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We were born with the unlimited potential to intentionally create (use the law of attraction) to manifest all of our heart's desires. Together, as Conscious Leaders guided by the Divine, we have the Mind Power necessary to co-create a sustainable, harmonious, peaceful, and prosperous world.  And, we can do this while also attracting and creating a passionate, loving, rich, healthy life with all of our personal dreams fulfilled.

February 15, 2011

Lessons in the Law of Detachment Video Series

Category: — Anisa @ 6:52 am

This is a Vibrational Video Coaching series about the Law of Detachment.  There are 10 videos in the series and a few extra videos explaining certain aspects of the Law of Detachment and the Law of Allowing.

The Law of Detachment says you must relinquish your attachment to your desire, to have it manifest. The essence is that state of equanimity – Equanimity is defined as being calm and centered internally no matter what’s happening externally.  Detachment therefore is aligned with being Centered – Faithful – and Serene  – no matter what you see or experience before you.

The law of detachment can be challenging.  That’s why we are studying and practicing the beliefs addressed in this series: Lessons in Detachment – we will explore exactly what it means to intentionally detach from the outcome and HOW exactly to do it.  Be sure to explore all of my conscious success and law of detachment videos and you will have a greater understanding of how to finally Let Go, and Let God… create miracles in your life.

Detachment is the art of allowing whatever is, to be perfect in and of itself.

Intro: How to Enact the Law of Detachment (and why is it important)

Video 1: The Map is Not the Territory
Video 2: There’s no Failure, Only Feedback
Video 3: Behind Every Behavior Lies a Positive Intent
Video 4: People Do the Best They Can, With the Resources They Have

Video 5: The Law of Requisite Variety:  The Person with the Most Flexibility Has the Most Influence

Video 6:  Choice is Better Than No Choice

Video 7: If What You’re Doing Isn’t Working, Do Something Different

Video 8: The Meaning of Communication = Response You Get & If You Want to Know What You Want, Look at What You Have

Video 9: People Have All The Resources They Need to Succeed & The Law of Pure Potentiality (at our essence we are pure consciousness and thus we are unlimited.)

Video 10: Modeling Detachment using the 9 Assumptions.

I welcome your comments and feedback!

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