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We were born with the unlimited potential to intentionally create (use the law of attraction) to manifest all of our heart's desires. Together, as Conscious Leaders guided by the Divine, we have the Mind Power necessary to co-create a sustainable, harmonious, peaceful, and prosperous world.  And, we can do this while also attracting and creating a passionate, loving, rich, healthy life with all of our personal dreams fulfilled.

How do I manifest a relationship with someone I know I want to be with?

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Q: I know who I want to be with. How can I use EFT or LOA to manifest them?

I have a question about your Relationship Program, Attract
Your Ideal Mate (or ReCreate the One You Have) with the
Power of EFT & LOA.

I know who I want to be with. I would really appreciate if
you could explain how to get back with someone who is the
man of my dreams? We were in a relationship but we broke
up. It was really tragic for both of us and now it’s been a
year and a half but my love for him has increased immensely.
He’s in my class and it’s really difficult for both of us to
face each other but I truly deeeeeplyyyy love him. There
is not a single second when I don’t miss him. I really miss
him and I want to do so many things for him and want to make
him feel special. All my dreams have simply shattered…
Please help me in getting him back in my life. I would be
thankful to you if you could help me. – “P.”


Listen, Audio Coaching with Anisa: Click below to listen…

I must tell you that I’m not an advocate of ‘attracting
someone back into your life’ as the singular focus of your
conscious creation process.

I’m not saying this doesn’t happen or that you can’t be
happy if you attract them back into your life. But, most of
the time, when we focus on the ‘object’ of our desire as
opposed to the ‘essence’ of what we want, we are almost
always disappointed with the outcome.

It’s like saying, “I want to be a train conductor. And,
managing and operating a train is the ONLY thing that will
make me happy.”

You may manifest an opportunity to conduct a train but it
may mean moving across the country (away from your family)
or taking a cut in pay, or it may be the ‘kiddie train’ at
the zoo. In other words, if you limit what you believe will
make you happy, you may get what you ask for and still be
unhappy. (No – there’s nothing wrong with the kiddie train,
except it may not include the ‘excitement’ etc. that was in
fact what you thought you were getting!)

If, instead, you focus on all the things that you believe
‘conducting a train’ will give to you that really want, then
you may find that being a conductor of another form of
transportation meets all of your needs including prosperity,
location, family, work/life balance, etc.

This is known as focusing on the ESSENCE of your desire, not

In relationships, the more you focus on THAT SPECIFIC PERSON
(even from within a marriage) as being the one responsible
for your love and happiness, the more attached,
disconnected, and resistant you are to manifesting it!

Remember, the more attached we are to an outcome the less
confidence we have that it will manifest. The less
confidence we have, the longer it will take to materialize.
The longer it takes to materialize the less confident we
become and the cycle goes on ad infinitum.

Thus, your first order of business is to ELIMINATE all fears
about releasing your attachment to this person. (Yes, this
goes double for a marriage.) This includes eliminating the
idea that your source of happiness must be supplied by this
person. You can do this with EFT (Emotional Freedom
Technique) in a matter of 3 to 20 minutes a day. It’s not
difficult – but does take commitment and some persistence.
Whatever method you use to eliminate limiting beliefs and
negative emotions – pull it out and get rid of ALL those
fearful, doubtful, shameful, sad, angry, guilty emotions
around your current or past relationship. Choose to make
complete peace with WHAT IS and with never having your needs
for happiness met from this specific person. Then… once you
really detach from this PERSON being the source of your
happiness, you MAY be able to attract (or re-create) the

After you’ve completed the detaching process, your next step
will be to focus on the ESSENCE of what you really want; not
the object but the essence – the joy, love, peace, fun,
adventure, passion, etc. that is what you REALLY want to

Once you feel confident that the LOVE you really want is
happening with or without this ‘person’ being the source of
that love, then one of three things will happen.

Your relationship will improve and become what you wanted it
to be all along. Or, your relationship will change and
you’ll invite a different form or mate into your life to
fulfill your goal. Or, you will change so much that what
you previously thought was ‘required’ for your happiness is
no longer an issue, thus the relationship or lack of
relationship is no longer an issue either.

In regards to the Attract a Mate (with EFT & LOA) program,
it’s for anyone who wants to attract a new relationship or
improve, re-create, refresh their current
relationship/marriage. It also addresses how to attract
back the love and affection you once shared (or would have
liked to) with an ex. I’ll speak first to those of you
wanting to attract an ‘ex’ back and then we’ll talk briefly
about how to re-create a relationship from within a marriage
or coupled situation.

If you want to attract a romantic relationship with an EX
(past love, partner, friend) or with a specific person, or
if you are seeking to attract someone specific or to attract
a past romance BACK into your life, then allow me to
forewarn you…

You cannot win (attract) them back AND experience the love
you really want without first employing the Law of
Detachment and the Law of Allowing.

My EFT & LOA for Attracting your Ideal Relationship program
can ONLY support the reunion, if in fact there’s a Divine
Order that includes a calling from BOTH of your Inner-beings
to reunite. Until you are willing to let go and allow your
greater good to flow, you will find that your relationship
with this person will be far from ideal if there’s a
relationship at all.

And, I have GREAT NEWS…

ALL that you shared in that past love can be re-created
(with or without) that specific person using the principles
of intentionality and EFT! In fact, my program walks you
through that process… and at the end of the program –
freedom and self-love will return to your heart.

Other than this detail above (you must detach before you can
create), all that you require to re-create the love you
really want is already within you – this program helps you
access it in a timely and efficient manner! To read more
about how you can apply this powerful technology to your
relationship dreams, please visit here to learn more about
the Attract a Mate (or Re-Create the One You Have) with the
Power of EFT (emotional freedom technique) & LOA (law of
attraction) online program.

Now, if you want to re-create a better relationship with
your current partner.

I designed this course with both singles and coupled
individuals in mind. In order for you to re-create a
relationship you will be required to let go of the current
relationship form. This is done from two vantage points, the
first is to enact the law of detachment (and thus detach
from the outcome – no matter what the results) and the
second is to create an overwhelming faith that what you want
can and will happen for you. For many coupled individuals,
it can be frightening to give up (detach) and at the same
time accelerate your faith that what you want can occur.
However, unless you are willing to put your focus on your
unlimited nature (as if you were responsible for your own
happiness – just like when you were single) then you’ll be
disappointed in your co-creation results within your

And, I have GREAT NEWS for you too!

ALL that you loved about this relationship can be re-created
and the essence of what you want for your future can
absolutely manifest for you when you use the principles of
intentionality and EFT; this course walks you through that
process… and at the end of the program – joy, passion, love,
acceptance, and confidence will return to your heart.

All that you require to re-create the love you really want
is already within you – this program simply helps you access
it in a timely and efficient manner! To read more about how
you can apply this powerful technology to your relationship
dreams, please visit here the Attract a Mate (or Re-Create
the One You Have) with the Power of EFT (emotional freedom
technique) & LOA (law of attraction) program.

I hope this answers your question adequately. I look
forward to hearing of your success!

For more information, visit:

Also note: Between now and the 20th, there’s THREE bonuses
– two group coaching sessions where we will address your
specific questions & Alan Tutt’s “Blissful Relationships” audio.

Alan Tutt of PowerKeys Publishing has offered to add a bonus
to my Valentine’s Day Special (Attract A Mate with the Power
of EFT & LOA), which ends this Saturday, the 20th.

If you haven’t heard of Alan Tutt, he teaches some rather
unique concepts about how NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
may be used to activate the Law of Attraction. If you want
more information on Alan’s material, you can register to get
a series of special reports he offers at

Alan will send you a brand new, short 14-minute audio
program which uses NLP principles to make it easy to use the
Law of Attraction to attract and maintain blissful

All you have to do is forward a copy of your receipt (to showing you’ve purchased my
Valentine’s Day Special, and he will send you a private
download link to get a copy of his new “Blissful
Relationships” audio program.

Whoo hoo – is what I say! Oh – and thank you Alan!

Next Week’s Quick Manifesting Morsel:

I have a Vibrational Video Coaching for you in which I’ll
share the 5th Key to Manifesting Your Dreams – Resilience
and Expectation. It’s important to PLAN for how you intend
to be resilient, not as a means of preparing for failure but
as a means for dealing with the inevitable changes that will
occur as you manifest your dreams (and change always
occurs). In regards to expectation, we not only get what
we put our attention upon but what we expect. However, most
of us don’t really realize what we expect. We tend to
dismiss our ‘expectations’ as mere observations when more
often than not they are insidious ideas that prevent our
dreams from manifesting with greater ease.

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Comments (7)


  1. whatever.I'd ignore all that.I tried all that for years and it didn't work.This is my opinion.ALL you need to do is start declaring to yourself you have that person now.Do that whenever you're feeling lonely instead of complaining.Tell yourself "They are here with me"even though it looks like they aren't.Then ask yourself"How do you feel now that they are here?"And you're answer will probably be something like,"I feel secure,happy.complete.great"And there that's all there is to it.BE SURE TO NOT LET ANY OTHER CONFESSION COME OUT OF YOUR MOUTH OR IN WRITING BUT THE ONE THAT THEY ARE WITH YOU.THEY ARE YOURS AGAIN.If you start proclaiming,you wish you had them or you start complaining,you are professing lack and therefore ruining all the progress you made.Keep that up and he WILL come back to you.Because there is only one spirit,one will here…Also,keep a gratitude journal.It boosts mood.Good luck babe 🙂

    Comment by Tasha — June 8, 2010 @ 1:07 am

  2. This is one of the best explanations I've ever read about creating the "essence" of what you want and detaching from dependence on someone else to give it to you. I have a slow, terminal genetic illness, and I went to a healer for 2 1/2 years who claimed she could take away my karma, and I would be healed. I became very emotionally dependent on her, and very angry when I paid a lot of money & nothing happened. Eventually I went into a deep depression that lasted for months, but it also broke my dependence on her. When I finally realized that I am responsible for myself and for creating my own "health," & that nobody else can do it for me, everything got better in my life. It took me a long time to understand "detachment from outcome," but this is a great explanation. Thanks!

    Comment by Lee — June 28, 2012 @ 7:27 am

  3. Really tired of the "you might not attract that specific person but someone else just as good". So tired of so called "experts" om this subject, setting negative limiting beliefs on what can and cannot be done.

    " What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them". ANYTHING. THERE ARE NO LIMITS. ANYTHING ANYTHING ANYTHING is possible if you believe. It is all over the bible, it is all over new thought/metaphysics. My advice would be to look at the OLD law of attraction expert books, all of the authors say everything is possible through faith. But these new people have their own limiting beliefs and CONSTANTLY claim you "may not be able to attract that person" or you 'may not be able to get this and that'. Sorry, then you clearly know nada about LOA. God knows no size. Big or small God will manifest what you believe you have. PERIOD. No exceptions. So this "you may not be able to get that person but someone like that person" is all projection from the authors own beliefs about what they think is possible.

    Comment by Lynette — August 2, 2015 @ 10:53 pm

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    Comment by Alberto90 — October 8, 2016 @ 9:01 pm

  6. Yes the law of attraction is the greatest one, it makes your mind power superior and boosts confidence to achieve anything you want. The divine laws are made to help us and and we can re-create our destiny to make a prosperous world.

    Comment by best uk essay — November 10, 2016 @ 10:00 am

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