview - TeleCreation Session...

Free Preview

Anisa Aven's 5P Co-Creator's Group Coaching and Master-Mind Club, a Conscious Success co-creation and group coaching program - now open for registration!



Master-Mind, Co-Creation & Vibrational Group Coaching Sessions

We have a special group of individuals that are highly committed to success. Therefore, I will interview all potential candidates for alignment. Thank you in advance for understanding! Call to discuss my 5P Program: 281-469-4244


Conscious Success Program

Get Ready To Create Miracles —> Together!

Together with the power of other like-minded, conscious creators we will join forces to intentionally harness the power of our minds to manifest our dreams, double the speed at which we achieve our goals and systematically transform our life.

"Again I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven. For where two or more are gathered together in My Name, I am there in the midst of them." — Matthew 18: 19-20


What if you could quadruple your effectiveness, increase your level of happiness, joy and peace (some say by as much as 90%), and significantly reduce the time required to manifest your dreams?

That's what coaching, master-minding, and co-creating with other like-minded conscious creators can do for you! You have a very unique opportunity to gather with other conscious creators to intentionally harness the power of your mind (together) to manifest your dreams and systematically achieve your goals.

If you've ever considered coaching but wondered if it was worth the investment, then this is the time to participate in my free preview and check it out.

To uncover if it's worth your time, here's what you want to ask yourself:

  • Did I accomplish what I set out to achieve?
  • Did I manifest what I put on my vision board? Or, did I even "get around" to creating that treasure map / vision-board in the first place?
  • Did I make significant progress on my health goals?
  • Did I improve my relationship status?
  • Did I attract greater financial security?
  • How far short did I fall?
  • Did I make enough progress to celebrate? Or, am I kicking myself for being at the same place NOW as I was this time last year?
  • If you did make significant progress but want more, ask yourself, what would it take to be even more productive and masterful as a conscious creator?

I know what it's like to FEEL stuck year after year - erughghgh! But it doesn't have to be that way. Do not finish this year with the same feeling - get yourself the support team you need to make a difference! While not everyone is a good candidate for my Co-Creator's Club / 5P Coaching Program (Positive Power, Prosperity, Peace & Passion), if you meet the following criteria, then you may be ready to join us.

A Conscious Creator that's ready SAYS "Yes, That's TRUE" to each of the following statements:

1) I have done a significant amount of personal growth work on myself.

2) I am more positive than negative about my life and prospects.

3) I no longer blame others or life for my setbacks. I accept full responsibility.

4) I am confident that I can have what I want. I just need to find the right formula to make it happen.

5) I am passionate about conscious creation.

6) I am committed to doing what must be done to make my dreams a reality. Or, I am committed to discovering my real dreams in order to make that change in my life.

7) I am ready: Ready for change, ready for growth, ready for transformation, ready to step-up - READY!

Here's the deal - the full schedule of TeleCreation sessions begins in February. But, a few of you have asked if we could get started EARLY and make 2011 get started with a BANG! I don't want you to miss your chance to experiment with the Co-Creator's Club / 5P Coaching Program (Positive Power, Prosperity, Peace, Passion & Purpose) and that's why I am inviting you to join us for a complimentary preview and when you join all co-creation sessions in January are your FREE bonus.

Register for the upcoming date/time
Reserve your seat here

Here's the scoop:

Anisa Aven's 5P Program (Positive Power, Prosperity, Peace, Passion & Purpose) has been expanded to 12 VirtualCoaching Seminars including several new and fundamental solutions from my proprietary NLP/LOA/EFT system (Tri-modality transformative process).

In addition to the facilitated sessions, you will be partnered with an incredibly motivated and highly evolved group of co-creators.  You will be committed to leveraging where ‘two or more are gathered’ to support your goals, focus on your progress and co-create your dreams.  (This is priceless!)

“Anisa, I’m writing to say thank you for the co-creators club – the group has helped me through so many rough spots.  They are always there when I need them and it’s helped me learn on a deeper level how to intentionally create my life.  I cannot thank you enough for the work you do and for providing this group for us.”  - Carolyn, Vermont

In this program, we will co-create powerful living visions, utilize my CEVT process for manifesting those really hard goals, adjust your logical levels of change for sustainable transformations, break through your glass ceilings, and co-create your intentional identity state (more details below):

Co-create Powerful Living Visions

The Pulpit RockLearn how to intentionally master the skill of powerful Living Visions:  A living vision is a required activity for intentional manifesting.  Masterful creators understand the elements of effective visualization, how to harness their emotions to direct the power of the mind, and how to intentionally detach in order to successfully manifest.  However, knowing these principles and actually applying them produce two entirely distinct outcomes.  We will use EFT to eliminate our attachment, NLP to establish a vibration of unlimitedness and LOA to fine-tune your magnetism.

Clarify and adjust your logical levels for change

There are multiple layers of consciousness influencing our experiences and our behaviors.  In order to enact real, lasting, and meaningful change we must identify your DEEP CORE STRUCTURES that are either supporting your dreams or hindering them.  Then, using both EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and NLP, we will systematically adjust the DEEP codes that no longer serve you. 

Co-Create Intentional Identity States

By installing NEW positive, buoyant, peace-filled and stable Vibrations at a subconscious level, you will find yourself more naturally grateful, happy, loving, abundant, and fulfilled.  As you walk through life, LIVING within these states, greater and more optimistic, secure, prosperous, and positive events and circumstances will naturally fall into your field of influence.  This new, more supportive vibrational offering will simply support you in attracting more of what you want with less effort.  And, with intentional practice you can keep these new vibrations (or add to them) for the rest of your life – literally making the rest of your life everything you want it to be – now!

Personal Peace Process

This process, invented by the originator of EFT, Gary Craig, is life a peace-storm: it’s exhilarating and calming, thrilling and comforting, stirring and heart-warming all at once.  While we will not finish this process during our initial class time together, we will establish the system and the habit of processing through all negative experiences with the end result being an emotionally stable and peace-filled YOU.

Anisa’s unique CEVT process:  Constructive Energetic-Vibrational Transference Proces

Using NLP (neuro-linguistics programming) and LOA (law of attraction) we will take some of your more challenging goals, the ones you’ve possibly struggled with for years, and super-impose your personal, positive neurological programming onto ANY goal that has not manifested, thereby transforming it’s vibrational frequency.  This is a mind-blowing exercise that has the real power to manifest ANYTHING you want, very quickly.  We will actually spend more time making sure you REALLY, REALLY want what you say you want than the actual exercise – because once you DO it, there’s NO turning back.  Thus, you must be willing to ‘pay the price’ for getting what you want, and sometimes that requires some soul searching in order to be prepared for that change. 

Break through your personal glass-ceiling

This is an accurate metaphor AND the name of a very unique tri-modality process meant to raise your personal glass ceiling.  You know you have a glass-ceiling when you keep knocking into a financial set-point (a specific amount or method of income that you just can’t get past) or when your happiness set-point briefly reaches a fulfilling level but you find yourself disrupting it (sabotaging your job, your relationship, your health etc. with activities that you know aren’t good but you can’t seem to stop yourself).  This is your glass ceiling and unless YOU choose to break it, will likely haunt you all of your life.  For those that are ready for a life-transformation, we can break that glass ceiling entirely.  BUT, be ready – we will also want to form a safe place to land when we do! That’s a very important part of the process that many teachers and students forget! We will attend to this in a very safe and mindful manner.

Limitation Relocation process

Let’s face it – we all have our limiting beliefs and negative inhibitions that prevent us from accomplishing our goals.  However, did you know that where you ‘store’ your limitations in your neurological system can be shifted?  And, by shifting where you store your limiting beliefs, you can eliminate much (if not all) of their negative hold on you?  This process can take years off your personal growth journey, significantly shortening the time between you and the fulfillment of your dreams.

Each Tele-Creation session will be 60-90 minutes, allowing for plenty of time for your unique questions, creations and challenges to be addressed. Additionally, if you feel as though you are falling behind, each session will be recorded and made available for you to listen to at a later time or to listen to again as you apply each part of the program at your convenience.


Your Personal Vibrational State – audio recording!

As a special BONUS – we will create a customized, 10 to 20 minute downloadable/MP3/MP4 audio recording of your unique Success, Prosperity, Love or Peace Vibrational State.  This recording will be uniquely yours – with YOUR voice!  Your subconscious mind responds best to YOUR voice and YOUR thoughts/beliefs and intentions.  Thus, we will collaborate to co-create your IDEAL positive state and then record this for your daily use (via your computer’s audio player, an IPod, smart phone, or other mp3 player.)

Surrogate EFT (for someone you love or someone you need to create a better relationship with.)

As a member of my 5P program you will be granted VIP access to our ongoing Surrogate EFT experiment.  Surrogate EFT, uses emotional freedom technique, as a means of intentionally directing your relationships.  This process has been shown to be astonishingly powerful at influencing even the most difficult interpersonal relationships.  For example, Surrogate EFT has been used to influence teenagers and children into making healthier choices, to create job opportunities with bosses one might otherwise give up on, to heal our loved ones injuries, to retrieve funds from those indebted to us,

Have you reserved your seat yet? Register here:


Register below for the upcoming date/time and to reserve your seat.



Still not sure... If coaching is right for you?

Are you...

Reaching for your Personal 'Gold Medal'?

To perform at an elite level in any field, requires you to leave nothing to chance. You want to surround yourself with experts in productivity, motivation and excellence. We all know that Olympic athletes, CEO's, and world leaders are supported by teams of coaches. But what about you? If you have an extraordinary goal but choose to operate at the ordinary level of motivation, knowledge, and concentration level as last year - will you achieve your dream? Whether you want to achieve your personal best in physical fitness, write a best-selling book, create a successful new business, start a new career, create a fantastic love-life, or achieve any other outstanding goal - if you're going for your best-year ever, don't leave it to chance!

"Anisa Aven is a real gift to this world! I have worked with many teachers, coaches, and mentors and of all the 'help' I've ever paid for, my coaching investment with Anisa was far and away the best money I've ever spent. I can't even believe she's still accessible. Don't pass on an opportunity to work with this brilliant woman - your life will never be the same." -Janet Tinsley, Boston, MA

Going around in circles?

You feel that you've reached a plateau and you need help breaking out of that mostly comfortable, but painfully familiar rut. You want to be accountable to an objective third party that can motivate you to go beyond your comfort zone and into an achievement zone. Learn how to get out of the rut and implement systems of conscious success that keep you on track, engaged, and moving forward.

"Anisa, thank you for being my coach, inspiration, mentor, and friend. The year before I decided to do something drastic - in this case, hire you as my coach - was one of the worst years of my life. I was bankrupt, divorced, and practically homeless. My entire life had been turned upside down and I didn't want to admit that "I did it to myself with my stinkin' thinkin'!" Now, less than a year later - my life is back on track, I have a beautiful girlfriend, a renewed sense of purpose, more abundance than I've ever experienced and most importantly, I actually 'like' myself now because hey, I'm a very likeable guy! My attitude has shifted 180 degrees! Life is good, all the time! Thank you!" -Jeremy T., Daytona Beach, Fl.

Going out of your mind?

You believe that success only comes as a result of hard work-to the exclusion of all else. So you're overworked, over-committed and overwhelmed. You're exhausted. But you're secretly afraid that everything will fall apart if you take a moment for yourself. Learn how to find balance, fulfillment and satisfaction in every part of your life with the help of Anisa and The Power Creators club members.

"Finding and working with Anisa Aven as my coach has proven to be an extraordinary experience. Now, I am on the fast-track with my career (which was previously stagnant, mundane and completely unfulfilling)and for the first time since discovering the law of attraction principles, I actually see verifiable results as direct and tangible proof that I have the power to manifest my dreams. Great things happen all the time for me now and I owe this shift in my life experience to working with my awesome coach. Thank you, Anisa!" Tiffanie Roberts, Los Angeles, CA.

If you know that you've been going nowhere fast, looking for something that can help but finding nothing that will produce consistent support, change, and direction in your life - then join us, today!

Call for complimentary consultation and interview - 281-469-4244, mention Power Creators & 5P co-creation Club

All sessions will be recorded. This program is designed to specifically leverage the power of the collective mind. It's important to support one another vibrationally with prayers and intentions. For example, your dreams and visions will be specifically envisioned successfully by yourself as well as other members of the group. Likewise, you will be asked to hold your fellow power creator's dreams in intentional thought as well. Thus, all sessions will be recorded, made available and shared with others in the group. Thus, we are asking participants for their willingness and agreement to have their sessions recorded and shared freely. If this is not agreeable to you, please do not join this program at this time. Thank you.


What's our agenda?

Take a look at the details of this group coaching, master-minding, and law of attraction support group above and below:

We will be using cutting edge processes such as Anisa's Law of Attraction Blueprint and Vibration Elevation Formulas in addition to the above profoundly powerful techniques. With additional tried-an-true creatively powerful techniques such as Living Visions, Treasure Maps, and Pre-creation and post-creation exercises, together we'll employ extremely effective EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) processes and a few power-house systems of NLP (Neuro-linquistics programming). Our intention is to not only create incredible transformational shifts in our ability to manifest (and our life experiences) but to positively renovate our emotional equilibrium from this point forward (making the future easier, more effortless, and sooo much more fun!)

Here's the breakdown of SOME of what we will cover. (When you continue the program, you'll continually return to these lessons but with the next goal or accelerated step in mind.) And, the GROUP determines the direction of each call as aligned with the greatest opportunities for growth in each class.

Session OneGetting Clear about Your Goal - what do you want, and what it's going to take to create it?

It's essential to have a very clear picture of your target in order to aim, shoot, and achieve it! During this first class, you will be charged with identifying what you want, what you really, really want, and how to focus upon the necessary mental, physical, and spiritual action steps required to achieve it.

Session Two Refining the Issue and your creation routine.

What do you really want versus what you are willing to do to create it? By this second session you will already begin to see if there are discrepancies between where you are and what you are willing to do to acquire your goal. Then, you'll start applying systems to get out of your own way and utilize the law of attraction to prepare to receive your dreams.

Session ThreeDigging Deeper.

During this session, it will be essential to analyze where you are with the reflective power of the collective consciousness. Using Anisa's personal law of attraction blueprint, you will then "co-create" with the group, harnessing the power of the mastermind. As beliefs and/or obstacles to your success arise, you will discover methods for personally collapsing and eliminating your self-imposed limitations. We'll look at everything from procrastination, to fear, to doubt, to overwhelm and what to do energetically to align with what you really, really want in order to attract it more effortlessly.

Session FourProblem Solving and Vibration Elevation.

Once you're in the flow, having identified what you want and begun the process of eliminating the self-limiting thoughts that block you, it's time to walk up the consciousness map! Together, we will achieve the energetic essence, the equivalent of the vibrational essence of your goal thereby aligning you with the power to achieve it. We will use both LOA (law of attraction), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and NLP (Neuro-linquistics Programming) in a powerful, and supremely effective exercise to lock-in the vibrational state of excellence; the state required to manifest consciously anything you desire.

Session FiveSelf- assessment, reevaluation, course correction and re-aligned plan of creation.

As a group, we will reinforce the VISION you've already launched, take a good look at the 'obstacles' remaining, and set-up a plan of attack and plan of ascent for you to create the habits required to achieve the level of success and fulfillment you desire.

Anisa's Guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied at the end of the program then let us know and if we can't support you in moving to the next level of clarify, focus, and intentionality then you'll get your money back! I am so confident that you'll be more aligned, more motivated, and more clear about how to intentionally manifest your dreams that you'll not only be satisfied but you'll want to continue climbing your personal achievement ladder with even more!

Call to apply and/or inquire: 281-469-4244 and be sure to join us for the free preview tele-creation session (register here.)

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