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We were born with the unlimited potential to intentionally create (use the law of attraction) to manifest all of our heart's desires. Together, as Conscious Leaders guided by the Divine, we have the Mind Power necessary to co-create a sustainable, harmonious, peaceful, and prosperous world.  And, we can do this while also attracting and creating a passionate, loving, rich, healthy life with all of our personal dreams fulfilled.

Push Through Inertia with Divine Right Action

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Divine Right Action – Can PUSH you through to the other side of Inertia (which is where our dreams are actually fulfilled!)

Divine Right Action: Is this your missing ingredient in
your formula for success? (Psst… it’s not the same as

Action is essential for success. However, Divine Right
Action is what creates success with greater ease and

When a client or friend asks, “Why can’t I make the law of
attraction work for me?” I’ll usually ask them to tell me
what they’ve been doing.

For some, it’s really obvious. Without a habit or a
structured conscious creation routine, you’ll have limited
success. I feel empathetic yet astonished when folks will
say, “Well I just sort of visualize what I want in my head
throughout the day. And, I just don’t know why it’s not

In this sense, a person is not using the leveraging power of
intentional creation. They are certainly still ‘attracting’
but most often it’s not what they really want. In this
regards, if you want to increase your ability to consciously
attract what you want, get the dreams out of your head and
onto paper. Write it out daily for 5 to 15 minutes a day
minimum. Yes, every day.

Remember it takes somewhere between 21 and 40 days for new
neuro-pathways to form in our brains. And, habits/beliefs
cannot form without a neuro-pathway. Thus, it’s unrealistic
that a few passionate pleas to the Universe will ever be
enough to manifest what you want. Other clients are much
more diligent and DO have regular manifesting routines.
When I ask them they’ll say all of the right things: “I’m
using creative visualization, meditation, prayer, vision
boards (treasure maps), rain dances, and I’m thinking all
the right thoughts and having all the right emotions!”

What they miss is the piece about taking Divine Right

It’s not enough to want to manifest something into our
lives. We must also take bold, decisive inspired action.

We must be willing to ‘do the work’. And, WORK is NOT a bad
word! Work is a fantastic word that we want to reframe to
mean the ‘thrill of pursuing our dreams’.

There’s not a single successful person on the planet that
simply ‘manifested’ their wealth out of thin air. They each
opened the door of opportunity when it knocked and more
importantly, when they didn’t hear a knock – they went out
and knocked on their own doors!

There’s an interesting challenge that ‘inaction’ and lack of
movement presents. When we stand still waiting for
something to happen, we end up creating an entirely new set
of vibrational problems called INERTIA.

“Life leaps like a geyser for those who drill through the
rock of inertia.” – Alexis Carrel, French Scientist

Inertia, the dead weight of inactivity; the fatigue caused
by inconsistent efforts, is the killer of dreams. We must
be willing to push with great force and conviction through
that inert rock of inertia.

If your goal is to lose weight, is it easier to start
exercising or to keep exercising? It’s always easier to
‘keep a body in motion’ than to have to get that body going
from a dead stop.

The same is true for manifesting our dreams. If you are not
consistently ‘doing something’ – anything- in the direction
of your goal, you’re standing still.

I shared with my Power Creators club on Monday how when I
first started my coaching business about 12 years ago. I
had moved back home with my parents (oh -the shame!), had a
newborn son, and was filing for divorce. I was a mess.
But, I HAD to either go get another full time corporate job
and leave my baby with a babysitter, or I HAD to make my new
business work. However, I was new to Houston. I had zero
connections and no money to invest in marketing.

I decided that I was going to go knock on doors until
someone hired me to be their coach. My strategy was very
ineffective but my conviction was burly! I can remember
saying, “By God… someone HAS to want me! And, I’m going to
knock on every door in Houston if that’s what it takes!”

Well, you won’t be surprised when I say that not a single
person that I spoke to needed my services. And, I spent
weeks knocking on stranger’s doors. Most of them (probably
99%) didn’t even know what I meant when I said, “I’m a
business coach.” They would inevitably say something like,
“What kind of sport do you coach?” and “No, thank you.” One
even said, “Please get out!”

But, something magical happened. My phone started ringing.
I started getting calls out of the clear blue from people
wanting to hire me for coaching. I remember asking, “How
did you hear of me?” They couldn’t tell me. That was the
story I heard over and over again, “I don’t know why I’m
calling or how I got your number… but I need a coach.”

I never connected a single door that I knocked on to my now
burgeoning coaching practice. They may or may not have
actually referred me. I’ll never know. However, I am very
clear that I was TELLING the Universe, “I’m serious! I want
to succeed! I mean business! Bring it on!” not just with my
mind but with my entire body.

I now understand this to be akin to “priming the pump”.
With old water wells, before you can fill your bucket, you
have to actually pour water into the mouth of the pump.
Then, by lifting the handle up and down and up and down, you
hear the water begin to gurgle and the pump begins to gasp
and rebel. Never the less, you can’t stop now and so you
have to continue working the handle up and down even after
it gets harder, tighter and requires even greater effort!

Then, finally SWOOSH the water flows like a beautiful

The same goes for our dreams. You have to be willing to
prime the pump with action along with your visualizations.

When Rev. Michael Beckwith was being interviewed by Oprah,
he spoke brilliantly about how action is critical to the
creation of our dreams.

“You are talking about walking in the direction of what you
want. Now, there are parts of your body and your mind that
don’t know the difference between real action and symbolic
action. So, if you do something every single day that tells
you, you are walking in that direction, your mind will pick
it up that you are really serious. And, there will be an
energetic match to that. Then, you will find yourself
compelled into right action. You’ll be guided to do things,
that before you were wondering ‘why am I doing this?’ Then,
you’ll discover you are being pulled down the path to meet
the right people, there are opportunities being created,
there is energy flow that is happening… but action is a
key.” – Rev. Michael Beckwith

We are inspired to ‘Divine Right Action’ when we simply
begin taking action. The action you take may feel in the
moment completely irrelevant but never the less, the
Universe responds to your desire and the energy behind your
action and answers your call.

With deliberate creation and how to successfully apply the
law of attraction, a willingness to prime the pump is just
as important as the desire to experience the end result.

By aligning your actions with your heart (with the intention
to serve) and choosing your ‘actions’ based on this primary
intention, you will then invite the magic of the Law of
Attraction to respond to your beck and call.

One of Goethe’s couplets says it all, “Whatever you can do
or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and
magic in it!’ -Goethe

Remember, a body in motion stays in motion. Which means you
have to just START the process, get into the flow of taking
action and eventually the ‘vehicle’ will start to move on it’s own.

Then, you’ll find yourself pushing it with ONE finger instead of all the
force you can muster!

This is that geyser that awaits for you when you finally
break free of the inertia.

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Comments (7)


  1. beautiful post Anisa…thank u 🙂

    Comment by Maysan Marouf — March 10, 2010 @ 11:14 pm

  2. This is very helpful. Thank you Anisa!

    Comment by Erin — March 11, 2010 @ 1:43 am

  3. Wow, talk about divine timing…you have know idea how much I needed to read this today!
    Thank you…I think this needs to be printed out and reread everyday.

    Comment by Victoria — March 11, 2010 @ 3:28 am

  4. The moment I saw your email in my inbox, I knew I had to read it. Yesterday while driving, I saw the word "Anissa" on a license plate. You're the only Anisa I know of and I immediately thought of you. I checked my inbox last night and when I didn't see anything there, I forgot about the license plate, until now. Recently, I've been thinking and talking about inertia in my life – I'm at a point in my life where nothing has taken off and I've slowed right down. Contrary to feeling that I need a couple of months to myself and am waiting while something within me 'reboots' (as has happened before), I've felt that I've slowed right down to a literal stop and the universe really has very little to work with, with me. I'm applying for jobs with half-hearted interest, I spend my days mostly by myself (or with my dog) with no set commitments, activities, or schedule.. so in the most literal sense, I can detect the inertia that overlays my life. I read your message attentively and I feel so supported in having received it. I fully agree. I need to take more action – inspired action on the LOA as well as more physical action. I am going to save this message and commit myself to take more and more physical action and open myself to manifestations. I look forward to where this is going to take me!! Thanks Anisa, thank you for being an angel 🙂

    Comment by Guest — March 11, 2010 @ 4:11 am

  5. Inspired action, run dont walk success will not wait

    Comment by x xRon — March 11, 2010 @ 8:01 am

  6. I have been reading your newsletter for quite a while now and have always found inspiration in them. However this particular one has inspired me to tell of my own experience and hopefully strengthen the belief in others that the law of attraction really does work for you if you take action as you have described.
    Rewind a couple of years…….. life was, to say the least not good. I sat down one day and saw a pattern in all the things that kept going wrong and so decided to look for answers. I scoured the internet for hours – days and weeks even – joined a couple of programmes, signed up for some newsletters, clicked on a few links and began to read ………. What I read excited me beyond anything in my life so far (except my children) and I thought "This is awesome stuff – I can do this …… I will do this" so I found the money from somewhere, did some courses, passed my exams with a 99% average and did some more courses to support what I had already done.
    In the past few months I have already been invited to give some workshops and am in demand for more and I am on the threshold of beginning my own business and things are picking up at breakneck speed – Only last week I was invited to attend a pretty high profile medium sized business event to showcase my work…….. I actually had about 24 hours to prepare, but everything went smoothly, I found exactly the resources I needed easily and quickly and received lots of help from a normally very unhelpful friend.
    To all of you out there ……. it can be done, find a passion, write your goal statements, get excited, KNOW above all else that you can and will do this and say yes! yes! yes! to every opportunity offered to you.
    If an almost 50 yeard old, long term unemployed single mum can do it then so can you……..
    Light and Love

    Comment by Fiona — March 30, 2010 @ 6:57 am

  7. It was really very interesting article to read and I really want to agree with that motion to motion thing in this post. It has been the only thing in this post that has convinced me literally.

    Comment by superiorpapers — January 29, 2017 @ 7:48 am

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