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We were born with the unlimited potential to intentionally create (use the law of attraction) to manifest all of our heart's desires. Together, as Conscious Leaders guided by the Divine, we have the Mind Power necessary to co-create a sustainable, harmonious, peaceful, and prosperous world.  And, we can do this while also attracting and creating a passionate, loving, rich, healthy life with all of our personal dreams fulfilled.

October 31, 2012

Tap Your Way to a Better Feeling Place, if you REALLY want to create something better!

Category: emotional freedom technique,law of attraction,Law of Detachment,limiting beliefs,LOA doesn't work for me — Anisa @ 9:55 am

Q: Hi Anisa,

This is difficult to share.  But, here goes, because I need help and really want to change.  I hate confrontation.  I’ve figured out (through a lot of tough self-reflection), I either withdraw or don’t speak to those who upset me – thereby punishing them by pushing them away passive-agressively.  Or, I end up pushing them away with my anger.  For example, I explode in a mean rage attacking their character with harsh words like “Are you really that stupid?”   I’ve been like this for as long as I can remember and I realize that to some extend it’s served me.  I’m viewed as a tough, independent and self-reliant woman.  And, I also have my good traits and have many friends and family members that really love me.  However, I’ve come to realize that my anger and volatility along with the way I allow people to ‘get under my skin’ has created illness and isolation.  I don’t want to push people away.  I don’t want to hurt the ones I love.  And, I don’t want to be sick!  I don’t want to be this angry.  But, HOW do I get rid of something that’s been with me for so long?  I can see myself about to withdraw or explode but even as I’m aware of my desire to change, I can’t stop the train-wreck from happening.  It’s a default response that seems to have more power over me than my own mind has to make a better choice!

What do I do to change this?  (Yours truly, anonymous.)

A:  Accept your unlimitedness and you automatically become a vibrational match to your desire.

Ideally, you could just jump to accepting your Divinity and that would be that!  You could just say, “I accept the truth that I am a Divine Child of God.  So Be it!” And, it would be SO for you and all your dreams and the changes you desire, would materialize.

When we really accept our Divinity – that we are Divine Children of an all-providing, all-protecting, ever-flowing life-force of unlimited design and potential, then there’s nothing to ever fear, doubt, resent or defend.  Our unlimited nature never sees other’s mistakes as mistakes but as Divine fellow humans doing their very best worthy of love and compassion simply because they are human.  Our unlimited nature never needs to isolate or withdraw because there’s nothing to fear and nothing we need to protect.  Our unlimited nature is all-loving both inwardly and outwardly.  As we accept this Truth we become ONE with the essence of all that is GRACE and all that is LOVE.

Sounds simple enough?!?!

Not so much, for most of us.  If you’ve been living your life in negative self- talk and free-wheeling emotional swings of anger, fear, doubt, and shame then that jump to “I accept my oneness with the Divine” is more like a Grand Canyon leap!

If you know that you should believe in your inherent  Divinity but can’t quite get there, then stop trying to jump across the Grand Canyon and instead walk up the vibrational scale (from neg-attractive emotions to pos-attractive emotions) using your words, your voice and the power of your mind.

How do you walk yourself up the scale?  Here’s an example, which I respectfully share anonymously, using a situation that a fellow law of attraction student experienced.

“While I prefer not to emanate the energy of desperation, I am in tears as I type.  I just received some very disturbing news.  The insurance company (work comp) pushed for my doctors to close my case!  My case manager, even found it shocking and appalling.  It has brought up great fear about my future well-being, physical condition and ability to provide for my family as a single mom with no family, etc. (Intellectually, I get that all is well, emotionally I am melting down!)”

Our work as students of the law of attraction is to re-focus our energy and emotions so that the vibrations of positive trust, confidence, love, and peace are attracting what we want.  Using the above example, here’s an illustration of how to intentionally climb the scale.

(Use Dr. David Hawkin’s Map of Consciousness as a guide and assume you have ALL of the lower level emotions and walk yourself up to the higher emotions.)

Descending Consciousness:

According to the map, at the bottom of the consciousness rung is Shame (20), then Guilt (30), then Apathy (50), then Grief (75), then Fear (100), then Desire (125), then Anger (150)and finally Pride (175).

Ascending Consciousness:

Courage (200) is the first ascending emotion, followed by neutrality (250), then willingness (310), acceptance (350), reason (400), love (500), joy (540), peace (600) and then enlightenment (700­1000).

Before we can get to our destination, we need to know where we are on the map.

First, figure out where you are by asking:

  1. What am I feeling? = with the map above, pin point where you are.
    1. For example, if you feel shameful, then everything to the left (Grief through Enlightenment) requires processing, neutralizing, and release.
  2. What’s the thought that is creating this feeling?
    1. Identify the actual thought that is creating the sad, fearful, shameful, etc. emotion.   Note: There’s always a negative thought under each negative emotion.  You will never have a negative emotion without a corresponding thought. Thus, sometimes you have to dig until you find it.

Using our example, the essence might be summed up in the underlying thoughts, “I will not be able to support my children.  I will not be able to feed them and take care of them.”  This energy of desperation is terribly creative and is going forth to create the very opposite of what she really wants, and she knows it.   Thus, the even more desperate feeling that she MUST stop the meltdown!

Choose the lowest or most negatively-attractive emotion and corresponding thoughts first, in this case, starting with apathy, simply acknowledge the thoughts and feelings by speaking them aloud (while tapping)

Then, take the route to the next more positive ’emotional city’ on the map.  For example, if you start with “I feel helpless and hopeless.  I can’t even get myself out of bed because there’s nothing more I can do.”   Using emotional freedom technique tap those very words.  Do an entire round on “helpless, hopeless, apathetic” and “I still choose to love and accept myself.”

++++EFT Example Round:

If you are unfamiliar with EFT, please see my tutorial here.  It explains why we focus on the negative in an effort to call a spade a spade then release it as required.

The set-up:

Even though I feel helpless and hopeless, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even though I cannot get out of bed because I feel so powerless, I still choose to love and forgive myself.

Even though I am desperate and apathetic all at once, I fully love and embrace myself, anyway!

The Tapping:

Inner Eye: I’m hopeless

Outer Eye: I’m helpless

Under Eye: This powerlessness

Beneath Nose: This apathy that I feel

Chin: This hopelessness, helplessness, and apathy is overwhelming

Collarbone: I hate feeling so depressed and apathetic

Grab your wrist, take a deep and intentional breath – inhale and push the breath out, exhale.

While holding your wrist say:  HOPE

Now tap in a round of positive:

Inner Eye: I’m willing to be willing to be hopeful

Outer Eye: I’m willing to be courageous and know I can handle whatever comes my way

Under Eye: I’m willing to find another way

Beneath Nose: I’m willing to let my fears go, and trust in the process

Chin: I’m willing to take care of myself and hand my troubles over to the Divine

Collarbone: I’m willing to forgive

Grab your wrist, take a deep and intentional breath – inhale and push the breath out, exhale.

While holding your wrist say:  PEACE

TAP through ALL the negative emotions – Apathy, then Grief, Sadness, Fear, Desire, Anger, then Pride and never stop before you have arrived at courage.  Ideally, continue until you reach bliss, but never stop until you’ve at least hit courage.

Next, tap in the positive!

Inner Eye: I am courageous

Outer Eye: I accept that I am a Divine Child of God and therefore I am unlimited

Under Eye: I accept that the Universe has my back and therefore there’s something here that’s absolutely in my and my family’s best interest

Beneath Nose: I am a powerful creator – therefore it only stands to reason that I am creating something positive and eve better now

Chin: I love myself enough to forgive this situation and all parties involved

Collarbone: I choose to feel hopeful and optimistic

Grab your wrist, take a deep and intentional breath – inhale and push the breath out, exhale.

While holding your wrist say:  HOPE, PEACE, FAITH

You must continue UP the vibrational scale until you reach a destination that at bare minimum feels more peacefully detached (NOT apathetic, but PEACEFUL). Optimally, you will continue until you reach a place of absolute certainty and can honestly say, “This too shall pass” and “It’s all good, all the time.”

Now, let me give you an example of how you would do this work with ongoing anger and resentment that’s creating illness.   Note: My example will start with shame, but you must proceed through courage on the vibrational scale.  Do not stop until you are at least feeling courageous enough to trust the process and trust that you have the capacity within to make the change.

+++EFT example round:


Even though, I am so incredibly ashamed at my behavior.  I am ashamed that I cannot control my emotions; that I push people away and that I’ve made myself sick.  Nevertheless, I love and accept myself anyway!

Even though, I’m ashamed that I can’t just snap my fingers and forgive, be kind, and flow love, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway.

Even though, I am ashamed that I make things so difficult with my anger and my pride and I have even manifested illness because I let people get under my skin, when I know I shouldn’t.  Never the less, I choose to love, accept, and forgive myself now.

Tapping on shame:

Inner Eye: This horrible shame that I feel.

Outer Eye: I am so ashamed at my emotional immaturity

Under Eye: I am volatile and angry and too immature to change it, how shameful!

Beneath Nose: I can’t even look at myself, I’m so ashamed at who I’ve become.

Chin: I have so much shame, I don’t know what to do about this.

Collarbone: I’m ashamed that I don’t know whether or not I can change or heal, or make it up to the people I hurt.

Grab your wrist, take a deep and intentional breath – inhale and push the breath out, exhale.

While holding your wrist say:  LOVE

Tapping in the Positive:

Inner Eye: I am willing to forgive myself.

Outer Eye: I am willing to make peace with my past.

Under Eye: I am willing to ask for forgiveness.

Beneath Nose: I am willing to trust that I can change, grow, love and heal.

Chin: I am willing to love and accept myself.

Collarbone: I am willing to forgive myself – I really was doing the best I could at the time and now I’m willing to forgive myself, let it go and I choose to be compassionate.

Grab your wrist, take a deep breath and as you exhale intentionally, say: Compassion


I believe that we (including myself) receive some self- righteous or protective emotional pay-off for jeopardizing our happiness with habitual negative thoughts. Whether it’s a need to be right, a desire to avoid the pain of change, a desire for attention or any other counter-productive, fear-based desire (also known as a secondary gain), we must be willing to release the emotional pay-off in order to get to the peaceful, prosperous, and loving destination that we truly desire.   (Emotional Freedom Technique works wonders on these self-sabotaging needs.)

By using this technique regularly, you’ll find that overall your life is simply happier, easier, more prosperous and peaceful.  From this place of positive vibes, you are certain to attract more of the things you really want.

Create a Great day!

Anisa Aven

P.S. Here’s a fre*e EFT Worksheet too – EFT Worksheet:(Click here and then scroll to bottom for link)

I look forward to hearing of your success! Please share your comments with me below.

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June 7, 2012

How to Manifest What You Want Better & Faster

Category: Affirmations,conscious creation,emotional freedom technique,law of attraction — Anisa @ 9:41 pm

How to create your personal Vibration Elevation Phrases. (Better known as – How to Manifest What You Want Better and Faster!)

The following formula (Vibration Elevation) will assist you in raising your overall level consciousness; And, thereby make it easier for you to manifest better and faster!. Keep in mind – a limiting belief cannot survive in a sea of higher consciousness.

When you look around your life, do you ever feel like you’re playing the same song over and over again? Sure sometimes it’s a good tune, but other times you would do anything to change the station!?!?

This is what it feels like when we get into the habit of playing the same vibrational frequency day-in and day-out unconsciously. However, we CAN break that habit and create a NEW reality!

To explain what I mean, I want to talk to you about dry ponds, for a moment.

Have you ever wondered how fish get into a dry pond? In Texas, our small ponds dry up during our hottest months. Then, come spring the rains come in and suddenly our dry ponds are springing with fish! Where did they all come from? This was a serious mystery to me growing up. I had one crazy aunt tell me that birds brought fish-eggs in on their claws to refill the ponds. While I must confess, I believed her for a while – eventually, I realized she wasn’t working with the sharpest tools upstairs! Even as a young adult, I can remember not understanding how those fish got there! So, I looked it up a few years back.

Animals have an amazing ability to adapt in order to survive. Some fish, knowing the dry-season is imminent, lay their eggs in the mud and the eggs become dormant until the waters rise again. Other fish, have the ability to survive by hibernating in their mud-nests. Then, when the waters rise, they breakout swimming and spawning! Still, other fish have been known to cross land in order to get into a pond with more flow!

The dry-pond is similar to what we experience when we are stuck in our lower-level vibrations. Life is more difficult and no matter how much we wish we could swim around and break free of our past, we are stuck in the mud, waiting for the waters to rise! But, that’s just it – we are waiting, waiting, waiting – just barely surviving as we wait for some stroke of luck!

On the other hand, the water-rising is like our thoughts rising to a higher level vibration. By intentionally choosing to put our attention upon more powerful and more loving, courageous, optimistic, and hopeful thoughts we actually become our own rainmakers! Instead of hibernating until our next ‘lucky season’ comes along, we actually call forth the rain. And, fantastically enough, by walking ourselves UP from lower levels of consciousness (see the demonstrations below) we really begin to maintain our water supply as well. Eventually, our pond is so deep, we are spared the dry season entirely.

You see, our goal is to move from a lower level consciousness to a positive level by moving:

From a Negative space…

You want to walk yourself up from Shame, to Guilt, to Apathy, to Grief, to Fear, to Desire, to Anger, to Pride and then finally up into the positive vibrational place. (All of the aforementioned emotions are lower level, or descending levels of consciousness i.e. limiting or negative – including desire.)

From the Neutral or Positive …

You want to walk yourself up starting with Courage, then moving to pure Neutrality, to Willingness, to Acceptance, to Reason, to Love, to Joy, to Peace, and finally to Enlightenment.

Within Dr. Hawkin’s book, Power vs. Force he describes the levels of consciousness in his Map of Consciousness (see graphic below.) Using the map as your guide, walk yourself up from any of the lower level emotions by choosing a phrase that is one level higher than where you currently are emotionally. If you are an Abraham Hicks fan, you can also search and reach about “levels of consciousness”.

Source: via Anisa on Pinterest


So, here’s how to do it… (How to raise your own waters – make it rain, baby!)

First, get really good at identifying and claiming your emotion. You might be surprised at how many of us do not know how to just claim how we feel. LEARN to recognize a negative emotion and claim it for what it is.

Do you feel regret due to a bad decision? What’s that feeling? Is it shame or sadness or both?

Feeling disconnected and exhausted as you try repeatedly to achieve a goal? What’s that feeling? Is it apathy, shame, frustration? Claim it.

Whatever the emotion, I highly recommend you tap it out (with EFT).

Do a round of EFT (you can see an EFT demo on my site.) Next, choose a statement that is one step up from that emotions. For EVERY negative emotion on the map, you will discover that there will always be thoughts that trigger the next level up of emotions.

For example, if you feel ashamed, which is the lowest level of consciousness on the map, then you will also have thoughts/emotions on every level above shame.


  • Shame:
  • I am ashamed that I’ve failed in relationships.
  • If this is true, then you will also feel Guilt.
  • Guilt:
  • I feel guilty that I’ve made so many mistakes and been such a failure.
  • If this is true, then you will also feel Apathy.
  • Apathy:
  •  I’m so tired of the struggle. I just want it to end. There isn’t anything I can do to change this.
  • If this is true, then you will also feel Grief.
  • Grief:
  • I’m so sad that I’ve failed myself and others so badly.
  • If this is true, then you will also feel Fear.
  • Fear:
  • I’m afraid that I will always be a worthless failure. I’m afraid to fail again.
  • If this is true, then you will also feel Desire.
  • Desire:
  • I really want a relationship. I really want to find my true love and make it work.
  • If this is true, then you will also feel Anger.
  • Anger:
  • I am angry that I’ve failed. I’m angry that my partners didn’t help us succeed. I’m angry that I made so many mistakes. I’m angry that my partner made mistakes.
  • If this is true, then you will also feel Pride.
  • Pride:
  • I AM good enough to have a relationship. I CAN do this. I can make myself succeed!

Note: Do you see how Desire has a negative tone about it? It’s as if we’re longing, or envious about what we want. This is why we always want to move from Desire to a level of Willingness and preferably Acceptance in order to consciously manifest it.

Note Also: Pride is still in the negative, or descending consciousness vibrational field. This is why taking yourself up through a minimum of Courage is required to leave your vibrational frequency in a state of POSITIVE attraction.

This systematic method will give you insight into what other thoughts you will need to uncover and apply EFT on in order to clear all levels and layers of limiting beliefs.

Positive Consciousness Implanting Options:

After your negative emotion round of EFT, continue tapping on the meridian points while selecting from any of the following Vibration Elevation Phrases. (And, eventually you’ll have your own higher consciousness phrases that work for you. Write them down and include them.)

  • I am courageous. I courageously… I am bold. I boldly…
  • I have the courage to do what needs to be done, here and now.
  • I am at Peace with what is, and I am at Peace with ….
  • I accept myself. I accept that I did the very best that I could, given my level of consciousness at the time.
  • I am willing … I trust in the Divine Order of life…
  • What I intend to have is … What I intend to be is…
  • What I intend to experience is… I am grateful for the fulfillment of…….. …..(all these things/experiences now).
  • I am at Peace with … I accept that ‘this person’ did the very best that they could, given who they were and what they’d experienced up until this point as well.
  • I hand this over to the Divine, as it is Spirit/God’s responsibility, not mine. I am comfortable in letting this go, now.
  • I choose greatness. I accept and expect fulfillment.
  • I trust myself. I love myself…
  • I love… I am grateful…
  • I am at peace with… I refuse to take anything personal ..and…
  • I am willing to forgive I am willing to fail and I am willing to succeed
  • I allow myself to be neutral I am open, willing, and accepting of…
  • I relax and let God… I am bliss.
  • I am fulfillment I am peace.
  • I am one with the Presence of the Divine, and therefore totally fulfilled. I embrace my unlimitedness.
  • I embrace my pure potentiality. I expect great things and …
  • I joyously … I am joyful about…
  • I accept that all is well. I accept that this too shall pass.
  • I accept the Divine Order. I accept that there is a Divine Timing at work here.

The above examples are phrases that automatically trigger a higher level of consciousness.

Check in to your SUD’s level (your emotional distress level) after each round of positive implanting/tapping. When you reach NEUTRAL you can stop, or you can continue until you reach a state of Positive Vibration, which is obviously more harmonious to the manifestation of your goals.

Eventually, when you continue to force your lower-level thoughts/beliefs and negative emotions up this scale, your mind STOPS going there (except for brief moments) entirely. The beauty of this work is that you can actually re-train your mind and your emotions to transition quickly, thus preventing your Pond-of-Potential creations from ever going dry. Instead, by adopting an intention to remain in the higher-vibrational emotions, you are consistently adding more and more rain and beautiful, life-supporting water (energy) to your dreams! One more beautiful fact is that all those dreams that you thought were long gone, have actually been lying dormant, just waiting for your ‘vibration’ to rise enough to be born. Thus, don’t be surprised if many, many of your dreams begin to come true all at once!

Try this out, I know you’ll find it far easier to manifest better and faster!

I look forward to hearing of your success!!!!

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November 10, 2011

11-11-11 A Spiritual Mind Treatment for Activating & Commanding Higher Consciousness Experience for All – 11-11-11

Category: conscious creation,Creative Manifesting,emotional freedom technique,global transformation,law of attraction — Anisa @ 6:57 pm

I love all the Hoopla about 11-11-11! And, it's not because
I'm convinced of all the whoo-whoo hoopla about portals and
extra-terrestrial beings of light, either. Since, a
"believer" can't prove it to me and a "skeptic" cannot
disprove it, I'm allowing myself to stand in the middle and
catch a flying carpet ride! 

For me, the portal of light and global transformation day of
11-11-11 may be true or it may be crazy. It doesn't matter -
because WE, as conscious creators, get to dance with the
energy of pure-transformation and pure-manifestations with
thousands of others! Does it actually matter whether some
earth-shattering, spiritual portal shift is occuring or not?
I don't know?!? 

But, I do know that all over the globe, people are
meditating together on sustainability, health, wholeness,
transformation, peace, love, prosperity, enlightenment AND
JOY! We are holding our thoughts together - collectively -
to experience more GOD more of the time. How cool is
So, here's my personal prayer... I hope you'll join with me and launch an incredible vision with me! 
A Spiritual Mind Treatment


Activating and Commanding Higher Consciousness Experience
for All 

I claim my Divine Right to pure belief, pure harmony and
pure oneness with the Divine Energy that creates worlds. I
am so humbled by the sheer power of love and that I, as
Love's servant, get to access and command its power with
such a simple but direct intention. I acknowledge that there
is but ONE TRUE source for all creation and that SOURCE is
benevolent GOD/Creative Mechanism that responds with precise
obedience to my request for greater connection to the all-

Wow! I dance with joyous delight as I recognize that the
ALL-THAT-IS is right here, where I AM. I AM one with the
Divine energy of LOVE and TRANSFORMATION and if this is TRUE
for me, then it must be the TRUTH for all beings. Therefore,
I claim our direct link to powerful, manifestation
abilities. I claim our direct connection and ever-increasing
acceptance of the power to intentionally manifest beautiful
joy and ample supplies for all soul’s personal and physical
fulfillment. Do you hear me?! I am OWNING my ability to be a
powerful manifestor ONE with the DIVINE SOURCE that creates

Dear God – thank you for helping me to understand and fully
embrace the Divine Order of our world. Thank you for
supporting me in not becoming consumed or obsessed about
injustices and the trials and tribulations, and the
suffering while still inspiring me to take Divine Right
Action aligned with justice, and a more balanced, fair, and
conscious solution. 

Help me to understand that while all-things-are-perfect-
exactly-as-they-are, we are conscious creators that get to
direct the flow and it’s absolutely a part of our Divine,
collective plan to intend greater CONSCIOUSNESS. I choose
Health, Wealth, and Wholeness for all. I GET to hold and
accept this vision for myself and I choose to HOLD and
ACCEPT this manifestation for our world as well. 

I acknowledge that we manifested this world and therefore
the elements of climate change are OUR manifestational
results. Thus, I reclaim our planet and give thanks that all
systems required for a sustainable future are instantly and
immediately greased for flowing movement. I acknowledge that
those who have served as the ‘climate deniers’ are now
embracing truth and actively support the ‘spreading-of-the-
solution’. I am thankful for the spiritual activists and
those who vocalize solutions in a positive and powerful way.
I know we are powerful enough to create a positive world,
full of ample supply, resources, and the heightened
consciousness required for global care and relief from
unsustainable ideas. 

I am grateful that today we leap with joy into higher and
more evolved frequency. I give thanks that we collectively
WAKE UP! We awaken and embrace the Presence of God in each
person that we behold, no matter who they are or where they
come from. 

I ask for guidance as I walk with the intention of fierce
kindness. I choose to be kind at all times while fiercely
and courageously acting upon the intention of conscious
evolution. I seek guidance from the light of the Divine to
know how to speak and share the vision in such a way as to
make it accessible and acceptable by all. And, I detach
knowing that the crowd that is required for a global shift
is already in partnership with me. I seek to be of service
and ask to be a servant leader aligned with the Divine Love
that this transformative dream expresses. I seek to serve my
brothers and sisters on this planet, mammals and non,
enlightened ones and others. I give thanks that during this
transition that suffering be minimal. Because I CAN ask for
ease - I ask for it! Because I CAN ask for minimal suffering
- I ask for it! I am grateful that all disconnection from
SOURCE be transmuted into loving, joyous connection. 

I ask for a higher vibration to warm us like a soft blanket
in winter. I specifically ask that we, as a collective
species, wake up and learn the lessons we need to from our
most current planetary trials. I hold the intention of pure
recovery for Japan and that all future generations be immune
from the fallout of the recent Tsunami, Earthquake and
Nuclear meltdown. I hold the intention of the Gulf of
Mexico, restored and abundant with healthy, wildlife. I hold
the intention of Haiti as rebuilt and brought back to love
and life in a renewed plan for wholeness and prosperity. I
hold the intention of No. Korea’s flood-troubles eliminated
as they now experience an open-and-loving influx of support
and nourishment – so that all children have a full-belly and
ample fresh water. I intend loving kindness to spread like
fresh spring sunshine to struggling parents so that children
may experience the love and happiness they deserve. 

I am grateful for the complete and immediate manifestation
of these things now. All this and greater things are
happening now, and I don’t have to know how. I release this
WORD into the LAW where it is made manifest – in perfect
order and timing, with the Divine hand of Grace. I am
grateful to be flying as a lightworker on floating feathers
of Divinity, blessed and blissed out – so be it! It is done!

>>>>>~~~~~~ A few Spiritual Activist Ideas that I'm engaging in,
personally.... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>>

Global 11-11-11 Meditation: 


Climate Reality Project: This fall, there's a wonderful
opportunity for you to help people in your community learn
the truth about climate change. So far, we've received more
than 1,600 requests for our trained Climate Presenters to
host events all over the world. Chances are, some of you
have already attended an event in your hometown -- and many
more are coming up.


On Veteran's Day ---> Tapping - for our Veterans: 

One in three service men and women develop post traumatic
stress disorder.Rand Corp. report, 2008

This groundbreaking documentary is a hard hitting look at
the current state of health care for combat veterans in
America diagnosed with PTSD (post traumatic stress

“I am a Vietnam veteran and have seen "The Answer" video and
cannot say enough about how good it is. We are using tapping
in a vet group I am currently in. Thank you.” ~C.A.,
Veteran, Maine

The film sets about examining the myths and misconceptions
surrounding the medical/chemical approach to treating PTSD
and why drugs are not "the answer" that pharmaceuticals
promise. Instead, the film follows a group of volunteer vets
and their families on a journey through a newer vision of
health and healing for PTSD and trauma.

~~~~~ I want peace, happiness and harmony in my life and in
the World I live in. I know you want this too.

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June 23, 2011

How to Consciously Create When Another Has to Change (pt.2)

Category: attract relationship,Audios Free Downloads,emotional freedom technique,law of attraction,Surrogate EFT,Videos — Anisa @ 7:05 pm

Q: How to consciously create when your Dream (or Wish) depends on someone else’s cooperation.

Last week I shared with you the answer to our friend’s question:

Dear Anisa, I love my husband but I’m not happy….. (you can see the full article on my blog here.)
And, I promised to share an example of how to use Surrogate EFT to get what you want in your relationships, so here it is…

The Surrogate EFT Points:

  1. S – Sore Spot (or KC Karate Chop point on side of hand)
  2. EB – Inner Eye Brow
  3. OE – Outer Eye
  4. UE – Under Eye
  5. UN – Under Nose
  6. CH – Chin
  7. CB – Collar Bone
  8. UA – Under Arm
  9. RR – Right Rib
  10. H- Head (Crown Chakra)

Step 1) Surrogate EFT – Set your Intention:

“Universe/God – my intention is to create a more loving and harmonious relationship with my husband. If the words that I speak are not aligned with our mutual, highest and best good, then I ask they go forth and help someone else. I intend for this work to influence our relationship in positive ways according to our mutual desires. Thank you for this creative power and manifestation, now.”

Surrogate EFT Example:

1) SS/KC – Even though, I, John, feel frustrated that my wife is unhappy and I just can’t please her, I love and accept myself.

Even though, You, John, are neglecting your love responsibilities at home, leaving your wife feeling lonely and abandoned, you love and accept yourself anyway.

Even though, He, John, is doing the best that he can and is exhausted with work and family responsibilities, he loves and accepts himself anyway.

2) EB- I, John, feel frustrated, why can’t my wife just get off my back?

3) OE – You, John, are neglecting your wife and causing unhappiness by dismissing her needs.

4) UE – He, John, feels like he can’t possibly please everyone, so why bother trying.

5) UN – I, John, am tired of the constant nagging and unhappiness.

6) CH – You, John, are not trying hard enough and you act like you don’t even care.,

7) CB – He, John, is doing the best that he can but has too many burdens to bear.

8) UA – I, John, wish my wife would just back off and be happy with the way things are.

9) RR – You, John, are neglectful and refuse to pay any attention to your wife.

10) H- Head – He, John, is tired and frustrated and although he wants to please his wife feels like he doesn’t know how anymore.

Repeat the ‘negative’ tapping until you feel a shift towards Neutrality. Neutrality does not feel like apathy but it feels like a peaceful acceptance, “it’s all okay, even as it is.”

Then, implant the positive:

1) SS or KC – Even though I, John, feel frustrated, I am willing to do what I can to make things right.

Even though, you, John, are stretched too thin, you are willing to pay attention to your relationship and show your wife you love her.

Even though, He, John, is exhausted and doesn’t know what to do, he is willing to find creative ways that allow him to connect with his wife and restore thier romance.

2) EB – I, John, am willing and open to rekindle our marriage.

3) OE – You, John, are doing the best you can and you are open to doing what must be done to connect with your wife.

4) UE – He, John, is open and loving; thoughtful and committed to loving his wife.

5) UN – I, John, want to be inspired to show my wife more affection and attention.

6) CH – You, John, are willing and open to having more meaningful conversations with your wife.

7) CB – He, John, is creative and imaginative and feels inspired to be more attentive to his wife.

8) UA – I, John, find myself thinking more and more about how to connect, talk, and love my wife more fully.

9) RR – You, John, are getting more and more excited about rekindling your relationship with your wife.

10) H- Head He, John, is a loving and giving man. He feels inspired to pay more attention to his wife and family and feels energized and uplifted by his efforts.

I hold the vision of a renewed, loving and fun relationship for you. It is in fact, the ONLY possibility, now.

Copyright, 2011 CreataVision Enterprises, Anisa Aven.

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How to Consciously Create When Your Dream Depends on Another

Category: attract relationship,Audios Free Downloads,emotional freedom technique,law of attraction,manifest a mate,Surrogate EFT — Anisa @ 4:57 pm

Q: How to consciously create when your Dream (or Wish) depends on someone else’s cooperation:

Dear Anisa,
I love my husband but I’m not happy. I’m frustrated that he works too much and rarely makes time for us. We talk very little and our once passionate bedroom life is almost non-existent. You might think, “He’s cheating” but that’s not the case. He’s not the cheating type; he wouldn’t have the time or freedom if he were the type and besides I know he loves me too. But, we are both bored and complacent, I suppose. I’ve tried talking until I’m blue in the face, with small progress that seems to backslide within a very short amount of time. My problem is that I’m a pretty good manifestor but I can’t figure this one out! I’ve created a great job making more money than when I was full-time and I’ve lost over 40 pounds (thank you, by the way – I did it and have kept it off for 2 years after taking your EFT & LOA for weight-loss program). I know I did these things with the Law of Attraction… but I’m just stumped now because I don’t know how to create when someone else is involved. How do I get him to want to attend to us? How do I get him to help me bring more fun back into our relationship? – “Shhh!!!” I’m keeping my name a secret for this question. Thanks!

A: Let me start with the bottom-line  – the important caveats:

  • We cannot create in someone else’s life anything they are also not aligned with.
  • We cannot force someone to be aligned with our wish/desire.
  • There’s always a yin/yang – a cost/benefit for every manifestation. (Ex: The sun must go down for the moon to come up and vice-versa.)

The Possibilities:

  • We CAN influence a compromise and create an outcome that is mutually aligned.
  • We CAN fulfill our own needs while maintaining our integrity and honoring our relationships.
  • We CAN re-align and re-frame our ‘happiness’ quotient – allowing greater happiness with less need for external input.

We are either moving towards what we want, or away from it. Learn to analyze which way you’re headed so you can immediately course-correct when needed.

In relationships, picking apart what’s not working, focusing on all the things our partner is doing wrong or obsessing about the things our mate is not doing can become a sick habit. So obsessive and destructive that it can (and often does) destroy the love and kindness that once inspired us to move mountains together. 

A healthy relationship begins with accepting our mate exactly as they are. Love, in its honest and purest form, is unconditional acceptance. From this place of unconditional acceptance, we are poised to leverage the Universal Laws in a very masterful way – but only after we’ve surrendered to what IS as absolutely perfect, in and of itself. 

Let’s address what unconditional acceptance does not mean. Accepting our mate does not mean we are willing to be abused or taken for granted. Full, unconditional acceptance does not mean we are willing to sacrifice our souls and personal dreams/ boundaries/values to be with them, it simply means they get to be who they want to be, without exception; and when they choose to BE unkind or immoral then we get to choose not to be with them, in spite of the fact that we still accept them as a person. 

Thus, accepting your mate exactly as they are is step #1. Any and all judgments that you hold regarding what he is or is not doing must be completely and totally released. All criticisms and resentments must be forgiven, now. Forget about manifesting anything until you’ve completed this step. In fact, as soon as you commit to forgiving, releasing, and accepting him exactly as he is right now, as a perfect child of God, doing the best he can, given who he is and what he knows up until now, you’ll discover there are many things you appreciate about him, right now. You’ll begin to notice the things he’s doing ‘right’ and less of your attention will dwell on what’s wrong. This is a natural by-product of full-force acceptance. 

Once you’ve mastered ‘full-acceptance’ then manifesting greater love, romance, connection, fun, and adventure will be a matter of expansion. Like any other conscious creation, you want to act as if you had it now, in order to manifest it. You want to SEE it and BELIEVE it, now. You want to FOCUS on expanding upon what’s right and wonderful, in order to capitalize on the energy of love that is already flowing and thus re-direct some of that creative force to new adventures and experiences of connection with your mate. 

You want to create a masterpiece of beautiful love and fulfillment in your mind and heart that is so enjoyable, it will naturally manifest externally. 

Launch the visions of love and connection as you desire them, fully willing to detach from the outcome; willing to be happy with or without their manifestation. Then, go about fulfilling your own happiness needs. Gone are the days of depending upon your mate for self-fulfillment. Do you need conversation and connection, re-engage with friends and make new friends. GET those needs met in an honorable fashion elsewhere. Do you need adventure? Choose to take yourself out – enjoy a movie, go for a walk, or plan a vacation. Create adventure with yourself while envisioning the perfect adventure with your mate. 

One primary source of dysfunction in modern relationships is this idea that our mate must fulfill all of our needs to have a happy marriage. It’s a recipe for failure! We all have different social and relational needs; expecting and demanding that our mate meet all of these needs is ridiculous. Re-energize your life by giving yourself permission to have a relationship with yourself and simultaneously increase your social circle by seeking out uplifting friends and engaging activities. 

Now, I realize I’ve shared with you ‘What’ you need to do, but I’ve neglected to share with you ‘How’ to do it. Don’t worry, I don’t plan to leave you hanging! Next week, I will share with you some methods for releasing the old and creating the new. I will share with you a powerful process that will utilize both the law of attraction and Surrogate EFT. In the mean time, make a commitment to begin full-force acceptance now. 

I hold the vision of a renewed, loving and fun relationship for you. It is in fact, the ONLY possibility, now. 

Copyright, 2011 CreataVision Enterprises, Anisa Aven.


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July 7, 2010

Surrogate EFT for the Crisis in El Salvador – can we tap for a group?

Category: Conscious Evolution,Conscious Leadership,global transformation,Surrogate EFT,Videos — Anisa @ 7:04 pm

Question: Can you do surrogate EFT on a group of people,
like a company, or a team, or a country, for instance? Or
do you have to tap on them individually?

Yes! This goes for any group of people – a family, company,
organization, country, city, government, a team (sports,
activists, project, co-workers, science fair, etc.) and any
gaggle you can name!

Allow me to be Captain Obvious, as my son would say, and
point out that it’s more difficult to benchmark your impact
when tapping for larger entities such as a country or a
government, for example.

However, do not let the fact that you are not sure if its
‘working’ prevent you from lending your support. When we
feel helpless and insignificant and like nothing we can do
can help such a big, bad situation, that’s exactly when
Surrogate EFT can be the most powerful and influential.

Just because we are small in comparison, does not mean we
are insignificant. By tapping, we are aligning with love
and the Universal energy that creates worlds; by intending
health, wholeness, justice, peace, flexibility, stability,
courage, and enlightenment for an organization/group, we are
holding the space for this possibility.

So, how do you tap for a crowd? The same as you would for
an individual.

For example, a friend recently wrote to me about the crisis
her country, El Salvador is facing:

See the Video of the Proxy / Surrogate EFT Tapping:

Dear Anisa, I would like to ask your advice and your help
in a very sad and frustrating situation that my country is
facing at the moment. I live in El Salvador, Central America
and if you have seen the news you may know that we have a
very serious gang problem. The crime rate in El Salvador is
approximately 49 homicides per day.

On Sunday, a horrible tragedy happened: assailants set fire
to a mass transit bus in San Salvador. Witnesses said people
on motorcycles intercepted the bus, doused it with gasoline
and closed the doors with the passengers inside. 11
passengers were killed and 8 were injured (update 16 have
died). An 18 month-old baby was killed and people could hear
the baby and children screaming. The men who set the bus on
fire, were laughing and shoot people in the legs for them
not to escape the bus. Gang members were involved in the
attacks. The buses were targeted as a reprisal against bus
drivers who had not paid a gang-imposed toll.

Sadly, this is just one example of the many problems we have
in our country, because of gangs (“Mara Salvatrucha” and
“Mara 18”) On Monday a family was murdered in their own home
at 3 AM. Some men knocked at their door claiming someone was
trying to rob their car, when the home owner opened the door
they shot him, entered the house, tortured and killed his
wife and an elder couple living with them. After they killed
everyone they stole their television, computers and other
electronic devices.

At this moment I am scared to death even going out in the
street, we have curfews. Anisa, is there any way that with
LOA we can help improve the security in our country? We
cannot live this way and I love my country I don’t want to
move out.

Please let me know if there is a way I can visualize a more
peaceful El Salvador? How can I help improve the danger in
my country? (June 21, 2010)

A: First, please know that you and your country are in my
prayers. I hold the vision of an immediate return to
wellness, peace, stability, security, and order for El
Salvador. I am grateful for this manifestation, now. So be

You asked what can you do to visualize a more peaceful El
Salvador. And, I will include a prayer for peace but also
encourage you to take time with each report to apply
surrogate EFT. Use the words that your heart and mind feel
and the words/phrases that trigger sadness and pain as you
hear the stories. No matter what you tap on, as long as you
are connected to the situation, you will personally find
more peace. And your peace will hold the space for your
country’s peace.

Surrogate EFT can have a quiet yet profound impact on our
world. Listen to the audio example of Surrogate EFT for El

Sample Set-Up Statements, Sore spot (S) or Karate Chop point

Even though my country, El Salvador, is overrun with crime
and gang violence, I love and accept myself and my country.

Even though my country, El Salvador, has one of the highest
homicide rates in the world, I love and accept myself and my

Even though, my country, El Salvador, is being destroyed by
violent, evil, gang members and corrupt and inept
government, I love and accept myself and my country.

Reminder /positive turn-around statement:

Inner Eyebrow (EB) – My country is in danger.

Outer Eye (OE) – My country is hurting and in pain.

Under Eye (UE) – My country is losing hope.

Under Nose (UN) – My country may not survive this violent

Chin (CH) – My country is not a safe home anymore.

Collarbone (CB) – My country is devastated and dangerous.

Under Arm (UA) – My country may never be the same.

Upper Rib (UR) – My country may have to be abandoned.

Head, crown chakra (H) – My country is being destroyed by
ignorant, corrupt gang members.

Positive Turn-Arounds:

Inner Eyebrow (EB) – My country is capable of recovering.

Outer Eye (OE) – My country is filled with courageous men
and women.

Under Eye (UE) – My country is willing to have balance

Under Nose (UN) – My country will not be defeated by

Chin (CH) – My country is capable of being restored to

Collarbone (CB) – My country is going through a transition
and this too shall pass quickly.

Under Arm (UA) – My country is ready for peace.

Upper Rib (UR) – My country is open to peace, safety,
justice, and order.

Head, crown chakra (H) – My country is being restored by
courageous, intelligent, and loving patriots.

If you found this helpful, thank you for sharing.

Twitter: RT @AnisaAven free tap-along Surrogate EFT video
for El Salvador’s Crisis, join me in prayer, #EFT, #LOA for

Facebook: Surrogate EFT tap-along video with Anisa Aven, Go
here and pray/tap with me for El Salvador to have peace and
order restored

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May 21, 2010

Affirmations Don’t Work for Me. They Only Make me Feel Worse.

Category: Affirmations,emotional freedom technique — Anisa @ 2:29 pm

Q: But what if affirmations only make me feel worse?

A: If you are reading this then you have a knowing within that
says, “I have untapped potential” and a belief that
resonates with “My thoughts create my reality.” Therefore,
the first order of business is to CHOOSE to BELIEVE there is
a solution to your ‘affirmation’ problem.

“Believing there is a solution paves the way to a solution.”
– Dr. David Schwartz

A Canadian study entitled, “Positive Self-Statements: Power
for Some, Peril for Others” published by Psychological
Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological
Science, suggests some people shouldn’t even bother with
affirmations. (But, there’s NO way I buy that. I’ll
explain why in a moment.)

Here’s a quick excerpt as reported in The Star Phoenix,

“…paradoxically, low self-esteem participants’ moods fared
better when they were allowed to have negative thoughts than
when they were asked to focus exclusively on affirmative

“One possibility is that, like overly positive praise,
unreasonably positive self-statements, such as, ‘I accept
myself completely,’ can elicit contradictory thoughts,” the
authors wrote.

So, for example, someone who feels deficient in some quality
might repeat the mantra, “I am a lovable person” but really
be thinking “. . . but not as lovable as Chris,” which the
authors argue can make that person feel worse.

“Contrary to popular belief, positive self-statements can be
useless for some people, even though they may benefit
others. They may even backfire, making some people feel
worse rather than better.”

Positive self-statements may remind people that they are not
measuring up to important standards and that they should
only have positive thoughts, said the authors.” –

Source The Star Phoenix:

Drawing the conclusion that ‘affirmations are useless for some people’ if they make them feel bad is similar to a coach saying to the batter, “You feel bad that you struck out? It’s okay, next time just don’t swing.”

If you’ve ever shot a basketball, swung a club, tried to
volley a ball or run a race then you know how bad you feel
when you miss, strike out, or worse, make a fool out of
yourself by falling or running in the wrong direction, etc.

However, there’s never would we imagine a coach saying, “If
it makes you feel bad to miss the play, just don’t try
again!” NOOO! The coach would say, “I know you feel bad.
But, you have to keep trying. Next time, don’t focus on what
you don’t want to do, focus on what you want to do. You’ll
get it, I know you can do it.”

The same goes for positive affirmations. We are not just
saying affirmations to feel better in the moment (although
that’s one intention), we are saying affirmations to
TRANSFORM our minds and thus TRANSFORM our LIVES! That’s why
we have to keeping trying!

Now, what do you do with the negative thoughts that make you
feel bad? You have to get rid of them! I say go ahead and
acknowledge the negative ninny! You know, the voice of the
gatekeeper that is trying to protect you from
disappointment. The one that says, “But, you’re not worth
loving. Don’t kid yourself or you’ll only end up hurt.”

With EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) this is exactly what
we are doing when we say the set-up phrase where we
acknowledge verbally the negative ninny: “Even though I’m
not worthy of love, I love myself anyway!”

As you acknowledge the ‘Ninny’ and command yourself to LOVE
yourself anyway the ‘Ninny’ goes away. Then, by continuing
with the EFT round you can eliminate the negative thoughts that make you feel bad for good.

For example, one of my favorite ways to
get rid of a negative ninny fast is to use the ‘argument’
approach when tapping:

Even though I’m not worth loving, I love myself anyway. And, what if I were worth loving?

IE: I’m not worthy of love

OE: Yes I am.

UE: No I’m not.

BN: What makes you the boss of who’s worthy of love? I am
too worthy of love.

Ch: No, I’m not -look at how many times I’ve been rejected.
That proves it.

CB: That doesn’t prove anything other than those people had
issues with giving love, not me.

UA: I still don’t think I’m worthy of love.

UR: That’s your choice but what if you allowed yourself to
accept that you were worthy of love? What would your life
be like if you accepted this as your truth instead?

CC: Well, I’d be happier. But, I’m afraid to be a fool.

IE: So what. What’s the worst thing that could happen? You
get disappointed? Is that any worse than what you feel
right now?

UE: No. But, I’m still afraid.

BN: So, be afraid but choose to accept that you’re worthy of
love even though you’re afraid….etc.

(Yes… I hear voices! I just try to be mindful when
arguing with myself in public.)

If affirmations make you feel worse, uncover the hidden
negative ninny underneath that is causing you disconnection
and pain. This ‘ninny’ is also likely to be one of the
primary reasons the law of attraction isn’t working for you
either. Once you identify it, take time to use Emotional
Freedom Technique to get rid of it. You’ll know it’s gone
when you can speak the positive affirmation and feel good
about it!

For EFT instructions, visit here.
For How to Use EFT & LOA for Manifesting Prosperity, visit here. (watch for upgrade offer.)
For How to Use EFT & LOA to Attract (or ReCreate) Your Ideal Relationship, visit here.

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April 22, 2010

Clutter is just another way to sabotage our dreams.

Category: Audios Free Downloads,emotional freedom technique,law of attraction — Anisa @ 3:01 pm

Yes, we have too much stuff – paper, mementos,
hand-me-downs, heirlooms, and things we just HAD to have or
can’t bear to part with! If this is you, then think about
how many times you’ve thought…

…I’ll have time to pursue that dream once I get this place organized.

…I’ll start this weekend and go through all this paper until it’s done, then
I will have more time for my goals.

… I can’t ever get this organized and I can’t start anything else until I do.

Clutter is the physical manifestation of SELF-SABOTAGE! Yes,
those insidious thoughts that we have about not being good
enough, not being capable, smart enough, talented enough,
deserving or worthy enough to achieve success and experience
joy, fulfillment, and love manifest as clutter and disorganization.

We know we WANT to be organized. We imagine that our life will be so much easier and fulfilling
when we finally get organized. However, we don’t know HOW
to make this happen. Most people want to set aside an entire
weekend or even a month to once and for all ‘get organized’.
This method may be successful for some, although I don’t
know anyone that it’s worked for personally.

The folks I know that say, “I have to do it all at once and I need an
entire week”
will say this for years and years before
finding that magic week. And, even if we DO make that kind
of time, we go right back to our pack-rat, disorganized
habits and within two weeks we notice the piles beginning to
stack up again. Very quickly, we NEED another magic

In an ideal world, having a substantial amount of time
all at once to de-clutter or get organized would be perfect.
However, if that’s not happening, then I say we have to be
willing to do it perfectly imperfect. From my perspective,
there’s an integrated approach that can once and for all
defeat the clutter demon and allow YOU to start pursuing
your dreams now.

1) Chunk it down and slowly but persistently organize daily. 15 minutes a day will do it!

2) Make peace with what is, let it go, and at times, step
over the clutter with graceful self-love.

While I’m an ardent advocate of creating a supportive environment,
including being organized and clutter-free, I also know that
all automatic behaviors have an underlying positive intent.
By recognizing and acknowledging that positive intent, we
can better negotiate what’s going to motivate us to do what
must be one.

We are addicted to being disorganized because
we feel that when we make time for organizing something else
has to be sacrificed. We may know we need and want to de-
clutter and get organized, but in this moment it feels
better to take a nap, make a call to a friend, attend to our
loved ones, or simply do something else that has a greater,
more obvious ROI (return on investment.)

Can you see the positive short-term intent behind procrastinating? If today
I spend time organizing, I don’t get to play with my
children, connect with friends, make that business call, etc.

However, we also know that when we allow the piles to
go unchecked, we are sacrificing our long-term success and
comfort for short-term needs. We want to consider HOW we
are going to re-negotiate these short-term needs. For
example, we want to clean up our office but we also need a
nap. We may want to get organized but we also want to spend
time with our honeys. Thus, when you start to CHUNK it
down into ‘organized installments’ it’s easier to say to
ourselves, I can afford 15 minutes. This small amount of
time will not interfere with my need to attend to my family
or other business.

My friend, Kathy from Greece, also reminded me that we must
learn to make PEACE with what is. Constantly beating up on ourselves for
our clutter and mess only serves to postpone our potential
fulfillment. Every time we emotionally berate ourselves for
being ‘a disorganized failure’ without also setting up a
solution for consistent and manageable change, we sabotage
our confidence.

Sabotaged confidence manifests as missed
opportunities, doubts, fears, and the corresponding physical
equivalents such as failure, setbacks, and more obstacles.

Yuck!!! Therefore, make a decision to CHOOSE to love and
accept yourself in spite of disorganization and clutter.
course, don’t let ‘peace’ become a reason for apathy and
non-action, but love yourself enough to make peace with what
is while setting up a consistent routine for courageously
doing what must be done (get organized one bite at a time)
with zest and enthusiasm.

I’ve recorded Vibration Elevation Formula (EFT & LOA)
round to specifically walk you up the vibrational scale, here:

You can also download by right click, saving here:
Please take a moment to leave your comments:

What works for you?

What challenges do you have getting organized?

How have you learned to have peace?

Also…thank you, Nancy for sharing your affirmations with us:

– My room/house/office is clean, creatively organized, and stays
that way because I stay on top of everything.

– I have a place for everything and everything is in its

Copyright, 2010, CreataVision Enterprises, Anisa Aven.
Available for reprint rights so long as the previous copyright and the following is included in the reprint: Receive Anisa’s FREE Conscious Creation 101: a 5-part e-course on the basics of Manifesting by visiting

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April 13, 2010

Goals Require Nurturing and Patience as any Seed of Possibility

Category: Audios Free Downloads,emotional freedom technique,law of attraction — Anisa @ 4:28 pm

In my daughter’s third grade science lesson last week, they learned about how plants grow.

Ashlyn’s project:
1) A seed germinates or begins to grow when it has water.
2) First, a root grows from the sprouting seed.
3) Next, the seed breaks open and a young plant or seedling appears
4) Finally, the roots grow longer and the stem begins to grow. Finally, the leaves begin to form.

This is identical to how our intentions materialize. There’s NO shortcut from planting the seed to overnight blooms! It doesn’t work like that. Yes, we can manifest ‘princess parking’ without much effort and we will certainly find some things easier to manifest than others. However, any major goal or significant endeavor requires a process of preparing the soil, planting the right seeds, nourishing and tending the seeds, allowing them to germinate and take root, and finally they will bloom and grow.

One of the ways that we can move more quickly into the habit of patiently nourishing our dreams is by focusing MORE upon the Truth that ‘it’s all in Divine Order’, no matter what we see before us.
Last week I was talking to a dear friend and client who just shared a quick ‘victory’ with me about how she re-focused in the moment to RE-Create a situation. On March 31st, her and her husband had their first baby girl, Madeline. She’s so beautiful and doesn’t look at all like an old man like some babies do. Anyway, my friend had used intentionality throughout her pregnancy to consciously create her 9 months of expectancy and the birth experience. She said, “It went almost perfectly – exactly like I had programmed. Well, I labored longer than I had planned but that was okay.”

Then she shared with me how when they got to the hospital, the maternity ward was so crazy busy that they put her in ‘the closet’. The hospital only had 6 birthing suites and the other rooms they called their ‘cozy rooms’ were really very small. However, ‘the closet’ was the smallest and the least like her vision than ANY room in the hospital. She immediately felt disappointed that she was going to have her baby in this ‘tiny-supply-closet’ as she called it. Her honey (magnificent conscious creator too) said, “Now, don’t focus on this – focus on what you want.” She took a deep breath, realigned with being very comfortable in her room, a hot shower calmly soothing her shoulders, and plenty of spacious room to move around. Within minutes, she felt better and forgot that she was in ‘the closet.’ Shortly, they came to get her and moved her into the big birthing suite.

She said, “I don’t know how I could have created this! There were so many other women there, even before me but I KNOW that it was my dominant intention so it had to manifest. And, all the work I did leading up to this is what won that room for us. I know that I fully prepared myself and this is what helped us to manifest the beautiful, natural birth experience that we really wanted!” [I paraphrase a bit… but I think I got most of this pretty accurate!]

She didn’t wait until she got to the hospital to start ‘planting her seeds of desire’! She and her husband have consistent manifesting and goal setting routines. They planted weekly intentions and re-aligned themselves each and every day. And, most importantly they learned how to TRUST in the Divine.

Learning to trust in the Divine is simply acknowledging that the SEED you planted is taking root. You cannot see the roots because they MUST grow deep into the soil before you will ever see proof of their existence.
Did you know that a new avocado tree could take 3 or 4 years before producing even one luscious avocado? Imagine chopping each avocado tree down because it didn’t produce after a year or two or even three?!?!

Yet, this is exactly what we do when we refuse to allow our dreams time to grow.

Learn to intentionally TRUST that all is well, no matter WHAT you see as evidence to the contrary. Remind yourself that your dreams, goals, and intentions are taking root and they simply HAVE to manifest, as it can be no other way.

As a farmer TRUSTS that the crop is growing, conscious creators must TRUST that our dreams are manifesting.

A Vibration Elevation Example:

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April 9, 2010

Vibration Elevation Formula Example Poor Money Management

Category: Audios Free Downloads,emotional freedom technique,law of attraction — Anisa @ 2:16 pm

Vibrational Audio Coaching with Anisa Aven
Q: “How do I walk myself up the vibrational scale?” I don’t really know what to say when I get to some of the more negative emotions like shame, guilt, and sadness. I know I have a block with making more money. I have this belief that the more money I make the more bills I will have, so why bother working harder to make more when I will just have the same stress and responsibilities and then some?”

Use the Vibrational Scale and walk yourself up from the lower vibrations to the higher, more positive ascending vibrations.

Dr. David Hawkin’s Map of Consciousness from his breakthrough work, “Power Vs. Force” is the perfect guide for consciously and systematically walking yourself up and refocusing your attention.

I share more of how to do this in my Vibration Elevation Formulas, but here’s an audio example:

And below, I’ve included the basic Vibration Elevation Formula:
While tapping on the basic EFT meridian points:

1 – State your intention.
Your intention may look something like:

  • I intend to focus on the Truth – all is well and this too is Divine Order.
  • I intend to release my negative doubts and embrace the opposite with certainty.
  • I intend to hand over my fears and focus on acceptance, peace, and joy instead.
  • I intend to raise my level of consciousness from the dark into the light.

2 – Look at the Map.
Look at the Map of Consciousness© and ask yourself, “Where am I?”
3 – Walk it up.

Verbally and systematically walk up the map by expressing each ‘state’ clearly. Assume each emotion/level of consciousness using the words that correspond with each level.

  • “I am ashamed because…”
  • “I have guilt because…”
  • “I am sad because…”, etc.

Express each level of consciousness with conviction and a willingness to surrender to that emotion; a willingness to simply acknowledge that it exists and a willingness to allow it to be there. (Tap on the EFT points while you’re talking but don’t do anything about the emotion except accept it for what it is…just an emotion.)

Then, incrementally express the next level above that state, then the next, until you reach at least a state of willingness and/or acceptance.

Here’s an example from my Vibration Elevation Formulas ebook:

A client of mine, ‘Darrel’, recently went through a series of relationships with women where he felt he was completely taken for granted, used, and then discarded. He feels it’s simply not meant for him to have a successful, fulfilling relationship. As he says, “This is the way it’s always been! Every relationship I’ve ever had, even as a teen, has left me feeling like I was taken for granted, taken advantage of, used for my generosity and kindness, and then rejected.”
As you might imagine, his emotions range in any given moment from shame, to fear, to anger, to pride. Because his wound is fairly recent and reoccurring, he has had difficulty shaking the lower level emotions and thoughts in order to be a strong attractor for what he really wants (more love, peace, joy, and harmony).
Occasionally, we are in an open space where we do not feel comfortable using the tapping, meridian therapy of EFT. When this is the situation, you can simply pivot your vibration and attention by verbally walking yourself up!
To illustrate, here’s an example of how we systematically raised his consciousness from the very negative, weak attraction levels to the very positive, strong attraction levels:

20 – Shame
I am so ashamed that I could be so unlovable and worthless to the women in my life, that they could be so heartless and discard me so easily. I am ashamed that I am so unlovable.

30 – Guilt:
I feel guilty for not being more intelligent and for not seeing the signs. I feel guilty for being so giving and for expecting my love to be returned. I feel guilty for not knowing how to be what they want.

50 – Apathy:
I’m done. I’m through with women! I don’t even want to try anymore.

75 – Grief/Sadness:

I’m so sad that I don’t have the relationship I want. I’m so sad about being constantly rejected, even after I’ve been so good to her.

100 – Fear:
I’m afraid that I’ll never find someone that will return my love and kindness. I’m afraid she doesn’t even exist! I’m afraid that I’ll be alone forever. I’m afraid I’m going to die alone and desperate.

125 – Desire:
I want so much more than this!

150 – Anger:
I’m angry! What’s wrong with woman, that they could be so cruel and treat me this way! I’m angry because this isn’t fair. I’m angry that others have what they want and that there’s something wrong with me, that I can’t get what I want!

175 – Pride:
I deserve better. I’m not going to tolerate being treated this way ever again. I’m going to stand up for myself, know when enough is enough, and call it off when I’m being mistreated.

200 – Courage:
I choose to be courageous and bold! I choose to rise above any and all limiting beliefs and I choose to courageously try again. I choose to courageously attract a woman that is right for me!

250 – Neutrality:
I trust that somehow all of my experiences have been perfect. I choose not to judge them and to simply allow them to be. I choose to be neutral and I choose to move forward.

310 – Willingness:
I am willing to succeed and I am willing to fail. I am willing to have my heart broken again. I am willing to find my true love and be madly happy and in love. I am willing to mess it up and I am willing to get it right. I am willing to trust that love and a loving relationship, a reciprocal relationship, is my birthright.

350 – Acceptance:
I accept that all is well. I accept myself exactly as I am. I accept that I did the very best I could, given who I was and what I knew at the time. I accept that my girlfriends did the best they could and I forgive them. I forgive myself and every woman in my life that I have ever judged. I accept that there is a Divine Order and all is perfect.

400 – Reason:
It only stands to reason that I can have a loving relationship. I am a Divine Child of God and therefore it is my birthright to have all that my heart desires. I recognize the Truth that as I put out the energy of love and the energy that I’m worth loving, that this will be reciprocated. I am loving and love is my purpose and my path.

500 – Love:
I am a loving person and I love life and all that life includes. I love what is and what has been. I love those who have come into my life because all have supported me in my growth. I am grateful for this learning. I am grateful for this opportunity. I am grateful and I love having an open heart from this point forward.

540 – Joy:
I joyously and with a happy heart release any doubts about my life and my right to a Divine love. I joyously open my heart and give thanks for the full manifestation of all that I desire now. I am overjoyed with the passion and enthusiasm of life. I am happy to love again.

600 – Peace:
I am at peace with what is. I am at peace knowing that all is well and that all things are in Divine Order. I am at peace with life, my loves, my dreams and my ambitions. I am at peace knowing that all things are perfect exactly as they are.

700-1000 – Enlightenment:
I am one with all that is. I am.

Be willing to be emotional. Get into the feeling place of the lower level emotions. Connect to those emotions and be willing to let them go as you walk yourself up.

Start as low as you can go, even if you have to assume or take on thoughts that you don’t recognize as significantly influencing your emotions.

Always walk yourself up through at least a state of willingness and preferably through a state of peace.

Be willing to walk this path over and over again. Remember, you are forming a new habit.

The more you intentionally shift your consciousness, the easier it will become and eventually it will be second nature. However, it takes time to create that habit and you must be willing to put in the time in the beginning to make it effective long term.

This process is learning by repeating the work many times. Go back to the concepts and exercises over and over again until you’ve mastered them. This system is effective for its use of repetition. Each time you do this, you add to your body of knowledge, experience and understanding. And you become better at it. You gain mastery just by familiarity through continuing exposure.

Once you have this down, this will be one of the most effective and transformational ‘techniques’ you will ever use.
For more information about my Vibration Elevation Formulas, visit here.

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