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We were born with the unlimited potential to intentionally create (use the law of attraction) to manifest all of our heart's desires. Together, as Conscious Leaders guided by the Divine, we have the Mind Power necessary to co-create a sustainable, harmonious, peaceful, and prosperous world.  And, we can do this while also attracting and creating a passionate, loving, rich, healthy life with all of our personal dreams fulfilled.

June 23, 2011

How to Consciously Create When Another Has to Change (pt.2)

Category: attract relationship,Audios Free Downloads,emotional freedom technique,law of attraction,Surrogate EFT,Videos — Anisa @ 7:05 pm

Q: How to consciously create when your Dream (or Wish) depends on someone else’s cooperation.

Last week I shared with you the answer to our friend’s question:

Dear Anisa, I love my husband but I’m not happy….. (you can see the full article on my blog here.)
And, I promised to share an example of how to use Surrogate EFT to get what you want in your relationships, so here it is…

The Surrogate EFT Points:

  1. S – Sore Spot (or KC Karate Chop point on side of hand)
  2. EB – Inner Eye Brow
  3. OE – Outer Eye
  4. UE – Under Eye
  5. UN – Under Nose
  6. CH – Chin
  7. CB – Collar Bone
  8. UA – Under Arm
  9. RR – Right Rib
  10. H- Head (Crown Chakra)

Step 1) Surrogate EFT – Set your Intention:

“Universe/God – my intention is to create a more loving and harmonious relationship with my husband. If the words that I speak are not aligned with our mutual, highest and best good, then I ask they go forth and help someone else. I intend for this work to influence our relationship in positive ways according to our mutual desires. Thank you for this creative power and manifestation, now.”

Surrogate EFT Example:

1) SS/KC – Even though, I, John, feel frustrated that my wife is unhappy and I just can’t please her, I love and accept myself.

Even though, You, John, are neglecting your love responsibilities at home, leaving your wife feeling lonely and abandoned, you love and accept yourself anyway.

Even though, He, John, is doing the best that he can and is exhausted with work and family responsibilities, he loves and accepts himself anyway.

2) EB- I, John, feel frustrated, why can’t my wife just get off my back?

3) OE – You, John, are neglecting your wife and causing unhappiness by dismissing her needs.

4) UE – He, John, feels like he can’t possibly please everyone, so why bother trying.

5) UN – I, John, am tired of the constant nagging and unhappiness.

6) CH – You, John, are not trying hard enough and you act like you don’t even care.,

7) CB – He, John, is doing the best that he can but has too many burdens to bear.

8) UA – I, John, wish my wife would just back off and be happy with the way things are.

9) RR – You, John, are neglectful and refuse to pay any attention to your wife.

10) H- Head – He, John, is tired and frustrated and although he wants to please his wife feels like he doesn’t know how anymore.

Repeat the ‘negative’ tapping until you feel a shift towards Neutrality. Neutrality does not feel like apathy but it feels like a peaceful acceptance, “it’s all okay, even as it is.”

Then, implant the positive:

1) SS or KC – Even though I, John, feel frustrated, I am willing to do what I can to make things right.

Even though, you, John, are stretched too thin, you are willing to pay attention to your relationship and show your wife you love her.

Even though, He, John, is exhausted and doesn’t know what to do, he is willing to find creative ways that allow him to connect with his wife and restore thier romance.

2) EB – I, John, am willing and open to rekindle our marriage.

3) OE – You, John, are doing the best you can and you are open to doing what must be done to connect with your wife.

4) UE – He, John, is open and loving; thoughtful and committed to loving his wife.

5) UN – I, John, want to be inspired to show my wife more affection and attention.

6) CH – You, John, are willing and open to having more meaningful conversations with your wife.

7) CB – He, John, is creative and imaginative and feels inspired to be more attentive to his wife.

8) UA – I, John, find myself thinking more and more about how to connect, talk, and love my wife more fully.

9) RR – You, John, are getting more and more excited about rekindling your relationship with your wife.

10) H- Head He, John, is a loving and giving man. He feels inspired to pay more attention to his wife and family and feels energized and uplifted by his efforts.

I hold the vision of a renewed, loving and fun relationship for you. It is in fact, the ONLY possibility, now.

Copyright, 2011 CreataVision Enterprises, Anisa Aven.

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How to Consciously Create When Your Dream Depends on Another

Category: attract relationship,Audios Free Downloads,emotional freedom technique,law of attraction,manifest a mate,Surrogate EFT — Anisa @ 4:57 pm

Q: How to consciously create when your Dream (or Wish) depends on someone else’s cooperation:

Dear Anisa,
I love my husband but I’m not happy. I’m frustrated that he works too much and rarely makes time for us. We talk very little and our once passionate bedroom life is almost non-existent. You might think, “He’s cheating” but that’s not the case. He’s not the cheating type; he wouldn’t have the time or freedom if he were the type and besides I know he loves me too. But, we are both bored and complacent, I suppose. I’ve tried talking until I’m blue in the face, with small progress that seems to backslide within a very short amount of time. My problem is that I’m a pretty good manifestor but I can’t figure this one out! I’ve created a great job making more money than when I was full-time and I’ve lost over 40 pounds (thank you, by the way – I did it and have kept it off for 2 years after taking your EFT & LOA for weight-loss program). I know I did these things with the Law of Attraction… but I’m just stumped now because I don’t know how to create when someone else is involved. How do I get him to want to attend to us? How do I get him to help me bring more fun back into our relationship? – “Shhh!!!” I’m keeping my name a secret for this question. Thanks!

A: Let me start with the bottom-line  – the important caveats:

  • We cannot create in someone else’s life anything they are also not aligned with.
  • We cannot force someone to be aligned with our wish/desire.
  • There’s always a yin/yang – a cost/benefit for every manifestation. (Ex: The sun must go down for the moon to come up and vice-versa.)

The Possibilities:

  • We CAN influence a compromise and create an outcome that is mutually aligned.
  • We CAN fulfill our own needs while maintaining our integrity and honoring our relationships.
  • We CAN re-align and re-frame our ‘happiness’ quotient – allowing greater happiness with less need for external input.

We are either moving towards what we want, or away from it. Learn to analyze which way you’re headed so you can immediately course-correct when needed.

In relationships, picking apart what’s not working, focusing on all the things our partner is doing wrong or obsessing about the things our mate is not doing can become a sick habit. So obsessive and destructive that it can (and often does) destroy the love and kindness that once inspired us to move mountains together. 

A healthy relationship begins with accepting our mate exactly as they are. Love, in its honest and purest form, is unconditional acceptance. From this place of unconditional acceptance, we are poised to leverage the Universal Laws in a very masterful way – but only after we’ve surrendered to what IS as absolutely perfect, in and of itself. 

Let’s address what unconditional acceptance does not mean. Accepting our mate does not mean we are willing to be abused or taken for granted. Full, unconditional acceptance does not mean we are willing to sacrifice our souls and personal dreams/ boundaries/values to be with them, it simply means they get to be who they want to be, without exception; and when they choose to BE unkind or immoral then we get to choose not to be with them, in spite of the fact that we still accept them as a person. 

Thus, accepting your mate exactly as they are is step #1. Any and all judgments that you hold regarding what he is or is not doing must be completely and totally released. All criticisms and resentments must be forgiven, now. Forget about manifesting anything until you’ve completed this step. In fact, as soon as you commit to forgiving, releasing, and accepting him exactly as he is right now, as a perfect child of God, doing the best he can, given who he is and what he knows up until now, you’ll discover there are many things you appreciate about him, right now. You’ll begin to notice the things he’s doing ‘right’ and less of your attention will dwell on what’s wrong. This is a natural by-product of full-force acceptance. 

Once you’ve mastered ‘full-acceptance’ then manifesting greater love, romance, connection, fun, and adventure will be a matter of expansion. Like any other conscious creation, you want to act as if you had it now, in order to manifest it. You want to SEE it and BELIEVE it, now. You want to FOCUS on expanding upon what’s right and wonderful, in order to capitalize on the energy of love that is already flowing and thus re-direct some of that creative force to new adventures and experiences of connection with your mate. 

You want to create a masterpiece of beautiful love and fulfillment in your mind and heart that is so enjoyable, it will naturally manifest externally. 

Launch the visions of love and connection as you desire them, fully willing to detach from the outcome; willing to be happy with or without their manifestation. Then, go about fulfilling your own happiness needs. Gone are the days of depending upon your mate for self-fulfillment. Do you need conversation and connection, re-engage with friends and make new friends. GET those needs met in an honorable fashion elsewhere. Do you need adventure? Choose to take yourself out – enjoy a movie, go for a walk, or plan a vacation. Create adventure with yourself while envisioning the perfect adventure with your mate. 

One primary source of dysfunction in modern relationships is this idea that our mate must fulfill all of our needs to have a happy marriage. It’s a recipe for failure! We all have different social and relational needs; expecting and demanding that our mate meet all of these needs is ridiculous. Re-energize your life by giving yourself permission to have a relationship with yourself and simultaneously increase your social circle by seeking out uplifting friends and engaging activities. 

Now, I realize I’ve shared with you ‘What’ you need to do, but I’ve neglected to share with you ‘How’ to do it. Don’t worry, I don’t plan to leave you hanging! Next week, I will share with you some methods for releasing the old and creating the new. I will share with you a powerful process that will utilize both the law of attraction and Surrogate EFT. In the mean time, make a commitment to begin full-force acceptance now. 

I hold the vision of a renewed, loving and fun relationship for you. It is in fact, the ONLY possibility, now. 

Copyright, 2011 CreataVision Enterprises, Anisa Aven.


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July 7, 2010

Surrogate EFT for the Crisis in El Salvador – can we tap for a group?

Category: Conscious Evolution,Conscious Leadership,global transformation,Surrogate EFT,Videos — Anisa @ 7:04 pm

Question: Can you do surrogate EFT on a group of people,
like a company, or a team, or a country, for instance? Or
do you have to tap on them individually?

Yes! This goes for any group of people – a family, company,
organization, country, city, government, a team (sports,
activists, project, co-workers, science fair, etc.) and any
gaggle you can name!

Allow me to be Captain Obvious, as my son would say, and
point out that it’s more difficult to benchmark your impact
when tapping for larger entities such as a country or a
government, for example.

However, do not let the fact that you are not sure if its
‘working’ prevent you from lending your support. When we
feel helpless and insignificant and like nothing we can do
can help such a big, bad situation, that’s exactly when
Surrogate EFT can be the most powerful and influential.

Just because we are small in comparison, does not mean we
are insignificant. By tapping, we are aligning with love
and the Universal energy that creates worlds; by intending
health, wholeness, justice, peace, flexibility, stability,
courage, and enlightenment for an organization/group, we are
holding the space for this possibility.

So, how do you tap for a crowd? The same as you would for
an individual.

For example, a friend recently wrote to me about the crisis
her country, El Salvador is facing:

See the Video of the Proxy / Surrogate EFT Tapping:

Dear Anisa, I would like to ask your advice and your help
in a very sad and frustrating situation that my country is
facing at the moment. I live in El Salvador, Central America
and if you have seen the news you may know that we have a
very serious gang problem. The crime rate in El Salvador is
approximately 49 homicides per day.

On Sunday, a horrible tragedy happened: assailants set fire
to a mass transit bus in San Salvador. Witnesses said people
on motorcycles intercepted the bus, doused it with gasoline
and closed the doors with the passengers inside. 11
passengers were killed and 8 were injured (update 16 have
died). An 18 month-old baby was killed and people could hear
the baby and children screaming. The men who set the bus on
fire, were laughing and shoot people in the legs for them
not to escape the bus. Gang members were involved in the
attacks. The buses were targeted as a reprisal against bus
drivers who had not paid a gang-imposed toll.

Sadly, this is just one example of the many problems we have
in our country, because of gangs (“Mara Salvatrucha” and
“Mara 18”) On Monday a family was murdered in their own home
at 3 AM. Some men knocked at their door claiming someone was
trying to rob their car, when the home owner opened the door
they shot him, entered the house, tortured and killed his
wife and an elder couple living with them. After they killed
everyone they stole their television, computers and other
electronic devices.

At this moment I am scared to death even going out in the
street, we have curfews. Anisa, is there any way that with
LOA we can help improve the security in our country? We
cannot live this way and I love my country I don’t want to
move out.

Please let me know if there is a way I can visualize a more
peaceful El Salvador? How can I help improve the danger in
my country? (June 21, 2010)

A: First, please know that you and your country are in my
prayers. I hold the vision of an immediate return to
wellness, peace, stability, security, and order for El
Salvador. I am grateful for this manifestation, now. So be

You asked what can you do to visualize a more peaceful El
Salvador. And, I will include a prayer for peace but also
encourage you to take time with each report to apply
surrogate EFT. Use the words that your heart and mind feel
and the words/phrases that trigger sadness and pain as you
hear the stories. No matter what you tap on, as long as you
are connected to the situation, you will personally find
more peace. And your peace will hold the space for your
country’s peace.

Surrogate EFT can have a quiet yet profound impact on our
world. Listen to the audio example of Surrogate EFT for El

Sample Set-Up Statements, Sore spot (S) or Karate Chop point

Even though my country, El Salvador, is overrun with crime
and gang violence, I love and accept myself and my country.

Even though my country, El Salvador, has one of the highest
homicide rates in the world, I love and accept myself and my

Even though, my country, El Salvador, is being destroyed by
violent, evil, gang members and corrupt and inept
government, I love and accept myself and my country.

Reminder /positive turn-around statement:

Inner Eyebrow (EB) – My country is in danger.

Outer Eye (OE) – My country is hurting and in pain.

Under Eye (UE) – My country is losing hope.

Under Nose (UN) – My country may not survive this violent

Chin (CH) – My country is not a safe home anymore.

Collarbone (CB) – My country is devastated and dangerous.

Under Arm (UA) – My country may never be the same.

Upper Rib (UR) – My country may have to be abandoned.

Head, crown chakra (H) – My country is being destroyed by
ignorant, corrupt gang members.

Positive Turn-Arounds:

Inner Eyebrow (EB) – My country is capable of recovering.

Outer Eye (OE) – My country is filled with courageous men
and women.

Under Eye (UE) – My country is willing to have balance

Under Nose (UN) – My country will not be defeated by

Chin (CH) – My country is capable of being restored to

Collarbone (CB) – My country is going through a transition
and this too shall pass quickly.

Under Arm (UA) – My country is ready for peace.

Upper Rib (UR) – My country is open to peace, safety,
justice, and order.

Head, crown chakra (H) – My country is being restored by
courageous, intelligent, and loving patriots.

If you found this helpful, thank you for sharing.

Twitter: RT @AnisaAven free tap-along Surrogate EFT video
for El Salvador’s Crisis, join me in prayer, #EFT, #LOA for

Facebook: Surrogate EFT tap-along video with Anisa Aven, Go
here and pray/tap with me for El Salvador to have peace and
order restored

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November 19, 2009

What if we speak different languages? How do I do surrogate EFT?

Category: emotional freedom technique,law of attraction,Surrogate EFT — Anisa @ 7:57 pm

Q/A: What if we speak different languages?  How do I do surrogate EFT?

USE the language that you feel most comfortable speaking fluidly. Whenever possible, include WORDS that have meaning in your friend’s native language and finally, consider and acknowledge any cultural differences you can identify while you are tapping.

Since our collective minds are interconnected and we cannot actually remove this connection (no matter what we do), tapping while speaking in either language is fine.  Use what works for you.  And, if there are certain phrases that your ‘surrogate EFT beneficiary’ uses to express their personality, their emotions or worldviews then by all means use those words when tapping.

For example, Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP) is a collection of models and tools that assist us in understanding how to change our behaviors by changing our patterns of thought.  Through NLP studies of how language affects our behavior, we’ve come to understand that words hold different connotations, meanings, and emotional triggers to different people.  Since understanding what someone means by the words they choose to use is important to successful communication, whenever possible USE the phrases and words exactly as your friend would use them.

Here’s a challenge for you…

Let’s say you are more proper than your friend.  You prefer to refrain from cursing or using language that is offensive in any way.  However, your friend (that you want to do Surrogate EFT for) uses profanity and offensive language.  It’s your call how you choose to deal with this when tapping surrogately.  However, I believe that WORDS are very important and if my friend says, “This sucks”, I’m not going to try to modify it when I’m tapping to suit my sensibilities.  I’m tapping for my friend and the more aligned my language is with what they really feel, the more likely I am to be effective with my tapping.  Therefore, I’m going to use the same words because those words have a vibrational pattern within my friend that is important.

Additionally, remember that an event has no meaning until we give it meaning.  The meaning we give to any situation is influenced by our beliefs, previous experiences, our cultural conditioning, our likes/dislikes and even our mood at the time.

When it comes to different languages, there will likely be different cultural barriers that could get in the way of really effective communication and surrogate EFT.

For example, I was speaking to a friend the other day who was born and raised in India.  He was taught that it was inappropriate to express any affection towards a woman outside of marriage.  Well, now he’s living and dating in America.  Through trial and error, he has discovered that ‘not showing any affection’ to his dates (American women) is often misconstrued as a lack of interest.  He has found it challenging to find the happy balance between showing his interest and honoring his heritage.  “How do I know it’s the right time to kiss her and not get slapped, or worse thought of as a very bad person?” is a question that will rarely cross an American man’s mind.  However, because of my friend’s cultural conditioning this is a very real dilemma for him.

We want to take into consideration the culture of whomever we Surrogate tap for.

If we were to tap surrogately for my friend, we would want to take into consideration how his friends and family would react should he choose to suddenly change his personality.  We would want to make statements in our Surrogate EFT that allow for BOTH cultural views to evolve into a blended, more enlightened world-view that takes the best of both perspectives.

Now, having said all the above – don’t worry about it and certainly don’t overcomplicate this! Tap and talk however it at feels right for you in the moment.  Use your native language when it feels right and use your friend’s words when you feel inspired.  The key is to just do the tapping and the rest will fall into order.

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Why Use the Negative Phrases When EFT Tapping?

Category: conscious creation,emotional freedom technique,law of attraction,Surrogate EFT — Anisa @ 7:55 pm

Q/A: What I don’t get is that EFT states things in the negative. Why not use positive statements like what we were taught in books like “Think and Grow Rich” etc.?

A: This question is a common one – especially from those of us (myself included) that have always believed that we are supposed to be positive at all times.

–> How many times have you heard someone say something negative and then say, “Oh.. I don’t even want to go there! Cancel, Cancel!”

Of course we do not want to focus on the negative or we’ll attract more of it. And, it can feel very contradictory to what we’ve been taught to realistically face all the reasons why we don’t have what we want.

However, just because we ‘pretend’ something does not exist, does not mean that it will go away.

A woman victimized by her husband’s abuse may pretend that one peaceful night is the beginning of a renewed relationship. Unfortunately, statistics reveal that pretending that ‘all is well’ will not prevent the next round of violence.

Likewise, some students of the law of attraction will reach for abundance through the excessive use of their credit cards. Today, they may be pretending they are abundant in hopes of enacting the ‘law of attraction.’ Unfortunately, tomorrow they wake up to realize they are deeper in debt and further from the wealth they desire than ever before.

We’ve heard the phrase, “fake it, till you make it” and attached ourselves to the idea that we have to pretend our way into success. While there’s wisdom in this axiom, faking it alone is not enough to remove the limited consciousness that is the source of our need to pretend in the first place.

On the other hand, when we accept our unlimited potential as our True nature, we can no longer pretend. Instead, we just are.

While using a tool such as EFT requires that we acknowledge those negative beliefs and problems, we are not going to focus on them long enough to expand and attract more negativity. On the contrary, through the very act of becoming aware we instantly weaken the negativity while empowering our consciousness of well-being.

When we start the EFT phrase with the ‘Elephant in the room’ clearly acknowledged, then there’s no place for this subconscious fear, doubt, or belief to hide any longer. Then, after we’ve ‘called it like it really is’, we say “Even though I have this ‘dysfunction’, I LOVE myself anyway!!!” We are actually saying, “I allow myself to love myself in spite of my problems.”

Our subconscious mind has been taught to protect us from falsehoods. It’s like we have this determined gatekeeper standing outside our mental gates, protecting us from being hurt by illusions and false promises. When we say something like, “I am rich, rich, rich!” About half the time our gatekeeper smirks back at us, “No you’re not!”

With the EFT set-up phrase, we catch the gatekeeper off-guard! When we acknowledge and then allow LOVE to flow, our subconscious mind lets the new intention past the gates and into the fertile soil!

[ Side-note: (although not completely unrelated… )Another way to do this is by using assumptive affirmations that start with “Why is it…?” Such as, “Why is it that I always have all the abundance I require, when I require it no matter what?” When we phrase our affirmations as a “Why is it?” question, we again ‘stump the gatekeeper’ into trying to answer the question! ]

By stating the problem, we shine a light on where it resides within us. EFT is about resetting our energetic grid. In order to see where the disconnection is located, it’s necessary to speak the situation as negatively and as boldly as possible in order to shine that spotlight directly on the source of disconnection.

With EFT, we are eliminating our limiting beliefs. In order to eliminate them, they must be brought into the light. Through the process of EFT, we not only put our problems out there and love ourselves anyway, but we take our positive intentions and get them past the gatekeeper!

This is why EFT is so effective EXACTLY as it stands. Many an experimenter has tried to do the set-up phrase differently, without success. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it! EFT works so let’s keep using it!

As you grow in your EFT practice, you’ll find that you naturally gravitate to move quickly out of the negative and into the positive. Thus, using more positive-toned ‘I choose…’ statements or ‘What if…’ statements allow you to shift very quickly as well.

For more information, See Gary Craig’s Videos.

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November 12, 2009


Category: emotional freedom technique,law of attraction,Surrogate EFT — Anisa @ 1:49 pm

I watched your video and I am having a hard time doing this
surrogate tapping for my son, Samuel. He is 2 years old and
has a VSD (small hole in his heart). Samuel is in the gray
area, but the doctors are still suggesting we do surgery. If
we decided to do surgery it would be next summer. It is
possible the hole could close by itself. I have been praying
and sending my Samuel healing power to heal the hole. I know
the surgery is done often and is low risk. It is open heart
surgery and does have some risk. Since Samuel is 2 he
doesn’t really know what is going on. He doesn’t appear to
have any worries or concerns. How would I do surrogate
tapping for him to help with the healing?

Quick Video Coaching – Doing Surrogate EFT for a child example:

–> Quick tips for Surrogate Tapping for Children and others:

First, I would suggest doing a lot of regular EFT just on
your thoughts, beliefs, and fears. As a parent, our
vibrational offerings are very influential and can
absolutely positively (or negatively) influence the outcome.
Thus, take time to heal your thoughts and align your beliefs
with the certainty you seek for absolute health and
wholeness for Samuel now.

In regards to Surrogate EFT:

* We are mostly tapping on ‘our thoughts’ and ‘our
perspective’ about an issue,even when we tap surrogately.

Therefore, if you do not have specific words/fears/ideas
that came directly from your surrogate EFT beneficiary’s
mouth, don’t worry! Simply tap on whatever comes to mind
that you ‘think’ could be an issue even remotely. And, be
sure to tap on your issues as they come up as this will
ensure that you are addressing all angles of the problem.
You’ll find that when you shift into the YOU and HE/She (In this example…”You, Samuel…”
and “He, Samuel…”), you’ll really be tapping on your own
issues. This is a powerful process and you’ll end up feeling more confident
about creating what you desire and a positive outcome for

* If you do have words/ideas/thoughts that your beneficiary has
used, then by all means, tap using your perception of their
experience. But, if you do not – just tap on what you
imagine it could be.

* If your surrogate EFT beneficiary is oblivious to the
‘problem’ then you can choose to tap on just the issue that
IS within her awareness:

In this example, it might be:

– “Even though, I Samuel, have to keep going to doctors and
I don’t want to…”

– “Even though, I Samuel, feel scared when I see my mommie’s
face look so scared… ”

– “Even though, I Samuel, must have something wrong with me
or my mommy/daddy wouldn’t be so anxious…” – “Even though,
I Samuel, have a hole in my heart…”

Reminder examples: – I’m confused. – I don’t understand. –
I’m afraid because they are afraid.

Positive Implants:
– I allow myself to be loved and to feel great.
– I know I’m healthy and whole and perfect exactly as I am.
– What if all this ‘stuff’ was behind us and I were just playing 100% all day, everyday from this point forward!

Remember, you want to first tap on YOUR issues about the
subject and then tap surrogately for their experience.

To read more about Surrogate EFT, be sure to watch the other videos and read the other posts in the Surrogate EFT category.

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October 29, 2009

How do I do surrogate EFT on myself?

Category: emotional freedom technique,law of attraction,Surrogate EFT — Anisa @ 6:48 pm

Quick Manifesting Morsel with Anisa Aven

Q: How could I even begin to thank you for this! I did the surrogate tapping
with your video. Happily, my sister did not have to go
through another MRI and the biopsy results were negative. I
truly believe that this was her soul’s way of jolting her
into seeking greater health and more positive energy in her
life. Anisa, you are doing such wonderful work in helping
others towards their soul purpose and healing. Thank you for
making this such a personal connection in spite of never
having met us in person. May you and yours be blessed

Possibly a stupid question…but here goes….how can I do
surrogate tapping for my own physical healing? God bless. D.

A: Hi D.   We are so pleased that your sister is well and that
she has seen the ‘silver lining!’

If you had asked me even 6 months ago, “How do we do
surrogate EFT for ourselves?”, I would have said, “No, just
do regular EFT!”  But, over the last 5 1/2 months I’ve been
experimenting with similar verbiage as what we use for
surrogate EFT.  For example, I’ve tried this personally
and had clients use the 1st person, 2nd person, and 3rd
person perspectives (while tapping) with outstanding

Here’s the video, here.

<a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”” height=”48″ width=”120″ alt=”” border=”0″/></a>



As with all EFT, our intent is to clear the ‘energetic
disconnects’ such as limiting beliefs and negative emotions
associated with any experience or thought concept.   The
result is less pain, fewer symptoms, forgiveness, and quite
often the end of suffering and even the healing of disease.
As what you’ll find on Gary Craig’s site:

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) was originally designed
to reduce the psychotherapy process from months and years
down to minutes and hours. From there it was discovered that
astonishing physical healings also occurred. Symptoms faded
for everything from Migraine Headaches to Cancer. Complete
details are given on the EFT website at It often
works where nothing else will.

What I’ve discovered is that the phrasing of I, You, He/She
when doing EFT on our own issues actually allows us to go
beyond our personal frame of reference.  Of course, we start
with, “I have this issue” but then say, “You, ‘insert-your-
own-name’have this issue because….” and She/He ‘insert-
your-own-name’ has this issue and…”.  By moving into what
those closest to you ‘think or say’ about you and the issue
and what an outside party might say about you and this issue
we actually address multiple levels of potential energy

As the video example illustrates, you ‘know’ what to say
when you address the ‘first person.  For example, “I have
this pain or issue.” However, you may be surprised what
comes up when you start tapping on what ‘others’ say.  More
accurately said, when you tap on what you ‘think’ others
say, feel, and think about you, it allows you to release
deeper levels and layers of corresponding negative thought

What I find interesting is that we say, “Oh, I don’t care
what others think!”  However, I find that the way others
view us and what they think and say about us has greater
influence than we’d like to believe. 

Try what I’m calling ‘3-way’ EFT.  Try it especially on
something that someone you love or care about has expressed
their oppositional opinions about. 

As with any EFT efforts, worst case scenario – you clear
your ‘own stuff’ and best case scenario, you support more
harmonious relations with others too!

I look forward to hearing of your success!

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October 16, 2009

Surrogate Tapping without permission wrong and manipulative?

Category: emotional freedom technique,law of attraction,Surrogate EFT — Anisa @ 4:46 pm

Dear Anisa,

I’m an EFT practitioner and recently had a disturbing
surrogate tapping experience.  During a class, a volunteer
(let’s call her Mary) asked that we work on her son (let’s
say John). It seems that John has a serious addiction, has
had serious fights with his parents, moved out of their home
and stopped all contact. Mary wanted to work on this issue.
We mentally asked for permission to work on his addiction.
We did not get permission to work on that (we saw him
turning away, and several participants received a big NO).
After this we asked permission to work on his feelings of
not being loved and accepted the way he is by his parents.
We asked permission, and seemed to get it, so we started to
work surrogately on this. However, right in the middle of
the first round the skype conference room completely
blocked, chucked us all out, we could not get back in and
had to cancel the whole class. Later on I managed to log
back in and the whole recording was gone. When I talked
later to some of the other participants, they said they
sensed a very black, negative energy. So it seems, that
after all there was no permission to work on him. This is
still OK – the problem is, that Mary cannot let go of this
issue and (naturally enough) is very adamant about helping
her son get rid of this very damaging addiction. When I
talked to her, I found out that she was doing surrogate
tapping for her son saying things like: I am John and I feel
less and less craving for this substance, and feel more and
more inclined to go back to my parents..etc. Now to me this
feels like pure manipulation, and as if she cannot hand this
problem over to the Universe. How would you approach a
problem like this?  With love and appreciation for your
work, A.

Q: Is Surrogate Tapping without permission wrong and

The thing is – I’ve never asked permission before I pray or
think ‘good thoughts’ for a friend or a loved one.    I’ve
never thought, “I know the people in Gaza are in great pain.
I wonder who might grant me permission so that I might pray
for their healing, the restoration of human rights and for
lasting peace?”

Is Surrogate EFT different than a direct prayer?  Most of us
would never ‘pray for bad things to happen to another’, nor
would we do Surrogate Tapping for bad things either.

Never the less, it doesn’t matter.

It is my belief that we cannot create in another person’s
reality without their permission (whether we ask verbally or
spiritually for that permission or not.)   If we perform
Surrogate Tapping EFT for someone and it’s not a vibrational
match, then it simply cannot take hold – no matter how badly
we may want it!

Our soul’s code is deeply embedded and forever connected to
Free Will and our Soul Purpose.  We, as outsider’s thinking
we know what’s best , especially when we are in pain, cannot
supersede their free will without their consent
(vibrationally) no matter what we believe about the power of
our minds. But… what about Voodoo and Black Magic?

Since Surrogate EFT is so effective at influencing others’
experiences and how we relate and experience others, doesn’t
this make it a form of voodoo or black magic?

I don’t know what you call black magic but my understanding
is that it’s nothing more than a negative thought form
thrown into an open doorway.  If I leave my door open to
‘victimization’ and someone throws foul spells through it,
is it their fault or mine?  Perhaps it’s both.  Never the
less, we are in mutual agreement on the dance floor of this

I look at black magic like I do a virus.  I can be around
sick folks all day long and not catch that cold unless I
believe (consciously or unconsciously) that viruses and
bacteria cause illness.  No matter what we learn in science
class about viruses causing illness – there will always be
those impervious people out there than NEVER catch that
cold.  The assumption is flawed and the science actually
confirms our belief that ‘what we believe, we receive’

I made Parker, my 12-year-old, do a book report this last
summer on Don Miguel Ruiz’s book The Four Agreements.  (Poor
kid… he whined and moaned because he has such a weird mother
that would make him read such a thing!?!)   His take-away
was the story of ‘Black Magic’ and why we must choose to be
“Impeccable with our words”.

The example in the book was about the mother who was having
a really bad day.  Her daughter was happy and singing her
heart out and the mother lashed out mindlessly, “Would you
shut up?!?!  You have a terrible voice!!”

The daughter took these words to heart and never sang again.
The black magic was sent through the open doorway of a
child’s vulnerable, approval seeking heart.   The effect on
this child, of course, was different than the effect on
another – why?!?  Not because black magic is inconsistent,
but because one child is vulnerable and therefore a
vibrational match and the other is not.

(Ask my father if I listened to him when he said, “You’ll be
lucky if you make it to 20 – as clumsy and stupid as you

Now, having said all the above, it’s also important to feel
aligned and honoring of the person we are performing
surrogate tapping upon.

Please, by all means, ask permission, if that’s what your
heart says is right!   Additionally, I always coach my
clients and myself on releasing attachment to the outcome.
It is NOT up to us to decide what’s for the highest good of
another person’s experience.  This is true whether we want
to accept this Truth or not.  (Deep sigh… I know this to be
true even when it’s my children’s experience!!)

I choose to say the following to engage the highest
intention for all:

“I ask that this Surrogate Tapping  (or prayer) go forth and
do whatever it’s meant to do, for the highest good for all
parties involved.  I release my attachment to the outcome.
If this intention is meant to support my loved one, it will
and if not, then I honor their sacred journey as perfect for
them, no matter what. ”

Do what feel is right in your heart.

Regarding the mother who continues to tap for her beloved
son, know that this is all part of the Divine Plan for her
and for him.  It can be on other way for God simply doesn’t
make mistakes.

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Surrogate Tapping: A loved one may have cancer – How do I tap for her?

Category: emotional freedom technique,law of attraction,Surrogate EFT — Anisa @ 3:22 pm

I’m in Sedona, AZ.… writing, writing, writing…  But, I have a quick surrogate tapping video that I wanted to make sure I shared with you.

A friend emailed about her sister who is going through testing for cancer and how frightened everyone in the family feels.  I took a quick video which explains again how to figure out what to say when tapping and did a tapping round for ‘fear of illness’ and ‘fear of dying’ for our friend’s sister.

She writes:

Hi Anisa,

I absolutely love getting your e newsletters. I have a question about Surrogate Tapping. Would it be appropriate to do it for my sister who is currently going through some investigative testing and biopsies for very suspicious breast masses.  She has had a breast MRI and is absolutely terrified about having another one because she is extremely claustrophobic. We are also very terrified of what the test results will bring especially because they have told her that it is very suspicious!

Are you able to help me tap for her well being…I was very heartened when I read about the EFT you and your son did for his healing in order not to have surgery. I would be ever so grateful!  Yours truly, D.

Here’s the video:

Surrogate Tapping EFT: For a loved one with a cancer scare.

Remember the formula for composing what to say when you do surrogate tapping EFT:

1)      I…First Person: Even though, I_____name____…

If I were ____name of person__ what would I believe to be true about this

If I pretended to be _____name of person___ what would I feel, believe, think about ____this

2) YOU…2nd Person: State the issue from your perspective. “Even though, You _____name___…”

If you were talking to your friend/loved one, what would you say regarding how you think
they feel or see things?

3) He/She…3rd Person:  State the issue from an outsider’s perspective.  This is the objective, 3rd person’s point of view.  “Even though he/she___name___…” From the third person perspective, you will seek to be more compassionate, less attached, and more focused upon the positive intent, the Divine Order and the unlimited potential that is at the core of EVERY situation/person.  As you may be tapping for the healing of a physical, mental, or even spiritual issue, you may find it necessary to adjust the questions below for relevancy.

If I could understand ___name of person’s ____ experience from a non-attached point of view, what would I say about this situation?

If I assumed there was a ‘positive intent’ underneath ‘this situation’ what might that be?

If I assumed there was a Divine Order and Divine Plan at work and relaxed into the Truth that all is well, all the time, what might I feel and say about this situation?

Now, after I recorded the video sample, I realized that I could have been MUCH more specific.  So, as you do your surrogate tapping, be sure to use strong, provocative and really specific phrases, words, visions, ideas.  This will help shift the situation even more quickly.

I hold the vision of your sister’s health and ideal outcome.

love and light,

Anisa Aven

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October 14, 2009

More Surrogate Tapping Examples “How to Figure Out What to Say”

Category: emotional freedom technique,law of attraction,Surrogate EFT — Anisa @ 12:24 pm

What to say when Surrogate Tapping EFT Video Example Surrogate Tapping Example including ‘How to Figure Out What
to Say When Surrogate Tapping’.

Yesterday, I gave you a step-by-step (video and written
exercise) for how to figure out what to say when you are
surrogate tapping. You can read that article/video here:

Today, I have a few more EFT videos and samples for you.

Example: My friend, K., is having some very frustrating
physical challenges. She’s an amazing woman who lives life
to the fullest in every way; incredibly physically active,
roller blading, surfing, kayaking, bicycling, rock-climbing,
mountain-biking – if it’s outdoors, you can bet that she’s
done it. Because her life is All about physical activity,
having ‘body injuries’ can do more that create just a little
pain for her. I do a surrogate round of tapping and explain
how you can walk yourself through ‘what do I say when I tap
for others’ by simply asking yourself questions about the
one you love.

Here’s the video surrogate tapping example:

Is all this stuff necessary?

A comment that I appreciate (Thank you Garth!) and very wise:

“I am just wondering if all this is necessary, EFT, LOA etc,
these things do work and are good practice for creative
visualization, but for the most part they are hit and miss.
Simply because the are coming from the natural. There is a
place a state of consciousness where all these things flow
freely and automatically, along with spiritual authority to
cause wonders, miracles. It is a place that we all have
access to and is not hard to find, but seek it we must.

Some refer to it as the “Secret Place”, where no disease,
pain, worry exist, only exuding joy, peace and well being. A
place we have access to because it is our birthright, being
born as spiritual beings and made righteous by “ones”
sacrifice. Should and could this not be a better use of our
time and energy, to find this place, and when we find it,
just be, and while we are being, learn and while learning
all the desires we have are flowing into our lives with zero
or little effort?

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his
righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto

Let me end this by stating, that seeking the kingdom is the
same as “Be still and know God”. There is no prerequisite to
entering into this place, no amount of reading, studying,
works etc, just faith and asking. I know because I have been
there about 30 times in the last few years, but really I
should be there everyday. The only reason I am not is I get
to wrapped up in the natural, instead of the spiritual. EFT,
LOA, creative visualization are all good and do work some of
the time, but spiritual authority works all the time for our
good. Heath and Happiness, Garth

Reply by Anisa:

YES! YES! And YES! Spiritual Authority works all the time.
And, when we seek first the Kingdom of Heaven Within as the
ONE and ONLY SOURCE AND SUBSTANCE of all our Good, then we
experience the flow you refer to!

And, while this is the Truth, how many of us have heard this
message ALL of our lives and still NOT done the work
necessary to fully understand what it means. Imagine that
every week all I wrote to you was, “Seek First the Kingdom
of Heaven Within”. Week in and week out, that’s all I said.
Although it’s absolutely the most important message I can
share, you’d be bored to tears with it.

After about a month and I’d have very few people left to support! Why? Because,
the other ‘stuff’ helps you to SEEK the Heaven Within by
appeasing that active part of us that says, “I want more and
I want it now.”

Consider this similar to training for a marathon. Runners
have to get in their 25 to 30 miles a week when training,
but they do more than just run all day every day in order to
prepare. There’s stretching, interval training, weights,
sprinting, mindful eating, and rest, rest, rest. The same
concept of ebb and flow applies to Intentional Manifesting
and self-actualization.

And, yes, the other ‘stuff’ (the tapping,
the visualizing, the treasure maps,etc.) can, of course,
take you away from the priority (of KNOWING the Presence
Within) if we are not intentional and mindful. Thank you
for bringing this up and inspiring other to keep it all

Since we are talking about “seeking first the Kingdom
within’, here’s a straight Prosperity EFT video sample for
my friend, Brij.
He asks, “How might I use EFT to help with my prosperity
consciousness? I want my grandchildren to go to college and
I want the prosperity to make that happen?!” I recorded a
round of EFT on “Focusing upon the Kingdom of Heaven Within
as your only source and substance.”

Watch the Video:

I have more videos to create… so I’ll do some of those
now. Thank you for allowing me the privelege of supporting

I love you!

Copyright, 2009, CreataVision Enterprises, Anisa Aven.
Available for reprint rights so long as the previous
copyright and the following is included in the reprint:
Receive Anisa’s FREE Conscious Creation 101: a 5-part e-
course on the basics of Manifesting by visiting

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