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We were born with the unlimited potential to intentionally create (use the law of attraction) to manifest all of our heart's desires. Together, as Conscious Leaders guided by the Divine, we have the Mind Power necessary to co-create a sustainable, harmonious, peaceful, and prosperous world.  And, we can do this while also attracting and creating a passionate, loving, rich, healthy life with all of our personal dreams fulfilled.

October 4, 2012

Astral Projection: Really?

Category: Astral Projection,Attract Opportunities,Audios Free Downloads,Conscious Evolution,law of attraction — Anisa @ 1:43 pm

Have you ever been curious about Astral Projection? Me too.

In creative timeline work, I encourage clients to use thier imagination to go back along their timeline to re-create troublesome manifestations and experiences. And, we’ll also use the same timeline to go out into the future to create great manifestations. (Yes, it works!) This process is similar to astral projection… but I’ve never consulted an expert on the subject. Until tonight, that is.

You know I rarely share off-the-wall, over-the-top Woo-Woo stuff… But, I’m too curious about the event tonight, not to let you decide.

Let me know (comment below), what you think!

Anisa Aven
Guest Author: Steve G. Jones

Out Of Body Experience Guaranteed – Alarm Clock Technique

This technique needs to be done after a full six hours of sleep, ideally in the wee hours of the morning. Start by setting your alarm clock for exactly six hours from the time you lay down to sleep.

So if you lay down at 8:15pm, set your alarm for 2:15am and the go to sleep. When the alarm rings, get up and out of bed. Plan to stay fully awake for an hour.

If you need to, splash your face with cold water, walk around or do something to fully waken yourself.

After an hour, lay back down. Follow these five steps and get ready for an Out of Body Experience.

Step 1: Focus on your Third Eye

With your eyes opened, roll them up so that they’re looking at the center of your forehead, between your eyebrows. This will feel uncomfortable, but you won’t keep this focus for long. Once your eyes are focused (you’ll feel like you’re ‘crossing’ them), touch a finger between your eyebrows then pull it about three inches from your head. Follow your finger with your eyes and then close your eyes. Drop your hand but keep your eyes focused on that point where your finger was, even with your eyes closed.

At this point you can say to yourself, “I now put my body in sleep paralysis” as you imagine yourself leaping out of an airplane or very tall building.

Step 2: Relaxation

When you start to feel your body vibrate, you can relax your eyes. At this point you want to be sure your entire body is fully relaxed. You can affirm this by repeating to yourself “my body is completely relaxed. I now move myself to the next level. As my body falls asleep, my mind remains awake.” Remain in this state until you begin seeing pictures, colors or even video images. When these appear, you know you’re getting close to having an out of body experience.

At this point it’s important that you avoid physical movement of any kind, this will disrupt the process.

Step 3: Vibrational Pulsing

Bring you attention to your body and try to feel for the vibrations that underlie the stillness. This can be challenging at first because you’re trying to perceive extremely subtle energies. A good way to begin to get a sense of these vibrations is by tuning in to your heart beat and imagining waves of vibration flowing in time with the beats. If this doesn’t work, try refocusing on your third eye in time with the beating of your heart. Keep your eyes closed and the rest of your body totally relaxed as you do this.

Keep focusing on the vibrations until they either intensify or subside.

Step 4: Watching

Now bring your attention to any images, colors or videos you might be ‘seeing’ with your eyes closed. It’s at this point that a lot of people fall asleep, but if you can stay conscious now, you’re almost ready to project yourself out of your body. Be sure to keep your body fully relaxed. If you feel tension rising anywhere you can again repeat to yourself, “I am fully relaxed” and “I now move to the next level.”

Step 5: Floating

The only thing left to do now is wait until you feel yourself begin to float up and out of your body. This may be accompanied by intense vibrations, but if you stay relaxed, you’ll find yourself up and out! At this point you can do what you want. All you need to do is picture where you want to be or who you want to be with in your minds eye and you’ll instantly be there.

UNVEILED: The Surefire HypnoTranquility Method To Effectively Master Spiritual Transcendence For A Lifetime Of Astral Travel And Adventure Through The Metaphysical With No Limits Click HERE to Learn more

Happy (astral) travels!

Editor’s note: If astral projection could be proven – and then practiced by the masses – would all hell break loose?
Check out these arguments for the possible risks of ‘proving’ astral projection exists. Do you think economies would crash, religions would disappear and people would ‘slack’ through life? Let us know your thoughts!

Can we prove astral projection exists?

Mainstream science cannot readily accept astral projection because it cannot be duplicated in a controlled environment such as in a lab. Although some natural projectors have demonstrated this ability under professional monitoring, it still needs to be more widely controlled before it can be accepted.

And it is not like we can go into the astral planes and pick up souvenirs to bring back as showpieces. It’s the same as traveling to the moon. People were so in awe with the artifacts brought back that even a tiny grain was proof that the journey did happen. People need proof. But is that really necessary?

We simply lack the tools and techniques to monitor astral projection when it happens. But imagine if we had something like an electromagnetic pulse device, or if you’ve watched the show ‘Inception’, a machine that could hook us up and help us astral project, now imagine what the world would be like then?

There are far reaching implications with this possibility. With any significant advancement or discovery in science, the potential for abuse always exists. Just look at what the discovery of atomic energy did, or medications that are now more commonly used as drugs.

The moment we can prove that astral projection does happen and can be monitored, the world as we know it would come to an end.

Here’s what could happen:

1) Our present economy would crash

Imagine what would happen to the financial market, lottery, elections and sporting events? Because we all know that time and space can be transcended in the astral, who knows what kind of abuse might happen there. There is no way huge organizations or government will allow astral projection to rule.

2) Religious beliefs? What beliefs?

Although astral projection has been widely accepted and practiced in the east for a long time, it’s still a new concept in the west. This is partly due to our religion. Maybe it’s our religion that censored all notions of the soul being able to leave the body or the power of the mind. Maybe it’s possible that religious leaders fear the loss of power over their people. When people astral travel and they know that there’s more to life than what is here on earth, these religious institutions will have no followers.

3) A different way of living

The moment we understand that the physical body is just a shell, imagine what people would do. They’d take their bodies for granted. They will no longer struggle to live in the physical world with the ailments of the physical body. Undeveloped souls may even take the easy way out of this life through suicide and listless living. Why would a person, full of problems in physical life, want to live when he can access the glories of the astral? But what they don’t know is that these very problems are helping that person to grow spiritually and to learn valuable lessons.

But we can’t deny that if astral projection was widely accepted, the potential for healing would be massive. Sickness could be detected in the aura without going through the sufferings of physical tests.

And of course we’d no longer have to deal with plane tickets and crafty travel agents. Why take a 16-hour flight when you could travel the entire world and leap through universes in a blink?

Wish so much at stake, astral projection will never be allowed into mainstream science. But maybe, just maybe, in the secret
labs unknown to us, astral projection has already been proven to exist.  Sssshhh…

If this story resonates with you and you to know more, click here to find out things like the seven steps to safe astral travel, its ancient history and how it can bring peace to your daily life.

Learn how to astral project here >>


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July 29, 2012

Is there a timeline or how long does chemicalization take??!!

Category: Affirmations,conscious creation,Conscious Evolution,limiting beliefs,LOA doesn't work for me — Anisa @ 6:46 am


“Is there a timeline or how long does chemicalization take?”
(For more on chemicalization, see also Chemicalization and Getting What We Want.)

A: The timeline is…. (wait for it….) As Long As It Takes.

Rats! I know that’s not what you want to hear. I don’t like it either. However, if we focus on the future becoming what we intend it to be, it’s easier to batten down the hatches, and weather the storm. Beautiful creations require time. A piece of coal takes massive friction to become a diamond. An Oak tree may put out as many as 10,000 acorns before one offspring becomes a seedling, becomes a tree.

I do have good news though! Although the process of change will remain the same throughout eternity, our ability to adapt to change has infinite possibilities.

If Tadpoles & Frogs Can Evolve - Surely We Can Too!

Did you know that the lifecycle of a tadpole is different depending upon its environment AND evolutionary pressures? A tadpole in an arid environment has to evolve quickly in order to thrive before those tiny pools dry up. On the other hand, a tadpole surrounded by lots of water leisurely moves through the stages of growth. Same species, close cousins, and yet one has to evolve in as little as 29 days whereas the other has up to 15 months to become its ultimate evolution – the frog.

“That’s nice, Anisa. Thank you for the elementary science lesson… but I need to know how long will chemicalization and all the craziness that comes with it, last for me?!”

Well think about it! If a tadpole has the intelligence to intentionally evolve in order to grow, live, and prosper – then surely we do too! We too are capable of intentional evolution!

We have the capacity to surrender to the process by intentionally TRUSTING in its inherent Divinity and thereby shorten the life-cycle of the chaotic elements. Our negative reaction to the chaos actually extends and even animates its lifecycle.

A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes. It is a catalyst and it sparks extraordinary results. – Wade Boggs, Professional Baseball Player

If you were to line up all of the most successful people in the world and of all time, you’d discover there are a few things they ALL have in common:

– a) They chose to believe in their BIG DREAMS

– b) They chose to believe they had the capacity to fulfill them

– b) They chose to be resilient when they were knocked down

– d) They chose to turn even the most difficult ‘failures’ into positive possibilities

The ability to turn chemicalization into merely short moment of reconstructive, organized chaos depends upon your ability to CHOOSE a more positive perspective.

Here are some key affirmative statements to practice:

– I choose to believe in myself, despite the evidence before me.

– I choose to believe in my capacity to fulfill my dreams (handle this situation, create something better, manifest health, love, etc.)

– I choose to be resilient. I refuse to get up. I will never, ever, ever, ever give up!

– I choose to know that this too shall pass!

– I choose to know this ‘chaos’ is part of the Divine plan.

– I choose to embrace the Truth that all is well, all the time, whether I understand why or how or not!

– I choose to Trust in the Divine to organize this chaos according to my greatest and highest good, now and always.

– I choose to know that I am capable, strong, resilient, and can handle whatever is happening as simply required for the fulfillment of my Divine Purpose – which absolutely included the beautiful fulfillment of all my dreams!

Here also is a round of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) that will really help with the emotional aspect of dealing with chemicalization:

EFT to Surrender to Chemicalization & Thereby Speed it up!

Set up your intention with the Divine:

I ask the Universal Life Force, God to support, uplift and empower me. I ask that the intentions I hold are of the highest and best for not only myself but for all those involved. If I am focused upon lower-level intentions, such as fear, I seek gentle realignment. If my vision is anything less than pure-spirit and pure-love, I ask for support in exalting my sight to the highest and best that spiritual Truth contains.

Sore Spot / Karate Chop Point:

– Even though I am afraid and anxious about “this situation”, I am willing to love, accept and forgive myself anyway.

– Even though I cannot see a way out of this chaos, disconnection and difficult whirlwind, I am willing to embrace the truth that all is well, anyway.

– Even though I feel powerless, insignificant, and beaten down by this experience of chemicalization, this time of change, I am willing to be faithful and to know that this too shall pass and in the end, all is well, anyway.

Inner eye:

– This fear and doubt

Outer eye:

– I am so resistant to this change.

Under eye:

– How can this possibly be for my highest and best good?

Beneath Nose:

– I cannot wait for this to be settled. I feel so insecure.


– I’m afraid to trust this process because what if I relax and it continues to go sour or become even more of a disaster?


– I’m afraid, I’m insecure, I’m anxious – and I can’t stop it!

Anchor Truth – Hold your Wrist:

– Take a deep breath and say, “Peace!”

Repeat the KC/SS phrases:

“Even though I still feel.. .insecure, doubtful, anxious, overwhelmed, terrified, etc.” I love and accept myself anyway. I am willing to set my fears aside and accept what is as somehow perfect and within the Divine Plan, regardless of whether or not I understand it.

Inner eye:

– This remaining fear and doubt

Outer eye:

– I am still so resistant to this change.

Under eye:

– I still don’t get it?!? How can this possibly be for my highest and best good?

Beneath Nose:

– I really want this to be over, settled, calmed down! I still feel so insecure.


– A part of me refuses to trust in this process of change – it just looks so horribly wrong and dreadful! I’m still afraid and a part of me is refusing to let go and trust in God.


– I’m still afraid, I’m still insecure, I’m still anxious – and I can’t stop it! In fact, I don’t even know for sure that I would if I could!

Anchor Truth – Hold your Wrist:

– Again – Take a deep breath and say, “Peace!” Take as many deep and forceful breaths as necessary and repeat, “Peace!” (Allow PEACE fill you.)

Now, let’s implant some POSITIVE commands:

Inner Eye: I am willing to be peaceful.

Outer Eye: I am willing to relax, let go, and let God.

Under Eye: This too shall pass.

Beneath Nose: I realize my fear is not protecting me or helping anything. I choose to release all fear, doubt, and mental-crazy-making –now!

Chin: I accept Divine Order, even when I can’t see; I have faith that Divinity remains continuous, and unrelenting and therefore all is well, no matter what.

Collarbone: I choose peace. I choose faith. I choose to let go, and let God.

Anchor Truth: (Hold Wrist) Peace

YOU CAN CHOOSE TO GROW… even when it’s all messy! Growth means using adversity as an opportunity to assume your life is getting better and that the outcome of chaos is peace, love, order, prosperity, and joy.

And, when you just can’t ‘assume’ it. Then do your emotional work to allow you to atleast trust in the process of Divine Order. EFT, Meditation, Intentional Journaling – all help.

I hold the vision of a MUCH smoother trip through the land of chemicaliztion next time!

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October 26, 2011

Is it counter-productive to our growth if we are not faced with adversity?

Category: conscious creation,Conscious Evolution,Conscious Leadership,global transformation — Anisa @ 2:27 pm


Wouldn’t the things you list [The elimination of all war, poverty, hunger, and disease] also dramatically diminish the Contrast that can be experienced here on earth?

I’ve read a lot of Abraham-Hicks, and it seems that the contrast is needed in order to know what you really want. So, if there was only peace, would we know that we want it? Is it possible to have no poverty? Wouldn’t there always be relative poverty of some type? These are the thoughts that occur whenever I hear someone suggest the world should be more free of these types of contrasts. It might be counter-productive to our growth here on the earth plane if we are not faced with adversities and choices.

Just my two cents…



Yes, I agree – there will always be contrast and thank goodness for the Divine Order of opposites!  The contrast is why we chose to be here on this planet at this time – to CREATE in-spite of the contrast; to DIRECT intention because of the disagreements and to TAP-INTO-FLOW using the disparity as our impetus.

My great, great grandfather was a share-cropper in Louisiana.  He raised his family alongside other extremely poor, share-croppers and they all lived in over-crowded, dilapidated, dirt floor homes.  Somewhere along the way, my great grandfather found and fostered a vision for something better for his family.  Somehow, he imagined that if he could just buy his own land and start his own small vegetable garden that they could have a happier, healthier, more prosperous life.  At some point, he risked it all to seize this vision and moved to Texas where he became a landowner and a successful farmer. The vision for this possibility had to come from somewhere.  Maybe he dreamed it up on his own or maybe he heard or saw someone else create something better.  Regardless, it’s the possibility for something better (than the adversity) that inspires us to create change and go for our dreams.

Inside, we hunger for enough contrast to drive us mad with passion, and enough passion to compel us toward our own evolution and transformation.  We hunger for development and without contrast, at least at this stage of our evolution, the ennui would be unbearable. Oh… what do you know, more contrast?!?

Indeed, there will always be a Yin and Yang and it would in fact be counter-productive to our development should all adversity be eliminated.  Thus this planet will always have relative poverty, strife, and conflict.

And, I’m also completely convinced that there are a gazillion options between the extreme anguish and suffering that we have in our world today and total, absolute PEACE, FREEDOM, and PURE LOVE.   I’m comfortable reaching for and holding the vision for WHOLENESS all the while knowing that this vision will never fully come into fruition with 100% purity.

I am not so naïve (or would it be arrogant) to believe that pure peace and the elimination of all strife is the precise end game. Never the less, I am willing to hold the vision and allow the Universal Law of Balance to sort out the ‘Peace and Prosperity’ variations.  I don’t have to have it be ‘perfect’ according to my plan but I do believe with foresight and intentional direction, it can become Divinely Perfect and significantly better just the same.

I maintain that it is our responsibility, as conscious creators, to hold the vision of Peace and Prosperity, simply because we are conscious of the fact that our thoughts create our reality.  Let me restate this – it is my fiduciary duty to HOLD the vision BECAUSE I understand how we co-create our world; by neglecting my part of the vision, I support it’s opposite.  Should I choose NOT to hold the vision, I am automatically complicit with the status quo of extreme poverty, violence, unsustainable environmental affronts, etc.

I liken this to my commitment to the democratic process and my right vote. It is not only my right but my responsibility to vote.  Millions have lost their lives in the struggle for freedom with the hope that someday their children or their children’s children will have the right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Again, I am not so naïve as to believe that my single vote makes a difference but I refuse to squander away my right just because it might not matter!  I refuse to disrespect those that fought for my freedoms by being complacent and too indifferent to get to the polls.

Likewise, there’s a spiritual movement afoot and millions are gathering to discuss and act upon creative options for creating a world more aligned with harmony, peace, prosperity, and wellness. Millions through the years have experienced punishment, humiliation, and even death (think Salem witch trials) due our progressive ideas; that we are powerful creators capable of directing energy and consciously creating our world. I refuse to neglect my role and responsibility in this movement simply because my little vision may not matter or because the end-game is not actually pure utopia.

As we join together to hold the vision of the IDEAL, my vision adds to your vision, which adds to another’s vision and with enough visions, we have a chance to influence our global community in a very powerful and positive way (albeit short of Perfect Peace.)

I have a family member that refuses to vote because he believes “My vote won’t make a difference so why should I waste my time?”  And, I have a dear friend who wants to make a difference but believes, “My life is a mess – how can I possibly help someone else?” If we seek to find a reason for inaction, we will always find it –whether our desire is to find a mate, start a business, or create world peace.  🙂

Contrast is a dependable motivator and a necessary instigator for a meaningful life.  Likewise, a powerful vision can change not only our lives but the world as well.

I will continue HOLDING the vision of PEACE, PROSPERITY, AND WELLNESS and for those that it is meant to support, it will go forth and be there when they are ready to align.

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March 22, 2011

Higher Consciousness Healing for Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Crisis

Category: Conscious Evolution,law of attraction — Anisa @ 5:57 pm

Higher Consciousness Healing – How to engage in enlightened activism for our world in crisis.

I have to remind myself to be mindful of watching too many hours of negative news about the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear crisis in Japan.  I do not want to become energetically complicit in the co-creation of more disaster.  However, this does not give me permission to stick my head in the sand either.  Instead, I am asking myself (and you) to align with the potential and possibility of a generative, higher-consciousness response.  We, as cultural creatives, are mostly ‘new’ to this idea that not only do our thoughts create our own reality but collectively we are co-creating our world’s reality.  Therefore, I want to be intentional about how I send forth my co-creative thoughts.  We want to send forth prayers that hold the positive belief that Japan can be uplifted, encouraged, comforted, connected, cared for and protected from further crisis.  We want to send forth prayers and positive actions that bear witness to our love for our beloved brothers and sisters and their country, Japan.  We want to send forth the idea that WE are ONE and as they begin to heal and create new villages, we are with them in loving spirit.  Please pray for the highest possible blessings and miracles to be bestowed upon them now.  We can help them heal from afar.  Our thoughts and prayers are powerful as are our financial contributions.  Let’s join together to give generously from our heart and visionary intentions as well as from our wallets.

Below, please find a few enlightened ways you can HOLD the vision and help from a higher-consciousness vibration of healthier healing:

A Spiritual Mind Treatment by Anisa Aven Download Spiritual Mind Treatment (Right Click, Save As)

A prayer for higher-consciousness healing, miracles and grace-filled recovery both for Japan, the Japanese survivors, those that have lost loved ones and for those of us who are standing on the periphery feeling helpless.  We can help – love and prayers can help us all to heal.

Send your prayers and letters to Japanese Earthquake Survivors: (Visit from Dr. Michael Norwood of

“Words are powerful.  Potentially more powerful than earthquakes, tsunamis and nuclear radiation.  Directed at the human heart, words can uplift the faltering.

Unite the masses.  Even overthrow dictators.  We’ve all seen that unstoppable power take hold in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya all in just the last few months.  Now, let’s you and I use our words to sweep Japan. Let’s use our letters/posts on Facebook to calm the fears of those suffering.  To let the Japanese earthquake and tsunami survivors know they are not alone.  To let them know that we are by their side.  Write your letters to Japan’s earthquake survivors at

(I received the above letter from Dr. Michael Norwood a few days ago.  Please post your letters and hold the vision out-loud! )


A Healing Meditation for Japan, from fellow author and spiritual activist, Tara Springett:

“We are all upset by the terrible pictures about what is happening in Japan. Most of us feel helpless and don’t know what to do. However, there is something we can do – Higher-consciousness healing. I know from many years of working with my clients that using this simple practice has real and tangible positive effects on other people.  I asked my Higher Consciousness for a healing symbol to help the people who are suffering in Japan. I received a bright golden sun.

Here is what you do:
– Imagine the bright golden sun in your heart radiating with love, happiness and courage and filling your whole body and then all around you like in a golden ball. Feel the positive feelings of comfort, happiness and love. Once you feel good in yourself go to the next step.
– Imagine the golden light from your sun going to Japan and enveloping the whole country with a layer of love and light. Imagine that everyone finds comfort and strength and that the spirits of those who have lost their life effortlessly move on to a happier place.
– Stay with these inner pictures for 2 minutes.

As I said, this meditation is not only thought to make you feel good. I know from years of experience that it will have some real benefits for others. With love,  Tara.

Contribution:  This practice is part of Higher-consciousness healing that is described in more detail in her book ‘The Five-Minute Miracle’. One can use this practice to overcome all sorts of problems and also help others – within 5 minutes a day – as the title states.  For more information visit,


Tapping (Surrogate EFT) for Japan (by Jessica Ortner of The Tapping Solution)

A quick 15-minute Surrogate EFT audio, a f*ree tap-along recording that you can listen/tap with right now.

The Tapping Solution folks are also donating 100% of proceeds from all documentary sales to Japanese Relief funds here:


Catastrophe in Japan: Helping Your Child Comprehend and Cope by Charlotte Reznick, Ph.D.

The emotional effects of watching such a catastrophe can be tremendous. Children and teens can feel especially helpless when they see these images of the devastation, including homeless and injured Japanese children and orphans on the news. Kids also absorb worry and sadness from their parents, or from classmates who have family ties in Japan.

One of the difficulties experienced by parents is that they have not had adequate time to deal with their own reactions when they are called upon to deal with the impact on their children….(read more at )


Donate to where you feel most aligned and when unsure about a charity, visit the Charity Navigator at

Charities that have made a commitment to use all designated funds for Japan:

Mercy Corps in partnership with Peace Winds:


Architecture for Humanity:

Food for the Hungry:

Did you know??  While text messaging a donation is an easy way to contribute, please note that it can take up to 90-Days for the charity to deliver the funds/supplies.  They need our help now.  Please consider donating directly to organizations that will commit 100% of designated donations to Japan.

Thank you for your enlightened response during this time of change.  We have asked for growth and evolution on our planet.  Now, I’m asking the Universe for strength and courage to weather these times, and to have faith that on the other side we will land on safe ground sheltered by the omnipotent healing love of the Divine.  So be it.

You are loved.

Anisa Aven

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January 17, 2011

A spiritual Mind Treatment for Peace in our World and an Evolution in our Schools

Category: Conscious Evolution,law of attraction — Anisa @ 3:21 pm

I do not always know how to share with you my personal struggles or how my family uses the Universal Laws. There are times when it’s ultra personal as my family and I make our way through the messy parts of life, bouncing off the speed bumps and barriers as we attempt to make good decisions but sometimes fail to choose the easiest or most spiritual path. Never the less, I feel that other conscious creators and parents may want to know how to deal with teaching their children how to be aligned with love at all times while still defending their honor when they need to.

This was my family challenge last week. My thirteen year old son, Parker, got into a physical altercation with another boy. The boy was calling Parker names, bullying and goading him for a week in front of the other kids. They finally had a face-off and the boy threw red fruit punch all over Parker. Parker snapped, threw his books, jumped onto and over the cafeteria table and hit the kid four times in the back of the head. When I asked him, “What happened?” He said, “Mama, I know I shouldn’t have hit him. But, if I didn’t then every kid is school would call me names. Tomorrow, I’d have to fight 10 more boys and be known as a wimp forever.” Remembering how tough middle school was when I was a kid, I knew that what he was saying was true. However, I still cannot support him in thinking that violence was the only way to handle it. I can’t help but get teary eyed even now as I try to figure out how to guide him.

Fortunately, both boys are fine and the principal was truly generous in her leniency. Parker is not a trouble maker. He’s an honor-roll student with straight A’s. And, he’s lucky to only have in-school suspension as many schools are suspending and even arresting children for fights. I had been in a true quandary about how to handle this. I understand that he felt like he had to do something to make a stand and put an end to the bullying once and for all. And, I also need to be able to teach him that physical violence will never solve a problem ever.

If I, as a conscious creator, cannot find a vision of peaceful resolution for situations in my own family, how can I hold that vision for our world?

If I, as a light-worker hoping to help our planet grow and transform into one dominated by love and kindness, I must find a vision that includes non-violent resolution to all things hurtful.

In my panic as I realized I did not have that vision and could not find it on my own, I do what I always do when I hit my personal growth glass ceiling, I ask the Divine for help. I wrote a spiritual mind-treatment (a prayer) asking for help. The following is that prayer:

In this moment I acknowledge that there is but ONE Presence, ONE Power, ONE all-providing source of all living and non-living things in this world. That omnipotent Presence and Power is God, no matter what label or phrase I use. This ONE Unifying force is the Presence of the Divine that creates worlds. And as there is only ONE, I must be part of that ONE. If there is only ONE source of energy, of substance, then I must be part of that ONE. Thus, I cannot be separate. I cannot be divided from that ONE. And, if this is true for me it must also be true for every living breathing entity on this planet. We cannot be divided from that ONE. We cannot be separate. We must be that which this Divine Presence is.

If we are ONE with the all-providing Source of life, love, prosperity, wholeness, peace and joy then I claim my Divine Right to the experience of all things glorious and Divine. If I am one with that which is GOD then I must be the LOVE which is God; I must be the Peace that is God. And, as I claim this Truth to be the Truth for me – I claim it to be the Truth for anyone reading this now and anyone that is open to this Truth whether we ever connect or not. If they are ready to know that they are Divine Children of an all-providing, benevolent Mother/Father/God then let this ONENESS express itself in a miraculous and comfortable way now.

In this moment, I pray and give thanks for the instant resolution to all things hateful, hurtful, violent, unjust, unfair, uncivilized, bigoted, and unkind. I celebrate the work of great non-violent activists such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and remember his words as a Divinely Inspired Call to Action for all enlightened beings, now.

I request that my heart and soul understand the power of his words while still finding and maintaining the vision of LOVE reigning supreme. I have come to this moment to ask myself and all beings on it to rise to the need for greater acceptance and love of one another. Now is the time to make real the promise of kindness and the promise of mutual respect, that all children deserve. Now is the time to eliminate hate and the darkness that comes from a closed heart. Now is the time to teach our children how to accept others, no matter how different we think they might be. Now is the time to unite in love and lead our children away from violence and lack of empathy for their peers and into a time of awakening and a time of loving connection for all people of all ethnicities, religions, and orientations.

We CAN uphold the way of non-violent, peaceful resistance to even the most shameless deeds of hate and by doing so, eradicate the hate that once inspired those actions in the first place. I know that we, the people, do not understand violent people or actions, such as the one that occurred in Arizona last week and our heart is filled with great despair and sorrow.

But I also know that we are evolving into light and love filled beings capable of great leaps in consciousness. I accept that we are currently spiritual infants and I am patient with us all. I understand that while we do not currently realize our power to create peace and all-out love across all physical and mental borders, I deny any thought that it is impossible. I deny any idea that we are incapable of this evolution.

I admit that I myself do not know how to hold LOVE at all times no matter what and I ask for guidance and forgiveness so that I may experience this now. I ask the angels among us to help us as we take this leap of faith in healing our world by accepting our Divine Power to LOVE as conscious creators. I ask and give thanks that the courage to hold the vision of peace and then take divinely inspired action to co-create this is happening now, and we don’t have to know how.

I ask and give thanks for an instant evolution to take place in our schools. That children who are bullying others realize the love in their hearts and cease and desist all such hurtful actions now. I ask that these children be blessed with love in their lives from people all around them and be transformed by this love. I ask that the victims of bullying find the courage to speak up and re-direct the negative attention through non-violent and harmonious solutions such as laughter, diversion, and intelligent, honorable solutions. I ask and give thanks that the parents of bullies be transformed as well. They seek love and it is given. They seek connection and they find it. I ask that the caretakers, teachers, and administrators open their eyes to also find and administer a peaceful, enlightened and honorable solution to hate in our schools – not only administering wise and just consequences but working together with the children to transform the environment that supports unkindness in the first place. They are all born again into an enlightened heart-centered world that is filled with peace, love, acceptance, and joy. It can happen and is happening now. I give thanks for this Truth now. So be it.

Copyright, 2011 CreataVision Enterprises, Anisa Aven.

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September 6, 2010

How Does the Law of Attraction relate to Blessings in Disguise?

Category: Conscious Evolution,law of attraction,limiting beliefs,LOA doesn't work for me — Anisa @ 8:50 am

How does the law of attraction relate to blessings in disguise?

Q: I found myself wondering what, from your perspective,
prevents you from dealing with negative experience in the
way that your mother did? I am deeply interested to know
the answer for personal reasons I do not know how to put in
words at present. It interests me because you seem to be
suggesting that it is something about ‘different make-up’ or
something, & not a matter of choice – but you also say that
you believe it is a choice your mother made a long, long
time ago. Or do you mean that it is harder for some people
to make that choice? If so, why do you think that is? What
is it that ‘makes the difference’ do you think?

I am not sure if I have misunderstood what you have written,
& would really appreciate your thoughts about this. – Love,

Answer: All of my life challenges are blessings in disguise.
Let me explain…

I think you’re asking why do some of us have so much more
trouble than others?
And, why do some of us have a more difficult time going
through challenges than others?

(My friend A is referring to last week’s eZine, “I can’t
believe I drowned my honey’s pizza” about my lapse into
previous patterns even though I’ve done all this work. Link
at the bottom of this article.)

I want to clarify my comment, “I wasn’t built that way.” I
was flippant and did not mean to suggest that we are born
with a predestined blueprint. While I do believe in the
possibility of karma as an influential factor, I do not
believe in a karmic debt that controls our lives. The
distinction for me is the difference in our soul’s calling
being controlled by a pre-ordained agenda (karmic debt) vs.
influenced by pre-selected, pre-birth soul path (karmic

Karmic influence is akin to calling ahead for take-out.
Between worlds, I sat in front of the life-values menu and
circled a few that I believed would equip me best.

I imagine it went something like this…

Soulmate G: “So, ‘nee…” (That’s my nickname) “You gonna go
back or stay around here?”

Anisa: “What? Of course, I’m going back – I’m nowhere near
done! What about you?”

Soulmate G: “Naw… I’m thinking I’ll hang out on this side
and see if I can’t help those zany humans from this plane.”

Anisa: “Wow, that’s cool. Hey! That means you’ll be there
when I need you too! And, I’m sure I’m going to need lots
of help this time. I’ve got some big plans for what I want
to do.”

Soulmate G: “I’ll be here for you – definitely. What plans
you have?”

Anisa: “Well… I don’t know exactly what or how it will play
out – but I really feel this compelling desire to do
something BIG this time. I really want my life to have a
profound impact and make a difference. There’s some crazy,
messed up stuff happening down there right now. I gotta get
in there and see if I can help straighten things out in some
small way. I don’t know if I can but I have to try. It
would be so awesome to see if I can help that planet return
to love. I get this incredible HIGH just thinking about

Soulmate G: “I knew you were going to say that. Sooooo many
are returning right now with the same mission – big plans to
help the humans make that global shift. And, what with all
the innovations that are going to happen there over the next
50 years… it’s really possible. But, I hate to be the
bearer of bad news…

Anisa: “Ohh… Here comes the but…”

Solmate G: “But, you know you’ll have to go through and see
some terrible things, right? I mean you’re prepared for
that, if that’s what it’s going to take, right?”

Anisa: “Prepared? Ha! I don’t know that I’m prepared – I
mean who’s ever really prepared for pain?!? But, I’m
thinking I’ll put in some intentions to go through “just
enough” to equip me properly. Since I can’t take all my
memories and wisdom consciously into this next life
adventure, I’ll have to experience opportunities to remember
who I really am and regain my wisdom. And, I don’t want to
wait until I’m older to get it together, so that means I’ll
have to have a childhood that gives me the opportunities to

Soulmate G: “Indeed. You’ll have to re-learn that you are
unlimited and have a huge capacity for love. You’ll have to
remember that we are connected and that you have unlimited
resources accessible; you’ll have to remember that you are
not alone but that the Divine always has your back. I hope
you get that quickly… I’m gonna miss you if you don’t!”

Anisa: <Ha ha… > “Yeah… I hope I get it quickly too… it’d be
so cool to just pop-out knowing I’m unlimited and just stay
that way no matter what happens.” <We laugh and then I take
a deep breath.> “But, we both know that’s not likely. I
mean I’m not choosing to be the Dalai Lama!” <We laugh>

Soulmate G: “I sort of envy you… you get to taste all that
contrast and all that passion. It’s going to be so
delicious. Okay, so what life-values are you going to

Anisa: “I really think I’m going to have to choose the big
ones this time. The planet is really disconnected right
now, so if I’m going to make it count, I’ve got to choose
the highest values I can. I’m thinking I’ll need to master
forgiveness, compassion, and resilience for sure.”

Soulmate G: <cringing grin> “Wow… you’re not choosing the
easy ones are you?!”

Anisa: ” Erghh…. I know… and I can’t lie. I wish it could
be easier this time -but I absolutely don’t want to miss a
growth opportunity just for the sake of easy. Making a
difference is more important to me than having it easy.
I’ll manage whatever life brings me so long as at the end of
the day I’ll be able to fulfill my mission.”

Soulmate G: “What other values do you think you’ll need to

Anisa: “Well… since I’m sure I’ll have to develop other
skill-sets along the way, I’m going to need patience,
persistence, flexibility and resourcefulness.”

Soulmate G: “Ahhh… persistence. Did you choose that one
last time? I did – and ouch! The only way to learn to be
persistent is to be knocked down. And, knocked down a lot!
I remember I had to force myself back up over and over
again, sometimes it paid off but persistence isn’t an easy
one either.”

Anisa: <Nodding in agreement.> “I guess I don’t have to know
all the values I’m to learn so long as at the end of my life
I’ll be able to look back and say I made a difference. I
made my life count. I can leave this planet knowing I lived
my life to the fullest and fulfilled my mission. I learned
my lessons quickly, put them to good use and left the planet
better off than when I started.”

Soulmate G: “Beautiful. Well, remember to close your eyes
and listen. I’ll always be here for you; guiding you,
loving you, inspiring you, and whispering in your ear. You
are loved and supported. You are on your Divine Right

Anisa: “Thanks. I love you too. Okay… I’ve got a train to
catch! See ya! Whoo hooo!”

I’ve thought a great deal too about why my personal growth
journey has included some disturbing traumas and violations.
I have shared some of my life challenges in past articles
and inside my programs to make a point, but feel that my
point today is not that I’ve had these horrible life
experiences and managed to succeed in spite of them, but
that on a deeper, soul-purpose level I understand that this
was a chosen path; a path that was required for me to do the
work I do today.

One example always bubbles to the surface whenever I think
about my life experiences and how they help me make a
difference today. About 10 years ago, I had the honor of
coaching a teenage girl (we’ll call her Callie). Callie had
an extremely challenging childhood, was skipping school,
experimenting with drugs and engaged in very risky behavior.
I was able to relate to some of her experiences and choices
because I had been through a similar time myself. I was
able to reach her in a special way because I understood and
I did not judge.

After working together for about 3 months,
my client’s grandmother showed up on my doorstep with tears
in her eyes. I was so afraid that something had happened.
She threw her arms around me and said, “Thank you. I don’t
know what kind of magic you performed but I have my
granddaughter back. I love you.”
Callie is now in her late
twenties and has said to me, “When I say you saved my life –
I mean it. I was seriously thinking of leaving this world.”

If I never make a difference for any other person or cause
in my life, I will still feel like it was worth it. Every
challenge that I experienced growing up equipped me with the
right compassion at the right moment to make a difference to

My answer to the question, “Why did you choose more
difficult life experiences?” is because I wanted my life to
make a difference. I want to have a profound impact on this
planet and leave it a better place. And, my pathway to do
this is through coaching, writing, and sharing spiritual
principles. Without my ‘rough patches’ I would have had no
reason to grow and learn this transformational stuff!

I believe we choose on a soul level to experience certain
lessons as a means of preparation. I also understand that
growth never occurs without a reason and change rarely
occurs without pain. (Why would we close the window if it
wasn’t hot or cold? Why would we get up and get a job
unless the pain of not having one inspired us?)

“Nobody’s life is entirely free of pain and sorrow. Isn’t it
a question of learning to live with them rather than trying
to avoid them? The greater part of human pain is
unnecessary. It is self-created as long as the unobserved
mind runs your life. The pain that you create now is always
some form of non-acceptance, some form of unconscious
resistance to what is. On the level of thought, the
resistance is some form of judgment. On the emotional level,
it is some form of negativity. The intensity of the pain
depends on the degree of resistance to the present moment,
and this in turn depends on how strongly you are identified
with your mind.”
– Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now: A Guide
to Spiritual Enlightenment, (New World Library, 1999)

I also want to address quickly the question, “why do you not
choose to deal with negativity as your mother did”? There
are plenty of times when I too deal with negativity with
extreme flow, love, and kindness. And, times when my lesson
of “comprehension” or “compassion” or “sacrifice” or
“selflessness” or whatever value was up for bid that day
required me to fall out of my flow and fight the situation.

It’s all good as we cannot get it wrong and we’ll never get
it done. (Love this Abraham paraphrased quote! )

When spiritual seekers get to that enlightened place of
understanding that “It’s all good, all the time”, weathering
storms simply becomes a matter of flexing and flowing. We
do not stand in judgment with terms such as “that’s good”
and “that’s bad” and “that’s right” and “that’s wrong”.
Instead, we stand in awe as we wander curiously what
adventurous road will unfold next.

“If I had a formula for bypassing trouble, I would not pass
it round. Trouble creates a capacity to handle it. I don’t
embrace trouble; that’s as bad as treating it as an enemy.
But I do say meet it as a friend, for you’ll see a lot of it
and had better be on speaking terms with it.”
Wendell Holmes

For me, it is not about the pain of the traumas now but
about what these wounds have given me in the way of
fortitude and wisdom for fulfilling my bigger purpose.

It’s about seeing that the ever-flowing continuum of life
dictates that each of our challenges, when embraced, are the
experiences that become blessings in disguise when applied
to our life purpose.

I look forward to hearing of your success! (Please post
your questions and comments – I’ll try to answer them in
future morsels.)

To read last week’s article, “Find the linchpin” (also known as I drowned my honey’s pizza.)

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July 30, 2010

I Feel Guilty for Having So Much When So Many Are Suffering

Category: conscious creation,Conscious Evolution,Conscious Leadership,global transformation,law of attraction,LOA doesn't work for me — Anisa @ 6:07 pm

Dear Anisa,
Last evening I watched Ann Curry visit one of the little
towns in Ohio where people are starving, children are ill
and dirty and have no food. The whole town seems to have
lost their livelihood and is ill-equipped by skill or
education to do much else. Jobs seem temporary when they do
come and even with the little income, the current economy
and abandonment to foreign resources leaves minimal options
for most. The town featured is not the only place where
poverty in the midst of surrounding luxury sharply
contrasts, but many of those featured were middle class
citizens with jobs and homes at one time.

I look at who I am, what I have, what I do on a daily basis
and I am so blessed. But I also feel a huge sense of guilt
and sadness….I cannot factor in the LOA and the ability to
create and how these concepts are not utilized…If we make
this work for us, why doesn’t it work for everyone? Is it
lack of awareness? I would like your thoughts on this as I
struggle. – Karen


Thank you for your heartfelt sharing and question. I too am
finding myself more and more stirred by what’s happening
around the world and by something I can only describe as an
inner awakening. I sense that we are being called forth,
compelled by our connected sense of wholeness to do
something more, to fulfill a greater purpose and to co-
create a better, more conscious and harmonious world.

The challenges we face (sans excessive climate change) have
always been present. However, for the first time in
history, we are conscious of our creative powers and our
interconnectedness. The number of people awakening to a
world beyond survival, maintenance, selfish ideals and
materialism is reaching a critical mass – a tipping point
leaning in the direction of a conscious revolution and
intentional evolution. From my perspective, there’s a reason
why we are more acutely aware of the tragic conditions now
than we were previously – it’s part of the Divine Plan;
calling us forth to action and ultimately global

I really want to make this point – so let me say it another
way. The fact that we are aware of those that are suffering
(in that small town in Ohio or anywhere else on the planet)
AND the fact that they are suffering are both active
partners in the Divine Plan to awaken us to our roles and
responsibilities as conscious creators born to co-create a
better world.

The message is not just coming from those of us who are
untouched by the financial crisis, for example, but also
from those that are in the middle of it. And, it’s not just
that the Universal Principles don’t work for them. It’s
that the Universal Laws are at work launching a higher

The following excerpt from my article, “Why Bad Things
Happen to Good People” does not satisfy our need for a neat
and tidy explanation, but perhaps you too can find peace in
the consistency of the Universal Laws:

“….combining the principle of teleology with the many layers
of consciousness we find answers. I’m not suggesting the
answers are satisfactory or comforting, but they are at
least answers that are congruent with what we believe about
the Universal Laws of Creation. Consider, for example, the
evolutionary changes that, as far as I can tell, always
ensues chaos, destruction and tragedy. We can’t help but
wonder if somehow super-intentions along with the multiple
layers of consciousness were at work inspiring the end

Viktor Frankl, considered one of the most profoundly
influential psychiatrists of our time wrote in his book,
Man’s Search for Meaning:

“We who lived in concentration camps can remember the men
who walked through the huts comforting others, giving away
their last piece of bread. They may have been few in number,
but they offer sufficient proof that everything can be taken
from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms–to
choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to
choose one’s own way.” (-Viktor Frankl, M.D., Ph.D., (March
26, 1905 – September 2, 1997) was an Austrian neurologist,
psychiatrist, and Holocaust survivor.)

Imagine for a moment that Victor Frankl’s story, listed as
one of the ten most influential books in America, had never
happened? Is it possible that the Divine Order (possibly his
soul-choice) inspired not only his Nazi concentration camp
experience but his survival as a match to his higher
calling; a match to a super-intention? If his life purpose
was to arouse the spiritual liberation of millions of souls
that found his work then who are we to say that what
occurred for him was not a match?”

I am one of the millions that have been transformed by his
story. And, although it’s really difficult to accept that
pain/suffering may be required to awaken, or to find
liberation, I find peace in the fact that there really is a
Divine Plan that we cannot see. And, yet… maybe as we
awaken to the call, we really do see it because we have an
important role to play?

Even the invention of the internet was called forth from our
collective desire, even before we were aware of it, to have
instant and immediate access to knowledge and our global
community. The internet is the out-picturing of what we, in
the conscious culture, might imagine the “Akashic records”
would look like, if we had to draw out the architectural
design, for example. We now have access to anyone, anywhere
on the planet at any time and instant access to any and all
forms of knowledge, history, innovations, movements, news,

We are so intimately connected with our brothers and sisters
around the globe, there’s now an endless supply of
opportunities for not only personal fulfillment and global
contribution but also the 24-7 removal of our ignorance and
obliviousness with the onslaught of ever-streaming bad news.
It’s gloriously and heinously at our fingertips at all

Underneath it all, we’ve always known about the suffering.
Somewhere on our planet there has always been someone(s)
suffering through persecution, war, genocide, extreme
poverty, violence, starvation, hunger, lack, illness, and
all manners of emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual
anguish. But now, we are not only aware of the suffering
we are poised to make the decision between defeat by
darkness or intentional advancement by illumination.

Here’s the exciting part – We are the Change-makers. We are
the awakened. We are the ‘chosen’ ones – not because we’ve
been chosen, but because we have chosen to awaken. Many of
us, who have much to be grateful for, have utilized the
power of our minds for personal gain and fulfillment. We’ve
read the books, attended the seminars, and invested millions
of dollars on personal growth, self-development, and
spiritual enlightenment.

And, we absolutely get to be grateful and proud of our
accomplishments. It has been a necessary part of our
journey to create wealth, comfort, and full bellies. When
people stay in ‘survival’ mode, they are less capable of
creative activism. We HAD to accept our unlimitedness and
manifest the cars, and the comforts, in order to experience
the possibilities of expansiveness. There’s zero shame in
achieving prosperity, even while those around us suffer, so
long as we realize that at some point our prosperity will be
meaningless and burdensome unless we expand and grow into
the ‘Enlightened Species’ we were born to become. This
enlightened species will not only have personal fulfillment
and abundance but will join together in one collective
spirit to transform our world’s problems.

I’ve heard Barbara Marx Hubbard, world-renowned futurist and
evolutionary leader speak of the mass traumas and global
crises that face us as “evolutionary drivers.” These events
are not without purpose but instead are propelling us –
driving us towards becoming what she calls “Universal

We are the Universal Humans being awakened to our incredible
potential as evolved, conscious, congruent, compassionate,
intentional, innovative, and co-creative species destined to
create a new and better world.

<<<< Big Deep Breath >>>>> Wow…. How can we consciously
create a better vision, beginning now?

Twitter: RT @AnisaAven Crisis is our wake-up call to do something more, like make difference in the world intentionally

Facebook: How are we supposed to think positive when so many are suffering? We can use the LOA to manifest a better world! “Why are so many suffering” article by Anisa Aven

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July 7, 2010

Surrogate EFT for the Crisis in El Salvador – can we tap for a group?

Category: Conscious Evolution,Conscious Leadership,global transformation,Surrogate EFT,Videos — Anisa @ 7:04 pm

Question: Can you do surrogate EFT on a group of people,
like a company, or a team, or a country, for instance? Or
do you have to tap on them individually?

Yes! This goes for any group of people – a family, company,
organization, country, city, government, a team (sports,
activists, project, co-workers, science fair, etc.) and any
gaggle you can name!

Allow me to be Captain Obvious, as my son would say, and
point out that it’s more difficult to benchmark your impact
when tapping for larger entities such as a country or a
government, for example.

However, do not let the fact that you are not sure if its
‘working’ prevent you from lending your support. When we
feel helpless and insignificant and like nothing we can do
can help such a big, bad situation, that’s exactly when
Surrogate EFT can be the most powerful and influential.

Just because we are small in comparison, does not mean we
are insignificant. By tapping, we are aligning with love
and the Universal energy that creates worlds; by intending
health, wholeness, justice, peace, flexibility, stability,
courage, and enlightenment for an organization/group, we are
holding the space for this possibility.

So, how do you tap for a crowd? The same as you would for
an individual.

For example, a friend recently wrote to me about the crisis
her country, El Salvador is facing:

See the Video of the Proxy / Surrogate EFT Tapping:

Dear Anisa, I would like to ask your advice and your help
in a very sad and frustrating situation that my country is
facing at the moment. I live in El Salvador, Central America
and if you have seen the news you may know that we have a
very serious gang problem. The crime rate in El Salvador is
approximately 49 homicides per day.

On Sunday, a horrible tragedy happened: assailants set fire
to a mass transit bus in San Salvador. Witnesses said people
on motorcycles intercepted the bus, doused it with gasoline
and closed the doors with the passengers inside. 11
passengers were killed and 8 were injured (update 16 have
died). An 18 month-old baby was killed and people could hear
the baby and children screaming. The men who set the bus on
fire, were laughing and shoot people in the legs for them
not to escape the bus. Gang members were involved in the
attacks. The buses were targeted as a reprisal against bus
drivers who had not paid a gang-imposed toll.

Sadly, this is just one example of the many problems we have
in our country, because of gangs (“Mara Salvatrucha” and
“Mara 18”) On Monday a family was murdered in their own home
at 3 AM. Some men knocked at their door claiming someone was
trying to rob their car, when the home owner opened the door
they shot him, entered the house, tortured and killed his
wife and an elder couple living with them. After they killed
everyone they stole their television, computers and other
electronic devices.

At this moment I am scared to death even going out in the
street, we have curfews. Anisa, is there any way that with
LOA we can help improve the security in our country? We
cannot live this way and I love my country I don’t want to
move out.

Please let me know if there is a way I can visualize a more
peaceful El Salvador? How can I help improve the danger in
my country? (June 21, 2010)

A: First, please know that you and your country are in my
prayers. I hold the vision of an immediate return to
wellness, peace, stability, security, and order for El
Salvador. I am grateful for this manifestation, now. So be

You asked what can you do to visualize a more peaceful El
Salvador. And, I will include a prayer for peace but also
encourage you to take time with each report to apply
surrogate EFT. Use the words that your heart and mind feel
and the words/phrases that trigger sadness and pain as you
hear the stories. No matter what you tap on, as long as you
are connected to the situation, you will personally find
more peace. And your peace will hold the space for your
country’s peace.

Surrogate EFT can have a quiet yet profound impact on our
world. Listen to the audio example of Surrogate EFT for El

Sample Set-Up Statements, Sore spot (S) or Karate Chop point

Even though my country, El Salvador, is overrun with crime
and gang violence, I love and accept myself and my country.

Even though my country, El Salvador, has one of the highest
homicide rates in the world, I love and accept myself and my

Even though, my country, El Salvador, is being destroyed by
violent, evil, gang members and corrupt and inept
government, I love and accept myself and my country.

Reminder /positive turn-around statement:

Inner Eyebrow (EB) – My country is in danger.

Outer Eye (OE) – My country is hurting and in pain.

Under Eye (UE) – My country is losing hope.

Under Nose (UN) – My country may not survive this violent

Chin (CH) – My country is not a safe home anymore.

Collarbone (CB) – My country is devastated and dangerous.

Under Arm (UA) – My country may never be the same.

Upper Rib (UR) – My country may have to be abandoned.

Head, crown chakra (H) – My country is being destroyed by
ignorant, corrupt gang members.

Positive Turn-Arounds:

Inner Eyebrow (EB) – My country is capable of recovering.

Outer Eye (OE) – My country is filled with courageous men
and women.

Under Eye (UE) – My country is willing to have balance

Under Nose (UN) – My country will not be defeated by

Chin (CH) – My country is capable of being restored to

Collarbone (CB) – My country is going through a transition
and this too shall pass quickly.

Under Arm (UA) – My country is ready for peace.

Upper Rib (UR) – My country is open to peace, safety,
justice, and order.

Head, crown chakra (H) – My country is being restored by
courageous, intelligent, and loving patriots.

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June 8, 2010

A Spiritual Mind Treatment: Gulf of Mexico

Category: Conscious Evolution,Conscious Leadership,global transformation,law of attraction — Anisa @ 5:39 pm

Please join us in holding a Restorative Vision for our Gulf
of Mexico…. (Thank you Power Creators, & Toni & Kathy for
your visions which I’ve included below, along with a quick
Spiritual Mind Treatment.)

“I see the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico stopped
immediately. I see a prompt and effective clean-up of the
area underway, protecting the ecosystem and wildlife there.
It is a joy to protect and preserve our natural resources.
Thank you and have a blessed day!” – Toni

“I hold the vision with you that the leak is stopped and the
seas are now returning to their pristine blue colors and the
fish are being healed and the hearts that are affected are
opened to the connection between the sea, earth and sky, and
to us as fellow inhabitants on the Earth. I truly do
support your vision.”Love to you, Kathy

Please join me in prayer… a Spiritual Mind Treatment for
Divine Healing and Restoration in the Gulf of Mexico:

I claim the power of the Divine to be right here where we
are, now. I claim the I AM presence of the
mother/father/God to be in, around, above, below and
throughout my very being. And, as this is the Truth of me
as one with the Divine, it is the Truth of all of humanity
and life and of you. As a Divine Creator one with the
omnipotent, all-providing creator, I am aligned and
intertwined with pure potentiality, wisdom, wholeness,
strength, prosperity, joy, beauty, and harmony.

I claim absolute resolution to the happenings in the Gulf of Mexico

I give thanks that the ‘wake-up’ call meant for humanity to
hear, has resounded loud and clear, moving our hearts and
awakening our souls. We are AWAKE now and need no further
messengers to stir us to aligned, positive, heart-inspired
action, now.

The I AM Presence within me, and within all who yearn for
purposeful living is now activated and super-empowered to
speak the Truth and have it be done. Thus, I claim the
instant and immediate, successful capping of the BP oil
spill, now. I hold no belief in the possibility of doubt,
only the certainty of instantaneous resolution.

I AM certain and grateful that the orbit of negativity that
previously held me in a place of spiraling doubt,
uncertainty, fear, and hopelessness has lost all of its’
magnetic power; like walking upon the moon’s surface, I
claim my Divine Power to relief and freedom from all
negative gravity. I kick the cement shoes of doubt off of
my feet and I fly, free to create; free to choose. My heart
takes flight and refuge in the Divine Truth that we are
unlimited beings, living in an incredible time of empowering

I AM certain that those in charge will be held accountable
to the full recovery and restoration of all regions
disturbed by the spill. I AM certain and blissfully
grateful that they too are deeply committed to the full
clean-up, for however long it takes. Our Gulf, our marsh-
lands, our beaches, our wildlife and sea life, and every
soul impacted will once again experience pristine life and
beauty and in record time.

I ask and give thanks for the immediate removal of any and
all counter motivations, such as financial or egotistical
incentives that might otherwise thwart clear and enlightened
decisions and aligned actions. I invite Truth to permeate
the decision makers’ soul. They align will a higher
calling, one inspired by Grace, Wisdom, and Love and join in
enlightened, aligned action more firmly than ever before.

So be it. It is done. I am at peace.

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May 6, 2010

Ho’oponopono & EFT for healing personally and globally

Category: Conscious Evolution,Conscious Leadership,global transformation,law of attraction — Anisa @ 3:26 pm

Q: I’m having some challenges at work…. power struggles, employers refusing to pay for my travel expenses, technical malfunctions with equipment in the field, missed or poor communication on my part and theirs etc. I had good intentions on providing status updates but then even the phone lines kept disconnecting on us and then I become sick with the flu. Looking at the way everything seems to be going wrong, I’ve become more aware of the fact that I have had a lot of resistance to this project from the beginning. And, I also recognize that I have a belief that I am not ‘good at field work’ due to some past negative experiences. Now, I’m afraid I’m sabotaging this opportunity and they will think I’m unprofessional. I’m not sure what I’m asking but I want to first, get healthy and second make sure I communicate and fulfill my responsibilities next week. Do you have any suggestions?

A: Sometimes the fastest way to overcome resistance is through directly and intentionally applying

I’ve never spoken of Ho’oponopono and I’m by no stretch of the imagination an expert on the history or practice. However, a friend introduced me a few years ago to this Ancient Hawaiian Healing method. I have combined it personally with some quick EFT and find it to be incredibly healing. The basic premise is one of atonement (At-One-ment with the Divine) through the process of personally accepting full responsibility for the situation, sending forth love and compassion, forgiveness (both given and requested) and gratitude.

When used consistently, the technique is not only effective but transformative! In fact, used often and persistently Ho’oponopono can heal not only ALL of our personal limiting beliefs and self-limiting behaviors but can heal our world. Yes, this is a big statement. However, can anyone argue that the energy of love is transformative? As we learn to send forth this evolutionary energy towards not only our personal situation but every defective and dysfunctional social/environmental issue that we now face, the result will be nothing short of global healing. When this happens we will witness the arrival of a more compassionate, loving, honoring, and sustainable world and the Universal Human.

But… back to healing our ‘own stuff’!

There are 4 Ho’oponopono statements:
I love you.
I’m sorry.
Please forgive me.
Thank you.

The Practice: Hold the situation in your mind and repeat these statements over and over again.


“What do you mean hold it in my mind? But, how do I hold it in my mind? Which part of the situation do I hold? What does hold it in my mind actually mean? What do I do if my mind wanders? Who am I saying these words to?”

Unfortunately, the perfectionist’s pattern of rejecting something because either it’s too simple, or we are afraid we will get it wrong, don’t fully understand, or because we have a few unanswered questions will prevent some of you from giving this a try.

Not today!!! Allow me to break it down for you into simple bite-sized steps that you can use, now. AND, once you ‘get’ the process, allow yourself to experiment! Cut out some of the steps I define below and just SEE if you can send forth the healing prayer into any situation more effortlessly.

The more you use the healing instant meditation of Ho’oponopono the easier and more effective (and healing) it will become for you.

To spell it out, holding the situation in your mind might look like:
– What’s the situation?

o “Work is very stressful and I’m afraid I’m not good enough. I have made some mistakes in the past and I feel as though I can’t prove myself. I’m afraid I may get fired, reprimanded, or thought of as unprofessional and incompetent.”

– What’s the worst thing this says about me? (Tip: This is the fastest way I know to instantly find our core limiting beliefs.)

o “I’m a loser. I can’t do anything right. I’m lazy, incompetent, and unprofessional. I’m worthless. I don’t deserve a second chance. I don’t deserve success. I’m a failure. I sabotage myself.”

– Hold these thoughts/feelings of the above in your mind and say the words:
o I love you.
o I’m sorry.
o Please forgive me.
o Thank you.

“Hold’ means whatever it means for you. For visual learners, this may be visually seeing yourself in the work situation and having these self-limiting sabotaging thoughts. For auditory learners, this may mean hearing the arguments in your head and for kinesthetic learners you may just feel the situation.

Whatever ‘hold’ means for you, allow this to be perfect for YOU. Then, with solid intention say, “I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.”

The primary intention is to allow yourself to unify with the event, situation, person, place, or thing; to join in such a way as to accept personal responsibility for the creation of this circumstance. When you employ Ho’oponopono, you are allowing yourself to embrace your role in the manifestation of the event and send forth love, remorse, forgiveness and gratitude.

We all play a very important part in the creation of not only our own lives but our thoughts, beliefs, and actions contribute to the global experience. For example, our beliefs that ‘there’s not enough to go around’ actually inspire and contribute to this reality. Our beliefs about ‘evil’, actually go forth and inspire more evil to be perpetrated.

In the YouTube video below, you’ll hear the story of Dr. Hew Len and how he used Ho’oponopono to heal an entire ward of seriously psychotic patients by healing his thoughts about their illness. He would invoke his personal responsibility and the process of self-identity with – “Please forgive me for whatever is going on in me that I perceive this unit the way it is. I would like to make amends.”

Dr. Hew Len would do this process every morning and throughout the day. It took three years the entire unit was transformed as a result of Dr. Hew Len only working on himself. He would say, “I don’t know how this worked” but it certainly did.

Thus, whether you apply Ho’oponopono to your personal experience at work or in a relationship or to a foreign tragedy such as war in Afghanistan or the Palestinian conflict, for example, you are sending forth the energy that creates worlds and transforms dysfunction into love.

When we set free the love in our heart we engage in “Peace beginning with me” and as students of conscious creation, we know that as we find peace, we inspire peace in those around us.

Brad Yates, also an EFT expert, has put together a simple tap-along EFT-Ho’oponopono video too:

Thank you for the honor of supporting you!

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