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We were born with the unlimited potential to intentionally create (use the law of attraction) to manifest all of our heart's desires. Together, as Conscious Leaders guided by the Divine, we have the Mind Power necessary to co-create a sustainable, harmonious, peaceful, and prosperous world.  And, we can do this while also attracting and creating a passionate, loving, rich, healthy life with all of our personal dreams fulfilled.

October 4, 2012

Astral Projection: Really?

Category: Astral Projection,Attract Opportunities,Audios Free Downloads,Conscious Evolution,law of attraction — Anisa @ 1:43 pm

Have you ever been curious about Astral Projection? Me too.

In creative timeline work, I encourage clients to use thier imagination to go back along their timeline to re-create troublesome manifestations and experiences. And, we’ll also use the same timeline to go out into the future to create great manifestations. (Yes, it works!) This process is similar to astral projection… but I’ve never consulted an expert on the subject. Until tonight, that is.

You know I rarely share off-the-wall, over-the-top Woo-Woo stuff… But, I’m too curious about the event tonight, not to let you decide.

Let me know (comment below), what you think!

Anisa Aven
Guest Author: Steve G. Jones

Out Of Body Experience Guaranteed – Alarm Clock Technique

This technique needs to be done after a full six hours of sleep, ideally in the wee hours of the morning. Start by setting your alarm clock for exactly six hours from the time you lay down to sleep.

So if you lay down at 8:15pm, set your alarm for 2:15am and the go to sleep. When the alarm rings, get up and out of bed. Plan to stay fully awake for an hour.

If you need to, splash your face with cold water, walk around or do something to fully waken yourself.

After an hour, lay back down. Follow these five steps and get ready for an Out of Body Experience.

Step 1: Focus on your Third Eye

With your eyes opened, roll them up so that they’re looking at the center of your forehead, between your eyebrows. This will feel uncomfortable, but you won’t keep this focus for long. Once your eyes are focused (you’ll feel like you’re ‘crossing’ them), touch a finger between your eyebrows then pull it about three inches from your head. Follow your finger with your eyes and then close your eyes. Drop your hand but keep your eyes focused on that point where your finger was, even with your eyes closed.

At this point you can say to yourself, “I now put my body in sleep paralysis” as you imagine yourself leaping out of an airplane or very tall building.

Step 2: Relaxation

When you start to feel your body vibrate, you can relax your eyes. At this point you want to be sure your entire body is fully relaxed. You can affirm this by repeating to yourself “my body is completely relaxed. I now move myself to the next level. As my body falls asleep, my mind remains awake.” Remain in this state until you begin seeing pictures, colors or even video images. When these appear, you know you’re getting close to having an out of body experience.

At this point it’s important that you avoid physical movement of any kind, this will disrupt the process.

Step 3: Vibrational Pulsing

Bring you attention to your body and try to feel for the vibrations that underlie the stillness. This can be challenging at first because you’re trying to perceive extremely subtle energies. A good way to begin to get a sense of these vibrations is by tuning in to your heart beat and imagining waves of vibration flowing in time with the beats. If this doesn’t work, try refocusing on your third eye in time with the beating of your heart. Keep your eyes closed and the rest of your body totally relaxed as you do this.

Keep focusing on the vibrations until they either intensify or subside.

Step 4: Watching

Now bring your attention to any images, colors or videos you might be ‘seeing’ with your eyes closed. It’s at this point that a lot of people fall asleep, but if you can stay conscious now, you’re almost ready to project yourself out of your body. Be sure to keep your body fully relaxed. If you feel tension rising anywhere you can again repeat to yourself, “I am fully relaxed” and “I now move to the next level.”

Step 5: Floating

The only thing left to do now is wait until you feel yourself begin to float up and out of your body. This may be accompanied by intense vibrations, but if you stay relaxed, you’ll find yourself up and out! At this point you can do what you want. All you need to do is picture where you want to be or who you want to be with in your minds eye and you’ll instantly be there.

UNVEILED: The Surefire HypnoTranquility Method To Effectively Master Spiritual Transcendence For A Lifetime Of Astral Travel And Adventure Through The Metaphysical With No Limits Click HERE to Learn more

Happy (astral) travels!

Editor’s note: If astral projection could be proven – and then practiced by the masses – would all hell break loose?
Check out these arguments for the possible risks of ‘proving’ astral projection exists. Do you think economies would crash, religions would disappear and people would ‘slack’ through life? Let us know your thoughts!

Can we prove astral projection exists?

Mainstream science cannot readily accept astral projection because it cannot be duplicated in a controlled environment such as in a lab. Although some natural projectors have demonstrated this ability under professional monitoring, it still needs to be more widely controlled before it can be accepted.

And it is not like we can go into the astral planes and pick up souvenirs to bring back as showpieces. It’s the same as traveling to the moon. People were so in awe with the artifacts brought back that even a tiny grain was proof that the journey did happen. People need proof. But is that really necessary?

We simply lack the tools and techniques to monitor astral projection when it happens. But imagine if we had something like an electromagnetic pulse device, or if you’ve watched the show ‘Inception’, a machine that could hook us up and help us astral project, now imagine what the world would be like then?

There are far reaching implications with this possibility. With any significant advancement or discovery in science, the potential for abuse always exists. Just look at what the discovery of atomic energy did, or medications that are now more commonly used as drugs.

The moment we can prove that astral projection does happen and can be monitored, the world as we know it would come to an end.

Here’s what could happen:

1) Our present economy would crash

Imagine what would happen to the financial market, lottery, elections and sporting events? Because we all know that time and space can be transcended in the astral, who knows what kind of abuse might happen there. There is no way huge organizations or government will allow astral projection to rule.

2) Religious beliefs? What beliefs?

Although astral projection has been widely accepted and practiced in the east for a long time, it’s still a new concept in the west. This is partly due to our religion. Maybe it’s our religion that censored all notions of the soul being able to leave the body or the power of the mind. Maybe it’s possible that religious leaders fear the loss of power over their people. When people astral travel and they know that there’s more to life than what is here on earth, these religious institutions will have no followers.

3) A different way of living

The moment we understand that the physical body is just a shell, imagine what people would do. They’d take their bodies for granted. They will no longer struggle to live in the physical world with the ailments of the physical body. Undeveloped souls may even take the easy way out of this life through suicide and listless living. Why would a person, full of problems in physical life, want to live when he can access the glories of the astral? But what they don’t know is that these very problems are helping that person to grow spiritually and to learn valuable lessons.

But we can’t deny that if astral projection was widely accepted, the potential for healing would be massive. Sickness could be detected in the aura without going through the sufferings of physical tests.

And of course we’d no longer have to deal with plane tickets and crafty travel agents. Why take a 16-hour flight when you could travel the entire world and leap through universes in a blink?

Wish so much at stake, astral projection will never be allowed into mainstream science. But maybe, just maybe, in the secret
labs unknown to us, astral projection has already been proven to exist.  Sssshhh…

If this story resonates with you and you to know more, click here to find out things like the seven steps to safe astral travel, its ancient history and how it can bring peace to your daily life.

Learn how to astral project here >>


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January 5, 2012

Affirmations Work: Succeed with Your New Year’s Resolutions by Mind-Washing – with Affirmations!

Category: Affirmations,Attract Opportunities,Attract Prosperity,attract relationship,Audios Free Downloads,law of attraction,Videos — Anisa @ 5:58 pm

Happy New Year!

I LOVE this time of year!  The energy of change, growth, renewed excitement about goals and what lies ahead… I love getting recharged over the holidays and then using January to launch full force  into my new year.  I do this by going over my goals, setting out new mind-maps around what I want to achieve and re-aligning my affirmations for the year.

  • What do I want to create now?
  • What was great about last year that I want to appreciate and expand?
  • What will help me to expand my consciousness and create an even better new year?
  • What new adventures do I want to manifest?
  • What’s my next level of prosperity, love, contribution, fitness, etc. that I want now?

I ask the questions and allow my heart to answer.  Then, I write out affirmations that specifically appreciate ALREADY achieving and living the very thing I now want to create.

Here’s a video with a LONG list of powerful affirmations for many different areas of life (Health, Wealth, Love/Relationships, family, parenting, personal/mental/spiritual growth, global evolution, etc.) I hope you enjoy it and be sure to create your own:

And, here’s a list of affirmations for you to pick/choose from:

Affirmations and Positive Statements absolutely work!


If they didn’t, then they would not have stood the test of time for thousands of years; nor would every mystic and every spiritual teacher that has ever lived have been consistent with this same Truth, “Be mindful of your words for they are powerful.”


Affirmations are simple.  Simply say what you want as if you already have it.  Then, as your confidence picks up, stretch yourself to the next level of belief by asking for just a wee bit more!


A couple of quick do’s:


-Do state affirmations in the present tense – NOW.

-Do keep them short and meaningful for you.

-Do reach for as much as you can believe while not going so far that you doubt the possibility.

-Do focus on the positive of what you want, not the negative of what you don’t want.

– Start with I or I AM; include positive emotions such as, “I am grateful.”

-When necessary, you may DENY the negative that you do not want during times of transition.  In other words, if you KNOW you are doubtful and you can’t speak positively without the feeling of doubt, then DENY the negative by REFUSING to accept it.  It’s perfectly acceptable to REFUSE to accept ‘this poverty’, ‘this ailment’, ‘this failure’.  Eventually, however, you’ll want to get over the transition period and focus only on the positive outcome you intend.

– Do use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to remove all doubt.


Here are some affirmation examples:


Examples of Health Affirmations:


I put my desires and health first.  I take care of myself.  I honor my time.

I am motivated and inspired to work out regularly and consistently.

I love to exercise.  I thrive on moving the energy.  I feel good when I work out.  I make exercise a priority and it’s effortless effort!

There is nothing more important than my physical health.  It is a way of life.

I like the way I look and feel in any and all of my clothes.

I feel and act trim and energetic at all times.

I enjoy eating healthy and take time to plan my meals.  I choose the food that makes my body celebrate.

I eat fresh, raw, whole, organic fruits & vegetables frequently.

I enjoy preparing my meals and snacks.  I always have healthy snacks readily available.

My skin is smooth and young and glowing with health.

I cleanse my body and release refined sugar.

I have a habit of educating myself on the effects of sugar and draw a book about this into my life.


Examples of affirmations to specifically heal a portion of your body: (Knee example)

Regarding my Knee: I commit to:

I focus on the truth that my knee is perfect and healthy right now.

My perception of myself is the only thing that needs to be healed.  Any evidence that I’m less than optimally healthy is a meaningless illusion whose purpose is to distort reality.

I choose to commit to healing my knee.

I do medical hypnosis on my knee every night before I go to sleep.

I exercise my knee regularly.

I turn all my fears over to God.

I acknowledge healing happens when the sufferer no longer sees any value in pain.

Decisions are of the mind, not the body.  There is no gain to me at all in this knee problem.

My knee is strong, stable, reliable, flexible and active.  I now release all fears about this.





A Prayer example:

Universe – God – Help me know the Truth of my wholeness; the Truth of my Divine health and inspire me to take action to heal; and to allow healing to occur.

God, work your magic through me as I focus on healing myself.  Shift me and help me to be open to feeling your loving energy.

Jesus, Master Healer, please assist me in this healing.  I allow that Christ Conscious energy to flow through me at all times.



I allow myself to feel, express and honor my full range of emotions and I express them freely and in the moment.

I no longer repress or deny my feelings ever again.  I claim my right to a broad range of emotions, now!

God, help me to say “no” lovingly and truthfully.

I communicate my boundaries clearly and lovingly and say no when I want to say no.



I honor my time.

When I am inspired, I say “yes” and when I am not inspired, I say “no.”  I allow myself to say no without guilt and without excuse.



I delight in my wonderful adventures around the Globe.  I’ve traveled from shore to shore and I’m delightfully open to more!

I gratefully acknowledge my remarkable real estate savvy.  I’ve purchased homes in a variety of different locations.  All of which appeal to any number of my interests.  I own waterfront, mountain-top, suburban, and urban properties.

I so thoroughly enjoy my Meditation Room.



My primary intent is to realize the presence of God within.  It is not I alone that creates; but the consciousness of Spirit within that is my master creator.

The pursuit of my spirit atonement is my primary purpose in life.

I meditate daily and it’s fun, effortless, natural and an essential part of my everyday life!

I read and affirm my affirmations daily.

I journal regularly.

I seek peace first.

I participate in a spiritual support group every week.

Peace Reigns Supreme in My Life, now and always!

I seek atonement. I am gratefully and completely connected to the power and the presence of God at all times.




I experience and draw into my life many caring, loving, spiritually open and uplifting friends.

I uplift and inspire and support my friends in a loving way.

I am grateful for my fabulously aware friends.

My friends are kind, loving, giving, honoring, integritous, and like-minded.

My circle of friends is ever-expanding to match my highest ideal for intellectual and spiritual stimulation.




I always speak lovingly and truthfully to my family.

I uplift and support my children and other members of my family.

I support my children mentally, spiritually and emotionally and continue to assist them to grow yet I allow them to make their own decisions.

I am an awesome parent!  I intend to be the best mom/dad I can be! I intend to continue being an aware conscious parent!

I am a Conscious, Aware, Loving, Kind, Creative, Attentive and Consistent Mom/Dad. My children are becoming conscious, self-regulating, loving, aware, conscious, spiritual, kind, considerate, well mannered, co-creators who develop and grow in alignment with their highest path of personal growth and fulfillment.





I am grateful to have the means and resources to exert minimal effort for maximum returns.

We attract spiritual seekers that are a perfect match to our life purpose and financial goals.

Our website is acknowledged and receives awards and accolades for it’s content, design and community.

Our website explodes with popularity and work of mouth travels.  People are telling everyone they know!

The upkeep on our website is a fun and easy process.

I am grateful to know receive in excess of $5 Million for my share.

I am grateful that I easily and effortlessly attract all the resources I require, when I require them, to do what I want, when I want!



I have a loving, peaceful, considerate, thoughtful, compatible, supportive, communicative, easy, understanding, passionate and joyful relationship.

I trust myself to make decisions wisely for my highest good and I honor my boundaries firmly and in every situation.

I am thankful for my lessons.  Now, I choose a relationship that is mutually supportive and uplifting on every level.

My mate uplifts me to a heightened place of prosperity consciousness.

I have all that I desire without compromise.

I am deserving and worthy of an awesome relationship.

God, help me heal my past and help me forgive myself and my ex-partners for anything I may have judged us for.  Help me to know we did the best we could, given our intellectual tools and state of enlightenment at that time.

Help me release my need to attract codependent partners and to honor my worth – and attract a healthy interdependent relationship.

Please help me see instantly and with crystal clear vision the compatibility of any partner that may enter into my life as a potential mate with my highest desires in mind.



I am set free from the past and my financial mistakes of the past.

I now face the present and future wise, secure and unafraid.

I am grateful to receive $100,000 per month – free and clear! (NOTE: Use the amount that stretches you but does is not full of doubt. When I first started this, I was only able to imagine $15.00 an hour or about $1200.00 per month!)

I release the burden of debt to the Christ within and I am free, clear and paid in full at all times.

I now give and receive freely.

Money is energy representing my inflow and outflow.

Abundance is my Birthright and anything less than prosperity is an illusion.  I reject the illusion of poverty and choose abundance, financial freedom and success.

I am the embodiment of wealth.

God, take away all inequity and deliver to me the truth of my being as a prosperous, rich child of a loving Father.

The Universe spoils me!

In the past, I was uncomfortable receiving, but now I recognize God’s gifts and I now accept them gracefully and peacefully.

I attract people that help me grow, and I now accept all loving gifts.

All of my financial fears and questions are now put to rest easily.

When the right home appears, the perfect financial means and/or lender is instantaneously available.

I am Prosperous!  I am grateful to now have a net worth in excess of 60.6 Million dollars! (NOTE: Again, use the amount that is the most realistic stretch for you at this time, while stretching yourself a little more as often as possible)

I purchase anything I desire, when I desire it in cash.

My obligations are always paid in full and in advance easily and effortlessly.

I am an abundant child of a Rich Father in Heaven – Prosperity is my Birthright and I claim it now.

I have more than enough to spare and to share.

My income far exceeds all of my wants, needs and desires.

I effortlessly give 10% of my income to where I feel spiritually fed and this feeds my soul and supports my life.




I take time to enjoy the beauty and goodness that surrounds me.

I maintain peace of mind in all situations.

I forgive myself quickly and easily, learning my lessons and letting go.

I look for the blessing in every event.

I experience boundless enthusiasm and joy in my life.

I now radiate unlimited love to others.

I live a life that flows peacefully.

I respond positively and enthusiastically to my inner guide, having and maintained close contact with that part of me.

I am filled with creative ideas to benefit mankind.

I act on these ideas without hesitation.

I experience a lot of laughter!

I have focus.

I live a life where I am relaxed and free of stress.

I live my dreams.

I act with confidence and determination.

I strongly attract that which is good and uplifting into my life.


Now, remember that affirmations planted on toxic soil are less effective than a positive statement planted on healthy, confident soil.  Remember, if you are doubtful about something you want or an affirmation, use Emotional Freedom Technique to clear the doubt.  Then, return to your positive intent!

Since many will set a New Year’s resolution to lose weight and get fit, here are a few extra Health and Weight Loss Affirmations: (And, if you’re serious this year, may I suggest my Get Fit and Fabulous with EFT & LOA program… visit here.) 


I feel healthy, strong and energetic.


My body converts everything I eat into energy and beauty.


I CAN take off weight and I am doing it right now.


I am in total control of what I eat.


I eat only what I choose to eat and I only eat when I am hungry.


Food nourishes me.


I am now in control of my weight.


I am now becoming slimmer and healthier.


I love myself no matter what I weigh.


I love myself and this allows me to love others and accept their love.


What I eat is automatically processed by my body and changes into energy.


I maintain my chosen weight.


What I eat turns to energy and health.


The fruits and vegetables that I choose to eat are pleasurable and aid me in becoming slimmer.


Love is always available to me.


I love myself, whether I am eating healthfully or not.


I am taking off weight and gaining in beauty.


I deserve the pleasures I receive from being slim, healthy and attractive.


I now allow myself to let my natural good looks show.


It is safe for me to be my ideal weight.


I am at peace with myself and with the Universe.


The more I love my body, the more lovable it becomes.


It is easy for me to love my body.


I forgive myself for eating when what I really wanted was love.


I now allow myself to feel safe in accepting love.


I now accept the responsibility for my weight.


I am now prepared to create the kind of body I choose.


As I free myself of blame, I free myself of excessive weight.


I am in control of my mind, my body and my life.


My body converts food into loving energy.


I love how my body is getting slimmer and healthier with each passing moment.


The more I love my body, the more it conforms to the weight and shape I desire.


I am now and forever at peace with my body.


When I am eating, I pay full attention to the experience of eating.


I feel no need to eat merely because others are eating.


I chew my food thoroughly.


I eat only what I want when I want it and only when I am relaxed.


I love myself as I am, regardless of my weight.


I mentally press the reject button on any negative images, thoughts or feelings about my body.


I now release all fear, blame, guilt, sadness, anger and resentment towards myself and others concerning my weight!


I regard food as a blessing.  It is meant for me to enjoy and maintain my health.


I think of food only as a positive influence on my life.


I love how good it feels to let go and free myself of resentment, blame and guilt.


I choose to stay young, energetic and healthy.


I am strong and healthy.


My body is a beautifully functioning vehicle of my mind and spirit.


I appreciate the years of faithful service my body has given me.


I will only eat and drink what is appropriate for me to release weight and maintain my perfect shape.


My metabolism is influenced by my thoughts, and I now direct it to function in such a way as to promote my good health and desired weight and shape.


Although in the past I may have eaten to fill an emptiness inside, I now fill myself with love for myself and others.


I am nourished by loving energy that is always available to me.


I am lovable and loving at any weight.


My body is becoming exactly the way I want it to be.


All excess fat is disappearing and melting from my body as I think this thought.


My body is conforming to the shape I have chosen.


I have a very healthy, youthful and attractive glow and appearance, externally and internally.


I am in better condition and shape than I have been in a long time, and it feels good to allow myself to experience the positive emotions that go along with this end result.


I look forward to, and get a great deal of pleasure from moving and stretching my body daily.


I feel the satisfaction, fulfillment, confidence and self esteem that go along with being the way I choose to be.


As my weight comes off, I feel rejuvenated, refreshed and revitalized.


I am filled with feelings of enthusiasm, well being and excellent health, feeling more secure and confident every day.


I know I am in control of my weight, and I feel a great amount of inner strength and energy growing with each passing moment.


All changes begin with the thought, the inner reality, and work towards the outer reality.


I understand that when I visualize the end result, there are trillions of chemical reactions happening in my body.  The thought comes first.  Physical matter forms around the thought.


My brain, body and subconscious mind are an intelligent guidance system, and work in perfect harmony.  This intelligent system knows automatically how to release weight easily and effortlessly.


My subconscious mind has a blueprint of me in perfect health, balance and integrity within my body.  All I have to do is remind this system and accept now.


Written & Copyrighted by ©Anisa Aven.

Receive Anisa’s FREE Conscious Creation 101: a  5-part e-course on the basics of Manifesting by visiting You may also read more about manifesting and conscious creation by visiting the Creative Manifesting ( and Manifesting Prosperity ( Home Page.

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March 10, 2011

Lessons in Detachment 7 of 10: If What You’re Doing Isn’t Working, Do Something Different

Category: Attract Opportunities,Audios Free Downloads,conscious creation,Creative Manifesting,Law of Allowing,law of attraction,Law of Detachment,NLP,Videos — Anisa @ 7:07 am

Why are we studying detachment? Isn’t detachment just a matter of learning to “Let Go and Let the Divine” work in our lives? Yes. However, knowing that we must “let go” consistently and actually doing it are two different things. Stress, for example, in many cases is a clear sign that you are attached to something and in oppositional resistance to your real desires. Everything you desire is in vibrational harmony with the peace and appreciation that comes from being detached and allowing (yes, everything). By practicing the ideas in this series you will engage in consistent peace and more readily know that all is well, no matter what. Master detachment and you will master the art of intentional creation.

This brings us to the topic of today’s lesson in detachment. It is a simple idea really: If what you are doing isn’t working, do something different. This too is an NLP (Neuro-Linguistics programming) pre-supposition. At first consideration, this may seem trite and elementary, as we all know this in theory. However, being detached includes maintaining our clear, connected state of flow in all situations. Thus, if you can make this idea, “If what I’m doing isn’t working, I will choose to do something different” as an ethos, or a way of living, then flow, connection, solution oriented thinking and action oriented behaving becomes a more natural path.

If you want something different, you will have to do something different, and continue to vary your behaviors until you get the result you really want. This underlying assumption automates your intention to be flexible. And, we learned in Lessons in Detachment Video 5, the most flexible person has the most power and influence in any situation. Thus, the more you accept and apply this idea, “If what I’m doing isn’t working, I just need to do something different until I find the method that works” the more detached and vibrationally aligned with your true desires, you become.

In practice, this idea assumes there’s a solution to every problem if you’re prepared to keep looking until you find it. For example, if a person wants to lose weight and get healthy, they must first recognize, “What I’m doing isn’t working, I need to do something different”. If a person wants to succeed in school or succeed or in business, they may have to first realize, “I will have to do things differently than I have before.”

As students of the law of attraction, we’ve learned that what we focus upon expands. And this idea “If what you’re doing isn’t working, do something different. And, you have to vary you behaviors until you manifest the result you desire” shifts our perspective from what’s not working, to “I’m willing to experiment until I find the formula that works.” It’s literally an attitude adjustment and a time proven formula for success.

The most successful people that have ever lived think this way. Thomas Edison, held over 1000 patents including a voice recorder, a battery for an electric car, recorded music, movies, the light-bulb, and of course he was the originator of the crazy concept that we could ALL have electricity inside our homes, businesses, and factories. His ideas, at the time, were completely unrealistic and even absurd. He was successful, by his own admission, not because he was a genius but because he believed success was 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. He once said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” This is the exact same ethos as, “If what I’m doing isn’t working, I choose to do something different.”

I could go on and on about how the most successful people that have ever lived fully embrace and live by this idea. Possibly the most famous of Einstein’s quotes is “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Yet, in our everyday lives we are often insane with repetitive behaviors.

How many people, now be honest, are constantly late for appointments? Is it because you do not possess the capacity to be on time? Not likely. The same old thinking, “Oh… there’s plenty of time” for example’ will produce the same old results, “I can’t believe we are going to be late again!”

What about your relationships? How many times have you tried the same old way to get your needs met only to be disappointed in the lack of change? The same old thinking, “I have to throw a fit to get any results” will produce the same old experience, “They never listen to me”.

The problem is that we get attached and disconnected when we start to feel as though we are out of options, as though it must be a capacity issue; a fear that we or the person we are frustrated with does not possess the capacity for growth, change, or success.

What about money?? How many do we know that desperately want to be financially secure and attract prosperity, yet they continue to behave irresponsibly, over-indulging and behaving recklessly with their money?

This repeated pattern of “I’m affirming and believing in my financial unlimitedness” followed by “I’m so wealthy I can go ahead and spend a bunch of money… “followed by “I cannot believe I’m over-drawn again! I cannot believe I’m such a terrible money manager. When will I ever manifest the prosperity that is supposed to be mine? I just don’t get it! Maybe, I’m just not good enough or it’s not meant to be for me?”

Without the idea, “If what you’re doing isn’t working do something different”, you begin to question your capacity; your innate ability to create and achieve the success you really desire.

When you question your capacity, you are questioning your very core; you are questioning whether or not you actually possess the ability, the talent, and the deservedness to experience love, wealth, health and success. Just the act of wondering whether or not you deserve it, immediately causes distress. The stress of “I’m not good enough” or any derivative thereof is another example of attachment. You see, you shut down the flow of possibility; the flow of the Divine, every time you even ponder for a moment – “what’s wrong with me that I can’t get what I want?” This is another way that we get attached to the outcome. In that moment, you are creating the opposite of what you really desire. And, STRESS is your indicator that you are attached and not practicing the law of allowing.

Here’s a decision that I encourage you to make: Do not question your capacity, question your methodology. If you are not ‘on time’ it’s not your capacity it’s your methodology. If your relationship life stinks, it’s not your capacity that’s the problem, but the way you go about relating to others that’s in question. If you have money troubles, it’s not your capacity for creating wealth that’s in question; it’s the way you go about attracting, managing, and making it that’s in question.

One word of advice – most people will fall short on implementing this idea because it requires effort. And, it requires thinking to embrace the truth that there’s another way, another solution to every problem. Your work will be to stick with it until you find the choice and the behavior that creates the fulfillment you seek.

If what you are doing isn’t working, do something different. Be willing to vary your behavior until you get it, & don’t question your capacity, question your methodology. This one idea – can create an avalanche of prosperity, love, and fulfillment for you. Now, let’s put it into practice.

1) Consider something that you feel STRESSED about.
2) What are you doing?
3) What are 10 ways to do it differently?
4) Choose one.
Imagine the future as you would like it, while trying on this new option/behavior.
5) Go do it.
6) Did it work? Yes, keep doing it. No, do something different.

To join other like-minded creators and co-create your best year ever, visit for information on my Power Creators Club or visit and be sure to subscribe to my conscious creation 101 ecourse – a 5 part ecourse on the basics of manifesting.

Want to go deeper into the Law of Detachment?

Watch the other videos in this series: Lessons in Detachment (also using NLP pre-suppositions to master the law of detachment.)

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@AnisaAven There’s a solution to every problem, if you’re prepared to keep at it until you get it. Video #LOA #NLP

There’s a solution to every problem, if you’re prepared to keep at it until you get it. Learn this and you’ll be practicing the law of allowing. – Anisa Aven, Video:

Have a comment/question, I appreciate you visiting my YouTube site and adding your ideas there! Thank you!

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July 14, 2010

The Universe Has Your Back – Trust it

Category: Attract Opportunities,conscious creation,Creative Manifesting,law of attraction,limiting beliefs,LOA doesn't work for me — Anisa @ 4:18 pm

Q: Dear Anisa,

I’ve had loads of success with the LOA, right down to
manifesting the kind of weather I want IMMEDIATELY, but
there’s something really close to my heart that I’ve been
‘working on’ for a long time, and I find that I get
stumped/discouraged/overwhelmed sometimes because, well,
this is bigger. I decided that I wanted this particular
thing to be really special and magical, but in order for it
to be truly wonderful, I had to put down all the important
details that would make it so. Here’s the stumper: I get
overwhelmed by having to visualize all those details. I have
about 50, and seeing them all just makes visualizing seem
more like work than fun. I know what I want very clearly
when I put it on paper, but seeing it all in my head is
overwhelming and feels too good to be true. Any suggestions
about how to approach “The List”? Thanks so much for your
time : )

A: Yes! I’m so excited about your question and thank you
for pushing the envelope on your conscious creation

First, I’m not convinced it’s the number of items on the
list that is the problem, as much as the attachment to
HAVING to HAVE it be EXACTLY as you WANT it. Overwhelm is
one of the vibrations associated with attachment and
resistance to the flow. When we feel negative, in this
case, overwhelm, it’s our inner guide telling us that we
either do not believe we deserve or can have this or we fear
that we are not capable of creating it. By directing your
inner will to release your attachment and surrender to
whatever is Divinely Ordered for right now, you realign with
possibility and faith.

Remember, as long as we are attached, overwhelm will remain,
no matter how short your list becomes. Thus, when you can
visualize without overwhelm (or any negative emotion),
that’s when you know you’ve released the negative energy
that is blocking it from manifesting.

I recommend a nice chat with the Universe/God:

“Big U – I know you have my back and are constantly
conspiring on my behalf. I am grateful for this. And, I am
open to receiving the entire picture – everything I desire
and all that my heart delights over, now. And, I am also
open to receiving whatever I am aligned with in this moment.
I release my attachment to having to have it all right now.
I release my attachment to having it all exactly as I think
it should be. I release my need to prove I am a powerful
creator by having it precisely as I imagine it. Now, I
won’t lie – I believe I’ve created a fantastic vision that
includes all that I desire, so if it manifests this way I
will be exuberant. However, I’m also really okay if it
doesn’t. I know that I receive exactly what’s right and
Divinely Ordered in this moment according to my highest
good. I also know that I have many inner most desires and
that you, Big U, are working to combine all of them into my
most magical fulfillment – only you can do this in such a
way as to give me everything I want, even those things I
cannot fully articulate just yet. I trust the Divine Order
and let it go. For this Truth and my total fulfillment, I
dance in celebration!”

Now, you may be thinking, “…she doesn’t get it. I know
down to the minutest detail what I want and how I want it.
I can’t just let all that go – in order for this to be truly
special I must manifest it exactly this way. Otherwise
what’s the point? I’ll just have to figure this one out by

To this all I can say is, “I’ve been there and good
luck.” When you figure out how to manifest something
exactly, please send me postcards from the other side.

Forgive my feistiness today, but I’ve learned the hard way
that we don’t WANT to manifest something exactly. No matter
how much we believe we know about what we want, the Universe
always knows better. The harder we try to make it exactly
the way we want it, the more likely we are to ignore the
riches that do appear; the more likely we are to be
disappointed; the more likely we are to destroy other
aspects of our inner most desires in the process. Besides,
we are not creating in a vacuum – there’s a million other
desires that we’ve launched, a million other emotions that
are still out there marinating and coming forth into
physical form. If we had to identify ALL aspects of every
desire we’ve ever had and line them up perfectly in order to
be happy… eurghhhh! Well, need I say more?!?

Give it up and hand it over to God, first.

Now, once you’ve allowed yourself to truly release your
attachment, THEN you can start visualizing and expanding on
the specifics. For example, you have this big list, right?
Take each item on the list separately and imagine what it
would feel like to experience just that ONE aspect/detail.
What does that ONE detail feel like? How will you know that
detail exists? What is it about that detail that makes it
so glorious? Fantasize and play with each detail as if it
were the ONE thing that you enjoy most in that moment.
Then, add the next detail, and the next, and the next. The
moment you start to feel like “Oopss that last detail was
one too many”, return to your chat with God and back off the
details until you can play again.

The key is to imagine it and live, breathe, and experience
it so fully in your fantasy that you are entirely satisfied
even without it. And, be as specific as you can be without
getting attached to the outcome. The moment you tighten up
and attach, is the moment you turn it back over to the

I look forward to hearing of your success!

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June 16, 2010

How Do I Attract My Ideal Job

Category: Attract Opportunities,Attract Prosperity,conscious creation,law of attraction,LOA doesn't work for me — Anisa @ 12:53 pm

Q: I applied for a job that is perfect for my skills,
education and experience. I know the boss because he was a
professor of mine and we are friends apart from that. I
visualize the job and I’ve been fasting for cleansing and
easier manifestations too. It’s been six weeks and the job
is still open. I have not attended an interview yet. Any

A: Although you are ‘doing’ everything ‘right’, it may be
that you are not ‘being’ everything ‘right’. Let me
explain… by first, panning way back for a moment.

Did you know…… each eye of the dragonfly contains 30,000

… there are 318,979,564,000 possible combinations of the
first four moves in Chess?

… the human brain has 100,000,000,000 neurons?


I’ll get to that…

There are only a gazillion potential outcomes for each
‘desire’ that we have and while we may believe that we are
‘holding the vision’ of only one, our human minds are seldom
that stable. In fact, did you know that the average person
has 12,000 thoughts per day? And, a deep thinker will have
as many as 55,000 thoughts per day? (*National Science
Foundation study)

Now, even if you are SUPER positive person, thinking “good
thoughts” 80% of the time that still leaves between 2,400
and 11,000 negative or neutral thoughts per day!

Just like the dragon fly with 60,000 lenses on its two eyes,
we may believe we are focused on ONE belief, ‘that which I
desire is already mine’ but in a split-second our focus
shifts and we are focusing on some other possibility.

For example, in this scenario it might be thoughts and fears
firing around those 100 billion neurons such as, “What if I
don’t get this job?” And “But, I really want and deserve
this one!” And, “I can’t believe they haven’t hired anyone
yet.” And, “What’s wrong with me that I haven’t gotten an
interview?” Or worse, “I am destined to be a failure!” Or,
“Nothing ever goes my way!” Or, “I’m worthless and will
never find a job that I love!”

While it’s normal and reasonable, as thinking beings, to
have a full array of ‘what ifs’ floating around our noggins,
if left to fester they can be counter-creative to the
materialization of our goals! I’m not suggesting you can
monitor ALL of your thoughts, you can’t. However, you can
monitor your feelings to determine whether or not you are
‘on target’ with the manifestation of your intention or ‘off
target’. When you feel positive and certain, you are
vibrating in harmony with your goal. When you feel
negative, doubtful, apathetic, skeptical, worried, anxious,
fearful, etc. you are vibrating in harmony with the absence
of your goal. When you feel ‘neutral’ you are leaning
towards the positive manifestation of your goal, so long as
the most dominant previous thought was positive.

Now, the key here to insisting and commanding that your
‘feelings’ stay positively attractive is to choose to become
absolutely certain that ‘This job or something better is
mine now!” You have to both intentionally manifest it and
intentionally take action to get it, while detaching from
“needing this job” over any other one!

We must give up our attachment to something in order to have
it manifest in our lives. If you want more abundance, then
give up your NEED to have it and see how much faster your
abundance begins to flow. If you want a great relationship,
then give up your NEED to have it and see how quickly love
happens. It’s the crazy paradox that we conscious creators
must contend with. However, becoming ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN
that what you wish for is already yours and maintaining that
certainty with the same level of confidence that you have
that your heart is still beating in this moment is the
answer to your question, “what else can I do?”

You must envision it with all your heart and soul. Then,
release it with the knowing that ‘this or something better
is absolutely happening now. Yes! It’s happening now, and
I don’t have to know how.’

If you are a ‘tapper’ (use meridian therapies such as TFT,
EFT, etc.) then you can tap away any and all doubts about
the job. This will allow you to elevate your primary
thoughts/emotions to a positive neutral space of, “all is
well, now and always”. Very supportive for detachment!

Now how about that crazy fact — > there are
318,979,564,000 possible combinations of the first four
moves in Chess?

And that’s a game of chess!?!? Imagine how many
possibilities there are for the perfect manifestation of our
dreams. No matter what you believe you want, let go of the
form and the pathway that you believe is right and instead
focus on the ‘what’ and not the ‘how’. It’s not ONLY this
exact job that is right for you, but the things you believe
this ‘job’ will give to you that you don’t have now or want
more of. Thus, by eliminating any and all negative thoughts
that you are aware of as well as by focusing on the joyful
essence of having either this job or one that brings you
greater fulfillment than this job, you’ll be aligned with
the employed experience you really want!

I hold the vision with you – “You are fantastically happy at
your new job making the best money you’ve ever made and
joyously expectant about the future!”

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