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Creative Manifesting

The art of creating all that you desire.

- with conscious creation coach Anisa Aven

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Steph BellRecently, I conducted a webclass with Stephanie Bell, Prayer Coach and co-author of I BELIEVE PRAYER WORKS BECAUSE, a book of stories about the positive power of prayer in people's lives. Steph is asking for prayer stories from people like you, for possible inclusion in the book. Visit Steph's website at www.prayerworksbecause.com/gift, where you can learn more about the project and have the opportunity to receive two f*ree gifts

And, Steph was kind enough to respond questions that have come in as a response to the teleseminar. I've included those below.

Following are some Questions from our POWER OF PRAYER webclass and Answers from my guest, Stephanie Bell, Prayer Coach, www.prayerworksbecause.com:

            Q.            I’ m writing in to ask if your mate’s faith isn’t as strong or "spiritually educated" as yours and they have a negative demeanor and attitude all the time, does that mean that even though I pray for myself and family, can his negativity and bad luck cancel out my talks with god and prayers, devotion etc. and that’s why my life has been so continually chaotic for over 17 yrs?  Thank you and bless you.

            ---  RaeAnn , Raleigh North Carolina

            A.            RaeAnn – thank you for this question.  I believe each of us has our very own path and though others may share that path from time to time, and/or intersect it, it is still ours and ours alone.   I believe we create our own lives whether we are consciously creating, or un/sub-consciously creating.  Your relationship with your Higher Power cannot be diminished or expanded by anyone else.  You are solely in charge of your thoughts and you have the absolute power to change your thoughts.  However, how YOU FEEL about the degree of your husband’s faith or positivity can impact your energy and alignment.  What matters is NOT whether your husband’s faith matches yours, but how YOU FEEL about your perception of a mis-match, and then HOW YOU CHOOSE to address those feelings.  YOU have the power to choose 100% of the time. 

            Q.            Hi Anisa!  I am really enjoying the webclass, and I have never participated in the discussion before.  But there is a question that I have been struggling with since I started researching the Law of Attraction.  It seems that it comes from a materialistic point of view and selfish point of view.  My question is how do I learn to become in alignment with God, Universe...etc?    It is really, really hurting me internally and it feels like a war going on!   Please Help!

            ---Tena, Rochester

            A.            Tena – I’m glad we had the opportunity to discuss this briefly during the webclass.  Just as a reminder of what we discussed, it is my belief that “It is our Father’s Good Pleasure to Give Us The Kingdom.”  However, it is also important to look at WHY we want the material “thing”.  Usually we think it will make us happier, and it might, but happiness is a STATE OF MIND and is something we can CHOOSE in each moment, regardless of any circumstance that is appearing in that moment.  When we choose to find the JOY or the LOVE in THIS moment, no matter what the outside circumstance, then I believe we are in alignment with the Divine.  “I align with the Divine and All Is Well.”

            Q.            I pray every morning and use the LOA at the same time and it’s been extremely helpful in my life.   Because of LOA I have received a promotion, sold my house in less than 3 months, and other miracles. My problem is that I tend to limit God. I need to lose 25 lb and even asking consumes me with fear and guilt. I also feel like He can't possibly help me lose weight even though He has given me so much. How do I pray to get over the need to feel like the God in my life?

            --- Maria, Boston

            A.            Maria – I’m glad we had the opportunity to discuss this during the webclass.  To recap – according to the Course in Miracles:  "there is no order of difficulty in miracles . . ."   To me, that means I can go to God with ANY request, whether I define that as “big” or “small” because God doesn’t judge like the way my human mind/ego does.  He just wants me to be happy and by the Law of Attraction, the answer is always YES!

            Q.            Religion has always taught us that we are separate from God, however the scripture teaches that we are one with God.  As the wave is to the ocean and as branch is to the vine so we are in our relationship with God.  Not only are we one with God we are all connected in Him. We are all branches connected to the vine "God".  This is why you reconnected with your friend.

            --- Timothy, Charlotte

            A.            Timothy – I really appreciated this comment and reminder.  It eloquently explains the Divine Within.  Thank you for sharing.

            Q.            Thank you for your time today, I was wondering if you think you need to know what the orginal thoughts causing an illness, or causing dis-ease were in order to heal them with prayer?

            --- Annie, Tasmania, Australia

            A.            Annie – I’m thrilled that you joined us from so far away!  Thank you for making that commitment to us, and to yourself.  As we discussed online, I do not believe you have to know the original thought that created an illness, but I do believe you have to be exceptionally honest with where you are in THIS moment.  In fact, as I write, I recall Abraham (Esther and Jerry Hicks/Law of Attraction) answering a similar question in one of their seminars.  If my memory is correct,  Abraham suggested looking at the thoughts you have RIGHT NOW – and the situations that you create in your life that may be causing you to manifest the dis-ease.  In other words, according to Louise Hay (You Can Heal Your Life), frequently the cause of cancer can be traced to deep seeded anger and resentment literally “eating away at you” . . . . so it can be useful to have a good, honest, hard look at our live’s and see how we are currently contributing to our current condition.  Frequently, we will discover there is a pattern to the situations we create which continually re-generate unhappy feelings.  When we can unearth that pattern, we can re-plant with much happier choices and “cure” the condition.

            Q.            God really wants to hear from us. He is there to help us on our journey through life. He loves us all equally. If we ask for help or direction He hears us and comes to our aid. He is a great comforter. He likes us to say thank you, when he helps us. He is always near at hand. he is our best friend.

            --- Aveen-Dublin, Ireland

            A.            Aveen – – I COULDN’T AGREE MORE!!!  Thank you for sharing!
And thank you for joining us all the way from Dublin.  Although I never made it to Dublin, I have traveled within Southern Ireland and was very touched by the warm and kindness of everyone I met.

            Q.            What is the best way to begin to break free of old belief systems in order to disconnect from a dysfunctional relationship that has a long history in order to attract all to me that I know I deserve?

            --- Shirl-Atlanta

            A.            Shirl – I have had personal experience with the situation you describe, unfortunately,  on more than one occasion!!  : )  What I learned was that I had to do what I had to do until I was ready to stop.  For me it was similar to an addiction and had to do with major (low) esteem issues.  I only got out when the pain of being in became too great and I had finally hit bottom with the pain.  What I would do differently now, with the benefit of hindsight and experience, is pray more and ask God to undo my wrong thinking and give me the courage and willingness to do His Will (meaning the Highest and Best) for me.  I discovered there is a difference between “knowing” I deserve good things and “believing” I deserve good things --  and the difference is the “leap of faith” – meaning taking the action to let go of what doesn’t serve me any longer and trusting that it will be replaced with something better.  My experience is that my life improves enormously when I can finally get out of my own way! 

            Q.            I have lost my job, my  patience,  and I am broke and need help!  Is it possible ?

                        --- Regine, Guadalajara,  Mexico

            A.            I have discovered that in my darkest hours I become the most willing to “let go and let God” do His work.  All things are possible with enough faith Regine!  I urge you to dare to believe that is true.  In my darkest moments, I have asked God to help me and send His Angels to help me and to help me NOW please.  I have asked for the faith and courage to do whatever is necessary to change the situation and the willingness to carry it out and to hear God’s Will for me.  God is blessing you right now Regine.   Just look around and start saying THANK YOU GOD for your breath, the parts of your body that are working, the chair you sit in, the water you drink . . . everything that you have or can see or hear is a blessing.  The more you focus and are grateful for what you DO have, NOW, IN THIS MOMENT, the more you will manifest into your life.

            Q.            My dream is to start up my own business yet I do not have the money. How can prayer help me.  I come from a poor African family. How can I benefit from prayer,  when, for me,  opportunities to improve my life are rare?

            -- Irene-Nairobi, Kenya

            A.            Irene – thank you so much for your willingness to participate all the way from Africa!  Your willingness is a great indication of your desire and according to Abraham (Esther and Jerry Hicks/Law of Attraction) our desires send a rocket of energy into the Universe which is very powerful in helping you attract that desire.  Prayer can benefit you in unlimited ways.  For me, prayer brings me comfort instantly because I believe God is listening and cares about me.  I also believe that when I ask God to help, He is actually HAPPY to help me.  From an energy standpoint, when I pray, I align my energy with POSSIBILITY – which allows the Universe to respond in kind.

Here is a prayer you can use if it feels good to you:

God, I do not have any idea how to make my dreams of starting my own business come true but you know my heart God – and you know how much I want this.  If it is for the Highest Good of All Concerned, please make a way where there appears to be no way for me God.  Show me what I can do to help the situation – even if that is just being patient and trusting in Divine Right Timing.  Show me how to appreciate what I have now and to find the joy in THIS moment.  Thank you God for being here for me now.  AMEN.”



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