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We were born with the unlimited potential to intentionally create (use the law of attraction) to manifest all of our heart's desires. Together, as Conscious Leaders guided by the Divine, we have the Mind Power necessary to co-create a sustainable, harmonious, peaceful, and prosperous world.  And, we can do this while also attracting and creating a passionate, loving, rich, healthy life with all of our personal dreams fulfilled.

July 29, 2012

Is there a timeline or how long does chemicalization take??!!

Category: Affirmations,conscious creation,Conscious Evolution,limiting beliefs,LOA doesn't work for me — Anisa @ 6:46 am


“Is there a timeline or how long does chemicalization take?”
(For more on chemicalization, see also Chemicalization and Getting What We Want.)

A: The timeline is…. (wait for it….) As Long As It Takes.

Rats! I know that’s not what you want to hear. I don’t like it either. However, if we focus on the future becoming what we intend it to be, it’s easier to batten down the hatches, and weather the storm. Beautiful creations require time. A piece of coal takes massive friction to become a diamond. An Oak tree may put out as many as 10,000 acorns before one offspring becomes a seedling, becomes a tree.

I do have good news though! Although the process of change will remain the same throughout eternity, our ability to adapt to change has infinite possibilities.

If Tadpoles & Frogs Can Evolve - Surely We Can Too!

Did you know that the lifecycle of a tadpole is different depending upon its environment AND evolutionary pressures? A tadpole in an arid environment has to evolve quickly in order to thrive before those tiny pools dry up. On the other hand, a tadpole surrounded by lots of water leisurely moves through the stages of growth. Same species, close cousins, and yet one has to evolve in as little as 29 days whereas the other has up to 15 months to become its ultimate evolution – the frog.

“That’s nice, Anisa. Thank you for the elementary science lesson… but I need to know how long will chemicalization and all the craziness that comes with it, last for me?!”

Well think about it! If a tadpole has the intelligence to intentionally evolve in order to grow, live, and prosper – then surely we do too! We too are capable of intentional evolution!

We have the capacity to surrender to the process by intentionally TRUSTING in its inherent Divinity and thereby shorten the life-cycle of the chaotic elements. Our negative reaction to the chaos actually extends and even animates its lifecycle.

A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes. It is a catalyst and it sparks extraordinary results. – Wade Boggs, Professional Baseball Player

If you were to line up all of the most successful people in the world and of all time, you’d discover there are a few things they ALL have in common:

– a) They chose to believe in their BIG DREAMS

– b) They chose to believe they had the capacity to fulfill them

– b) They chose to be resilient when they were knocked down

– d) They chose to turn even the most difficult ‘failures’ into positive possibilities

The ability to turn chemicalization into merely short moment of reconstructive, organized chaos depends upon your ability to CHOOSE a more positive perspective.

Here are some key affirmative statements to practice:

– I choose to believe in myself, despite the evidence before me.

– I choose to believe in my capacity to fulfill my dreams (handle this situation, create something better, manifest health, love, etc.)

– I choose to be resilient. I refuse to get up. I will never, ever, ever, ever give up!

– I choose to know that this too shall pass!

– I choose to know this ‘chaos’ is part of the Divine plan.

– I choose to embrace the Truth that all is well, all the time, whether I understand why or how or not!

– I choose to Trust in the Divine to organize this chaos according to my greatest and highest good, now and always.

– I choose to know that I am capable, strong, resilient, and can handle whatever is happening as simply required for the fulfillment of my Divine Purpose – which absolutely included the beautiful fulfillment of all my dreams!

Here also is a round of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) that will really help with the emotional aspect of dealing with chemicalization:

EFT to Surrender to Chemicalization & Thereby Speed it up!

Set up your intention with the Divine:

I ask the Universal Life Force, God to support, uplift and empower me. I ask that the intentions I hold are of the highest and best for not only myself but for all those involved. If I am focused upon lower-level intentions, such as fear, I seek gentle realignment. If my vision is anything less than pure-spirit and pure-love, I ask for support in exalting my sight to the highest and best that spiritual Truth contains.

Sore Spot / Karate Chop Point:

– Even though I am afraid and anxious about “this situation”, I am willing to love, accept and forgive myself anyway.

– Even though I cannot see a way out of this chaos, disconnection and difficult whirlwind, I am willing to embrace the truth that all is well, anyway.

– Even though I feel powerless, insignificant, and beaten down by this experience of chemicalization, this time of change, I am willing to be faithful and to know that this too shall pass and in the end, all is well, anyway.

Inner eye:

– This fear and doubt

Outer eye:

– I am so resistant to this change.

Under eye:

– How can this possibly be for my highest and best good?

Beneath Nose:

– I cannot wait for this to be settled. I feel so insecure.


– I’m afraid to trust this process because what if I relax and it continues to go sour or become even more of a disaster?


– I’m afraid, I’m insecure, I’m anxious – and I can’t stop it!

Anchor Truth – Hold your Wrist:

– Take a deep breath and say, “Peace!”

Repeat the KC/SS phrases:

“Even though I still feel.. .insecure, doubtful, anxious, overwhelmed, terrified, etc.” I love and accept myself anyway. I am willing to set my fears aside and accept what is as somehow perfect and within the Divine Plan, regardless of whether or not I understand it.

Inner eye:

– This remaining fear and doubt

Outer eye:

– I am still so resistant to this change.

Under eye:

– I still don’t get it?!? How can this possibly be for my highest and best good?

Beneath Nose:

– I really want this to be over, settled, calmed down! I still feel so insecure.


– A part of me refuses to trust in this process of change – it just looks so horribly wrong and dreadful! I’m still afraid and a part of me is refusing to let go and trust in God.


– I’m still afraid, I’m still insecure, I’m still anxious – and I can’t stop it! In fact, I don’t even know for sure that I would if I could!

Anchor Truth – Hold your Wrist:

– Again – Take a deep breath and say, “Peace!” Take as many deep and forceful breaths as necessary and repeat, “Peace!” (Allow PEACE fill you.)

Now, let’s implant some POSITIVE commands:

Inner Eye: I am willing to be peaceful.

Outer Eye: I am willing to relax, let go, and let God.

Under Eye: This too shall pass.

Beneath Nose: I realize my fear is not protecting me or helping anything. I choose to release all fear, doubt, and mental-crazy-making –now!

Chin: I accept Divine Order, even when I can’t see; I have faith that Divinity remains continuous, and unrelenting and therefore all is well, no matter what.

Collarbone: I choose peace. I choose faith. I choose to let go, and let God.

Anchor Truth: (Hold Wrist) Peace

YOU CAN CHOOSE TO GROW… even when it’s all messy! Growth means using adversity as an opportunity to assume your life is getting better and that the outcome of chaos is peace, love, order, prosperity, and joy.

And, when you just can’t ‘assume’ it. Then do your emotional work to allow you to atleast trust in the process of Divine Order. EFT, Meditation, Intentional Journaling – all help.

I hold the vision of a MUCH smoother trip through the land of chemicaliztion next time!

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June 7, 2012

How to Manifest What You Want Better & Faster

Category: Affirmations,conscious creation,emotional freedom technique,law of attraction — Anisa @ 9:41 pm

How to create your personal Vibration Elevation Phrases. (Better known as – How to Manifest What You Want Better and Faster!)

The following formula (Vibration Elevation) will assist you in raising your overall level consciousness; And, thereby make it easier for you to manifest better and faster!. Keep in mind – a limiting belief cannot survive in a sea of higher consciousness.

When you look around your life, do you ever feel like you’re playing the same song over and over again? Sure sometimes it’s a good tune, but other times you would do anything to change the station!?!?

This is what it feels like when we get into the habit of playing the same vibrational frequency day-in and day-out unconsciously. However, we CAN break that habit and create a NEW reality!

To explain what I mean, I want to talk to you about dry ponds, for a moment.

Have you ever wondered how fish get into a dry pond? In Texas, our small ponds dry up during our hottest months. Then, come spring the rains come in and suddenly our dry ponds are springing with fish! Where did they all come from? This was a serious mystery to me growing up. I had one crazy aunt tell me that birds brought fish-eggs in on their claws to refill the ponds. While I must confess, I believed her for a while – eventually, I realized she wasn’t working with the sharpest tools upstairs! Even as a young adult, I can remember not understanding how those fish got there! So, I looked it up a few years back.

Animals have an amazing ability to adapt in order to survive. Some fish, knowing the dry-season is imminent, lay their eggs in the mud and the eggs become dormant until the waters rise again. Other fish, have the ability to survive by hibernating in their mud-nests. Then, when the waters rise, they breakout swimming and spawning! Still, other fish have been known to cross land in order to get into a pond with more flow!

The dry-pond is similar to what we experience when we are stuck in our lower-level vibrations. Life is more difficult and no matter how much we wish we could swim around and break free of our past, we are stuck in the mud, waiting for the waters to rise! But, that’s just it – we are waiting, waiting, waiting – just barely surviving as we wait for some stroke of luck!

On the other hand, the water-rising is like our thoughts rising to a higher level vibration. By intentionally choosing to put our attention upon more powerful and more loving, courageous, optimistic, and hopeful thoughts we actually become our own rainmakers! Instead of hibernating until our next ‘lucky season’ comes along, we actually call forth the rain. And, fantastically enough, by walking ourselves UP from lower levels of consciousness (see the demonstrations below) we really begin to maintain our water supply as well. Eventually, our pond is so deep, we are spared the dry season entirely.

You see, our goal is to move from a lower level consciousness to a positive level by moving:

From a Negative space…

You want to walk yourself up from Shame, to Guilt, to Apathy, to Grief, to Fear, to Desire, to Anger, to Pride and then finally up into the positive vibrational place. (All of the aforementioned emotions are lower level, or descending levels of consciousness i.e. limiting or negative – including desire.)

From the Neutral or Positive …

You want to walk yourself up starting with Courage, then moving to pure Neutrality, to Willingness, to Acceptance, to Reason, to Love, to Joy, to Peace, and finally to Enlightenment.

Within Dr. Hawkin’s book, Power vs. Force he describes the levels of consciousness in his Map of Consciousness (see graphic below.) Using the map as your guide, walk yourself up from any of the lower level emotions by choosing a phrase that is one level higher than where you currently are emotionally. If you are an Abraham Hicks fan, you can also search and reach about “levels of consciousness”.

Source: via Anisa on Pinterest


So, here’s how to do it… (How to raise your own waters – make it rain, baby!)

First, get really good at identifying and claiming your emotion. You might be surprised at how many of us do not know how to just claim how we feel. LEARN to recognize a negative emotion and claim it for what it is.

Do you feel regret due to a bad decision? What’s that feeling? Is it shame or sadness or both?

Feeling disconnected and exhausted as you try repeatedly to achieve a goal? What’s that feeling? Is it apathy, shame, frustration? Claim it.

Whatever the emotion, I highly recommend you tap it out (with EFT).

Do a round of EFT (you can see an EFT demo on my site.) Next, choose a statement that is one step up from that emotions. For EVERY negative emotion on the map, you will discover that there will always be thoughts that trigger the next level up of emotions.

For example, if you feel ashamed, which is the lowest level of consciousness on the map, then you will also have thoughts/emotions on every level above shame.


  • Shame:
  • I am ashamed that I’ve failed in relationships.
  • If this is true, then you will also feel Guilt.
  • Guilt:
  • I feel guilty that I’ve made so many mistakes and been such a failure.
  • If this is true, then you will also feel Apathy.
  • Apathy:
  •  I’m so tired of the struggle. I just want it to end. There isn’t anything I can do to change this.
  • If this is true, then you will also feel Grief.
  • Grief:
  • I’m so sad that I’ve failed myself and others so badly.
  • If this is true, then you will also feel Fear.
  • Fear:
  • I’m afraid that I will always be a worthless failure. I’m afraid to fail again.
  • If this is true, then you will also feel Desire.
  • Desire:
  • I really want a relationship. I really want to find my true love and make it work.
  • If this is true, then you will also feel Anger.
  • Anger:
  • I am angry that I’ve failed. I’m angry that my partners didn’t help us succeed. I’m angry that I made so many mistakes. I’m angry that my partner made mistakes.
  • If this is true, then you will also feel Pride.
  • Pride:
  • I AM good enough to have a relationship. I CAN do this. I can make myself succeed!

Note: Do you see how Desire has a negative tone about it? It’s as if we’re longing, or envious about what we want. This is why we always want to move from Desire to a level of Willingness and preferably Acceptance in order to consciously manifest it.

Note Also: Pride is still in the negative, or descending consciousness vibrational field. This is why taking yourself up through a minimum of Courage is required to leave your vibrational frequency in a state of POSITIVE attraction.

This systematic method will give you insight into what other thoughts you will need to uncover and apply EFT on in order to clear all levels and layers of limiting beliefs.

Positive Consciousness Implanting Options:

After your negative emotion round of EFT, continue tapping on the meridian points while selecting from any of the following Vibration Elevation Phrases. (And, eventually you’ll have your own higher consciousness phrases that work for you. Write them down and include them.)

  • I am courageous. I courageously… I am bold. I boldly…
  • I have the courage to do what needs to be done, here and now.
  • I am at Peace with what is, and I am at Peace with ….
  • I accept myself. I accept that I did the very best that I could, given my level of consciousness at the time.
  • I am willing … I trust in the Divine Order of life…
  • What I intend to have is … What I intend to be is…
  • What I intend to experience is… I am grateful for the fulfillment of…….. …..(all these things/experiences now).
  • I am at Peace with … I accept that ‘this person’ did the very best that they could, given who they were and what they’d experienced up until this point as well.
  • I hand this over to the Divine, as it is Spirit/God’s responsibility, not mine. I am comfortable in letting this go, now.
  • I choose greatness. I accept and expect fulfillment.
  • I trust myself. I love myself…
  • I love… I am grateful…
  • I am at peace with… I refuse to take anything personal ..and…
  • I am willing to forgive I am willing to fail and I am willing to succeed
  • I allow myself to be neutral I am open, willing, and accepting of…
  • I relax and let God… I am bliss.
  • I am fulfillment I am peace.
  • I am one with the Presence of the Divine, and therefore totally fulfilled. I embrace my unlimitedness.
  • I embrace my pure potentiality. I expect great things and …
  • I joyously … I am joyful about…
  • I accept that all is well. I accept that this too shall pass.
  • I accept the Divine Order. I accept that there is a Divine Timing at work here.

The above examples are phrases that automatically trigger a higher level of consciousness.

Check in to your SUD’s level (your emotional distress level) after each round of positive implanting/tapping. When you reach NEUTRAL you can stop, or you can continue until you reach a state of Positive Vibration, which is obviously more harmonious to the manifestation of your goals.

Eventually, when you continue to force your lower-level thoughts/beliefs and negative emotions up this scale, your mind STOPS going there (except for brief moments) entirely. The beauty of this work is that you can actually re-train your mind and your emotions to transition quickly, thus preventing your Pond-of-Potential creations from ever going dry. Instead, by adopting an intention to remain in the higher-vibrational emotions, you are consistently adding more and more rain and beautiful, life-supporting water (energy) to your dreams! One more beautiful fact is that all those dreams that you thought were long gone, have actually been lying dormant, just waiting for your ‘vibration’ to rise enough to be born. Thus, don’t be surprised if many, many of your dreams begin to come true all at once!

Try this out, I know you’ll find it far easier to manifest better and faster!

I look forward to hearing of your success!!!!

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January 5, 2012

Affirmations Work: Succeed with Your New Year’s Resolutions by Mind-Washing – with Affirmations!

Category: Affirmations,Attract Opportunities,Attract Prosperity,attract relationship,Audios Free Downloads,law of attraction,Videos — Anisa @ 5:58 pm

Happy New Year!

I LOVE this time of year!  The energy of change, growth, renewed excitement about goals and what lies ahead… I love getting recharged over the holidays and then using January to launch full force  into my new year.  I do this by going over my goals, setting out new mind-maps around what I want to achieve and re-aligning my affirmations for the year.

  • What do I want to create now?
  • What was great about last year that I want to appreciate and expand?
  • What will help me to expand my consciousness and create an even better new year?
  • What new adventures do I want to manifest?
  • What’s my next level of prosperity, love, contribution, fitness, etc. that I want now?

I ask the questions and allow my heart to answer.  Then, I write out affirmations that specifically appreciate ALREADY achieving and living the very thing I now want to create.

Here’s a video with a LONG list of powerful affirmations for many different areas of life (Health, Wealth, Love/Relationships, family, parenting, personal/mental/spiritual growth, global evolution, etc.) I hope you enjoy it and be sure to create your own:

And, here’s a list of affirmations for you to pick/choose from:

Affirmations and Positive Statements absolutely work!


If they didn’t, then they would not have stood the test of time for thousands of years; nor would every mystic and every spiritual teacher that has ever lived have been consistent with this same Truth, “Be mindful of your words for they are powerful.”


Affirmations are simple.  Simply say what you want as if you already have it.  Then, as your confidence picks up, stretch yourself to the next level of belief by asking for just a wee bit more!


A couple of quick do’s:


-Do state affirmations in the present tense – NOW.

-Do keep them short and meaningful for you.

-Do reach for as much as you can believe while not going so far that you doubt the possibility.

-Do focus on the positive of what you want, not the negative of what you don’t want.

– Start with I or I AM; include positive emotions such as, “I am grateful.”

-When necessary, you may DENY the negative that you do not want during times of transition.  In other words, if you KNOW you are doubtful and you can’t speak positively without the feeling of doubt, then DENY the negative by REFUSING to accept it.  It’s perfectly acceptable to REFUSE to accept ‘this poverty’, ‘this ailment’, ‘this failure’.  Eventually, however, you’ll want to get over the transition period and focus only on the positive outcome you intend.

– Do use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to remove all doubt.


Here are some affirmation examples:


Examples of Health Affirmations:


I put my desires and health first.  I take care of myself.  I honor my time.

I am motivated and inspired to work out regularly and consistently.

I love to exercise.  I thrive on moving the energy.  I feel good when I work out.  I make exercise a priority and it’s effortless effort!

There is nothing more important than my physical health.  It is a way of life.

I like the way I look and feel in any and all of my clothes.

I feel and act trim and energetic at all times.

I enjoy eating healthy and take time to plan my meals.  I choose the food that makes my body celebrate.

I eat fresh, raw, whole, organic fruits & vegetables frequently.

I enjoy preparing my meals and snacks.  I always have healthy snacks readily available.

My skin is smooth and young and glowing with health.

I cleanse my body and release refined sugar.

I have a habit of educating myself on the effects of sugar and draw a book about this into my life.


Examples of affirmations to specifically heal a portion of your body: (Knee example)

Regarding my Knee: I commit to:

I focus on the truth that my knee is perfect and healthy right now.

My perception of myself is the only thing that needs to be healed.  Any evidence that I’m less than optimally healthy is a meaningless illusion whose purpose is to distort reality.

I choose to commit to healing my knee.

I do medical hypnosis on my knee every night before I go to sleep.

I exercise my knee regularly.

I turn all my fears over to God.

I acknowledge healing happens when the sufferer no longer sees any value in pain.

Decisions are of the mind, not the body.  There is no gain to me at all in this knee problem.

My knee is strong, stable, reliable, flexible and active.  I now release all fears about this.





A Prayer example:

Universe – God – Help me know the Truth of my wholeness; the Truth of my Divine health and inspire me to take action to heal; and to allow healing to occur.

God, work your magic through me as I focus on healing myself.  Shift me and help me to be open to feeling your loving energy.

Jesus, Master Healer, please assist me in this healing.  I allow that Christ Conscious energy to flow through me at all times.



I allow myself to feel, express and honor my full range of emotions and I express them freely and in the moment.

I no longer repress or deny my feelings ever again.  I claim my right to a broad range of emotions, now!

God, help me to say “no” lovingly and truthfully.

I communicate my boundaries clearly and lovingly and say no when I want to say no.



I honor my time.

When I am inspired, I say “yes” and when I am not inspired, I say “no.”  I allow myself to say no without guilt and without excuse.



I delight in my wonderful adventures around the Globe.  I’ve traveled from shore to shore and I’m delightfully open to more!

I gratefully acknowledge my remarkable real estate savvy.  I’ve purchased homes in a variety of different locations.  All of which appeal to any number of my interests.  I own waterfront, mountain-top, suburban, and urban properties.

I so thoroughly enjoy my Meditation Room.



My primary intent is to realize the presence of God within.  It is not I alone that creates; but the consciousness of Spirit within that is my master creator.

The pursuit of my spirit atonement is my primary purpose in life.

I meditate daily and it’s fun, effortless, natural and an essential part of my everyday life!

I read and affirm my affirmations daily.

I journal regularly.

I seek peace first.

I participate in a spiritual support group every week.

Peace Reigns Supreme in My Life, now and always!

I seek atonement. I am gratefully and completely connected to the power and the presence of God at all times.




I experience and draw into my life many caring, loving, spiritually open and uplifting friends.

I uplift and inspire and support my friends in a loving way.

I am grateful for my fabulously aware friends.

My friends are kind, loving, giving, honoring, integritous, and like-minded.

My circle of friends is ever-expanding to match my highest ideal for intellectual and spiritual stimulation.




I always speak lovingly and truthfully to my family.

I uplift and support my children and other members of my family.

I support my children mentally, spiritually and emotionally and continue to assist them to grow yet I allow them to make their own decisions.

I am an awesome parent!  I intend to be the best mom/dad I can be! I intend to continue being an aware conscious parent!

I am a Conscious, Aware, Loving, Kind, Creative, Attentive and Consistent Mom/Dad. My children are becoming conscious, self-regulating, loving, aware, conscious, spiritual, kind, considerate, well mannered, co-creators who develop and grow in alignment with their highest path of personal growth and fulfillment.





I am grateful to have the means and resources to exert minimal effort for maximum returns.

We attract spiritual seekers that are a perfect match to our life purpose and financial goals.

Our website is acknowledged and receives awards and accolades for it’s content, design and community.

Our website explodes with popularity and work of mouth travels.  People are telling everyone they know!

The upkeep on our website is a fun and easy process.

I am grateful to know receive in excess of $5 Million for my share.

I am grateful that I easily and effortlessly attract all the resources I require, when I require them, to do what I want, when I want!



I have a loving, peaceful, considerate, thoughtful, compatible, supportive, communicative, easy, understanding, passionate and joyful relationship.

I trust myself to make decisions wisely for my highest good and I honor my boundaries firmly and in every situation.

I am thankful for my lessons.  Now, I choose a relationship that is mutually supportive and uplifting on every level.

My mate uplifts me to a heightened place of prosperity consciousness.

I have all that I desire without compromise.

I am deserving and worthy of an awesome relationship.

God, help me heal my past and help me forgive myself and my ex-partners for anything I may have judged us for.  Help me to know we did the best we could, given our intellectual tools and state of enlightenment at that time.

Help me release my need to attract codependent partners and to honor my worth – and attract a healthy interdependent relationship.

Please help me see instantly and with crystal clear vision the compatibility of any partner that may enter into my life as a potential mate with my highest desires in mind.



I am set free from the past and my financial mistakes of the past.

I now face the present and future wise, secure and unafraid.

I am grateful to receive $100,000 per month – free and clear! (NOTE: Use the amount that stretches you but does is not full of doubt. When I first started this, I was only able to imagine $15.00 an hour or about $1200.00 per month!)

I release the burden of debt to the Christ within and I am free, clear and paid in full at all times.

I now give and receive freely.

Money is energy representing my inflow and outflow.

Abundance is my Birthright and anything less than prosperity is an illusion.  I reject the illusion of poverty and choose abundance, financial freedom and success.

I am the embodiment of wealth.

God, take away all inequity and deliver to me the truth of my being as a prosperous, rich child of a loving Father.

The Universe spoils me!

In the past, I was uncomfortable receiving, but now I recognize God’s gifts and I now accept them gracefully and peacefully.

I attract people that help me grow, and I now accept all loving gifts.

All of my financial fears and questions are now put to rest easily.

When the right home appears, the perfect financial means and/or lender is instantaneously available.

I am Prosperous!  I am grateful to now have a net worth in excess of 60.6 Million dollars! (NOTE: Again, use the amount that is the most realistic stretch for you at this time, while stretching yourself a little more as often as possible)

I purchase anything I desire, when I desire it in cash.

My obligations are always paid in full and in advance easily and effortlessly.

I am an abundant child of a Rich Father in Heaven – Prosperity is my Birthright and I claim it now.

I have more than enough to spare and to share.

My income far exceeds all of my wants, needs and desires.

I effortlessly give 10% of my income to where I feel spiritually fed and this feeds my soul and supports my life.




I take time to enjoy the beauty and goodness that surrounds me.

I maintain peace of mind in all situations.

I forgive myself quickly and easily, learning my lessons and letting go.

I look for the blessing in every event.

I experience boundless enthusiasm and joy in my life.

I now radiate unlimited love to others.

I live a life that flows peacefully.

I respond positively and enthusiastically to my inner guide, having and maintained close contact with that part of me.

I am filled with creative ideas to benefit mankind.

I act on these ideas without hesitation.

I experience a lot of laughter!

I have focus.

I live a life where I am relaxed and free of stress.

I live my dreams.

I act with confidence and determination.

I strongly attract that which is good and uplifting into my life.


Now, remember that affirmations planted on toxic soil are less effective than a positive statement planted on healthy, confident soil.  Remember, if you are doubtful about something you want or an affirmation, use Emotional Freedom Technique to clear the doubt.  Then, return to your positive intent!

Since many will set a New Year’s resolution to lose weight and get fit, here are a few extra Health and Weight Loss Affirmations: (And, if you’re serious this year, may I suggest my Get Fit and Fabulous with EFT & LOA program… visit here.) 


I feel healthy, strong and energetic.


My body converts everything I eat into energy and beauty.


I CAN take off weight and I am doing it right now.


I am in total control of what I eat.


I eat only what I choose to eat and I only eat when I am hungry.


Food nourishes me.


I am now in control of my weight.


I am now becoming slimmer and healthier.


I love myself no matter what I weigh.


I love myself and this allows me to love others and accept their love.


What I eat is automatically processed by my body and changes into energy.


I maintain my chosen weight.


What I eat turns to energy and health.


The fruits and vegetables that I choose to eat are pleasurable and aid me in becoming slimmer.


Love is always available to me.


I love myself, whether I am eating healthfully or not.


I am taking off weight and gaining in beauty.


I deserve the pleasures I receive from being slim, healthy and attractive.


I now allow myself to let my natural good looks show.


It is safe for me to be my ideal weight.


I am at peace with myself and with the Universe.


The more I love my body, the more lovable it becomes.


It is easy for me to love my body.


I forgive myself for eating when what I really wanted was love.


I now allow myself to feel safe in accepting love.


I now accept the responsibility for my weight.


I am now prepared to create the kind of body I choose.


As I free myself of blame, I free myself of excessive weight.


I am in control of my mind, my body and my life.


My body converts food into loving energy.


I love how my body is getting slimmer and healthier with each passing moment.


The more I love my body, the more it conforms to the weight and shape I desire.


I am now and forever at peace with my body.


When I am eating, I pay full attention to the experience of eating.


I feel no need to eat merely because others are eating.


I chew my food thoroughly.


I eat only what I want when I want it and only when I am relaxed.


I love myself as I am, regardless of my weight.


I mentally press the reject button on any negative images, thoughts or feelings about my body.


I now release all fear, blame, guilt, sadness, anger and resentment towards myself and others concerning my weight!


I regard food as a blessing.  It is meant for me to enjoy and maintain my health.


I think of food only as a positive influence on my life.


I love how good it feels to let go and free myself of resentment, blame and guilt.


I choose to stay young, energetic and healthy.


I am strong and healthy.


My body is a beautifully functioning vehicle of my mind and spirit.


I appreciate the years of faithful service my body has given me.


I will only eat and drink what is appropriate for me to release weight and maintain my perfect shape.


My metabolism is influenced by my thoughts, and I now direct it to function in such a way as to promote my good health and desired weight and shape.


Although in the past I may have eaten to fill an emptiness inside, I now fill myself with love for myself and others.


I am nourished by loving energy that is always available to me.


I am lovable and loving at any weight.


My body is becoming exactly the way I want it to be.


All excess fat is disappearing and melting from my body as I think this thought.


My body is conforming to the shape I have chosen.


I have a very healthy, youthful and attractive glow and appearance, externally and internally.


I am in better condition and shape than I have been in a long time, and it feels good to allow myself to experience the positive emotions that go along with this end result.


I look forward to, and get a great deal of pleasure from moving and stretching my body daily.


I feel the satisfaction, fulfillment, confidence and self esteem that go along with being the way I choose to be.


As my weight comes off, I feel rejuvenated, refreshed and revitalized.


I am filled with feelings of enthusiasm, well being and excellent health, feeling more secure and confident every day.


I know I am in control of my weight, and I feel a great amount of inner strength and energy growing with each passing moment.


All changes begin with the thought, the inner reality, and work towards the outer reality.


I understand that when I visualize the end result, there are trillions of chemical reactions happening in my body.  The thought comes first.  Physical matter forms around the thought.


My brain, body and subconscious mind are an intelligent guidance system, and work in perfect harmony.  This intelligent system knows automatically how to release weight easily and effortlessly.


My subconscious mind has a blueprint of me in perfect health, balance and integrity within my body.  All I have to do is remind this system and accept now.


Written & Copyrighted by ©Anisa Aven.

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June 8, 2011

Pre-Celebrate it – to Create it!

Category: Affirmations,conscious creation,Creative Manifesting,law of attraction,LOA doesn't work for me — Anisa @ 2:01 pm

Quick Manifesting Morsel – Vibrational Video Coaching with Anisa Aven

Pre-Celebrate it -to Create it!

The Law of Attraction – Simple is Better!

“Nothing in the Kingdom of Heaven is lost!” my son, Parker, repeated over and over as he walked around the house looking for the lost remote for the flip-flopping, mini-r/c car that Santa left under the tree. A few moments later I hear, “YES!” and I know exactly what just happened, or I think I do. Without looking up from my book, I say, “good… you found it.” He says, “not yet… but I will… YES! COOL! YES!”

This time I look up to see if he’s doing what I think he’s doing. Sure enough… he’s celebrating! Even though he’s NOT yet found the remote, he’s celebrating as if he is already playing with it.

I revel in my own delight watching such a brilliant display of conscious creation. “Wow! He’s intentionally applying the Law of Attraction!” Feeling as proud as any LOA-Loving-Mommie ever, I congratulate myself for talking about the Law of Attraction to my children. And, now realizing he was actually listening?!? Oh, so delicious!

I remember thinking, “Why can’t I do that? After all, it’s just that easy.”

Most of the time, we tend to over-look the simple as not worthy of our attention; opting instead for the more complicated instructions and beliefs that only hard work and paying our dues will result in success.

However, this is often contradictory to what we experience every day – that simple is better: brushing our teeth prevents cavities, smiling feels better than frowning, and eating fresh vegetables right out of the fridge, for example are not only simpler, but better for us! Likewise, applying the Law of Attraction does not have to be complicated. In fact, it’s very simple.

There’s a principle called Occam’s razor (named after mediaeval philosopher and scientist, William of Occam), who put forth the theory that “the best solution to a problem is often and almost always the simplest solution.” Though the principle may seem rather trivial, it is essential for model building. In other words, nature wants life to be simple. With this in mind, it isn’t necessary to do everything the ‘hard way’ or the most complicated way. In fact, not only is it not necessary but it’s inefficient as well.

For example, when we utilize the Law of Attraction to make each day a little easier and more fulfilling, we simplify our lives. By leveraging the power of the Universal Principles to create the small things, we can build our LOA muscles. Eventually, when our conscious creation muscle becomes strong enough, we’ll be able to attract the big wins too. Here’s what we know – there has never been a million dollars created, a soul-mate found, a dream job landed or a rock-hard body experienced that didn’t have it’s conception, gestation, and creation as a result of the Law of Attraction, regardless of the person’s awareness of the law.

Thus, if you can master the law of attraction with the everyday ‘things’ then the championship manifestations will be easier as well. You wouldn’t pick up your first golf club today and next week show up at the Pro-golf tournament expecting a position next to Tiger on the tour. Likewise, the odds are not likely in your favor that you will manifest the lottery just because you’ve learned that “what you think about, you bring about.”

Mastering the art of attraction, like any skill, requires practice. And, just like a golfer that spends hours at the golf range practicing his swing, the more you practice your ‘swing’ the better you’ll get at the game of attraction. So what’s your swing? It’s using your thoughts and emotions to intentionally vibrate in harmony with an end result that you desire. Using our golf analogy, a golfer swings the club to hit the ball. A Law of Attraction practitioner intentionally vibrates (uses thoughts and emotions) to attract a desire.

For example, one way to practice your LOA swing is to pre-celebrate the ‘little wins.’ The act of pre-celebrating produces a vibration that is energetically and magnetically attractive to victory, passion, excitement, enthusiasm and other fabulous experiences. Thus, intentionally celebrating a goal prior to experiencing it is an act of intentional vibration.

For example…

Yes! I celebrate a beautiful day filled with fabulous conversation and uplifting experiences.

Yes! I celebrate with delight, as I enjoy an awesome day at work. I thoroughly enjoyed my co-workers today and had very productive and uplifting meetings. I have a great sense of accomplishment from my day today!

Yes! I celebrate the healthiest check-up my doctor has ever given me… “You’re in great shape! You’re as fit as a teenager.”

Yes! I frolic with joy, and celebrate the smooth flow of cars as I travel to and from my job. I am grateful for the comfortable drive and opportunity to be at peace and in silence with myself and with life.

Yes! I rise joyously and in awe of an incredibly recuperative night’s sleep. I slept better than a baby… I slept like I was on a cloud in heaven. I celebrate feeling energetic and alive!

Now, if that doesn’t sound exciting enough to practice your swing on, remember this is practice and you want to get in a lot of it!

Here’s another idea – how about pre-celebrating unexpected things that you can be indifferent to? Things that you don’t necessarily care a great deal about, but when they appear you’ll most assuredly know it was because YOU celebrated them and thereby intentionally attracted them into your experience.

This is an exercise that Abraham of Jerry and Esther Hicks fame, teaches. My first practice swing was to pre-celebrate hummingbirds! I imagined their tiny little bodies hovering around me. I delighted in the idea of having them come into my garden. I imagined elegant hummingbirds all around me.

As you can probably imagine, within days I started noticing ‘signs’ of hummingbirds. For example, at home depot I went to grab a garden hose and a humming-bird feeder fell on the floor. Then, a girlfriend sent me a sweet thank you note on what else, but humming-bird stationery, a magazine that I subscribe to (not bird watcher’s gazette) was delivered with a featured article inside titled “hummingbird friendly gardens”. I also remember overhearing a conversation while I was out about how a hummingbird flew in this woman’s face and just hovered there for a few seconds outside the store.

After seeing and hearing so much about hummingbirds, I began to wonder where the REAL hummingbirds were. I actually felt inadequate like maybe I wasn’t good enough to attract the real thing! So, I decided to really practice my swing this time by celebrating them. I celebrated hummingbirds for a few more minutes and this time allowed myself to really feel excited and passionate about them. I even jumped up and down this time and I celebrated the wonder of such an incredibly talented, beautiful, masterpiece as the hummingbird. The seemingly fragile but in reality fierce and territorial hummingbird; the gift from God that scientists study to discover and inquire into how we too can reveal the art of hovering the way the hummingbird does. YES! I love hummingbirds, God’s beautiful creatures. I celebrate the wonder of hummingbirds! Yes… hummingbirds! Hummingbirds! Hummingbirds! Beautiful hummingbirds!

I bet you can guess what happened the very next day! Hummingbirds! Hummingbirds! Glorious hummingbirds!

So… let’s make it easy:

3 easy steps to Intentionally Harness the Law of Attraction and The Law of Detachment

1.    Identify what you want and Pre-Celebrate it now
2.    Detach & Let it Go
3.    Prepare to Receive

Remember to assume the best, no matter what occurs because the Universe has your back and all is well all the time. (You have to choose this mindset and at some point your manifestations will catch up to it.) Then, when you notice it’s not quite what you wanted, simply “Course Correct” by pre-celebrating the next edition until you get it more right.

Remember, simple is better and all you really have to do is CELEBRATE and watch what happens!

To wrap up the story… The doorbell rings. Parker says, “Who is it?” And I hear my mom say, “It’s your Mimi!” The door opens and Parker and Ashlyn run to give Mimi a hug. I kiss mom hello, fix some tea, and we settle into the couch to visit. I realize there’s a small lump in the cushion. I put my tea on the side table, stand and lift the cushion to find the remote to Parker’s remote-control car. Of course, he celebrated some more. We watch his performance as he makes that little R/C spin, flip-flop and celebrate its own existence!

Copyright, 2011 CreataVision Enterprises, Anisa Aven.


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May 21, 2010

Affirmations Don’t Work for Me. They Only Make me Feel Worse.

Category: Affirmations,emotional freedom technique — Anisa @ 2:29 pm

Q: But what if affirmations only make me feel worse?

A: If you are reading this then you have a knowing within that
says, “I have untapped potential” and a belief that
resonates with “My thoughts create my reality.” Therefore,
the first order of business is to CHOOSE to BELIEVE there is
a solution to your ‘affirmation’ problem.

“Believing there is a solution paves the way to a solution.”
– Dr. David Schwartz

A Canadian study entitled, “Positive Self-Statements: Power
for Some, Peril for Others” published by Psychological
Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological
Science, suggests some people shouldn’t even bother with
affirmations. (But, there’s NO way I buy that. I’ll
explain why in a moment.)

Here’s a quick excerpt as reported in The Star Phoenix,

“…paradoxically, low self-esteem participants’ moods fared
better when they were allowed to have negative thoughts than
when they were asked to focus exclusively on affirmative

“One possibility is that, like overly positive praise,
unreasonably positive self-statements, such as, ‘I accept
myself completely,’ can elicit contradictory thoughts,” the
authors wrote.

So, for example, someone who feels deficient in some quality
might repeat the mantra, “I am a lovable person” but really
be thinking “. . . but not as lovable as Chris,” which the
authors argue can make that person feel worse.

“Contrary to popular belief, positive self-statements can be
useless for some people, even though they may benefit
others. They may even backfire, making some people feel
worse rather than better.”

Positive self-statements may remind people that they are not
measuring up to important standards and that they should
only have positive thoughts, said the authors.” –

Source The Star Phoenix:

Drawing the conclusion that ‘affirmations are useless for some people’ if they make them feel bad is similar to a coach saying to the batter, “You feel bad that you struck out? It’s okay, next time just don’t swing.”

If you’ve ever shot a basketball, swung a club, tried to
volley a ball or run a race then you know how bad you feel
when you miss, strike out, or worse, make a fool out of
yourself by falling or running in the wrong direction, etc.

However, there’s never would we imagine a coach saying, “If
it makes you feel bad to miss the play, just don’t try
again!” NOOO! The coach would say, “I know you feel bad.
But, you have to keep trying. Next time, don’t focus on what
you don’t want to do, focus on what you want to do. You’ll
get it, I know you can do it.”

The same goes for positive affirmations. We are not just
saying affirmations to feel better in the moment (although
that’s one intention), we are saying affirmations to
TRANSFORM our minds and thus TRANSFORM our LIVES! That’s why
we have to keeping trying!

Now, what do you do with the negative thoughts that make you
feel bad? You have to get rid of them! I say go ahead and
acknowledge the negative ninny! You know, the voice of the
gatekeeper that is trying to protect you from
disappointment. The one that says, “But, you’re not worth
loving. Don’t kid yourself or you’ll only end up hurt.”

With EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) this is exactly what
we are doing when we say the set-up phrase where we
acknowledge verbally the negative ninny: “Even though I’m
not worthy of love, I love myself anyway!”

As you acknowledge the ‘Ninny’ and command yourself to LOVE
yourself anyway the ‘Ninny’ goes away. Then, by continuing
with the EFT round you can eliminate the negative thoughts that make you feel bad for good.

For example, one of my favorite ways to
get rid of a negative ninny fast is to use the ‘argument’
approach when tapping:

Even though I’m not worth loving, I love myself anyway. And, what if I were worth loving?

IE: I’m not worthy of love

OE: Yes I am.

UE: No I’m not.

BN: What makes you the boss of who’s worthy of love? I am
too worthy of love.

Ch: No, I’m not -look at how many times I’ve been rejected.
That proves it.

CB: That doesn’t prove anything other than those people had
issues with giving love, not me.

UA: I still don’t think I’m worthy of love.

UR: That’s your choice but what if you allowed yourself to
accept that you were worthy of love? What would your life
be like if you accepted this as your truth instead?

CC: Well, I’d be happier. But, I’m afraid to be a fool.

IE: So what. What’s the worst thing that could happen? You
get disappointed? Is that any worse than what you feel
right now?

UE: No. But, I’m still afraid.

BN: So, be afraid but choose to accept that you’re worthy of
love even though you’re afraid….etc.

(Yes… I hear voices! I just try to be mindful when
arguing with myself in public.)

If affirmations make you feel worse, uncover the hidden
negative ninny underneath that is causing you disconnection
and pain. This ‘ninny’ is also likely to be one of the
primary reasons the law of attraction isn’t working for you
either. Once you identify it, take time to use Emotional
Freedom Technique to get rid of it. You’ll know it’s gone
when you can speak the positive affirmation and feel good
about it!

For EFT instructions, visit here.
For How to Use EFT & LOA for Manifesting Prosperity, visit here. (watch for upgrade offer.)
For How to Use EFT & LOA to Attract (or ReCreate) Your Ideal Relationship, visit here.

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June 9, 2009

How do I Change HIM so the WE can live happily ever after?

Category: Affirmations,attract relationship,Audios Free Downloads,law of attraction,manifest a mate,Videos — Anisa @ 7:07 pm

Dear Anisa:

“I’m in love with a man who confesses that he has fear of commitment. He’s 38 years old. He has been before in a relationship for 10 years. Then he left her and been in another relationship for 3 years. They got engaged for 1 year then he left her although he was in love with her, saying that there were family issues he couldn’t handle.

We met few months ago and we got along very quickly. He said he’s longing for a serious relationship and for marriage. But at the same time, he keep on telling me that I should work hard to make him fall in love with my body in a way he won’t look at any other woman in the world. He says his fear of commitment is because he craves sexual relationship and that he has a fear of things getting stale and losing interest. That’s why he has a fear of commitment.

I don’t know anymore how to deal with that issue. I like him a lot. We understand each other in so many ways. But I’m longing too for a serious relationship. And I’m afraid that I fall for him more and more and that he leaves me at the end because he can’t commit.

I’ll be grateful for your advice!” – A conscious creator friend

If I were in your shoes, what I’d be thinking is, “I really like this man – how can I get him to change so that we can live happily ever after?” And, if I were your girlfriend, I’d be saying something terribly small-minded like, “What are you nuts?! He’s admitted to being a player?!? He’s even said YOU need to make sure you are perfectly gorgeous so that he’ll never stray!” As your girlfriend, I’d say, “Get out fast! Do not stop at Go! Do not collect $200 – run, run, run, as fast as you can!”

Now, since I’m not supposed to be your ‘girlfriend’ here, let me click into something more aligned with the Universal Truth.

The higher Truth is you two were meant to be together at this time and for a Divine reason. Second, that may or may not mean that you are meant to be together after today but today there’s a higher purpose and plan, so accept what IS as Divinely Ordered. Then, listen to your heart and your inner guidance for your next steps. The Presence of God within you is already speaking to you, softly through your emotions. If it feels ‘wrong’, honor your emotions and ask yourself what you really want to create instead.

As a Conscious Creator, start with accepting him exactly as he is; without any caveats or requirements that he must ever change to meet your needs, wants, or desires. (Yikes! – I know that’s easier said than done! However, if you want to have a chance to ‘create’ a great relationship always start with total detachment and total acceptance of your mate exactly as he is.) Next, put your attention upon the essence of what you really want in a relationship. For example, the following may or may not be on your list…

– loving affection
– intellectual conversation
– joy and adventure
– long-term commitment
– a family oriented relationship excited about having children
– monogamous, passionate sex and romance

On the other hand, some readers here may think about what they want and discover that they are completely okay with loving the relationship exactly as it is because it serves their needs also. They may choose to surrender and give-up outdated ideas about how a relationship ‘should’ be and discover that this is just a wonderful ‘weigh-station’ between two other wonderful ‘weigh-stations’. With the Truth that we are Pure Potentiality, just because we accept something as ‘good enough for today’ does not mean that we have to accept it that way forever.

See Also my Law of Attraction Video-Coaching segment here:

Whatever you choose, remember, you get to create what you really want and your jumping off point is to first – detach and accept, then follow that with your intentions and commands of the Universal Laws.

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