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We were born with the unlimited potential to intentionally create (use the law of attraction) to manifest all of our heart's desires. Together, as Conscious Leaders guided by the Divine, we have the Mind Power necessary to co-create a sustainable, harmonious, peaceful, and prosperous world.  And, we can do this while also attracting and creating a passionate, loving, rich, healthy life with all of our personal dreams fulfilled.

How to Manifest Money Fast – a 10 Day Strategy!

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Vibrational Video Coaching: 10 Day Strategy for Manifesting More Money – Fast! (Build Your Prosperity Consciousness!)

Need a strategy for MANIFESTING more MONEY FAST?

Watch the Video:

This is a formula for people who understand the theory behind the law of attraction but do not have a routine or system for applying it.


The following 10 Day strategy is a small segment of my Advanced Manifesting Prosperity (EFT & LOA) Program which includes a CRITICAL first step – Eliminate Your Limiting Vibrations!

Thus, if you are desperate for money, about to be homeless, extremely tired of not having enough, etc…. this strategy will help but will only get you so far. You must also eliminate the fears, doubts, and limiting ideas that hold you in the state of desperation AND you must take ‘physical action’. Otherwise, this is just… “one more lame, bogus, crack-pot law of attraction idea that doesn’t work …..” … for you!

Commit to the following Prosperity Routine over the next ten days, then repeat! Ultimately, you want these experiences to become your “normal routine.”

I want you to think of this routine as a 10 Day endeavor with the purpose of getting you into the habit of thinking and feeling prosperous. This means…

– Do not think, “This better work, I need money fast!”

– Do not think, “But… it won’t hurt if I feel a little desperate for money, will it?”

– Do not think, “I’m going to pretend that I don’t need money fast but all the while I really, really do, so I hope this works.”


– I commit to this routine for the sake of establishing a prosperity consciousness.

– I am grateful for the journey and IF the end result is more money, wonderful, that’s icing on the cake! But, if not, that’s okay too!

– I believe I will increase my prosperity consciousness and thus my abundance, but I choose to detach from the outcome and focus completely on completing each days exercise for the simple purpose of being 100% committed to establishing a routine!

Write your commitment in your journal, or your day-runner first thing every morning, and set-up a system to remind yourself throughout the day. For example, I put post-it notes in my purse to remind me of my focus, or 3×5 index cards in my pocket.

Here’s the plan:

Day 1: Today – spend freely mentally.

Go shopping, either on the Internet, at the mall, or in a catalog and imagine all the wonderful things you would adorn you and your family with, as if you were unlimited. How would you contribute to the world, your family, your community, charities, political campaigns, and other possible business ventures? If you were a wealthy billionaire (think Bill Gates or Warren Buffet), how would you spend money today in order to make more money tomorrow? There are no limits. Set yourself a timer, and spend 15 minutes jump-starting this exercise. Then throughout the day, imagine yourself spending freely. Note: Do not pull-out your checkbook, debit or credit card! This is a mental exercise only! How much do you suppose you spent today? Write it down.

Make a note in your journal each day, answering the following question: “What’s one action I can take in the direction of my abundance?”

Day 2 through 10: Spend 1 Million dollars a day – mentally.

Yesterday was just a warm-up. Today, you’re really going to have to get creative because nothing that you purchased yesterday should be bought again today, unless of course you really need it again today (like food.) Likewise, on days 3 through 10, if you bought it previously, unless it really is something that you would buy again (a charitable contribution, another adventure trip for later in the year, etc.), then every ‘mental’ purchase must be realistically something that you would spend money on today.

Write it down. How will you spend your days in consideration of your massive wealth and freedom? If you’ve ever played Abraham’s Prosperity Game, then you know this can be a challenge. The key is to really stretch yourself, as spending a million dollars a day can become quite a challenge after awhile!

This is an important ‘mind-expanding’ exercise because most people find that while they say they want to be prosperous, they actually “vibrate emotionally” with “just enough to get by.” This exercise often produces acute awareness of our limitations and lack of vibrational harmony.

Journal: “What’s one action I can take in the direction of my abundance?

Day 3: Get rid of any and all clutter and outdated items. (+plus spend a million.)

Now, eliminate your clutter!

Anything that no longer serves a purpose in your life – give it away, donate it to charity, recycle or ‘free-cycle’ it or trash it! This may take a few days but begin today by chunking it down! Make this day, the beginning of your new, clutter-free, clean life.

Know that the more ‘clutter’ you have in your life, the less prosperity you can attract. Clutter (hoarding) and ever-increasing supply (flowing prosperity) are like oil and water – they absolutely do not mix!

Start by sorting away 26 things today.

It doesn’t matter how large or how small it is. Just walk through your home with a trash bag and put 26 things that can be thrown away.

Next, donate 26 things. Take a box and walk through your home, giving things to the box!

Why 26? Well… no serious reason OTHER than the fact that numerologically speaking 26 is an 8, which is often associated with wealth and abundance. Thus, as you are seeking 26 items, repeat the mantra, “I am rich! I am rich! I am rich!”

Now, before your 10 days are up – take your box to the local charity or give it away. Repeat a few times over the next few days and FEEL the difference as you release and honor your Truth – “The Divine is my source and supply and thus my prosperity is endless and immediate!”

Journal: “What’s one more action I can take in the direction of my abundance?

Day 4 and Day 5: Treasure map time. (+plus spend a million.)

Spend a day gathering supplies for your treasure map. Gather old magazines, a poster-board, some construction Paper, scissors, and glue. Turn on your favorite music, pour yourself a wonderful glass of sparkling water or wine and let your imagination and the kid in you run FREE!

If you only have 20 minutes, then that’s all your need. If you have 3 hours -then that’s perfect too. Allow yourself as much or as little time as you have. You cannot get this wrong! For more information on treasure mapping, see my article here.

Journal: “What’s one action I can take in the direction of my abundance?

Day 6: Bless your Bills! (+plus spend a million.)

Sit down with your bills. Say a prayer and send love to them, and to yourself. Bless every dollar in your checking account and every dollar that you spend. Make peace with your bills. Be absolutely grateful for their presence in your life. Pray until you feel an overwhelming sense of

serenity and gratefulness in regards to your prosperity and your bills! Then, imagine yourself living a solvent life, totally free from debts, and operating completely and totally on a cash basis. Go as far as you can go with this, while still remaining positive. If you feel resistance to this, go back to your SurRendering process ( ) or EFT your fears ( ) and apply it to your feelings here.

Journal: “What’s one action I can take in the direction of my abundance?

Day 7: It’s superstitiously silly day! (+plus spend a million.)

First thing in the morning, select several symbols. Close your eyes, and feel those symbols in your mind and your body, envision them with all your senses (see, touch, hear, taste, smell, sense) and intentionally associate (imagine) your feelings of prosperity with those symbols. In other words, imagine you were wealthy beyond your wildest dreams AND now imagine that symbol represents that wealth and feeling.

For me, birds always symbolize my prosperity, as well as green lights, bodies of water, and the leaves on trees. Thus, whenever I walk through the woods the mere presence of ALL those amazing leaves surrounding me, reminds me of how prosperous I am. This is true as well when I hear a bird sing or get near a body of water. These symbols instantly bring me a sense of abundance.

Make your list and every time you experience these “symbols”, allow the flood of awe, and glorious, grateful emotions of excitement to overwhelm you! (This takes practice, and a committed memory – so use reminders (sticky notes). Eventually it will be as automatic as when you were a child and you saw an airplane. “Look! There’s an airplane!!!” Remember how exciting that was as a child?

Journal: “What’s one action I can take in the direction of my abundance?

Day 8: Tithe – Be Generous FOR real!

There is nothing that can increase your prosperity faster than giving back.

For some, this means tithing a full 10% of your net income to wherever you are spiritually fed. The caveat – expect nothing in return. Give for the sake of giving and not for a reciprocal expectation or benefit.

For others, this means give 10% to 100% of your unexpected income. Save a fifteen dollars on groceries? Give $1.50 to the homeless. Get a rebate back on your new washer/dryer? Give it away. Cannot find a dime to spare? Give away one hour to a local animal shelter or volunteer at a local charity event. Give away either your time, talent, or treasures. You will find that the more consistent you do this, the more prosperity flows into your life.

Journal: “What’s one action I can take in the direction of my abundance?”

Day 9: Now, evaluate.

Was this a fun week? Where did you falter? How can you improve your commitment? If you choose to do again over the next ten days, what can you do better? What ‘fears’ and ‘doubts’ do you need to clear out?

Develop your prosperity strategy:

– Do you need to EFT your limiting beliefs?

-Do you need to meditate on abundance?

-Do you need to do a radical forgiveness process? – Journal: “What’s one action I can take in the direction of my abundance? clear out?

Write it down. Schedule it. Commit to it!

Journal: “What’s one action I can take in the direction of my abundance?”



Review the ACTION steps and ideas that you journaled about. By now, you should actually feel inspired to move from ‘dreaming’ about prosperity to ‘taking action’.

What ACTION steps are you will to take? Write that action on your calendar and make it happen today! If the action is too big, then chunk it down into something you can do right now, in 15 minutes.

The law of attraction will be a maddening disappointment to you, without inspired action.

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (German Playwright, Poet, Novelist and Dramatist. 1749-1832)

I look forward to hearing of your success!

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Written & Copyrighted by ©Anisa Aven. Receive Anisa’s FREE Conscious Creation 101: a  5-part e-course on the basics of Manifesting by visiting You may also read more about manifesting and conscious creation by visiting the Creative Manifesting ( and Manifesting Prosperity ( Home Page.

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